Xray 102

Chapter 102

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 ”~Nee Mutaro, I’ll pay you 1,000 yen, so I want you to massage my little useless boobs ♡”

 ”Tamamushi! Oi Tamamushi! I don’t know what this is!”

 Asahina giving me a 1000-yen bill with a big smile and talking sweetly.

 She willingly to pay me for massage her boobs.

 ”Umu, umu, Ok. I’ll talk to Suzuhara, so just wait there.”

 Tamamushi does not respond to my shout after that puts her finger on her temple and nods many times.



 She glanced at me and I nodded to Tamamushi.

 The conversation was “visible.”However, only Tamamushi’s heart can be seen.Nanafushi is probably the one who is having a conversation with her, but I cannot see it.In other words, it is impossible to grasp the whole conversation.

 ”Yuka seems to have awakened, but it seems to be in a state of confusion. She said many times that Shinozaki will die. Nanafushi and Demi human’s little girl can’t deal with it, so I ask you to Suzuhara’s instructions.”

 Yuka protected by Nanafushi has wake up but is in a state of confusion.It seems that Rikka has joined the scene, but she is having trouble dealing with it.Also, it seems that Yuka is talking about Shinozaki’s name.

 Is Shinozaki and his friends involved in this case?

 ”Nanafushi current location is about three kilometers east of here. I was planning to head to my house immediately, but after seeing Yuka’s condition, I choose to wait. I decided that meeting Yuka now and Hizuki at my house would cause confusion. “

 ”Nanafushi is great”

 I was impressed to hear the story of Tamamushi.

 The current Hizuki is very unstable.I can’t predict what will happen if I stimulate it.She should be stimulated to make her better, but when I see Yuka who is confused, I don’t think she will turn to better.Besides, if I fall within the range of Hizuki’s ability, I will not be able to use my ability.The decision to wait and wait for my instructions is wise.


 ”Mutaro, I’m sorry to say that I want you to massage me for 1,000 yen ♡ So I’ll pay 10,000 yen, so please massage my tiny useless boobs a little ♡ Just a little ♡ Just a little please~ ♡”

 Asahina is begging with dogeza and 10,000-yen note taken out of her wallet on the ground.

 Even if I try to join with Nanafushi, it is problematic to take Asahina now.

 Shit, I think it’s possible to calm Yuka’s confusion with ordinary Asahina, but now it’s useless as expected.On the contrary, if I take Asahina over there, the scene will be more chaos.

 ”Tell Nanafushi. I’m heading there alone and keep wait until I join. And tell Rikka that I’ll be there soon and hug her. Yuka’s heart is easy to shake. It’s better to touch her skin with reassuring words. “

 ”I understand”

 Tamamushi nodded to my order, with her finger on her temple, reiterated what I said in her heart.

 ”Umu, thank you.”

 Nodded, Tamamushi seems to have finished telling Nanafushi my instructions and look at me.

 I said I will going alone to Nanafushi.In other words, Tamamushi and Asahina remain here.

 ”Tamamushi, I’m sorry, but can you wait here until Asahina’s poison is gone and take care of her?”

 I think it’s hard to take care of Asahina now, but I have to ask.

 ”Um, I understa–“

 ”I’ll reward you later”

 Tamamushi nodded, but stopped moving because my words.

 Even if I don’t reward her, Tamamushi will follow my instructions, but I don’t like this.If I make a request, I will pay for it.Otherwise it unpleasant.

 ”Re, reward?”

 Tamamushi shyly asked me with a moist eye and glancing at me.

 ――Well, I want my nipples squized until sore and my womb pulled up violently until break ♡ Then then~ I also want my butt to be sloppy ♡ When its over, I want you to sleep with me ♡…

 Tamamushi appeals to the reward in her heart while squirming, but it seems that she would be surprised if I said it, so I feel desponded.

 Why did I think she will be surprised?Before this she was an enemy, and if current Tamamushi who became cooperative with me is the other person, I will be happy to have s*x, and there is nothing wrong with it.Above all, Tamamushi which is a silver-haired green-eyed loli girl looks cute.Moreover, the boobs are growing rapidly.

 I mean, even though I have to have s*x with Tamamushi without being asked, I wonder if that kind of reward is okay.

 If she says it’s okay, I’m not going to say anything.

 ”Then, then… we, well, I want a kiss.”

 Tamamushi ask a reward that is different from what she thought in her heart.

 It seems that she compromised the reward because she didn’t want me to be disappointed.

 ”All right”

 When I stood in front Tamamushi, I knelt on the ground and looked at the her.

 She quickly diverts her gaze and turns bright red.

 Hmmm, is her age really 30?It looks like she’s embarrassed, but she still a beauty loli.

 When I gently hugged her, she turned bright red to the ears and glanced at me. When, she squeaked her throat, she closed her eyes.

 ”I’m going to squeeze your nipples so painfully until sore and your uterus until broken. After that, I’ll also squeeze your butt. When I’m done, I’ll sleep with you until morning. Then, I’ll add a kiss.”

 ”Tsu ♡”

 Tamamushi who has been closed her eyes and was waiting for a kiss, heard my words and opened his eyes.

 ”Did you read my heart ♡ Hi, it’s cowardly ♡”

 Tamamushi almost crying in tears in an instant criticized me.However, the fiery red face looks happy.Well–.

 ――I’m embarrassed that I was expecting you to read my heart ♡

 She couldn’t say what she really want, but she knew I could snoop on the hearts of others, so she seemed to expect it.But she seems to be ashamed of what she expected.

 If I take such a healthy attitude, I have to give a serious reward.

 ”Then, Do it, Tamamushi.”

 With that said, I put my hand on the head of the jewel beetle.

 ”Um, um, I understand! Leave it to me!”

 Tamamushi, which raised her voice, nodded loudly, leaving its ears bright red.

 Alright, then go?

 ”Well, Mutaro ♡ I have only 13,000 yen now, but I’ll give you all my savings later, ~So please give me a reward … ♡”

 Asahina, who had been a dogeza until then, clung to my feet while saying such a thing.

 Asahina, she paying for a reward, but that’s not a reward because she buy it with money.

 ”Well, try to buy a reward with a money. Is this ok?”

 Tamamushi looks down at Asahina with eyes that look at poor things and raises a trembling voice.

 I’m sorry Tamamushi.Being with Asahina now will cause a lot of damage to your heart, but please do your best.

 I had a small insect fly from Tamamushi, and follow it to Nanafushi.

 However, I am concerned about Shinozaki, who is repeatedly saying by Yuka who is confused.Is Shinozaki and others involved in this case?

 Asahina wiped out all the bad guys in the factory.I couldn’t get the information by snooping her heart.

 If Shinozaki and his friends say that they are the mastermind behind the turmoil…

 ”Must I kill him even if it’s a little troublesome? There is no second time. But …”

 Mutter while running.

 Did he intend to abduct Yuka and threaten me?When I think about it, it makes sense, but I can’t help it.

 Will Shinozaki and his friends, who were so scared of me, do such a stupid thing?Besides, they probably understand what happens to them if they fail.And–.

 ”I didn’t recognize all the bad guys in the factory.”

 That’s where it gets caught.

 It’s reasonable to think that he gathered bad friends to crush me, but I’m worried that I didn’t recognize any of the bad guys in the factory.

 That is a separate corps, and even if the main corps centered on Shinozaki is waiting in another place, at least one person in the separate corps should have a guy who is deeply involved with Shinozaki.But he wasn’t there.in addition–.

 –Shinozaki will dies.

 Yuka seems to say so.She wasn’t attacked by Shinozaki and others in a nuanced manner, but the opposite.It is probably that Shinozaki and his friends were attacked by someone and Yuka was there with them. Then,Asahina rushed in there.

 ”Shit, such a hassle”

 Is there a kudan or a guy related to the protection organization involved?If so, it seems that people with different abilities will be sent in, but what was in the factory was “just deliquents”.

 It is possible that humans have been used to explore this area, but when Shinozaki and his colleagues are involved, there is a possibility that they are just conflicts between deliquents.If so, it would be troublesome.

 ”The force on that factory are Rikka and Nanafushi. It’s too strong.”

 Both Rikka and Nanafushi are genuine power types.It’s suitable for killing purposes, but it’s very difficult to fight without killing.

 If the opponent is a human and fights without killing, Tamamushi and Kazahana are suited.

 Rikka may still be able to cope if she doesn’t lose her composure, but as far as Tamamushi is concerned, Nanafushi has an extraordinary strength of more than Rikka and she is out of control of that power.

 Then, in order not to make a noise as much as possible, I should retire here once.

 ”I can’t just leave the guy who touched my “friend”.”

 If it’s difficult to deal it without killing, then kill.With Rikka and Nanafushi, it is possible to carry the corpse deep into the mountains to be processing.Besides, I can’t throw away the lines that are entwined with Kudan and the guys related to the protection organization.

 In any case, I have to tell them exactly what happens if they reach out to my “friends”.

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