Viola 41

Chapter 41 You Are My Reason For Living

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 June 3rd

 I got a message from the queen.

 She wanted to meet Fiine.

 When I told Fiine, she said, “It’s good!” with her usual energy.

 Watching her makes my small worries seem silly.

 Forte hasn’t been well since that night, but as Fiine stays close, sniffing and smelling, she starts to smile little by little.

 Fiine has always been a great help to me.

 I’m really thankful that she came to me.

* * *

 Lute likes the grown-up Fiine.

 ”Lute? ♡”


 Since the analysis of Forte’s mana has been completed, Fiine’s experiments started again yesterday.

 ”Hmm? ♡”

 ”Fi, Fiine… Don’t open your legs too much…”

 ”Ahaha~? ♡”


 It’s fun.

 My mom likes to tease my dad, and I always thought she was being mean. But now, Fiine finally understands how my mom feels. It’s a sign of growing up.

 ”Lute… ♡ Come here, come here… ♡”


 ”Right here… ♡”

 ”Stop it, Fiine!!”

 ”Hmm~? ♡”

 Little Fiine is always ignored, but when Fiine gets older, Lute immediately gets embarrassed.

 He sneaks glances at Fiine’s chest and tries to hide his excitement when she sits like this.

 He wants to do something.

 With Fiine… ♡♡♡

 ”Lute… ♡ Let’s hurry up with the experiment using mana… ♡”

 He’s hoping for it.

 If he can make a device that neutralizes mana, Lute and Fiine can have their private moments ♡

 Lute must be really eager to be with Fiine ♡♡♡

 ”I understand… Fi… Fiine… please close your legs…”



 ”Oh! ♡”


 So much fun! So much fun! So much fun!

 Lute is having a lot of fun! ♡

 ”Hehehe ♡♡♡ Hehehehe ♡♡♡”

 ”I-I will wear it!”

 ”Yes ♡♡♡”

 Growing up is so much fun!!


 But Lute won’t pat my head unless I’m small…

 Even when I try to hug him, he runs away.

 ”Kiss ♡”


 Still, but being big is fun! ♡♡♡

 Even if little Fiine kisses his cheek, he just smiles, but when big Fiine kisses, he turns bright red!!

 It’s thrilling!

 Cute! ♡♡♡

 When I move my legs, he blushes again and looks away!

 Being big is the best!

 ”Fi, Fiine-chan… um, it’s not good to be mean to Lute-sama too much, okay?”



 She’s not feeling well lately, but Frau is fine, so she should cheer up.

 Even Forte, sitting next to Fiine, playing with gadgets, turns as red as Lute.



 ”Fiine want to kiss Lute.”

 ”N-No, you can’t! We still don’t have enough data to make the neutralization device… Please wait a little longer?”



 Fiine got an idea.

 Fiine likes teasing Lute.

 Forte wants to have fun teasing Lute too.

 But Forte isn’t as good at it as Fiine, so Fiine should help.

 ”Then, how about Forte kisses Fiine?”

 ”Huh? ………Huh!?”

 ”You can handle it, right?”


 Haha!! It’s fun to see Forte blush and then turn blue!!

 Fiine love both Lute and Forte.

 Watching them somehow reminds me of Fiine’s mom and dad.

 ”W-Wait, Fiine… Why does Forte need to kiss Fiine…”

 ”Fiine wants to kiss Lute, right?”

 ”T-That’s… why me?”

 ”Forte, go kiss Lute first! Then Fiine will kiss Forte!”




 I just thought of it casually, but maybe Fiine is smarter than I thought.

 I’ve never tried it before, but maybe Forte can handle Fiine’s power?



 I felt like I was about to think of something even better…


 I forgot.

 ”Just go ahead and kiss already.”


 ”Ah, well… um…”


 Why are you hesitating?


 ”Are you feeling embarrassed?”

 ”I-I’m embarrassed!!”

 ”Why are you suddenly feeling embarrassed…? Just the other day, Fiine told Lute to share his… essence with Aria and the two of them—”

 ”No! Fiine-chan! Stop it, Fiine-chan!!”


 ”If Fiine uses it like that, she might think it’s a bit wasteful――――――”



 ”If you’re going to paint, at least do it properly―――――――――――”

 ”Lute, a kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”




 Forte seems to be getting more energetic. It seems that Forte really needed more affectionate moments with Lute. If Forte continues to make Lute’s heart beat faster, he should become even more lively.





 It’s a bit clumsy, isn’t it? Forte seems to be not very good at kissing. If it were Fiine, she would be better at kissing Lute.



 ”For, Forte……nbu……”

 In any case…


 ”Hmm… chu… mmm…”


 It’s long.

 But just a little is fine.


 ”Lute-sama… ah… mmm… chu…”


 Still, why are they looking at each other?

 Even though Fiine asked them to kiss.

 Hurry up and kiss Fiine, Forte.

 I understand.

 It’s called an indirect kiss.


 ”Ha… Lute-sama… chu…”

 ”Ugh… Fo, Forte?”

 Why are they kissing on the neck?

 Fiine meant to say kiss on the lips.

 And there’s no need to sit on Lute’s lap.


 ”Ah… mmm…”


 Why are they moving their hips together?

 Are they feeling hot? I thought they’d be okay, but… Lute, is he getting better? Forte… I wasn’t good at kissing until just now…


 ”Hmm…! …sigh…kiss…”






 Lute… Is it even redder than when Fiine showed it to him earlier? … I don’t like it. Are Forte’s pants better than Fiine’s?




 Lute really likes pants!!!!

 I understand it now!!!

 So, Forte and Aria have been wearing skirts lately!!!

 That means Fiine should also do this now.



 ”Wa……wait, Forte–“

 It’s about pants!!!!!!!!

 ”What are you guys doing?”

 It’s Aria!!!!!!!!


 ”A, Aria……”

 ”Hey……weren’t you supposed to analyze Fiine?”

 ”T-That’s……no, this is, well……!!!”

 ”What’s different……you’re neglecting Fiine and getting all excited together…”

 ”Ugh……b- but……it’s because of Fiine…”

 Don’t blame Fiine!!

 ”Don’t blame Fiine…”

 That’s right, Aria!!

 ”B- but……”

 ”No buts… even Lute-sama is busy.”

 ”Oh no…”

 ”Well, let’s finish this quickly, okay?”

 ”Yes, I’m sorry…”

 Aria smiled a little while looking at the sad Forte.

 ”You’re going to the court, right, Lute-sama?”


 ”Then let’s finish it quickly, okay?”

 Why is everyone looking at Fiine?

 Is Fiine really that adorable?

 Well, I already know that.

 For now, let’s talk about the pants.

* * *

 In the Imperial Kingdom, there are two empresses.

 Many years ago, when Emperor Tentei was in power, there was a lot of political trouble. The brother of Emperor Tentei, who was chosen by the group against Emperor Tentei, declared himself as the King of Law. He announced the woman he married as the empress and built a palace in the Imperial Kingdom.

 Later, Emperor Tentei destroyed the King of Law, but he was attracted to the beauty of the King of Law’s wife and married her without lowering her status.

 Because of this, it became a tradition to have two empresses in the Imperial Kingdom, even though this practice has come and gone many times in history.

 However, the problem is that there is no evidence that the era of having two empresses was politically stable. The stronger the emperor’s power is, the less likely there would be two empresses at the same time. On the other hand, the presence of two empresses suggests a decline in the emperor’s authority.

 And now, in the present.

 ”Your Majesty, Queen Serenade, I hope you are feeling well.”


 ”……Your Majesty?”

 In the room where the Empress Consort receives visitors, Lute and Aria kneel, while Fiine stands before them. She sits with a bored expression, resting her elbows on the table.



 ”Come closer”


 Your Majesty, Queen Serenade. Her shiny black hair represents her pure Imperial Kingdom ancestry, intricately braided under the tiara and flowing down to her back.

 The grand dress, decorated with luxurious ornaments, seemed somewhat big for her slim figure.

 ”Come closer.”

 ”………Yes? B-but…”

 ”I order you to come closer.”

 She, from the Duke’s family, was welcomed as the second Empress Consort of the current Emperor. Her purpose was to strengthen the authority of the Duke’s family. Your Majesty, Queen Serenade, was sent to exploit the Emperor’s power, having long been a puppet of the nobles and the church.


 ”N-No… But, I can’t go further…”

 ”You won’t listen? I even gave a special order.”


 Lute looked scared as he kneeled in front of Serenade. She seemed pleased at first, then serious, lifting Lute’s chin with her fan.

 But there wasn’t much fear.

 ”I told you to bring Draconia, right?”

 ”…Huh? W-well…”

 ”Who said to bring a doll-like child?”

 Her slim shoulders seemed fragile.

 Her shiny skin glowed, like white porcelain.

 ”Aria, I don’t like her. Can I get rid of her?”

 ”Shh! Quiet, Fiine!!”

 Her lips were a healthy, peachy color.

 Her big eyes, with long lashes, were slightly raised at the corners, showing defiance.

 ”So, that child over there is Fiine from Draconia.”


 Age 16.

 Her Majesty the Queen Serenade’s age.

 ”What part of her is a dragon?”


 ”Does she transform?”

 ”Well… um, well, transformation… yes, she does…”

 The Emperor is 62 years old. He has a round figure and there is a generation gap of half a century in his marriage.

 According to rumors, the two have not met face to face since the wedding ceremony, but it is uncertain if this claim is true.

 ”Show me.”

 ”Your Majesty…”

 ”What? Don’t you want to?”



 The Emperor, who often visits the palace, is not actively involved in politics and is influenced by the nobles in the parliament and the church. However, because of this, he is convenient as a puppet, and as long as he is given obedient women, he does not interfere. As a result, the man has been able to live comfortably, avoiding the threat of assassination, and spending his days carefreely, while being criticized as incompetent by those around him.

 “Fi, Fiine has only just gotten out of its infant form. No matter how much Draconia it is, it is not omnipotent…”

 “Let’s transform. If you don’t do it, I will withdraw the special order.”




 And the result.

 The kingdom’s future is in a difficult situation. The nobles control politics and money, while the church, which has many Divine Princesses, controls the military, using Serenade as a puppet.

 ”Okay, I get it. I’ll need your help.”

 ”Need? Or order?”

 Serenade is not interested.

 ”No, it’s not like that. Fiine is not my servant or possession.”


 When looking around, I see that everyone is just trash.

 Friendly talk.

 Making fun.

 Feeling sorry.

 In this place filled with these things, it’s not easy to escape.

 ”Like a daughter, maybe? Or could she be a wife because she’s small?”

 ”Aria, even though Fiine is small, Fiine is really impressive”

 ”Be quiet, Fiine!!!”


 This man is quite fascinating.

 He claims to invent magical tools one after another to help the Imperial Kingdom, so out of curiosity, I decided to talk to him.

 ”Fiine is my friend. I can’t give her orders.”

 ”Aria, which is stronger, a friend or a lover?”

 ”…Personally, a lover. And, I’ve mentioned this many times, but please don’t talk. Secret conversations are also not allowed.”

 Although he came with a serious face, he started talking about magical tools, and well, he kept talking and talking.


 ”Your Majesty?”

 The story was so interesting and thrilling that time flies by during our conversations.

 Before becoming the Empress or anything else, my goal was to become a simple magician, so I truly appreciated how amazing this man’s stories were.

 ”A friend… hmm.”


 That’s why I happily agreed when the story about the Empress Special Decree came up.

 I’m sure he’ll come running over to say thank you.

 That’s what I thought.

 “Then let’s ask the concubine as well.”



 “……..No…I guess that’s okay.”

 However, no matter how hard I waited, this man never came.

 Just when I was feeling anxious, this story about Draconia came to me.


 “What’s wrong with him?

 “Fiine! Lute-sama is getting angry!”


 Marcato’s oratorio is firmly secured by the fishy-smelling monks, and I would like to secure it as a trump card against them.

 Is that a statement?

 “Hmm, that’s beautiful. Are you really of the dragon bloodline?”



 The story of Draconia.

 Will Lute talk to me about things?

 “Try transforming”


 “Fiine, can you please do me a favor?”

 “…Good, but. Is it okay here?”


 I recently got a nice tea set, and I’m proud to have Lute in my room.

 Just as I was thinking that.

 “Then you’re going to get big.”

 The Draconia, who was wearing a pure white dress with frills, made a flashy sound and a pure white mist appeared around her body.



 ”Is it OK?”

 Depending on my choice, I found myself in the middle of the Empress’ audience room, wearing a torn dress at my feet.

 “Can you grow a little bigger?”

 For some reason, she was wearing only a pair of shorts that made her look a lot more energetic, and she was standing upright with her whole body exposed.

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