Viola 36

Chapter 36 For You, What I Can Do

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 May 26th

 Late last night, I received the first report from Kanon.

 It seems that Miss Marcato is up to something behind the scenes.

 However, when Frau and Forte were abducted in the city, she had an alibi.

 She was inspecting the orphanage I founded with Archbishop Chorale.

 The possibility of her being the perpetrator of the kidnapping is low.

 Moreover, even if Forte was taken by surprise by Miss Marcato, I don’t think she would lose so easily.

 It seems that Kanon is only presenting Miss Marcato’s involvement as one of the possibilities, and I share the same opinion.

 On another note, it has been discovered that another worrying incident has occurred in the kingdom.

 The mass disappearance of the Kingdom Knights’ prisoners.

 Not only the knights held in various prisons, but also their soldiers have vanished without a trace.

 As a result, Träumerei seems to have returned.

 What is happening?

 I wonder if Viola’s older sister, Alto, will be okay.

* * *

 The sultry sound of water, making a squelching noise, echoes through a room in the residence of Archbishop Chorale.

 His room is adorned with tasteful furnishings, and the canopy bed is covered with a soft, magenta-colored duvet.

 On top of it, Archbishop Chorale, with his slender yet muscular physique, lies naked on his back.

 His long, flowing hair, reaching to the shoulders, is as black as Lute and Aria’s, indicating his pure Imperial Kingdom heritage. The gentle facial features, with narrow eyes, give an impression of impassivity but also radiate a loving expression to those who gaze upon him.

 ”Chu… Lick… Mm…”

 Rubbing her own intimate area against his thigh, Divine Princess, with her yellowish, tightly curled hair, continues diligently licking his firm and tense organ. Despite her usually stern demeanor, her eyes are now slightly narrowed, revealing a tender and sweet glimmer.

 And besides him, two other women who seemed to be Divine Princesses were nestled naked next to his body, watching Marcato, who continued to orally pleasure Chorale, with narrowed eyes.

 ”Splurp… Splururp…”

 Marcato’s service had been going on for quite a long time.

 With Chorale’s genitals fully in his mouth, Marcato repeatedly moved his head up and down, distorting his beautiful features. Occasionally pulling it out of his mouth, Marcato extended his red tongue and repeatedly moved it back and forth from the base to the tip, looking at Chorale with an upward glance.

 ”Marcato, you’re good…♡”

 ”Right? ♡ Chorale-sama seems to be feeling good too…♡ Shall we teach Scherzio too? ♡”

 ”It might be good…♡ If I don’t, Marcato might take Chorale-sama away like this ♡”

 The two Divine Princesses, pressing their mature bodies against Chorale, giggled with small laughter.

 The Divine Princess called Scherzio, a veteran who turned 29 this year (the highest-ranked Divine Princess). Known as Chorale’s right-hand woman, she spread her long black hair, reaching down to the bed, and her bangs were neatly trimmed at eye level. Her almond-shaped eyes were filled with a mysteriously enchanting light, exuding an indescribable seductive atmosphere.

 ”However, Marcato intends to conceive Oratorio’s child, right?”

 ”What about you, Legato? I will bear Chorale’s child.”

 ”I don’t want that. I also want to bear Chorale’s child.”

 On the other hand, Divine Princess, also known as Scherzio, will turn 27 this year. Serving as Chorale’s aide along with Scherzio, she has bright silver hair contrasting with Scherzio’s long, bright hair. Her distinct facial features reflect her bright inner self, giving an impression of liveliness and cheerfulness. Having served Chorale since childhood, she takes pride in the time she has spent with Chorale.

 ”Marcato, it’s time to serve Chorale with your vagina ♡”

 As Legato said so with excitement, Marcato, who had been licking Chorale’s testicles, smiled mysteriously and raised her body.

 ”Make sure not to get pregnant, okay? Oratorio will get jealous, you know? ♡”

 In response to Scherzio’s words, Marcato only replied with a snort and began to move her hips back and forth, straddling Chorale’s waist.

 ”Ah… ahh…♡”

 ”That’s naughty…♡ So indecent…♡”

 ”Hey…♡ I’ll try that next time too…♡”

 Marcato pinches the glans of Chorale’s penis with her hand, applying her own love fluid to the shaft.

 Instantly, the room is filled with the lewd sound of squelching, and the two Divine Princesses watching it blush with excitement.

 ”Chorale-sama, isn’t it bigger than when we’re with you? ♡”

 ”It can’t be helped, we aren’t as young as Marcato, you know? ♡”

 In the distance where the two are happily gazing, Marcato’s vaginal opening rubs against Chorale’s erect penis as if licking it, and the overflowing honey quickly flows down to Chorale’s hips.

 ”Marcato, that’s enough already. Put it inside my vagina quickly, okay? ♡”

 ”Chorale-sama’s precious thing is twitching and drooling, so give me a lot, okay? ♡”

 Smiling faintly at the words of the two, Marcato looks at Chorale with a bewitching smile, casting a sidelong glance.

 ”Is it alright if I insert it? Wouldn’t it be better to savor it a little longer?”

 ”It doesn’t matter, Marcato. If it’s what you want, you can do as you please.”

 Upon hearing Chorale’s voice, which had a low and gentle impression, Marcato responded by placing Chorale’s glans against the entrance of her vagina with a slight “hmm” and a snort from the nose.

 ”It’s not my style to tease unnecessarily. So, Chorale-sama, please…”


 ”Please come quickly.”

 As soon as Marcato’s vagina swallowed Chorale’s member with a thud, Marcato’s love juice splattered onto Chorale’s abdomen. Marcato’s hair, which swayed sensually, floated gently upon their smooth skin, resembling golden flowers with their petals fully spread.

 With each lewd sound of squelching, Chorale grimaced and struggled to resist the pleasure that threatened to overwhelm them.

 ”Haa… It’s not bad…♡”


 ”You’re amazing, Marcato ♡ Chorale-sama, are you about to climax? Is it really that good? ♡”

 ”If I had one, I might want to try inserting it …♡”

 Giggling, the two Divine Princesses slowly leaned in towards Chorale’s body, their tongues trailing over his nipples. As they watched the two of them, Marcato smiled at Chorale, her body swaying with a hint of sweat.

 ”I heard that Forte from Lute-sama was kidnapped. Along with a sister named Frau.”


 In response to those words, Chorale slightly furrowed his brow, showing a different emotion from pleasure.

 ”…It’s a foolish story. Why doesn’t everyone try to benefit the Imperial Kingdom?”

 ”Hmm…♡ Chorale-sama is different, right?”

 Marcato said with a smile, as if mocking. Chorale glared at her and started thrusting his hips. Instantly, Marcato let out a loud gasp, arching her back and trembling.

 ”Lute-kun doesn’t understand either. He obtained the powerful trump card, yet he is uncooperative. And he’s hiding Draconia as well. Its power is meant to be used by someone who can control it. If left untouched or kept hidden, it will attract foolish individuals.”

 ”Ah♡Ah…♡Aah! ♡♡♡”

 ”The people of the kingdom were foolish, but so was the Imperial Kingdom. A rotten raccoon dog drowning in greed, a stupid vixen who was tied to worthless feelings and couldn’t see the big picture, and only got pleasure from the death of others. An incompetent murderous maniac, a subservient idiot who just looks at your face…Is it possible to protect the people by leaving the country to these people?”

 ”Hah!! ♡♡♡ Agh…♡ Haa…♡… …It’s wonderful♡”

 When Chorale’s thrust momentarily stopped, Marcato began moving her hips up and down again. The lascivious sound of wetness continued to echo in the quiet room for a while, and eventually Marcato arched her body back dramatically.


 ”…Is it true that if you believe and follow, you can conceive an Oratorio child?”

 ”…The possibility is high. It’s a forbidden technique that gave birth to Draconia. The application works.”

 ”…What is the method?”

 ”Why do you want to know?”

 Seeing Chorale glaring at her, Marcato chuckled, covering her mouth with the back of her hand.

 ”No. Don’t be so worried. I’m just trying to assist… I just thought of you ♡”


 ”Besides, shouldn’t you be concerned about me? If you keep going like this, you’ll lose Lute-sama’s Draconia first, won’t you? Don’t you want her? You want her, don’t you?”

 ”…It’s not your concern.”

 ”Do you think we have time to sit on the sidelines? If we don’t act, that Draconian woman will be Lute-sama’s. … Argh! … Aaagh! ♡”

 Chorale’s kind face twists into a smile as he firmly grasps Marcato’s provocatively smiling hips and resumes vigorous thrusts into her womb.

 ”You’ve done well. You did what you promised and found a Draconia for me.”

 ”Ah!! ♡ Aaahh♡♡♡ Aaahh♡♡♡”

 ”Don’t be too disrespectful to Chorale-sama, okay? Marcato.”

 ”Yes, I’ll kill you, won’t I?”

 Chorale persistently penetrated Marcato’s womb, and when Marcato’s mouth began to release tiny bubbles, he lifted himself up and pushed Marcato down.

 Scherzio immediately buried her face in Chorale’s buttocks and began to lick the opening, while Legato, with a delighted expression, straddled Marcato’s face, pressing her vagina against her mouth.

 Chorale, holding down Marcato’s knees, began to violently ravish her in an indecent manner with a squelching sound, displaying a satisfied smile as her body trembled.

 ”Draconia… You really found it well, Marcato. I can’t thank you enough.”

 With a squelching sound, as semen overflowed from Marcato’s vagina, Chorale gently smiled while continuing to violate her.

 The light in the seemingly affectionate eyes, despite the gentle expression, harbored a coldness that could make those who noticed it shudder with ominousness.

 ”Fiine… The end, huh… Good name.”

 The tongue that licked the lips resembled that of a large snake, with a reddish hue.

 ”Suitable for me.”

 Somewhere, it evoked the image of a giant serpent.

* * *

 ”What is that Draconia?”

 ”Why Draconia?”

 ”Ah… G…!”

 Frau-san was tied to a chair and drenched with cold water again, and she seemed to be already losing consciousness.

 ”How are you making her suffer?”

 ”How are you controlling her?”


 ”Answer me”

 ”Do it quickly”


 Frau-san muttered softly, and as soon as the Quintet touched her head, her body began to convulse, and she started screaming as if her ears were being pierced.

 She’s shaking her brain with mana. Normal pain won’t work.

 Upon being brought back to consciousness by that voice, I, still tied to the chair on the cold stone floor, shouted at the twin Divine Princesses.

 ”Stop it!!!! !! Stop, you scum!!!! ! Don’t touch Frau-san!!!! !! You coward!!!!!”

 ”You’re the coward, Quintet.”

 ”You’re the coward, Quartet.”

 When Quintet released Frau-san from her shouting, Frau-san continued to convulse, foaming at the mouth. I couldn’t see her eyes as she hung her head, blindfolded, but she probably wasn’t thinking straight anymore.

 ”I know that this level of abuse won’t be effective. The women who rose from the Divine Princess’s Guard to the Divine Princess herself see handling dirty work as their duty. Especially now, they must be in a hurry, having almost lost their support from Allegretto.”

 ”Who’s the coward here? Bringing up Draconia… I didn’t ask for that.”

 ”The coward is Lute-sama. Bringing up Draconia… there’s no way to compete.”

 ”If you’re going to torture, do it only to me!!!!”

 I wonder how much time has passed.

 They seem like professionals in kidnapping. There shouldn’t be any traces left at the scene. How much longer do we have to wait for help?

 Will we make it in time?

 ”Because it doesn’t work well against Forte, I’m not doing it for fun, you know? Right, Quintet?”

 ”It’s because of you that the magical tool got broken, but I didn’t do it willingly, you know? Right, Quartet?”

 The magical tool created by Lute-sama was used against me, dispersing mana and forcibly taking away my power. It was a prototype of a miniaturized device, which fortunately seemed to have broken at that time, but as a result, the only thing I could use it for was to suppress mana. The twins, who were the targets, aimed it at Frau-san.

 ”What is your purpose? Frau-san doesn’t have the kind of information you want!”

 ”Purpose, you say, Quintet?”

 ”We would like to know, Quartet.”

 If I had to say, Quartet rested her index finger on her chin, looking pensive.

 ”How do we survive?”

 ”We’ve been through a lot together.”

 It wasn’t easy, but Quintet sighed, placing a hand on her cheek.

 ”Something like that… if you were under Kanon-sama’s protection…”

 ”It’s impossible. It’s too late now.”

 ”We’ve attracted attention. They’re planning to get rid of us.”


 ”Have you ever tried to kill Lute-sama?”

 ”You mean Bes? She was the one who had his attention, but it was taken away.”


 Are you saying that because you have no intention of coming back alive?

 Regardless of me… at least Frau-san should somehow…

 ”If I can get my hands on Draconia, I plan to present it to the Empress.”

 ”Oh, I think Grave-sama would be better. It’s more certain.”

 ”Either way is fine, but it won’t work unless it’s with Lute-sama.”

 ”At least we need to keep this girl or Forte in order to threaten him.”


 ”In terms of durability, it’s Forte, right?”

 ”This girl won’t do. She’ll die right away.”

 ”Stop it!!!! “

 With a tight grip on Frau-san’s hair, Quintet looked at me with a faint smile.

 ”I want information. Why is that Draconia with Lute-sama?”


 ”Ohhh… Nooooooo!”

 ”Stop it!!! Please, stop!!!”

 ”Quintet. She’s going to die. It’s no use.”


 ”Frau-san!!! Frau-san!!!!”

 With a thud, seeing Frau-san’s body lose all strength, the blood drained from my entire body.

 ”It’s dangerous. Is she really going to die?”

 ”It was close. If she died, Forte wouldn’t speak either.”

 ”How unusual, Quintet.”

 ”This child… there’s something strange about her… I wonder what it is?”

 However, after a short while, I could hear a faint, wheezing breath.

 She’s still alive… barely.




 ”You’re going to talk, right?”



 ”Why is that Draconia staying with Lute-sama?”


 ”……That child is――――――――――”


 ”Huh!!!! ?”



 ”Don’t…don’t say anything…”


 ”What’s the point of crying, Forte?”

 ”This girl is more admirable, Forte”

 It’s impossible.

 This is impossible.

 No matter what, it’s impossible.

 ”Will you talk?”

 ”If you do it now, you can make it in time”


 ”……I’ll release Frau and tell you everything I know”

 ”No, it’s impossible.”



 ”Got it, I’ll be careful, but if you die, I’m sorry, okay?”

 Frau-san’s body trembled,


 As tears started to stream down from behind the blindfold, and I saw her clench her teeth in silence,


 My heart broke so easily.

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