Viola 35

Chapter 35 What Is Your True Identity?

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 May 25th

 Forte and Frau were kidnapped.

 Now, all we can do is wait for Kanon’s contact.



 Damn it!!!!!!!!!!

* * *

 That day, Frau-san and I went shopping together.

 Since Aria-chan arrived, we’ve been able to take turns watching over Lute-sama, which has been a great help.

 It seems like my body had more damage than I thought, because as soon as Aria-chan arrived, I felt a quick improvement in the flow of mana.

 ”Forte-sama, your complexion has improved, hasn’t it?”

 ”I-I guess so?”

 ”Yes, you look even more beautiful.”


 ”Ahaha, so cute ♡”


 If Frau-san say I’ve become beautiful, Aria-chan, Viola-chan, and Frau-san are all incredibly beautiful too.

 To be honest, everyone is so virtuous and talented that it makes me lose more and more confidence.

 I’m just a fool when it comes to physical and mana abilities…”

 ”So, what are we having for dinner tonight, Frau-san?”

 ”Hmm, Lute-sama mentioned having seafood tonight since we had meat yesterday…”


 ”Do you not like it?”

 ”Oh, no, that’s not it… I just think Lute-sama is amazing because I don’t even know how to prepare fish…”

 As Frau-san said that, she softly smiled and said,

 ”Forte-sama, you’ll learn quickly too.”

 Frau-san is so cute… She looks like a goddess of the sun.

 I heard she’s from a commoner background like me, and she’s even an orphan of war… But I wonder if she has some noble blood in her. You don’t see many people with blonde hair in the Imperial Kingdom. Even Marcato’s hair isn’t as beautiful as hers…

 I think this hair color is more common in the Holy Kingdom, right? I remember the emperor there having a similar hair color.



 I was spacing out and then the goddess of the sun looked into my face.

 H… Her eyes are so big…

 It’s unbelievable that she’s not wearing makeup.

 Even her eyelashes naturally curl…

 And her lips are so alluring…


 I can’t believe such a cute girl is nearby…

 ”What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

 I lose confidence after all…




 ”Alright, is this good enough?”

 ”Yes, do you want me to carry your bags?”

 ”But you’re already carrying them.”

 ”Huh? Oh… well, I can still carry them…”

 ”It’s okay, let’s split the load.”

 ”Ah… y-yeah…”

 I ended up spending a long time shopping.

 While wandering around with Frau-san, we found cute shops and took a peek, and we found a cute cafe and took a break.

 ”It’s getting late. Lute-sama is a worrier, so he might come looking for us soon.”

 ”Y-yeah… we should go home quickly.”

 Frau-san said she would split the load in half, but I can’t let Frau-san carry such a heavy luggage. I forcefully took the luggage from her and she tried to take it back, but I ran away and she laughed.

 Why is she so cute?

 I’m envious.

 ”Shall we take a shortcut?”

 ”Yeah… but stay close to me, okay? The slums and the commoner district have been really unsafe lately.”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”…It’s because of the aftermath of the war. Many people have lost their jobs.”

 ”…Ah …I see …that’s right.”


 I can’t think right now that if we had tried harder…

 The war with the country where Viola-chan was… we couldn’t stop it. It’s all our responsibility as Divine Princesses.



 No, I should’ve made the decision on which archbishop to follow earlier.


 No, it was decided long ago that I would go to Kanon-sama’s place.

 What I needed to do was increase the number of friends I had.

 ”I hope… that war won’t happen again…”


 I was always hesitant, lacking courage. I just kept following Aria-chan.

 I should have brought in as many Divine Princesses as possible, but I couldn’t do anything.

 The only thing I did was kill many comrades and soldiers from the kingdom since the war started.



 ”Frau-san… do you… hate the Divine Princess too?”


 I cautiously asked Frau-san, who had a distant look in her eyes, as if she was staring at something. A melancholic expression. In the depths of her slightly lowered eyes, there was a light that I had never seen before.

 ”I… “


 ”I… hate the Divine Princess.”


 Frau-san adjusted her luggage with a rustling sound, let out a small sigh, and fell silent for a while.

 ”I… I don’t remember anymore, but it seems like my father died in a skirmish with the Empire.”


 ”During that time, there were only skirmishes between the Holy Kingdom and the Empire, and the streets of the Imperial Kingdom were filled with war orphans like me.”


 I’ve heard that many people in my village also died in those skirmishes. The Imperial Kingdom stationed regular soldiers in fortified strongholds along the border and heavily relied on conscripted peasant soldiers from border villages for small-scale conflicts.

 ”…I heard they belonged to the Divine Princess’s unit. As soon as they were conscripted, they fell under the control of the Divine Princess and died in a reckless charge.”


 …It should be prohibited by law. Neither I nor Aria-chan have ever done such a thing.

 We haven’t. But in the end, we’re all in the same boat.

 The only difference is whether we were at the forefront of the battle.

 We probably made people who didn’t want to fight, fight.

 Moreover… Those Divine Princesses who fought in that way died one after another.

 The only ones left alive are the Divine Princesses, who used the same fighting style that killed Frau-san’s father.

 ”…My mother… She abandoned me in front of a newly established orphanage.”


 ”When the nun tried to stop her and take me with her, she said she couldn’t because she was going to become a nobleman’s mistress and left.”


 …It must have been lonely.

 I was blessed with loving parents.

 They always treated me with care, even though I took on the role of a Divine Princess.

 ”…But thanks to that, I was able to meet Lute-sama.”


 ”He is everything to me. He taught me love, protected me, and raised me.”


 ”If Lute-sama is gone, I will die immediately.”


 ”If commanded, I will do anything. Even if told to die…”


 ”He is the most important person in the world to me. I will do anything I can…”


 ”I will give everything I have, if I can…”


 ”I love him… I love him so much…”


 ”That’s why…”


 ”I love the person who loves Lute-sama…”


 ”I love the person Lute-sama loves…”




 ”But I hate Divine Princess…”


 ”Still, both Forte-sama and Aria-sama are suffering…”


 ”I used to just hate Divine Princess…”


 ”I didn’t try to see with my own eyes, I just hated…”


 ”But after getting to know Forte-sama, Aria-sama, and being honored to exchange mana with them… I have come to love them…”




 At that moment,

 ”I created the Imperial Kingdom’s Divine Princess…”

 A cold sensation ran down my spine, and I threw all the luggage I was holding onto the ground.


 In less than a second from sensing the danger, I created a mana barrier to protect Frau-san and myself.

 With a loud bang, the surrounding area was filled with the density of mana. It took about a second and a half for the realization to sink in that I could protect Frau-san no matter what.

 After drawing my sword, it took two seconds to face the target that was about to attack me with a mass of high-density mana.

 It didn’t matter who the enemy was.

 There was no need to confirm their face.

 I will kill them with all my might.

 That determination alone took two and a half seconds from the initial movement.

 The safety of Frau-san is the top priority.

 I don’t need to worry about whether or not she despises me, not even a speck of dust.




 My mana shattered, three seconds after the initial movement.


 ”~~~~~~~! Forte-sama!!!!”

 As I was kicked in the head by the two shadows that jumped at me,

 ”Noooooooooo!!! Forte-sama!!! Forte-sama!!!!!”

 I lost consciousness while hearing Frau-san’s voice that felt like my ears were shattering,


 Four seconds after my initial movement.

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