Xray 104

Chapter 104

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 Removing our presence, Nanafushi and I enter the abandoned factory.

 Broken machines and iron scraps are scattered around the abandoned factory. It’s a good base for the deliquents, but it’s convenient for me too.In there, I can see through all the obstacle so there are no blind spot.On the other hand, other party only rely on their normal visibility, so it’s give me an overwhelming advantage.

 However, it’s more foul because there are Nanafushi and Hecho.

 As I went deeper, I hide behind one of obstacle, and make sure the gathered deliquents are within the range of my ability.

 The deliquents are gathering on the place which looks like a plaza.At the back of the plaza, There is a room with a bed inside.It seems the woman who was brought here must be rape on that room.

 The number of deliquents was 62.The number match with Nanafushi saying.I can see Shinozaki who has fallen into tatters and in front of him is Marina. She looks safe and still standing with her arm open to protect him.

 Well, Marina naturally safe.Because, If the deliquents try to harm her, Hecho will attack them.

 We go further deeper and approached the plaza where the deliquents are gathered.After that, I glanced at Nanafushi.

 Responing my gaze, she nodded.

 She will move when the worst case happened.Because, If she attack the deliquents, they will be killed.

 Before that, let’s grasp the situation.

 I avert my eyes to the tattered Shinozaki who lying on the ground.

 The moment I see Shinozaki with my eye, information flowed into my brain.

 Hmmm, I see.

 Next, I avert my eyes to Marina and snooped her heart.

 I see.

 In addition, I try to find the leader among the deliquents while snooping on their hearts.

 Quickly, after I found the leader, I snoop his heart, and I able to grasp almost all of the situation.

 The ability to snoop heart is really useful.Well, this ability is nothing but unfair.

 Anyway, I put together the information that I gathered, and found that it’s Shinozaki who started the problem.

 The deliquents who are gathered are the upper organization of the Shinozaki group.By joining the organization, Shinozaki and his friends were able to have high authority.However, even higher-level organization cannot give their authority and prestige for free.

 Shinozaki’s group pay a big sum to the upper-ranking organization by lent out a woman.And Yuka was among the rented women.That’s how Shinozaki and his friends borrow the power of the organization.

 However, when I destroyed Shinozaki’s group, the relationship with the upper organization has been lost.

 Usually, upper-level organization get money and women from small group like Shinozaki’s group.But, due to the large number of small group, they didn’t care much even if they lost contact with Shinozaki and other.

 However, one of the member upper organization has experience using Yuka as a toy and recently, he saw Yuka in the city.

 At first glance, he instantly found out that she was Yuka, and she was even cuter than before. So, she make him more interested. Then, he tried to catch Yuka on the spot, but he gave up because there were many people.Then he contacted Shinozaki and ordered him to bring Yuka.

 But, Shinozaki refused it.

 Of course, he still refused after beaten by a large number of people.

 The deliquents who got tired of beating him were found Yuka’s number from his cell phone and contacted her.After that, Yuka came.

 Yuka who saw Shinozaki still resisted even though he continued to be beaten out make her remind her trauma.

 Then, on that time, Asahina appeared.

 Asahina quickly fight the deliquents but she became inferior because she fought while protecting Yuka.However, the leader who see Asahina’s stubborness ordered his subordinates to dispose Asahina immedietely and he moved from that location with Shinozaki.Then he checked Shinozaki’s cell phone and decided to call another woman that’s Marina.

 In short, the trouble started by Shinozaki.

 Yuka was confused because Shinozaki is the person who had defiled herself, but on that place, he protect her and has beaten out in front of her, because of that she didn’t know what to do.

 Also, the reason why Marina came to such a place alone without care because she worried about Yuka’s trauma.

 Huh, Marina is really a stupid woman.

 ”How long do you intend to keep staring? Leader, let’s do it quickly.”

 One of the deliquents shouted.

 ”I want to look more on these scene. I like a woman with that kind of eyes. I feel excited when I imagine that the light will gradually disappear from those eyes after being violated.”

 The leader of deliquents muttered happily and licked his tongue.

 ”Oh, but that woman who protect Yuka-chan is no good. That’s not cute. I’m not interested in that broken woman.”

 The leader continues to mutter.

 Apparently, Asahina is not his liking.Well, she will never break her heart no matter how much she gets fucked, and she will surely cut his cock.It seems, he felt her madness.

 Among the deliquents who noticed it, as expected is the leader.

 That’s right.He must not involved with her.If she wasn’t protect Yuka, He would be shown hell instantly.Whether he had a broken hand or a broken leg, she would never retreat and hunted him down.

 After all, she is a woman who thoroughly crushed the heart of Hizuki, who was almost in perfect condition.


 Shinozaki hadn’t made a slight movement until then, but he spit blood and coughed, and it seems that he suffered severe pain because of that, also he was twitching.

 I love seeing a woman twitch, but it’s no fun for men.I mean, it’s disgusting.

 ”Wh, Why did you come? … Run away from here”

 Shinozaki who was twitching, coughs and spits blood, which causes extra convulsions and trembling voice.

 ”I’m sorry, I won’t run away, but don’t get me wrong. It’s not for you.”

 Standing in front of Shinozaki who was lying and twitching on the ground, Marina opened her mouth with her arms outstretched and looking straight ahead.

 ”I will never forgive you who hurt Yuka’s heart and abandoned me. But, I also abandoned her too. That’s why I want abandon you who tried to protect her. But, I can’t do that. Besides, if I run away, Suzuhara-san will think that I’m a “woman of that degree”. “

 Looking straight ahead, I listened to Marina’s words and sighed.

 I know you’re not “a woman of that degree”.

 ”Suzuhara-san is a strange person. He doesn’t forgive his enemies, but once he thinks he’s a friend, he will be kind to him. Un, he will die calmly for his friend. If I want to be loved by such a person, I can’t be normal and I can’t be a “woman of that degree”. “

 I saw Marina’s words, facial expressions, and her eyes, and make my cock become erection.

 The leaders of deliquents have a pretty good eyes.Marina’s eyes are really attractive now.He wanted to see how her straight eyes were dyed in pleasure.Aaah, Let’s crush the deliquents and ravish Marina.Because she’s mine.

 But before that–.

 As I put my hands in my pants pocket, I stood up and started walking quickly.


 Marina noticed me and made a stupid voice.

 ”Hhmm, Who’s that guy?”

 ”Where did it come from?”

 ”Somehow it looks like a weak guy.”

 Following Marina, the deliquents who noticed me got annoyed.But they doesn’t seem to be vigilant.They must be thinking that I look weak and also alone, so they not pay much caution to me.

 ”Yo, I will use your pussy when this is done”

 ”Eh !? Eh !? Eh !?”

 Just before I passed Marina, I whispered on her ear, and Marina, whose surprised, dyed in red and covered her cheeks.Then, after I passed Marina, I stood in front of Shinozaki who lying on the ground. Then, I looked down at him

 ”It’s all because of you, bastard”

 With that said, I raised my right foot and stomped on Shinozaki’s face.


 I mercilessly trampled on his face, his body twitching and he moaning.

 ”Yuka has already forgiven you. But I won’t. No matter how much Yuka forgives you, I will never forgive you.”

 Raise my voice while kicking his face.

 ”Gaha, Igi-Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry-Gufu, Geha-I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry-Gefu”

 Shinozaki continues to apologize and moaning while crying.I kept kicking him and Marina didn’t try to stop me.

 That’s fine.

 Yuka has forgiven this guy.However, trauma is certainly engraved in Yuka’s heart.I’m sure her heart won’t healed.Yuka will carry the trauma on her heart for the rest of her life.Still, Yuka forgave him.That’s why I can’t forgive him.

 I kicked his face, kicked his epigastrium, and then kicked his ball.


 He is in pain but quickly returned and even though being kicked on the ball, he is still fine.

 Before I kicked him, he was tattered, but after see his organ, he hasn’t been fatally injured.

 ”I don’t think you’ll be forgiven because you helped Yuka. It’s the seed that you bastard sown in the first place. I’ll never forgive you.”

 That said, I kicked him even further.

 He moans and writhes, spitting blood and twitching.But he is laughing.He was mercilessly kicked on the ball, spewing bubbles from his mouth but still laughing.

 It’s disgusting.Is he masochist?I love female masochists, but male masochists are too disgusting.


 When I stopped kicking Shinozaki, I muttered and looked back.Then I looked around the deliquents and glanced at the shadows.

 Nanafushi who look the situation from behind nods.

 ”I have a grudge against this guy. That’s why I kicked him a lot, but I’m the only one who can kick him. This guy is my own punching bag. Don’t just use my punching bag without my permission and think it’s free. “

 After saying that, I started walking quickly and headed straight to the leader.

 The deliquents are confused because they can’t understand the situation. They think, why a weak-looking guy appeared alone, kicked Shinozaki, and uttered something incomprehensible?

 At that time, Nanafushi jumped out from the shadow and took the hand of Marina.

 Marina surprised because her hand suddenly grabbed by a girl who has a pink hair but when she glanced at me, she keep silent.

 She don’t know why, but it seems she decided instantly Nanafushi was my “friend”.


  A squeaky sound heared as my toes pierced the deliquent crotch.


 The deliquent dazed.Then–.

 ”Funuguu !?”

 The deliquent open wide his eyes and made a strange voice, pressed the crotch with both hands and became like pigeon (1), after that he collapsed on the spot.

 Because of that, The deliquents are stunned.In that gap, Nanafushi grabbed Shinozaki’s leg, pulled Marina’s hand, and dragged Shinozaki in a rough manner while hiding in the shadows.

 Alright, it doesn’t matter if I go wild this time.

 ”After all, the power of kicking crotch is amazing.”

 I muttered and looked down at the delinquent who had fallen to the ground.

 Even if the power is weak, if I hit the crotch, it will end with a single blow.Moreover, it takes time to recover.


 One of the other stunned deliquents try to hit me.

 Suddenly, I turned around on the spot with my hands inside my pants pockets and showing my back.Then–.

 I crouch down and kick his right foot who’s behind me as if the horse kicked his hind legs.

 ”Nu !?”

 My legs seems slipped into his crotch, and the deliquent make a strange voice and collapsed.

 Because, suddenly showed my back to him, he was loss for a moment.That’s why I launched an attack there.

 I don’t have a blind spot.That’s why I dare to turn my blind spot to the opponent and launch an attack from an impossible position and angle by taking a momentary gap.Moreover, it is possible to hit the target location accurately.

 ”This guy!”

 Then, I turn around again and faced to the opposite direction of the deliquent that try to attack me.Then–.

 ”Manu !?”

 When I bend down and kick a guy who’s behind me, my legs dig into the crotch of the deliquent, and he moaned with a strange voice, after that he collapses.

 Unlike the first deliquent who didn’t hesitate, but because of situation they will attack my back.And while they’re trying to launch an attack, no one will pay attention to their crotch.Thanks to that, I was able to attack the crotch so easily and that’s interesting.And–.

 ”The movement is slower compared to Rikka.”

 On Rikka’s eyes, the movement of “just a human” seems like stopped, and perhaps I have become accustomed to the speed of Kazehana, Tamamushi, and Nanafushi.

 ”I’m a support-specialized type. You guys are too weak.”

 While muttered and sighed, I turn around and look on the deliquents.

 The deliquents have been calm down.Then, judge that two of their friends are defeated in an instant because of my tricky attack.

 ”Calm down. Nothing is wrong. It’s just strong.”

 A strangely calm voice echoed in the quiet factory.

 ”Although he looks weak, he might quite accustomed to fighting. Moreover, he is attacking the weak point without any hesitation. He is a ruthless guy who does devilish things calmly. And he is strong, but still he is alone.”

 It was the leader who made the voice.

 He wasn’t upset at all when I defeated two of his friends in an instant or when he saw my tricky attack.

 Because I am strong, it is natural that his friends are defeated.Seems to think so.Then just use the any means to defeat me.It seems that he thinks so too.

 After all, the one who becomes the leader has a different coat color than the others.

 ”Take a good look and hit him. No matter how strong he is, he still can’t beat the number.”

 In the words of the leader, the deliquents started to move all at once. They have the same iron pipes, and they all surrounded me.

 Hmmm, the time has come.Well, it’s must be happened.But is this okay?I don’t have a blind spot, but that’s not all, right?



 My kick pierced the crotch of a deliquent who tried to swing up an iron pipe on me.

 ”Nubo !?”

 The deliquent raise a strange voice and collapse.

 I can snoop their heart and because of that I can see the moment when they decide to launch an attack, even before the muscles contraction.If they launch an attack, I can perfectly counter them.

 ”Stop the attack! Everyone jumps at the him all at once! If you catch him, it’s over!”

 Resonating voice.It originated from the leader.

 He feel little upset to see my movement, but he still made a calm decision.

 Oh yeah, I’m in trouble now.I’m physically weak.If I get caught, I’m done.By the way–.

 Unfortunately, when the leader shouted, there is momentary opportunity.Taking advantage of that gap, I quickly passed through the deliquents.

 It’s interesting.They can’t catch the person in front of them because they diverted by leader shout.


 ”It’s about time to reach the limit.”

 While muttered, I jumped back and forth, and put my hands out of my pocket.

 The way to divert them is about to reach the limit.The deliquents are really wary.I can beat two or three more, but soon I’ll get caught instead.And when I get caught, I’m done.

 It’s a bad place for person who specializing in support.



 After replied my shout, Rikka appeared next to me.

 I noticed that Rikka carrying a fainted Yuka.

 The top priority in this case is to meet Yuka and Shinozaki.Nanafushi judge this place was “safe”, so she contact Tamamushi.Tamamushi who has been contacted probably use insects to inform Rikka about the situation.That’s why Rikka came here.

 Well, it would be nice if the “friends” were excellent.

 ”The battle situation has been flipped. You guys are done. The fighting power of this little girl is eight million.”

 With that said, I tapped the head of Rikka standing next to me.

 ”What !? My fighting power is eight million !?”

 My word surprised Rikka andwhy are you surprised?

 ”Did you say eight million too much? Then, what about 150,000.”

 ”Naa !? Why does it fall from 8 million to 150,000 at once !? Master, isn’t it too little !?”

 Rikka quickly put a rush into my words.

 While laughing happily, Rikka look at me.

 Well, Rikka follow my joke with ease.It seems Rikka also grown.

 The deliquents looking at us in a daze.

 It seems they think I say some stupid things, but unfortunately I’m not say stupid things. I just said the “facts” with a little joke.

 Rikka is really strong.She is really different from them.

 ”You should crush them but don’t kill them, okay?”


 When she look at me and nodded, Rikka smiled happily and then saw the deliquents.

 With the eyes that cold enough to make spine cold.

 ”Then, I’ll get rid of it quickly–“

 ”E, Emergency! Emergencyyyyy!”

 When Rikka was about to move, Nanafushi screamed in the abandoned factory.

 ”Ma, Master suddenly lost communication! Moreover, just before the communication was interrupted, there is the overwhelming horror scene that make Master feel fear! And I saw it. I saw itttttt!”

 Nanafushi who has been hiding until now, suddenly jumped out into plaza and shouting desperately with a pale face.

 Nanafushi is clearly afraid.I try to snoop her heart, after that I feel chill rushed into my spine.

 I see the Image seen by her.There is a shadow that approach Tamamushi who screaming.

 The shadow grinned and grabbed Tamamushi’s face.After that, the image was cut off.

 Well, bad, this is dangerous.Not when playing with deliquents.

 ”Rikka bring Yuka! Nanafushi withdraws immediately with Shinozaki! Marina comes with me!”

 The moment I gave the order, a plosive sound echoed in the factory.

 There is an object that reflects because of the sunlight and shines with a piece of glass that falls on the ground.

 It was Tamamushi who wrapped with a rope like a hornworm.

 ”Give me a reward … until I get a reward … I must not dead.”

 An unconscious Tamamushi moans desperately.

 A monster that easily defeats Tamamushi.

 ”Sh, shit … was I late?”

 Along with my muttering, I heard the footsteps of a person who walk on the concrete ground.


 A figure vaguely seen in a dimly abandoned factory.A red twin that shines in the darkness.


 Nanafushi screams and curling up.

 ”A, a, aa …”

 Rikka has a face pale and shakes rattlingly.

 ”Fufu, what’s wrong? Why are you so scared?”

 A strangely soft voice echoing from the darkness.And what appeared is…

 Asahina who laughing with her eyes glowing red and smiling with the corners of her mouth like a crack.

 But the poison … Is the poison has been lifted up?

 Asahina walks slowly, and heads toward me without hesitation.

 As Asahina walks forward, the abandoned factory is filled up with her overwhelming-angry.

 ”M, Ma, Mastwer … I, I, will p, pro, protect Mastwer”

 While trembling in front of me, Rikka pulled out a large knife from her back, grasped the handle with both hands, and turned the edge toward Asahina.However, the edge trembles too.

 Because, she feel too much fear, she leaked urine.

 I know the feeling that she felt.That’s Asahina’s dangerousness.

 ”Rikka … Don’t rust to the death”

 Having said that, I tapped Rikka’s shoulder and started walking toward Asahina.

 Asahina comes toward me without hesitation and I walks toward her.

 We walked up to the point where we can touch each other and stopped at the same time.

 ”T, th, that …That’s poison fault.”

 Asahina muttered and stared at me.

 ”I … see nothing”

 I answered Asahina, feeling the cold sweat on my cheeks.

 ”Fugu.. uuuuu!”

 Asahina burst into tears and her ears bright red and her face looked down, while her shoulders are shaking.

 ”A, Asahina …”

 When I reached Asahina’s shoulder, which was crying down, she slammed my hand.

 ”Don’t pity me!”

 And Asahina who cried stared at me with a killing intent.

 Asahina want to say that I wasn’t there, but the memory that remains certainly doesn’t allow it.

 ”N, not particulary … I pity you …”

 I muttered that, clenched my hand and close my mouth.

 I can’t say.I can’t say anything this time.

 ”Nee, really? … you see nothing?”

 Asahina, who sobbing ask with a quivering voice that seems about to disappear, but she still does not try to look at me.

 ”Ouu … I see nothing.”

 When I answered her. She leaked a moan, covered her face with both hands.

 Well, her heart is about to break.

 I understand, I understand.That is really tough.No matter how hard it is, it’s too hard.What’s more, all that memory remains …

 It’s a living hell.

 She stretched out her hand while looking away from me, pushing the thing into my hand.

 It was a 10,000 yen note.

 She’ll pay 10,000 yen, to keep that secret.

 Even if I didn’t snoop on her heart, I could feel her earnest feelings.

 Well, she wants to silent me with money.

 ”A, Asahina … Believe me. As expected, I’m not the only one not seen. But, I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen anything.”

 ”Fugu… uuuuuu!”

 Asahina burst into tears again when she hear me, and she held her mouth with her right hand.

 She looked down, shook her shoulders and cried for a while, after that she wiped her tears with the back of her hand.And when she adjusted her breathing, she raised her face.

 ”They are … enemies, right?”

 Asahina who still not look at me, asks that.


 Nod and answer Asahina’s question.


 Asahina, who still not look at me, muttered.


 The chills rushed up my spine, and in an instant my skin was agitated and I groaned unintentionally.

 The tremendous anger that erupts from Asahina’s whole body.And the overwhelming murderous intent that shines in the twinkling.

 ”The enemy are … I get it.”

 After said that, Asahina, who pushed the 10,000-yen note into my hand lifted the corner of her mouth like a crack and smiled with a grin.And–.

 ”I feel like going wild”

 I nodded to Asahina’s words.

 Asahina, I won’t stop you now.But, after that, I hope you to calm down.

 内股 = What is the meaning

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