Viola 33

Chapter 33 What You Always Give Me, Part 1

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* * *

 On May 6th, around 5:30 PM, near Allegretto’s residence in the Kanon-owned property

 If I were asked which I prefer, taking a nap or sleeping at night, I would say taking a nap.

 It’s a tough choice, but I think dozing off when the sun is warm and cozy is the happiest thing.

 But it’s too bright, and I wake up quickly, so if possible, it would be best if the sun could warm me up in the darkness.

 ”Träumerei?! Long time no see!”

 ”…Long time no see, Lute-sama.”

 That person’s impression hasn’t changed since we first met.

 Kind and warm, it’s so cozy.

 When Aria introduced me, I was happy, thinking she introduced me to a good person.

 When he accompanied me for a nap, it was a bit troublesome, but I slept really well.

 ”I heard you went to the capital. Are you back?”


 ”I’m glad you’re back safely.”


 When someone smiles at me, I feel light and fluffy. I want to take a nap with Lute-sama.

 ”Sorry for involving you just as you returned. Do you need an explanation of the situation?”

 ”………Yes, please.”

 When Beth told me to think about gratitude earlier, I was actually thinking of requesting a nap with Lute-sama… But Beth is impatient, so she suggested lunch first, making it awkward to bring up.

 It’s strange how I often feel undecided and puzzled when it comes to Lute-sama.

 ”Are you listening?”


 By the way, Lute-sama… It’s been a year, but it feels like he has become a little stronger. His movements have become more fluid. Even though he used to be a bit awkward…


 But well, it doesn’t really matter as long as he’s still warm and cozy.

 ”Are you listening?”


 More importantly, I wonder if I’ll be praised by Lute-sama if I do well today. Is this task requested by Kanon-sama or Lute-sama? If it’s Kanon-sama’s, the only thing that will increase is the reward. To be honest, as long as there’s a minimum reward, it’s fine. I have no use for it anyway.

 But if it’s Lute-sama’s task, I’ll be praised by Lute-sama. It makes me feel warm and happy when Lute-sama praises me.

 ”Hey, are you listening?”



 ”…Is this a request from Lute-sama?”

 ”I have a… um, yes, it’s a request from me.”



 I’m feeling motivated…

 If I do well, I can invite Lute-sama to take a nap…

 How long has it been…

 A year and a month?

 No, maybe more…

 ”So, I can’t go into the details, but I want you to quickly incapacitate the people inside Allegretto’s house as much as possible.”


 ”Can you do it without killing?”


 It should be possible.

 If Quartet and Quintet don’t interfere, that is.

 I’m good at missions where it ends without being discovered.

 ”I’ll go.”

 ”Eh!? Are you going already!?”


 I’ve already memorized the floor plan of Allegretto’s house that Beth handed to me perfectly.

 I roughly know where people are.

 ”I-Is it okay?”


 I’m glad I have such a special skill…

 I didn’t think I could be of help to Lute-sama. Lute-sama is a pacifist, so I never thought the day would come when I, the Divine Princess, could directly assist.

 ”I’ll go around from the back.”

 ”Yes, understood. Fiine, please come with me.”

 ”Okay… um, can I ride on your shoulder?”

 ”Sure, but be quiet, okay?”


 …What is this little child?

 She has been clinging to Lute-sama since earlier.

 Could she be from an orphanage?

 ”Hmm? What is it? Do you need something from Fiine?”

 ”…No, it’s nothing.”

 But what is this faint presence? It’s clear that she is suppressing mana in a similar way to me.

 ”…Are we entering from here?”


 The Divine Princess’s guards sometimes have children, but I’ve never seen a child like this before.

 Also, the Divine Princess’ guards do not like Kanon-sama…



 ”…I will make them faint. Please wait here.”

 ”Ok, I understand…”

 The situation surrounding Lute-sama may suddenly change before I know it.


 This is not good.

 Until now, it was very quiet around Lute-sama.

 That’s why napping with Lute-sama was a great joy and comforting.

 ”…Thank you for waiting. It’s safe to come out now.”

 ”Oh, amazing… as expected…”

 ”…Next… let’s go.”

 I wonder if I may have been late to some important changes.

 I thought that Lute-sama would marry Aria normally and have children normally… I have a good relationship with Aria, so I thought I would get some benefits without being unfaithful.

 ”How much longer?”

 ”There are five places… Two of them are being operated by more than 5 people. Depending on the situation, Lute-sama may have to go to Aria. I might not be able to eliminate them before it becomes a big deal…”

 ”…You have a good grasp of the situation. As expected… of the Divine Princess specializing in covert operations.”

 ”…Are you listening?”

 ”I’m listening. I won’t let Träumerei fight alone.”


 Beth said that Aria left Lute-sama’s house in a huff… Could it be that there was another woman at Lute-sama’s house?

 Somehow, Lute-sama seems more confident.

 ”Two more places…”

 ”Are there multiple people there?”

 ”……I sense something strange. I want to go quickly.”


 When I talk to him, he no longer look away. Instead, he stares back at me without flinching. It’s a bit disappointing that I can’t see Lute-sama’s comforting gaze anymore.

 ”……They noticed.”

 ”Damn it!”

 ”They are approaching Allegretto rapidly.”

 ”Can we stop them!?”

 ”We will engage them at the next corner. Lute-sama, stay back.”

 ”Let’s do it! Fiine, just hold off the one who might slip through!”

 ”Got it! ♡”


 And, for some reason, he is strong.

 I heard later that he has a mana control device, which explains it, but he still can’t fully grasp the flow of mana. Sometimes, there are moments when mana is released with a terrifying force, and it feels like it effortlessly penetrates the defense network of the Divine Princess’s mind.

 ”Wh- What the heck are you guys!?”


 ”I’m sorry!!”

 I wonder how much he understands about his own mana. The way he relies on mana and move his bodies one after another is dangerously unpredictable. His footwork is messy, and I can see hesitation in his attacks, which makes me nervous.

 ”S-Someone…! Call for help!!”




 ”Don’t get in Lute’s way”


 And I don’t understand that girl either.

 It seems like her mana is covering Lute-sama, but it looks like a flow of mana that I’ve never seen before. It’s denser and stickier than mine, making it difficult to see Lute-sama. If even I can’t see clearly, I wonder if the other Divine Princesses can hardly follow the flow of Lute-sama’s mana.

 ”Guh…!! Uwooo!!”


 What can be seen clearly is the mana that Lute-sama is manipulating outside and the turbulent flow of mana that is being fired from that tube, even breaking through the mana of that girl.


 ”…Well done.”

 ”…Hmm. No…I only fought against two people. Most of it was Träumerei.”



 ”Where did you learn to manipulate the kingdom’s mana…?”

 ”…I’ll explain later.”

 Manipulating mana from a distance is supposed to be a secret of the Kingdom’s Knights. I have heard that it is something that is not passed down to anyone below the rank of Vice Commander.

 In reality, what I experienced in the previous war was an obvious threat.

 How many Divine Princesses were killed by that?

 ”Just one more place, right…?”


 ”And Aria…”

 ”I don’t know the details, but she’s in the same place as Allegretto…”


 ”Please don’t let them see your face… I’ll erase the remnants of mana.”


 Though I’m erasing to conceal evidence, it won’t be substantial evidence if any remains.

 The Imperial Kingdom shouldn’t have records of such powerful or unusual mana. If the Imperial Kingdom were aware of Lute-sama’s status, it would cause a bigger commotion.

 Even with documentation comparison, it shouldn’t be possible to prove that Lute-sama is the perpetrator of the attack.

 ”Is it done yet!?”

 ”…It’s that room over there.”

 ”How many people!?”

 ”There are 8… one of them is a maid.”

 ”I’ll handle three of them!!”

 ”…Please don’t overexert yourself. Shall I take care of it?”

 ”That’s not an option! Besides, it’ll be quicker this way!”


 What do I do… The mana flowing through me is making me sleepy.

 ”Let’s go!”



 ”What is it!?”

 ”Intruders! Don’t just stand there!”

 ”Kill them!”

 ”You idiots, don’t kill them! Capture them!”

 This is bad.

 My mind feels directly pressured.

 My heart beats faster, I’m nervous, and my instincts seem to succumb to Lute-sama.

 Possibly an Incubus Syndrome.

 Yet, it easily surpasses Divine Princess’ influence.


 ”Good job♡♡♡ Do your best♡♡♡”

 Even though I hold back, I can feel my impressions of Lute-sama being overwritten one after another just by being together for this short time.

 If this continues constantly, I’ll become an entirely different person.


 ”Wow♡♡♡ You’re so cool♡♡♡ So cool! ♡♡♡”

 Just in case.

 If I were to directly absorb that mana into my body…

 It’s hard to see because of that child’s mana, but what if it gets swept away by a careless target…

 Maybe, regardless of Lute-sama’s intentions, he will obtain a pawn who is so devoted to him that they can be called a servant.

 Protecting Lute-sama without fear of their own death, willing to commit sins if commanded to.

 ”No, run away…!”

 ”That’s why it’s no good ♡”


 ”You too, become my prey ♡ Come on, you worthless trash ♡”

 ”Damn it!! Damn it all!!!”

 But if it’s Lute-sama, it should be fine… However, is that really my own thought?

 Or is it that I’m already being influenced?

 I don’t know…

 If that’s the case, then this is the same principle as what we’re doing to the men of the Imperial Kingdom.

 The person himself doesn’t notice it. The only chance he will notice is when someone around him reprimands him for his abnormal behavior.

 ”Damn itttt!!”

 ”Come on!!”

 ”Ah♡Uhh……ah…♡Ah……♡No, stop……♡”

 But if that’s true, it’s on a different scale. It’s different from just getting an ordinary man drunk. If one can grasp the mind of the Divine Princess… Lute-sama is the most dangerous person in the Imperial Kingdom. In fact, one could say he’s already the ruler of the Imperial Kingdom.

 Not just the Imperial Kingdom.

 If things go wrong, he could be the ruler of the world.

 ”Gah……damn it, who the hell are you!!”


 ”Nnn♡♡♡Ah♡♡♡Ah……♡Ah……♡It feels good……feels so good……♡”

 And that little girl…….

 What is she…?

 In the depths of her robe… there’s something…


 As I observing it, there’s a creature that moving within Fiine…


 Beneath the briefly lifted skirt, a tail resembling that of a lizard came into view.

 If I listened closely, the lewd sound of moistness could be heard, and the droplets falling to the ground… were they her fluids?

 Is she… pleasuring herself while watching Lute-sama’s battle?


 ”Haa… haa…!”

 ”Lute, you were so cool…♡ Lute…♡”

 Could it be Draconia?

 The second one?

 ”Is this… all of it?”


 ”And Aria…?”

 ”…I think it would be better to hurry”

 ”Fiine, let’s hurry!”


 Lute-sama rushed ahead and, after a while, safely retrieved Aria.

 During the journey, Fiine, a mana from Draconia, seemed to be acting out of frustration, perhaps to intimidate the Quartet and Quintet.

 ”T-Träumerei… You… You came for me… For my sake?”


 ”If it weren’t for Träumerei, things would have been much worse. Maraketh-sama too…”


 But more importantly… Aria looks terrible.

 She must have been really scared.

 ”I-I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

 It’s strange, isn’t it?

 Living in a world where it’s kill or be killed, yet we’re afraid of things like this. We’re just like ordinary girls.

 ”Aria, it’s alright. Träumerei and everyone else, no one is angry.”



 Because there are things worse than death, we all know that.

 We, who should be protecting people from that fear… I’m always troubled, not knowing who we should be protecting.


 ”It’s okay. You don’t have to be scared… Please, trust me.”

 Is it because of that?


 Aria’s eyes, gazing at Lute-sama, express colors I’ve never seen before, and my heartbeat quickens a bit.


 Perhaps that’s only natural.

 Even though it was a crisis that she jumped into, she was rescued while exposing herself to danger.

 If I were in Aria’s position, I wouldn’t have the confidence to resist.

 ”Träumerei, thanks for coming to help. Really, thank you.”


 ”I’ll definitely thank you properly next time.”

 ”Today, please let Aria rest.”



 Thanks weren’t really necessary, but…


 As I watched Aria stare at Lute-sama with unfocused eyes, she wrapped her arm around Lute-sama’s neck and wouldn’t let go.

 ”…………Thank you.”


 ”…………I’ll look forward to it.”

 ”Oh, if you have any wishes, just let me know.”


 I found myself getting nervous too, and somehow, I couldn’t stay with Lute-sama any longer.

* * *

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