Xray 103

Chapter 103

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 When I chase small insect that has been released by Tamamushi, Nanafushi suddenly jumped within the range of my ability.


 ”Oh, oh”

 In an instant, I break out in a cold sweat when Nanafushi landed in front of me.

 She has dangerous physical ability.Certainly, her ability higher than Rikka.

 The effective range of my ability is 15 meters.But, she reduce the distance with ease.Moreover, she isn’t serious.

 If she wanted to kill me, by the time I recognized her, I was already dead.

 ”Suzuhara-sama, I’m sorry because I supposed to wait but I must come now.”

 Nanafushi apologize to me while her position hasn’t land on the ground.The fact, she was supposed to wait, but because some problems, she must come to me.

 Since I am activate my ability, I can usually snoop on the hearts of those who are within range.However, Her heart is “invisible”.

 This is because she can talk conditioned reflexively with her minds closed and make me avoid reading her thoughts.

 I couldn’t completely react her approach because I couldn’t snoop her heart, in addition to her extraordinary physical ability.

 ”Please “look” my heart because it takes time to explain in words.”

 At the same time, Nanafushi utter a words, her heart which I didn’t see before, I can see it now.

 The sight that she saw flows into my brain.

 Yuka, who is hugged by Rikka, screams and rampages like crazy, and it seems Rikka who don’t know what to do, make her unconscious.

 ”Maybe if she wake up, she’ll repeat the same thing. She will stay that way, unless Shinozaki protected and tells her that he’s safe.”

 Hearing Nanafushi words, I sigh and scratched my head.

 I thought it would be possible to solve the problem if I met Yuka, but it seems not possible.Asahina might managed to solve it but I’m not her.

 And the current Asahina is… I feel sad when I remember that.

 Anyway, as Nanafushi says, the problem is unlikely to be solved unless Shinozaki is protected and Yuka is met him.And it is dangerous to accompany Yuka who is confused on solving the problem.That’s why Nanafushi left Yuka to Rikka and come to me.

 ”I really wanted to ask Rikka-chan to join Suzuhara-sama, but when we tried to deal with Yuka-chan, who was rampaging, there was a danger of mincing it. That’s why we do that. It’s hard to say that I can’t control my power. “

 Got it.Nanafushi cannot control its mighty power and may kill Yuka.

 ”Is Rikka or Kazehana the right person to locate Shinozaki?”


 Nanafushi nodding to my mutter.

 Now that Shinozaki’s whereabouts are unknown, Rikka or Kazehana, who have sharp five senses, are the right people to find Shinozaki.Especially if the beast’s blood is strong and with the sense of smell of Kazehana, she may be able to tracking Shinozaki.

 On the other hand, Nanafushi have an extraordinary fighting ability, but just that.She don’t have ability other than that.She don’t have the ability to search or search for enemies like Rikka or Kazehana.

 Still, the one who come to me was–.

 ”A small insect that guided Rikka-chan was made to collect various odors from Yuka-chan’s clothes after that delivered to my master. I just hope that my master will do something about it. “

 I grinned at the words of Nanafushi.Tamamushi, can’t you do it?

 When Rikka together with Nanafushi, Tamamushi used a small insect to guide Rikka.It seems the insect had the odor collected from Yuka’s clothes and sent it to her.

 Insects seem to have various abilities depending on the individual.Some insects may be able to determine the target from the collected odor and search for it.Moreover, Tamamushi can convey the obtained information to me via Nanafushi.If Nanafushi is nearby, it means that I can utilize the abilities of Tamamushi.

 Also, Nanafushi is the strongest person in simple battles.Considering the case where the opponent is a person of different ability, if she is nearby, the worst development can be prevented.

 ”My master seems to be doing her best because she will receive a reward from Suzuhara-sama. If things go well, she want be to praised.”

 ”Ok, I’m going to do that”

 I nodded and answered Nanafushi words.

 Now I have to wait for the contact from Tamamushi.If I move poorly, the situation may get worse.I better to wait with her.

 When I thinking–.

 ”My master has grown terrifyingly since she met Suzuhara-sama.”

 Nanafushi put her finger on her temple muttered with a grin.

 Did you get a call from Tamamushi?That’s fast.

 ”An addition of our objective. We don’t know the condition of Shinozaki, but he seems to be alive. And there are 62 enemies. All of them likely “just humans” .”

 Nanafushi conveys the information sent from Tamamushi to me.And therefore–.

 ”What !?”

 I suddenly raised my voice.

 The information sent from Tamamushi was not only words, but also images captured by insects.Because the image flowed to Nanafushi, I was able to “see” it with my abilities.

 Marina also in the video.

 ”Why is Marina …”

 Shinozaki is surrounded by a considerable number of deliquents and has fallen into wreck.Marina stands in front of Shinozaki and protects Shinozaki with her arms open.

 It seems that Marina has just arrived at the scene and hasn’t been touched yet.However, the deliquents surrounding Marina all have a sneaky smile.

 ”Hmm, it’s okay. My master dispatched “Hecho”. Fortunately, my master’s house was closer to the scene than where we are. Oh, let’s make it an enemy. But, I’m unhappy, though. “

 Along with Nanafushi muttering, the information sent from Tamamushi flows into my brain.

 Hecho seems to be the name of a large insect.It seems that the bug was dispatched from the house.

 The place where Marina and Shinozaki are is closer to the Tamamushi’s house than we are, so it seems that the large insects dispatched from the house will arrive at the scene soon.

 ”Is Shinozaki a Marina-chan rather than a guy? Should I protect her first?”

 ”Oh, do that. Shinozaki doesn’t care if he becomes a daruma doll as long as he is alive.”

 When I answer her question, she nods and gives information to Tamamushi.

 Yuka seems to be confused about Shinozaki.I’ll protect Shinozaki for the time being, but honestly, it doesn’t matter what happens to him.

 ”Hecho has arrived at the scene. It seems that Marina’s safety is guaranteed.”

 ”That’s fast..”

 Have I arrived at the scene yet?

 ”Hmmmm, Okayy”

 Nanafushi nodded with his finger on his temple after that she glancing at me.

 ”The other person is just a human being, so unless the other person tries to harm Marina-chan, Hecho will be on standby at the scene.”

 Since the other party was “just a human being”, I wonder if Marina will not do anything extra unless she is in danger.

 I intended to kill them all, but if I could avoid the hassle, wouldn’t it be better?

 ”However, if the opponent tries to harm Marina-chan, Hecho will automatically attack the opponent.”

 ”Is Hecho strong?”

 ”Super weak. From bug that my master uses the level it’s like car. But, Rikka can kill it instantly. Also, with Suzuhara-sama’s ability, the compatibility of it are the worst.”

 ”Is it really that weak?”

 ”Yes, it’s super weak. But, from the perspective of “just a human”, I think it’s an invincible monster.”

 ”Oh, like that.”

 From Nanafushi’s point of view, Hecho seems to be a weak class insects.But, from the perspective of “just a human being,” the story is completely different.

 But well, from her point of view, almost all insect are weak.

 With that said, I rushed to the scene with her.

 The scene in the abandoned factory located about two kilometers south of Tamamushi’s house.Why does a deliquent like an abandoned factory?Well, it’s probably hard to make a commotion even if they flock.

 I approached the wall of the abandoned factory and observed the inside with my ability.

 Not everything in the factory is within my abilities range, so not everything can be grasped.However, I found an insect near the ceiling.

 ”… Hey, is that Hecho?”

 I muttered at the bug I found.

 Nanafushi claims the bug weak is amazing.

 ”I can’t see it, but Suzuhara-sama can see it completely. Trap-type bugs are the worst match with clairvoyance.”

 Insects are lurking near the ceiling of the factory, so it is impossible to see them visually.That’s why I can “see” but she can’t see it.

 Anyway, it’s a trap-type insect.I understood that.Certainly that is a trap-type insect.However–.


 Big and strong.Certainly, that is an invincible monster from the perspective of “just a human being”.

 ”Hecho is a mutated Huntsman spider. It is a carnivorous spider that eats humans. However, Hecho is a highly mobile but it’s weak. The same spider type that is Gunso is a little stronger than it. But from the perspective of me and Rikka-chan, it’s a really weak anyway. “

 Do the insect can eat a human?Well, it’s about the size of a lion.So, the insect can eat it.However–.

 ”It’s cool. I want to keep one too.”

 It seems can be used for a ride.Tamamushi must be riding on that giant spider, but I also want to ride it.I want to keep it.

 ”Speaking of my master, I think she will be happy to give you it’s larva. It’s far more intelligent than a normal insect, if you raise it from larva, it will be quite accustomed. Moreover, breeding is easy. Even if you keep it, it catches its own food”

 ”Because it’s a spider. That’s why it catches its own food.”

 ”Yes, the food for a spider are a mouse, a cockroach, and so on.”

 ”It’s convenient”

 ”It’s convenient. But it’s super weak.”

 Nanafushi nodding and answering my mutter.

 Good, that’s good, I like it, it’s cool.I’ll ask Tamamushi later to get one spider larva.

 ”Oh, by the way, I have to rescue Marina-chan.”

 ”Oh, that’s right.”

 It was a place where I was distracted by the giant spider and forgot what was important.But well, that’s lurking in the ceiling.It seems that there are nearly 60 deliquents, but if I make that spider fight, it’s like a feast rolling around.

 It would be easier for that spider to eat all the deliquents.If the spider eat it, there will be no evidence left.But if Marina sees a giant spider eating humans, she might gotten a trauma.But, It’s okay for me.

 It can’t be helped, can I do it?

 That’s why I invaded the factory with Nanafushi.

 While deciding to absolutely get a spider larva.

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