Xray 101

Chapter 101

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 An unplanned situation caused by the effect of poison.

 It worse than dying.

 ”Mutaro, I don’t have any boobs, but instead my nipples are very sensitive ♡ and It’s not just sensitive ♡ It also really like to feel the sensation of pain ♡ ~Aah, I want my nipples pulled by Mutaro♡ “

 Asahina keeps her lips close to my ears and whispers in a sweet voice from beginning to end.

 I don’t like it.I hate this.I want to make her scream and squeak “hihi”, but Asahina who wants to say “hihi” voluntarily is not the usual Asahina.

 I mean, what should I do?Is it okay to take this Asahina home?

 I don’t think it’s okay.

 Because of Asahina’s transformation, I panicked and couldn’t make a calm judgment, so I decided not to leave the abandoned factory until I settled down.



 Tamamushi’s yell was followed by Asahina’s grunt.

 She punch Asahina’s stomach with straight fist.

 ”Gefungefun … right ♡ I think ♡ What if I tied my nipple and clitoris with string and had Mutaro pulled them ♡ After that I crawl on all fours and taking a walk with the string pulled by Mutaro ♡ Just like a dog ♡ That’s a wonderful thing ♡ “

 Asahina has received straight fist in her stomach, but she just coughs a little and doesn’t look Tamamushi. On the contrary, she keeps whispering a sweet voice as if nothing happened.

 Although Tamamushi has a lower physical strength than Rikka, she still has a strength far surpasses from average humans.Even so, It’s incredible that Asahina calmly take a fist from Tamamushi.

 ”Well, I think it’s definitely work with this punch but she still didn’t faint. If I hit her harder than this, Asahina’s body could be broken. Or rather, her bone broke a little with my current straight fist.”

 Tamamushi muttering with a troubled face.

 I asked Tamamushi to knock her, but it didn’t work.

 ”Geha … ~Nee Mutaro ♡ What kind of words do you like? ♡ I like the word” “neglected play” ♡ “

 Asahina continued whisper a calm and sweet voice despite vomiting a blood.

 As Tamamushi says, her straight fist seems to work but she didn’t faint.Does she intend to not faint at any cost?

 Does it mean that even though she become honest, her extreme stubbornness is still left?

 I, who sat on a container inside the abandoned factory couldn’t help but holding my head.

 Asahina, who was affected by the poison at the abandoned factory, seems to have suffered side effect which make her to become honest.

 She doesn’t rampage and harmless, but at this rate, my mind will depleted.

 However, even if I ask Tamamushi to knock her with the power of physics, she didn’t faint.If Tamamushi still try to knock her out, she will die before she faint.

  Please, I begging you to faint. Weren’t you supposed to be honest and obedient?

 ”Just bear a little longer. The bugs I called from my house will arrive soon.”

 I desperately asked help from Tamamushi, and Tamamushi who was looking flustered replied in a hurry.

 Is it a bug?Really.Since It’s an insect poison caused side effects, maybe possible to deal with it insect poison too.

 ”Can the side effect removed by other insect poison?”

 ”No, I don’t think it’s possible. She has to wait until the poison is no longer effective.”

 ”Then it useless to call your insect!”

 ”Oh, calm Suzuhara! Even though the side effect can’t be removed, she can incapacitated by the insect poison! “

 ”Oh yeah! So hurry up!”

 I ignored Asahina who hugging me and talking to Tamamushi and decided to take Tamamushi suggestion.

 ”But that Suzuhara who upset is …”

 Tamamushi, muttering, looks at me as if it a rare thing.

 Is it wrong if I upset because that Asahina turn to be like this?Anyone will be unsettled because of that.

 ”~Nee Mutaro ♡ I’m sweating and my body is dirty, so Yuu wants to take a shower ♡”

 Asahina, who was hugging me, said that and kissed me on my cheek, then smiled and left me.And when she stood in front of me, she started to take off her uniform with a big smile.

 What shower …

 Aah, sometimes to snoop on people’s hearts is such annoying ability.

 Even if I hold my head and close my eyes, I still can “see” Asahina.

 If that’s the case, it’s enough to cancel the ability, but if I do that, I will not be able to look Asahina’s next actions.

 It’s scary and unbearable that I don’t know what Asahina is thinking now.

 ”Funfufufuun ♡ Lalalalala ♡ Lululila ♡”

 Asahina hums an unpleasant humming song while she takes off her uniform.

 ”What a painful sight…”

 Tamamushi, muttering in tears, groaned.Then, holding her own mouth with her right hand, turning her face and closing her eyes from the scene.

 Asahina’s words and actions were so painful to see that it seemed to be hard to see every second goes by.

 Asahina, who took off her uniform jacket, folded it neatly and put it on the ground, and after that she took off her skirt too and put it on her jacket.

 Even though she has a flat chest, she’s still wore a bra. Taking off her bra, she shyly hide her chest with her right arm, and put the removed bra on her skirt.

 Furthermore, while hiding her chest with his right arm, she hung her left hand on hers underwear and took off her underwear with only one hand.At that time, she turned around and squeeze her thighs so that I could not see the crotch.

 Well, it’s still visible in my view.

 Stood in front of me, she hide her chest with her right arm and her crotch with her left hand.

 Naked except wearing socks and leather shoes, She smiled with a bright red ears, and sat seiza on the ground.

 A polite and elegant Asahina.

 It’s a figure that can’t be imagined from the usual Asahina.

 If she just became honest, is this Asahina the real Asahina?


 ”Mutaro ♡ I’m ready ♡ Come on, please shower me ♡ I’m happy to be able to use Mutaro’s pee instead of a shower ♡ I’m thirsty, so while taking a shower It’s a luxury to moisturize my throat with your pee♡ “

 ”U … U … Asahina, please come back.”

 Correction.She doesn’t have trace of elegance left after all.

 If I piss on Asahina who hates me, it will be a lot of fun.Pissing on top of her head and stares at me with regret, is the best.But with a big smile, ashamed face looking up at me with the eyes she expected and waiting for me to urinate her, it’s not fun, it’s just disgusting.

 ”Well, Is this the so-called Asahina …”

 Tamamushi, who saw the battle with Hizuki, knew the overwhelming mental power, and respected Asahina. She cried while trembling when she saw that battle.

 Rather than being disappointed with Asahina, she must thinking about her who too pitiful and sympathetic.

 ”This memory will probably remain. What will happen to Asahina when she return to herself? Thinking about that …”


 Will it remain?Does she remember?Will the memory remain after the effect of the poison vanish?

 Oh, I see.Asahina is not confused by hallucinations.It’s just she become honest because of the side effects of poison.It just exposes the feelings that are usually hidden.So does the memory remain even if the effect of the poison is vanish?

 Naa, isn’t this interesting?

 Asahina action was so uncomfortable that my mind was dying and I couldn’t afford it, but when it comes to memory, the story is different.

 What kind of reaction does Asahina show when the effect of the poison is vanish and Asahina returns to its original state?

 It will definitely be pretty shameful.

 The more embarrassing act she do, the more suffering she will have.

 If I overdo it, I may be killed by Asahina who has returned to normal, but it is the best play worth betting on my life.

 If I can see Asahina writhing in shame and even trying to kill me to obliterate the evidence, I can die peacefully.

 Kuku, Kuku, Kukaka, Kahahaha–.

 I find the best entertainment.

 ”Asahina, do you like me?”

 With a grin, I asked Asahina, who was naked and sitting seiza on the ground.

 ”Yes ♡ I like you ♡ But I love you rather than like you ♡”

 When asked by me, Asahina, who turned red, replied while glancing at me while fidgeting.

 ”Suzuhara? What happened suddenly?”

  Tamamushi, who felt uncomfortable asked with a pale face.

 Fufu, I’m not doing anything.I just changed my mind.

 No matter how disgusting the current Asahina is, it will later turns out to hurt Asahina herself.As a result, I’ll be able to witness the best entertainment from her inflicted mind agony.

 ”Asahina, I hate you”

 ”Hiuu ♡”

 I stared straight at Asahina and uttered the words ruthlessly, and Asahina, who quivered with a jerk, shook her breath and made a sweet voice.

 Far from being sad when I say I hate her, because she is a real masochist, it will turns the pain into pleasure.

 ”Asahina, do you want to be loved by me?”

 ”Ha ha ha ♡”

 Asahina nodding after answering my question without hesitation.

 She is true masochist that makes her feel good when treated coldly, but it seems that she’d be happy if I loved her.

 ”It’s not easy to like you so easily, because I hate you to the death. In order for me to like you, you’ll insist that the woodlouse is a pill bug. No matter who laugh, you’ll insist that this is a pill bug. That’s how much I hate you. “

 ”Woodlouse …whatt?”

 Tamamushi muttering the response with flinch.

 That?Why does Tamamushi flinch when I said that to Asahina?

 Moreover, I feel like her pupils became dilated.

 Oh, I feel it will become dangerous.

 ”The woodlouse is not guilty! It’s just not curled up! Why is it so disliked just because it’s not curled up! It’s despised as a toilet bug, but the habitat of the woodlouse and the pill bug are almost the same. Besides, the pill bug can only curl up and protect itself, but the woodlouse has high mobility and agility! Moreover, it still maintains the high defense power of the shell! If anything, the woodlouse is the one. It can be said that it is an evolutionary system of the pill bug! “

 Tamamushi begun to argue with tears by gesturing.

 The topic of the woodlouse seems to have been strictly prohibited in front of Tamamushi.

 ”Ta, Tamamushi, my bad.”

 ”Even the woodlouse are living hard! They should be loved more!”

 ”Oh, yeah, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I was careless.”

 ”I hope you understand! I can’t help but be delighted that you have a few understanding of the woodlouse who have been born here! Thank you Suzuhara! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

 ”U, Un”

 I nodded and answered Tamamushi, who cried and thanked me.

 It seems that she was quite concerned about the dislike of the woodlouse.

 I mean, it seems better to stop talking about insects that are generally disliked by average human in front of Tamamushi.

 ”Funuu! Funuuuu! Despite not popular as beetles and stag beetles! But pill bugs and ground spiders are so popular with children, but why should woodlouse and stag beetles be hated! The ultra-high mobility of the centipede is amazing too, and that sophisticated multi-legged form is beautiful! The stag beetle is good and why the centipede is bad! Everyone is different and everyone is good! “

 Oh, it wasn’t over.Tamamushi love has broken through the heavens.

 It was a big mistake to talk about the woodlouse.

 At this rate, it doesn’t seem to be over.

 In that case–.

 ”Tamamushi, come here”

 ”Why are bell worms loved and crickets hated?”

 Tamamushi, who was enthusiastic with teary eyes, was called by me and tilted his head.

 ”Horaa, it’s okay, come here.”

 I smiled as gently as possible, called out with a gentle voice as much as possible, and reached out my hands toward Tamamushi.Then Tamamushi shyly glanced at me.

 I think I can calm her little more.

 ”See, Tamamushi, I’ll stroke your head, so come here.”

 The words became the decisive factor, and Tamamushi smiled with fascinating, walked closer to me.I hugged her and rubbed her back while patting her head.

 ”Yes, Tamamushi, you’re right. Everyone is different, everyone is good. Everyone is different, everyone is good.”

 I rubbed her back while patting her head, and gently whisper her.


 ”Ehe ♡ Umu ♡”

 Tamamushi nods happily and laughs.

 I steal her heart, and it turns into a flower field.

 Naa, it looks like she’s calmed down somehow.Let’s never talk about the woodlouse again in front of her.

 ”Hah ♡ Hah ♡ Hah ♡ Hah ♡”

 A rough breath echoes.

 Asahina, who is sitting seiza naked, stares at me and Tamamushi hugging each other, and has a complicated expression that is hard to express, laughing while distorting her face.

 ――Ah ♡ My Mutaro is hugging a beautiful girl with silver hair and green eyes ponytail and a little boobs ♡ This is NTR ♡ I have been NTR ♡ Ah ♡ NTR ♡ Ah ah ♡ I regret it ♡ But I feel it ♡

 Apparently, She regret that I was taken down by Tamamushi, but she seems to be pleased with NTR’ed.

 This is true masoschist.

 It’s funny because she usually hide her true feelings, but it’s really disgusting when she express it.

 But I’m patient.It’s time to put up with it so that I can enjoy Asahina’s suffering and writhing later.

 ”Well, that’s not the case, but Asahina, if you want me to like you, follow my orders.”

 I grinned and talked while looking down at Asahina.

 ”I will be happy to take a shower of pee ♡”

 ”No. No, Asahina. I’ll give you orders now.”

 What is a pee shower?I haven’t said that.And that’s your desire.

 Don’t force your desires, even though you’re telling me to order.

 Asahina is Asahina even if she becomes honest.It’s dangerous, so I have to be careful.

 ”Here, show off your usual masturbation here. It’s the masturbation you’re always doing. If it’s interesting, I’ll consider what to do if I like you.”

 While hugging Tamamushi, I spit out words as if I was ridiculing Asahina.

 Well, I’m ridiculing her, but not “like” ridiculing.

 And then, tells Asahina who showed off her masturbation.

 After all, I hate her.

 Asahina, who was treated coldly by me while showing off her masturbation, would be pleased.She will feel it.And she will show it to me, and that memory will remain to her.

 What will happen to Asahina when the effect of the poison is vanish and it returns to normal?

 Oh, I’m thrilled.Just thinking about it, my cock erected beyond the limit.

 ”… Suzuhara is really a demon only for Asahina.”

 Tamamushi who seemed to realize what I meant, muttered while looking at me with her eyes.

 Fufufu, I’m sure I have a pretty bad face.

 Tamamushi criticizes me but she still firmly hugging me.

 ”I, I understand ♡”

 She accept my order with smile but still little ashamed

 Shame does not seem to disappear even if she becomes honest, and on the contrary, she’s more embarrassed than usual, after that she repeats deep breathing and she closes her eyes.

 And when she slowly opened her eyes, she looked at me and smiled.

 ”Then, please see my masturbation ♡”

 With that said, Asahina gently releases her right arm that covered her chest.

 Flat chest really has almost no bulge, and for that reason, the nipples that have grown firmly stand out.

 No, the reason why only the nipples grew is probably because they developed too much.

 Asahina is a masochist.I’m sure she’s working hard on masturbation with clothespins on her nipples.

 By the way, Do I want to tease Tamamushi pussy with my cock while watching Asahina’s masturbation?

 Thinking so, I lifted Tamamushi who was hugging me and put it on my lap.

 ”Eh ♡”

 She sat on my lap with his back turn to me, she seemed surprised at my sudden behavior.But she don’t resist.

 I unzipped my pants with one hand, and when I took out my cock, I rolled up the hem of the black robe that Tamamushi was wearing.Then, while lifting Tamamushi with one hand and lifting his hips, I grasped the rod of my cock with the remaining hand, and the tip of the glans is pointing to the Tamamushi’s pussy.

 ”Cho ♡ Suzuhara ♡ Such a place ♡”

 Tamamushi makes a startling voice, but her attitude seems to be tricky, and she does not resist.

 I mean, it’s foreseen that she want me to insert a cock as soon as possible and her heart seems about to burst.

 Besides, her pussy is muddy with love juice.I don’t have to snoop on her heart to find out what she is expecting.

 However, it seems that she wants it to be inserted in the asshole if possible.

 With the tip of the glans pointing to the pussy, I lowered the small body of Tamamushi.

 ”No~ ♡”

 “Zururi” the glans invaded the pussy, and the shivering Tamamushi quickly held his mouth with both hands.

 Oops, it’s a great pussy after all.It’s squeaky and squishy and sticks to it.Moreover, Lolimanko is muddy with a love juice.

 ”Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ♡”

 Furthermore, when Tamamushi body was lowered, the glans slurped into the back of the pussy, cramping the glans and moaning sweetly.

 It seems that it has culminated grandly even though all of it has not been inserted yet.

 When her body was pressed further down, the tip of the glans pierced to the womb.

 ”Ooooooooooooooooo ♡”


 Fuuuh, I can’t stand this.

 I firmly grasped her young slender waist with both hands, pressed her down, and squeezed the womb with the tip of the glans.

 ”Oh ♡ O ♡ O ♡ O ♡ N ♡ O♡ O ♡ Aoo ♡”

 Tamamushi screams with muffled and sweet to the rhythm of scooping the womb with the tip of the glans.

 She holding her mouth with both hands to manages her voice, but it has leaked completely.And her body that cramps violently with “bikunbikun” sound and the tide that spouts vigorously with “Byurubyuru” sound silently tells that it has reached a strong climax.

 However, the nasty switch has not been turned on yet.

 Hey, isn’t it amazing?The nasty switch should turn on in a few seconds if the cock is inserted, but somehow it keeps reason.

 I think it’s big to say in front of Asahina.Then, when I train from now on, will I have Asahina to watch this?

 With that in mind, I took my hands off from Tamamushi young slender waist and grabbed her boobs with both hands.And while rubbing the boobs roughly with “Munyumunyu” sound, I squeezed the nipple with my fingers.

 Nipple torture and the tip of the glans stuck in the womb.

 ”Nguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♡”

 Perhaps this was unbearable, Tamamushi desperately holding her mouth with both hands and her whole body flushed red, causing abnormal convulsions and spouting tides.

 I’m trying my best to endure it, but it’s over when I start poking the pussy.

 By the way, do I want to watch Asahina’s masturbation while poking the pussy?

 ”O, Okkikunare ♡ Okkikunare ♡”

 I was surprised at the voice I heard and looked straight ahead.

 There is a figure of Asahina sitting on the ground.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 Asahina was ordered by me to masturbate herself, but for some reason she is rubbing her chest with both hands.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 Even though it turned bright red due to shame, she managed to grab her flat chest with both hands and rub it carefully while say that.

 What are you doing?I should have told her to show me her masturbation.

 ”Hey Asahina, do you say it’s your masturbation?”

 While striking his tongue, I spit out words toward Asahina.

 ”Yes ♡ This is a preparatory exercise before masturbation ♡ I always do it before masturbating ♡”

 ”What? Preparatory movement?”

 ”Yes ♡ I heard that this will make your boobs bigger ♡”


 When I heard Asahina’s words, I suddenly made a stupid voice.

 It flowed into my brain.The days of Asahina’s tireless efforts.

 On rainy days, windy days, and snowy days, Asahina continued to rub her chest without rest.

 While calling out to me, “Okkikunare, Okkikunare”.

 Unreasonable …

 ”I wanted to be loved by Mutaro and I wanted to make my boobs bigger ♡ I’m stupid ♡ I’m trying to catch Mutaro’s feelings ♡ But Mutaro told me that I was flat so I, I, I really want to make my boobs bigger … ♡ “

 Asahina was smiling.She was smiling and crying.And she was rubbing her chest while crying.

 She confessed to me that she was worried about her small breasts and was exercising her boobs.

 It must be embarrassing enough to cry.It’s so embarrassing that I think it’s better to die.

 However, she has become honest and has shown me something that should be hidden.

 ”Smile is the key ♡ And it’s also important to call out to put your heart into it ♡ And if I continue without giving up, I’m sure someday … ♡”

 She smiles after saying that.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 Tears overflow from the eyes that seem to have a strong will, and while the tears are transmitted to the cheeks, she still smile and cheers.


 Tamamushi with a cock inserted in her pussy spilled tears while holding her mouth with both hands.

 Even though she climax, she couldn’t help crying when she saw Asahina’s so painful appearance.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 Hearing cheer.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 Eyes that overflow with tears.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 Still a smiling face.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 No, stop.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 please stop.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 No matter how bad I am a devil.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 As might be expected.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 It’s so painful that I can’t see it.

 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 It’s too painful to watch, oh oh oh oh.

 I was supposed to play in Asahina, but in the end I suffered further mental damage.

 After that, a beetle-shaped insect that Tamamushi called from the house arrived, and the poison stinger succeeded in incapacitating Asahina safely.

 By the way, the bee venom make muscle incapacitate.

 Things like anesthesia may not work for Asahina, so Tamamushi seems to have decided to relax and incapacitate her muscles.

 I’m glad it worked.


 ”Okkikunare ♡ Okikkunare ♡”

 The figure of Asahina who rubs her chest while crying and does not smile is stuck in her head.

 It was so painful and make my heart hurt.

 I knew that she was worried, but I never thought she doing boobs exercises without taking a day off.


 Asahina has become more flat than before due to side effects caused by insects in her body, but she was originally flat.

 That’s the fact.

 Exercising the breast was totally meaningless …

 It’s totally meaningless…

 Asahina, I’ll help you this time.

 I will ask Tamamushi if she can do something about your chest.

 I couldn’t help thinking so.

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