Viola 37

Chapter 37 The Ballad Of The Monster To You, Part One

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 May 27th

 I cannot sleep.

* * *


 When I look at Lute, who is still in front of the desk at the back of the room, my heart hurts as if it is being squeezed.

 It has been an hour since I last saw him.

 His position has not changed at all.

 On Lute’s lap, Fiine is curled up and sleeping peacefully, making soft breathing sounds.


 I enter the room with my wheelchair and call out to him. Lute trembles and turns towards me.


 He looks very tired.

 It is understandable since he has not slept for the past two days.

 ”Viola… Can you not sleep?”

 ”…I did sleep. That is how I have trained myself.”

 ”I see… That is good then.”

 I was the same in the beginning.

 When the war started, I could not sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, the faces of my fallen comrades would appear behind my eyelids, and I would scream in pain.

 Now… I regret calling it “training.”



 Moving the chair nearer to Lute, I hold up the cup I have. Lute gives a small smile. He looks at the water in the cup quietly for a bit before taking it and drinking slowly.



 Lute hasn’t been eating well. Being strong inside and out is linked. For two days now, both have been getting weaker, and we’re almost at our limit.

 If only he could fall asleep and rest, I’d feel better.

 ”Thanks… I’m sorry for making you worry.”

 ”…No, it’s okay.”

 Lute places the cup on the table gently, sighing deeply, his expression turning serious.

 He looks at the magic tools on the table.

 [Lute・Connect・Ability Green]

 [Viola・Connect・Ability Green]



 [Aria・Connect・Ability Green]

 [Traumerei・Connect・Ability Green]



 The part that shows Frau and Forte’s situation keeps flashing orange without stopping.

 ”……They’ll find them soon.”


 Despite buying them, Lute remains still. It’s the first time today that Lute hasn’t reacted to anything I’ve said.

 ”Beth and Aria will find them, right? Traumerei is also looking for them.”


 ”There are two Divine Princesses and one even stronger than them, right? Everything will be fine.”

 ”……You’re right.”

 There could be many reasons for why the two were kidnapped.

 To gather information about Lute’s magic tools.

 To take advantage of Lute’s weaknesses.

 To seek revenge for the damage caused by Lute’s magic tools.

 As a hostage for an exchange with Fiine, who is coming for Lute.

 To plot and confine Lute, causing harm to Kanon-san’s group.

 In the face of every reason that comes to mind one after another,

 ”…It’s my mistake.”


 Lute is involved.

 ”It’s my…”


 When Beth told us that the two might have been taken away, Lute ran outside very quickly.

 When Lute suddenly started running, Beth and Aria were amazed. I asked them to follow him and stopped Lute from trying to escape. Aria twisted his arm to prevent him, and Beth calmed down Lute, who was confused, until he fainted.

 When Fiine saw Lute fall, she immediately got angry and attacked Beth, but my voice reached her, and luckily she stopped.

 ”It’s not your fault. The one to blame is the one who did something wrong. Lute is not to blame.”


 If Lute is in danger now, there is nothing we can do. If that happens, we will have to give up on Frau and Forte.

 Upon hearing Aria’s shaky words, Lute, who had woken up, remained silent and bowed his head.

 ”Wouldn’t it be better to take a short rest for your body now?”


 ”Do you want to hurry there as soon as you find out? Taking a break is also for the sake of Frau and Forte.”

 ”…I apologize for causing so much worry.”

 I feel tightness in my chest, and it hurts.

 I want to somehow bring some cheer.


 ”…I’m sorry. I can’t do anything.”


 I am not useful.

 Beth, Aria, even the unfamiliar Divine Princess named Träumerei, they all continue to run through the holy city.

 And all I can do is walk back and forth in front of Lute’s room, at least that. In the kitchen, where I went hoping to make something warm to eat, I could only look up at the pot on the shelf without being able to reach for it.

 I can’t do anything.

 I can’t help at all.

 Even though everyone does everything for me.

 ”I’m sorry… really…”

 It’s frustrating.

 Why am I so weak?

 Why am I so bad at things?

 What have I been doing with my life?

 Everyone is trying hard to live.

 ”I’m soryy…”


 It’s so frustrating that I can’t be there for the person I love who is sad.

 It’s so painful that I can’t help the person I love who is suffering.

 I didn’t know.

 I can’t hug him unless Lute takes a step towards me.

 I’m just too useless.

 ”…I’m sorry.”


 ”Viola…please don’t cry.”



 Why am I the one crying?

 Am I really foolish?



 It’s fine to shed tears.

 I don’t know how to make Lute feel better.

 I’m crying to take my mind off things.


 Completely hopeless.





 ”It’s alright.”

 why are you,

 Even so, you won’t abandon me.

* * *


 I can’t catch my breath.

 I didn’t keep up with my training.


 Leaning on my knees, I repeat rough breaths, and sweat drips down my cheeks one after another.

 I dislike the pale purple hair sticking to my face.


 I involuntarily grimace at the sharp pain that runs through my head.

 It’s because I couldn’t completely avoid Fiine’s reflexive attack.

 The cloudy flow of Fiine’s energy surged, grazing my head, and my consciousness was briefly cut off. Although the injury itself is not deep, the bleeding hasn’t stopped, and even now, more than a day later, the bandage continues to seep, perhaps due to the influence of Draconia’s energy. Occasionally, my vision blurs.


 After I calmed my breathing, I slowly got up, and then… raindrops fell on my face.


 It’s so frustrating. It seems like the world always has to interfere with the weather. Nothing ever goes smoothly.

 ”Frau… Forte-sama…”

 I said their names quietly, but of course, there was no response. On the road late at night, I could only hear the sound of the wind rustling the leaves.


 Looking at the two magic tools hanging from my waist, one of them kept flashing the names of Frau and Forte-sama, giving the same warning as always. The flashing panel seemed to be urging me forward, making me feel uneasy.


 I grabbed the panel and glared at it, grinding my teeth as I stared down the road.

 A significant amount of time has passed. I was supposed to find them on the day they were kidnapped, but I failed.


 I push my tired legs and start running to the next place.

 I did everything I could in the holy city, but I failed every time.

 I search for the Archbishop’s properties and hiding places, as far as I know.

 I look for the buildings owned by his followers.

 No matter where I go, the device on my waist doesn’t show anything, and I still don’t know where the two of them are.

 I use another magic device to let Lute-sama and the others know where I am, and I run faster while catching my breath.


 Frau’s energy is weak, but if Forte-sama’s is normal, Lute-sama’s magic tool should be able to find them.

 If they’re close by, they must be held back by an energy suppression device.

 If they’re still alive, that is.


 If not, they’ve been taken far away from the holy city.


 There’s no way that could be true.

 The reason those two were targeted is because of Lute-sama’s existence.

 At this moment, there are numerous individuals within the Imperial Kingdom who could be targeting Lute-sama.

 Who among them could it be?

 It must be someone.

 If not,

 If not…!


 If she’s been taken away by the Imperial Kingdom, it means someone has noticed Frau’s true identity.

 ――――Frau Tempo?

 ――――Yes, isn’t it a beautiful name?

 ――――Can we be friends?

 ――――Yes, Beth, you’ll surely be a wonderful friend. Be kind, won’t you?

 ――――I’m looking forward to it ♡

 ――――Beth, I have one request.

 ――――What is it, Mama?

 ――――That girl is under a curse.


 ――――Until the Curse Is Lifted. Beth, please protect her until the curse is gone.

 There’s no way they could have found out.

 There’s absolutely no way they could have found out. Only Kanon-sama knows the truth.

 Not even Lute-sama. Nobody knows who she really is.

 That girl is supposed to live a normal life, find happiness, and have a fulfilling life.

 Isn’t that what my Mama wanted for her?

 I think even my late Papa wanted that.

 ――――Did you remember something?


 ――――The bottleneck syndrome was causing memory inhibition, right? Are you alright?

 ――――Yes, I’m fine. Um…

 ――――What is it, Beth?

 ――――My Mama…

 ――――…She’s already passed away. After sending Frau to the orphanage and asking for her protection… I’m sorry… I couldn’t save her.

 ――――…Where is Frau?

 ――――…Frau will leave the orphanage next year. Shall we meet after a long time? I think she will be happy.


 ――――Should we not?

 ――――No… I will meet her.


 ――――To protect Frau… It’s a promise with Mama.


 She must be alive.

 There’s no way she’s dead.

 Otherwise, what was the point of watching over her all this time?

 ”Please be safe…”

 Otherwise, why did I try to disguise her as Viola-sama’s patient and plan to lift the curse?


 As if praying, I said Frau’s name, and in front of me, I gradually saw a small old castle.

 That small castle, which is said to have housed many women in the past, stands quietly in the forest, giving off a creepy silence.

 If they aren’t there, I’ll have to find another city far from the holy capital.


 But as I try really hard to control my growing impatience and get closer to the old castle,



 When I hear the sound of Lute-sama’s magic tool, I hold my breath and try to control my mana that is almost running out.


 All I can hear is my own heartbeat.

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