Viola 34

Chapter 34 Our Holiday

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 May 20th

 An imperial decree by the Empress has been issued.

 It seems that Allegretto is currently caught up in accusations from Maraketh-sama and is unsure how to handle the situation.

 As for us, Miss Forte’s analysis is nearing its completion.

 Well… it is nearing completion, but…

 No… there’s no point in saying that.

 I brought about this situation… to be precise, it was my indecent and fickle personality that brought about this situation.

 If she desires it, it would be wrong for me to complain.

 …But does she truly desire this?

 Such things…

 I don’t understand well.

 (In the empty space of that page)

 ”I desire it” (written in dignified letters)

 ”Me too” (written in sloppy letters)

 ”Me too” (written in cute round letters)

 ”Me too” (written in neat and beautiful letters)

 ”Damn you all!!! (It’s scrawled in large, clumsy letters)

 Please, don’t peek. I hid it, how did you find it? (Written in a serious handwriting)

 My luck ran out when Aria saw me writing this. Are you looking forward to it? (Written in shaky letters)

* * *

 ”Analyzing again today?”

 ”No, it’s my treatment.”

 ”The process is the same.”

 ”Oh, Aria-chan, are you doing it too?”

 ”…Why? Is it not allowed, Forte?”

 ”It’s, it’s not that… it’s just…”

 ”You’re embarrassed to do it with Aria, aren’t you?”


 ”Why bring it up now… when you’ve shown it off so many times…”

 ”Ugh… even if you say that, there’s no need for Aria-chan… we’ve done it so many times…”

 ”What, what’s your problem!? Do you have a complaint!?”

 ”Ah…! N-No, I don’t! I don’t have any!”

 …It’s lively, quite surprising.

 Or rather, I’m amazed at how quickly everyone became friends.

 …I understand that Viola and Aria are from the noble class, so they don’t have any resistance to a situation like polygamy, but Frau and Forte are from the common class.

 Frau seems to have a submissive attitude towards Viola, and Forte towards Aria… Do they have a sense of a master-servant relationship?

 …That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

 ”Frau, undress.”


 ”Forte, let me untie your back.”

 ”Uh, okay… thank you, Aria-chan…”

 ”Speaking of which, where is Fiine, Frau?”

 ”She’s sleeping!”

 ”She sleeps a lot, doesn’t she… More than half of the day?”

 ”Maybe she hasn’t fully transitioned out of her larval stage.”

 ”… Aria, are you familiar with the Draconia’s ecology?”

 ”Not really… I just did a little research.”

 ”Oh, really?”


 ”Anything? Maybe the traces of relentless effort.”


 And what was surprising was that Aria quickly deepened her friendship with Viola. While Viola had always been open to anyone who came, there was concern about how Aria would react to Viola.

 However, on the first day the Imperial Decree was issued, Aria, who had come to the house with a nervous expression, first requested a meeting with Viola. They had been locked in a room for quite some time, and when they came out, Aria was seen supporting Viola’s wheelchair with care.


 I’m curious about what they talked about, but I still haven’t asked.

 ”Lute? What are you spacing out for? Get ready.”

 ”Oh, uh…”

 Before I knew it, the beautiful women in front of me were all dressed in colorful negligees.

 Viola, with a surprised expression on her face as Forte carries her like a princess, is adorned with… something Beth bought and gifted to her before.

 According to Viola, it barely obstructs her skin, saying, “This doesn’t hinder me at all. I’ve gotten used to exposing my skin.”

 ”Forte… you really have a great sense of style.”

 ”What are you saying, Aria-chan…”

 ”Frau looks good too.”


 ”It’s amazing…”

 ”N-No, this isn’t good… Ahh!!!”

 ”…You’re beautiful.”


 Well, it’s just… too beautiful to look directly at. Viola, with her silver hair flowing down to her waist like silk, is undoubtedly like a moon goddess. But not just her, Frau, Forte, and Aria too…

 Frau’s vivid platinum blonde, when touched by the sunlight, gleams like the sun, and if she were to wear a dress, no one would believe she has common origins. Her seemingly amiable large eyes are charming, and just by looking at them, one’s heart warms up. Even those who feel abandoned by the gods could surely regain faith through Frau’s guidance.

 Forte, despite occasionally displaying a lack of confidence, has become more cheerful since the first time we met. Her gently waving deep blue hair is reminiscent of the sea, and every time her hair, tied in a ponytail, sways, it’s impossible not to be captivated. Her kind eyes convey a deep sense of compassion, almost as if she could be the embodiment of a real-life Madonna. If Frau is the goddess of the sun, Forte could be considered the goddess of the sea.

 And then there’s Aria, who, like me, has shoulder-length jet-black hair, but despite being the same age as Forte, exudes a mysterious and enchanting aura.

 ……I had a strong image of her when she was small, but when did she grow up so much? She is still as nervous as ever, and she is aware that her eyes can become sharp easily. However, I think even that plays a big role in enhancing her mysterious charm… Maybe I should gather my courage and tell her. Aria… could she be the goddess of the night? …It’s just a thought, but it might be surprisingly accurate.


 As I was captivated by them, like goddesses, Aria peered into my face with a curious expression. With just a thin negligee, she suddenly approached me, and all I could do was turn my face away with a pounding heart.

 ”No, Aria, don’t take shortcuts. You’re tempting Lute, you know.”

 ”Well… I-I didn’t mean it like that…”

 ”Aria-sama, you’re so beautiful…”

 ”Hehe, Frau, you’re cute too…”

 ”Aria-chan, I heard you started doing makeup because you wanted praise from Lute-sama.”


 However, as soon as I averted my gaze, Frau slid into place, entwining arms with me.



 Soft breasts pressed against my arms, and as I was smiled at from below, my mind quickly went blank.

 ”Viola-chan, shall I put you down?”

 ”Yes, thank you, Forte.”

 ”Lute-sama, is it okay?”

 ”Uh, y-yeah…”

 As Forte tried to lay Viola down on the bed, Frau immediately pulled me down onto the bed. Viola, who was placed on top of me, whispered,


 ”…Hehe, all red…♡”

 With hair like silk spread over her chest, Viola narrowed her eyes and gave a breathtakingly beautiful smile.


 ”You’re still not used to it?”

 …I feel like the day I get used to this will never come.


 While stumbling over my words, Aria leaned in next to Frau on the other side.

 With Frau’s soft chest on the right and Aria’s smooth legs on the left,

 ”Hehe… What an amazing sight…♡”

 Viola on top of my chest had a gleam in her eye, and my excitement reached its peak.


 Perhaps sensing that, Forte got on her knees on the bed and quickly took off my underwear with her slender fingers.


 ”Well then, Lute, shall I transfer some mana?”

 ”I-I… I understand… Ah…”

 ”Ah… Hii…♡”

 ”Lute, give it to Frau, Forte, and Aria, and I will reciprocate with you.”

 ”Fo, Forte…”

 ”Wow… ♡♡♡”

 ”Hey, are you listening?”

 ”I-I am… guh…”

 ”Ah… ah… ahh! ♡”

 Viola frowned, and in the distance, Forte had already begun to insert mine inside hers. I could feel the pleasure of being engulfed by warm, soft flesh, and their thoughts were being rapidly overwhelmed.

 With a slight thud, I felt the sensation of hitting the deepest part of Forte’s. She lets out a small moan and sensually leaned onto Viola’s back.

 ”Wait, wait… Forte, don’t you feel good too… Lute, hurry up… Ahhh!!! ♡”

 ”Ah…!!! ♡”

 ”Ugh… ♡”

 ”Fahh… ♡Fahhh… ♡♡♡”

 After their bodies trembled in unison in response to my mana, I realized that Viola’s languid mana flowed in slightly later.

 As my mana melded with theirs and returned in a messy state, the sensation was completely different.

 Amidst this, pleasure was brought forth from every my part that touched Viola, and I felt my thoughts quickly melting away.

 ”Ah… it’s, it’s big… Lute-sama…♡”

 Forte, who was leaning against Viola, gently moved her hips while perspiring lightly.


 In front of Forte and Viola’s gaze, Frau’s face was turned towards me as her tongue invaded my mouth.

 Amidst the overwhelming pleasure, I felt a numbness in my brain, while on the left side, Aria’s fingers were immersed in something warm.



 Frau noticed something intriguing and smiled. She then playfully shifted her expression, placing a hand on her cheek. Meanwhile, Aria was using my fingers for comfort, expressing pleasure.

 ”Ahh…! Oh… ♡”


 ”♡Au! Lu-Lute-sama… Big again…”


 ”Ah, are you excited to see Aria-chan…? ♡”

 Looking back at Forte upon hearing her voice, I noticed both Forte and Viola staring at me with affection. Viola’s gaze was particularly provocative.



 ”Move your finger…?”



 ”No good?”

 ……I can’t resist.


 Unable to resist any longer.


 Aria’s black hair clings to her sweaty cheeks, her body turning a light pink with ragged breaths. Seeing Aria’s body tremble and her eyebrows furrow in anguish, I feel my last shred of reason snap.

 ”Ah! Aaaah! Lute-sama…! Aaaah! ♡”

 Driven by impulse, Forte thrusts her hips with such force that my body lifts off the ground, pouring mana that I had been restraining until now. Instantly, Forte’s body arches and the weight of both of them suddenly feels lighter.

 ”Ah! Aaaah! ♡”

 And no matter how violently Forte thrusts, my excitement never subsides. In fact, the desire only grows larger, and my hands reach towards Frau’s intimate area, unable to be satisfied with just Aria and Forte’s bodies.

 ”~~~~! Ahh…nhh…! ♡”

 Frau exhaled with delight and raised one leg high as a signal. Immediately, my fingers sank into her body.

 ”Fuah! ♡ Fuaah! ♡ Ahh… ahh… feels… feels good… ♡”

 ”Lute-sama… more…”

 ”Ah ♡ Ahh ♡ Yaa… ahg…!”

 No matter how much I indulged, it was never enough.

 The moans that reached my ears from both sides made my head spin, knowing that I was the one causing them.

 As if I had turned into a beast, my body moved to seek even more pleasure by teasing their precious bodies, and I couldn’t do anything about it.


 A bead of sweat rolled down Viola’s forehead as she continued to gaze at me on top of me.

 ”So naughty.”

 At the moment when the sweat dripped onto my lips, I suddenly reached orgasm and ejaculated inside Forte.

 ”Ugh!!! Ughhhhh!!!”

 ”Huh!? Fo, Forte…”


 ”Ouch!! Wait, wait, Forte!! It’s too much!! Forte!!”

 With a thud, Forte’s upper body collapsed, and Viola groaned in discomfort under the pressure.

 Forte, who was convulsing violently, seemed to cling to Viola with all her might, and the sound of Viola’s body being squeezed by the power of the Divine Princess was so loud that it squeaked.

 ”Ouch!!! Forte!! It hurts, Forte!!!!”

 ”Ughhhhh… Huhhh… Ughhh…!”

 ”Vi, Viola-sama!!”

 ”Forte!! Lute-sama, stop the mana!!”

 ”Stop! Please stop…!!”

 Although I’m trying to stop it, it seems that uncontrollable mana, which was contained in semen, continues to penetrate Forte’s body. Forte, who repeatedly convulses and rolls her eyes, occasionally grits her teeth with a cracking sound, showing signs of trying not to lose consciousness.

 ”It’s gonna break!!! It’s gonna break!! Hold on!! Hold on tight!! It hurts!!”

 ”Forte!! Hold on!!”




 ”Viola!! Increase the internal pressure of the mana!! Your arm is gonna break!!”

 ”I’m increasing it… I’m increasing it… Forte is… too strong!!”

 ”What!? Lute-sama!! Transfer mana to Viola!!”

 ”I-I understand!!”

 As Viola’s complexion turns purple, mana is quickly infused into her. Viola’s body jumps up with a jerk,


 Aria, who was forcefully pulling Forte away, successfully tore Forte’s arm away from Viola, causing both of them to fall backwards.

 ”It’s out!”



 It seems that Forte’s mind was intensely shaken by the mana from the semen and the backlash from Viola.

 Forte, who Aria caught, seemed to have completely lost consciousness, with unfocused eyes halfway closed, and was breathing shallowly.

 ”Oh, oh no…dangerous…hey, Lute, you…”

 ”I-I’m sorry…”

 It was because Forte’s mana tolerance was already beyond the limit that she ended up having all the mana poured into her at once.

 It must have instantly reached full capacity and burst. She lost control of the mana that had filled her body and was moved unconsciously.

 ”Um… If you’re going to release it, you should let Forte know beforehand… Forte won’t be ready for rejection on her side…”

 ”I’m sorry… A, Aria… Forte is…”

 ”…It’s okay. Forte has extraordinary endurance.”

 Forte, who is foaming slightly at the corner of the mouth, doesn’t look well, but doesn’t seem to be okay.

 However, Aria, who was observing the situation, doesn’t seem particularly worried. With a small sigh of relief, she gently laid Forte’s body in the empty space on the bed.

 ”Listen, Lute… We need to be especially careful with Forte… Mana that can be harnessed is larger for her, so if it goes out of control, it’ll be uncontrollable.”


 ”If it were Frau, it would mostly overflow, causing her to lose consciousness, but Forte and Aria shouldn’t experience the same sensation.”

 ”Uh… S-Sorry…”

 ”Well, within certain limits, Forte is the one who can handle this the best, so she’s taking care of things like this for us.”

 Viola explained with a resigned expression on her chest.

 On Viola’s arm, there were visible red marks from where Forte had tightened her grip, as Viola calmly spoke.

 ”But well… Forte seems happy.”


 ”And Frau… stop that.”


 Following Viola’s gaze towards Forte, there was Frau, licking and savoring the spilled semen from Forte’s groin.

 ”But, but… Lute-sama’s important…”


 ”Besides, it would be a waste…”



 Viola sighed as she looked at the now-subdued Frau.

 ”Frau is the most at ease when she is intimate with Lute… Haven’t you indulged it enough already? Don’t do such lewd things.”

 ”T-That’s not the issue! It’s Lute-sama’s precious seed, you know!?”

 Frau, in a rush to defend herself, occasionally glanced at Forte’s crotch, seemingly reluctant to let go of the spilled semen.

 ”Don’t use such explicit terms… It would be better if you could just say it straight…”

 ”…How about ‘holy water’?”

 ”…That’s sacrilegious.”

 ”What!? It’s Lute-sama’s!! Which one is sacrilegious!?”

 ”Why are you saying that… You’re putting too much emphasis on sacredness…”

 ”It is sacred!!”

 Being told that, I blush as well. I’m happy beyond words that Frau feels strongly about me, but I still don’t have the confidence to believe that I am a valuable person.

 ”Actually, it wouldn’t be strange for Lute-sama to be deified in the Imperial Kingdom.”

 ”Ah! Y-Yes, that’s right, just as Aria-sama said!”

 ”Hey… Aria, stop it, Frau won’t be able to control herself…”

 ”It’s not a big deal. To me, Lute-sama is like a god. I understand Frau’s feelings.”


 ”Come on… Lute, say something instead of just staying silent.”

 ”N-No, Viola… I…”

 While Viola gives me a sharp glare,

 ”Aria-sama, let’s purify Lute-sama together♡♡♡”

 ”Uh… okay…”

 In the midst of my confusion, Aria and Frau, who seem to have reached an agreement, bury their faces in my lower body.


 ”Hey, w-wait… don’t do that under someone’s butt…”

 ”Hmm…♡ Such a cute little behind♡”


 ”Viola… continues treatment with Lute-sama. Since about half of Lute-sama’s mana goes to me and Frau, it should be okay, right?”

 ”W-Well, that’s… true, but…”

 As their soft lips pressed against the glans, the same tingling sensation that had just occurred a moment ago quickly overwhelmed my mind.

 ”Lute-sama… Please give me your mana♡”

 ”I will distribute it to Frau, so Lute-sama, please focus on the pleasurable areas… That’s where we’re touching…”

 As their hands gently stroked the base and testicles, Viola began to flow mana while trembling, and she leaned in to suck on my neck with a seductive voice.

 The sensation of the lips and tongue making wet sounds quickly reignited the excitement, even though I had just ejaculated moments ago.

 It seems like I’ve become quite shameless.

 ”Aria-sama… My buttocks… towards Lute-sama… ♡”


 On the bed, as they fidgeted and changed positions,

 ”Lute-sama… Can you also please me…? ♡”

 ”Ah… Well, me too…”

 While their tongues were still crawling on the glans, they turned their buttocks towards me and showed me their exposed underwear.



 As Viola sweetly bit my neck, I couldn’t help but reach out to their secret places. There was no excuse, only desire that pushed me to do so.

 I just wanted to defile these beautiful women myself.

 ”Ah… ♡”

 ”Ah… Hii…”

 ”Ugh… Wait… L-Lute…”

 Even as I watched the two’s secret places engulf my fingers, I wasn’t satisfied with that, and I poured in more mana, wanting to see Viola’s disturbed face.

 ”Ah, you’re strong…”

 I hugged Viola, whose face was bright red and her shoulders were trembling, and eventually she silently rested her cheek against my chest.


 She whispered, tightly embracing my body.

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