Xray 105

Chapter 105

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 When Asahina’s fist punching the air, it makes a buzzing sound.

 ”If you’re a man, you must not running away!”

 Asahina’s eyes shine with red color and she shouts like crazy. Then she swings her fist with all her might.


 A fist that makes a buzzing sound when punching the air.

 Even an opponent is a big man, if she hits him, he will be blown with a single hit. The current Asahina’s body is on par with top athletes. No, she’s exceeded the limits of human beings. So, “if she hits him,” the power should be abnormal.

 But unfortunately, Asahina is an amateur when it comes to fighting.

 Because before punching, she will raise her hand, prepare to build up strength, and swing it down with all her might.

 It’s like telling the other person in advance that she’s going to hit him. Although, the other party were delinquents. There may be an individual who has some experience in fighting. So, They shouldn’t be hit by an amateur punch.

 For that reason, Asahina’s attack hasn’t hit at all, but the delinquents still hesitant to fight back.

 The reason is–.

 ”Who’s this girl?”

 ”The sound of punch is crazy.”

 ”Is she really a woman?”

 ”Her body is thin, but something seems wrong.”

 ”She’s weird because something is wrong with her eyes which glowing red.”

 Obviously, she annoyed the delinquents.

 Before this, the delinquents who fought me were quite annoyed because they were unilaterally defeated by me who looks weak. Only four people have been defeated by me. However, they still defeated one-sided by me.

 Moreover, I am accustomed to fighting with the delinquents. Even though, The ratio is four people to one people.

 But this time, Asahina appeared.

 Before that, she was fought with Yuka in another abandoned factory. Although reluctant, she was overwhelmingly inferior in the battle. And now, I was supposed to fall down. But, she came here. In other words, she will strike down many delinquents that were trying to defeat her. However, she who should have been tattered is still lively.

 Before that, they not familiar fought with me, and now, they not familiar with her too.

 Eventually, they will be annoyed.



 One of the delinquents launched an attack from behind Asahina.

 The iron pipe swung up toward Asahina’s brain and hit directly with a rattling noise.


 Asahina staggered because he hit her brain.

 I probably didn’t expect it to hit.

 ”I’ll do it”

 Asahina grins and mutters while letting the blood spouted from her temple.

 ”This time it’s my turn!”

 Asahina raises her voice and punches her fist behind her. The fist struck the air and makes a buzzing noise.

 ”Oh, that? This girl, maybe …”

 ”Maybe this girl …”

 ”Maybe this girl is …”

 ”No way this girl …”

 Asahina swings her fist with a buzzing noise but still not hit. It seems that the delinquents who look at her have finally noticed.

 ”Is this girl weak?”

 When one of the delinquents muttered, the other delinquent around him looked at each other.

 Asahina is not weak. Her physical overwhelm the delinquents. After all, she exceeds the limits of human beings. If before she learns how to fight, she will win, but for now, it will be tough.

 If they notice that, after this, what will they do–

 ”This girl!”

 ”Let’s surround it!”

 ”Watch out from that fist!”

 Asahina’s experience battle is overwhelmingly insufficient. The delinquents who noticed that cooperated with each other.


 Several delinquents stand in front of her and attract her attention. In that gap, they surrounded her and mercilessly hit her with an iron pipe.

 Asahina who has revealed her anger turns around and tries to punch behind her. However, the fist still didn’t hit, and in that gap, she got hit with an iron pipe from behind.

 It’s not a fight anymore, but it’s just bullying.

 If there are five or six opponents, it’s possible to fight, but now, it’s close to sixty. With the power of pushing through is not enough.

 And now, Asahina became bloody and tattered, and soon she will become inferior.

 Sitting on a container, I’m watching such terrible bullying.

 ”She’s stupid. What she should do is to run away quickly.”

 Rikka standing next to me muttered.


 I answered Rikka and sighed.

 What she should do is escape quickly. The words of Rikka are usually directed to Asahina. But Rikka didn’t say it because she is astonished by the action of the stupid delinquents.

 Certainly, Asahina is inferior. Well, It can’t be helped anymore.

 But, it’s for “Now” though.

 ”But is the leader exceptional?”

 I muttered with my eyes glanced at Rikka who standing next to me.

 Rikka nods in response to my gaze.

 ”Just catch him and make sure he can’t escape. Don’t beat him if he makes a mistake. The leader is the main dish. If you beat him, Asahina will get angry later.”

 ”Tha, that’s scary. I will be careful …”

 Responding to my words, Rikka kicked the ground.

 After that, Rikka jumped over a dozen meters without difficulty and landed quietly on the ground. In front of Rikka is the leader of the delinquents who are about to escape.

 As expected of the leader, seeing Asahina who is still fighting the group, he tries to escape instead of fighting.

 It seems that he decided to run away because he sees something unknown from me and Asahina.

 Good judgment. He has good eyes.

 It’s no wonder that he reigns at the top of an organization that organizes groups of delinquents of all sizes.

 But, still, when he sees Rikka, he is totally trembling. Rikka smiled at him and picked up the iron scraps that had fallen on the ground.

 Rikka wraps the ragged iron parts with both hands and tightens both hands as if holding a rice ball.

 ――Naa, Do you want to be like this?

 Rikka’s adorable pale pink lips said so, and when she opened her hands, that’s…

 The ragged iron parts become like a ball.

 While the leader sees that, he broke his knee and collapsed on the spot.

 Rikka, it’s great that you didn’t let the leader escape without touching him, but you shouldn’t break his heart. If his heart breaks, he’s done. And later, you’ll get scolded by Asahina.

 Well, if Asahina scolds Rikka, I would punish Asahina. Because Rikka is my “family”.

 Nanafushi who carrying the fainted Yuka, dragging Shinozaki, and pulled Marina’s hand have left from the abandoned factory.

 I don’t know where they went, but it’s okay because I have Tamamushi.

 ”Naa, You have met a terrible experience.”

 While muttering, I crouch down and hugged Tamamushi, then removed the rope that wrapped her body.

 ”Uh … ♡”

 With moist eyes and squiggly mouth, Tamamushi hugged me as soon as the rope came off.

 ”That was scary ♡ I was scared ♡ Because of small breasts ♡ Because of slippery ♡ Asahina stupid ♡”

 Tamamushi clinging to me, burying her face in my chest, and quivering while complaining.

 I understand I understand. Asahina isn’t in that dimension, which strong or weak. That overwhelming madness was directed. That would have been scary.

 I also totally agree that Asahina is stupid.

 ――Speaking of pain, could you give me a head pat ♡

 It seems true that she was scared, but apparently, Tamamushi also wants to be spoiled.

 I said I would give her a reward, and I said I would add more reward. Will I answer her desires?

 ”Did it hurt to be wrapped around with a rope?”

 While asking, I hugged the clinging Tamamushi and gently stroked her small back.

 Tamamushi raised and looks at me with her moist emerald eyes.

 ”Un ♡”

 Then, while embarrassed, she nodded with a weak but sweet voice.

 ”Where does it hurt?”

 When I asked her while stroking her back, the embarrassed Tamamushi gently took my hand.

 ”He, here ♡ It’s hurts ♡ Suzuhara, can you stroke it? Can you do it?”

 While leaking a sweet sigh, Tamamushi says so and presses my hand to her chest.

 A soft and stuffy feel that is transmitted through the black robe. Crisp protrusions that I can certainly feel its softness.

 ”Oh, I understand.”

 I nodded and rubbed her boobs over the robe. While avoid touching the nipple that has been erected.

 ”Hah ♡ Hah ♡ Hah ♡ Hah ♡”

 While leaking a sweet and rough sigh, Tamamushi twists and twitches, even though I rubbed the left and right boobs through the robe, but I could not touch the place that I wanted to play the most.

 ”Su, Suzuhara ♡ Th, the tip is ♡ The tip of my breast is hard … ~And it hurts the most ♡”

 While Tamamushi rolled up her robe, she utters a word with a sweet voice with drooling from the edge of his lips, and looks at me with her moist eyes. As a result, the clear white and young skin was exposed, and the acclaimed growing boobs were exposed. She shows me the nipple that has been erected.

 ”~I want you to stroke it ♡ ~I want you to stroke the most painful part ♡ ~The hard and sharp part is painful♡”

 While looking at me and begging, Tamamushi twists herself painfully and shakes her small but bulging boobs.

 Because this is a reward. I will have no choice but to do it when being asked.

 I grasp the left and right boobs with both hands and rubbing the left and right nipples with the index fingers of both hands.

 Gentle, very gentle, just like stroking a kitten.

 ”Hiin~ ♡ meanie~ ♡ Suzuhara is meanie ♡”

 Tamamushi drooling and writhes sloppily.

 She wants to be bullied so painfully that make her nipples are hard erected, but now she can’t stand it because she’s being bullied gently.

 No, you said you wanted me to stroke it, right? I’m doing exactly what you were told?

 With a grin, I gently traced the lovely pale pink areola with my index finger, and gently stroking her nipple.

 ”Hmm~ ♡ Kuun~ ♡ Suzuhara like to messing around ♡ meanie~ ♡”

 Tamamushi looks up at me with a grudge, writhing in pain, but still looks happy.

 She likes to be bullied painfully, but she also likes the frustration of not being bullied.

 The breasts that are being rubbed become hot, the pale pink areola that is traced in a circle with my fingertips swelling, and the nipple that was already erected in Bing is about to burst. And increase the hardness.

 ”I want you to bully me more ♡”

 Tamamushi whispered with a sweet voice that seemed to melt, and she pressed her lips against my lips.

 While feeling her lips whose mind is thirty but her body is still young.

 A slimy tongue invaded my mouth.

 ”Nfu~ ♡ Kun~ ♡ Nkku~ ♡”

 Tamamushi makes a flirty noise. While I entangle her tongue and traces her areola with my fingertips, she twitching until her eyes rolling up.

 ”N ♡n ♡ n♡”

 Tamamushi entangles her tongue more violently, and her urethra squirted then she climaxes with her eyes rolling up.

 ”Does it hurt here too?”

 I muttered a word and released my lips, then reaching out her crotch, and stirring the hairless clitoris where the love juice was dripping.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡”

 By stirring the hairless clitoris, an obscene sound echoes, and Tamamushi makes a sweet voice and twitched.

 While seeing that, I gently stroked the engorged clitoris that was erected and peeling it off.

 ”N” ♡ “N” ♡ “N”

 Tamamushi, which was gently stroked on the clitoris and had her eyes rolling up and her tongue sticking out, then she twitching violently with a sloppy drool and her urethra squirted vigorously.

 Although she is climaxing, her heart is sought again after every second.

 She wants to be caressed painfully. Her nipples and clitoris which erecting so strongly want to be squeezed.

 A desire that seems to overflow from the bottom of her heart. However, Tamamushi endures not to put it into words.

 Endure, endure, endure, endure, the endurance that very fierce. A tremendous climax that still makes her conscious. Tamamushi is desperately enduring it.

 ”Where do you want to be stroked?”

 I asked Tamamushi while gently stroking the erect clitoris with my finger.

 ”Ah~, my pussy hurts ♡ My womb hurts too~ ♡ I want you to stroke the hole where you can insert your dick ♡ I want to be stroked as much as my vaginal wall is scraped off ♡ I want to be stroked as much as my womb to be pierced ♡”

 Tamamushi who keep squirted just by gently stroking the clitoris, rolling up her eye, and sticks out the tongue, continues to climax while begging me with a sweet voice that seems to melt. Then I put my hands on both sides of the hairless crotch and opened the clitoris to the left and right.

 A vagina wall that was forcibly opened. Love juices overflow from the small hole.

 ”Hey, what are you guys doing …”

 When I glanced at the source of the voice, the delinquents stood around me and Tamamushi.

 Well, I noticed it without even looking at it.

 Tamamushi who rolls up her robe exposes her small but surely bulging breasts, opens her crotch, and cumming while exposing her ahegao. The delinquents were surprised to see such Tamamushi but immediately smiled with a vulgar smile.

 ”She’s a silver-haired loli. It’s a pretty good ball.”

 ”And she looks like a ridiculous pervert.”

 ”The pussy seems to be tight.”

 The delinquents swell their crotch with a grinning and vulgar smile.

 The delinquents are here. Because Asahina has fell to the ground.

 While her body still twitching and covered with blood, she is trying to get up. However, the delinquents who still surround her hit her with an iron pipe and she couldn’t stand up.

 The delinquents continue to give Asahina such a fierce torture.

 She is over. I know, if she fought poorly, she will die. But no one can stop her.

 Now, the leader is absent, and make the delinquent group condition out of control.

 However, it is difficult for nearly 60 people to hit Asahina at the same time. There are too many people. Therefore, about ten people are hitting Asahina. The rest was free and they turned their attention to us.

 ”That man just happened to be”

 ”Let’s kill the man and play with a silver-haired loli”

 ”With everyone, She’s going to break soon. “

 The delinquents have completely regained their leeway.

 They are stupid guy. They doesn’t even realize that the leader is gone.


 Asahina’s scariness starts now.


 With that said, the delinquent aimed the iron pipe at my head and swung it down with all his might.

 Apparently, he really wants to kill me.


 The delinquent suddenly raises a stupid voice.

 The iron pipe was supposed to hit my head.


 ”Sorry, Suzuhara. Even though Suzuhara will give me a reward.”

 Tamamushi took the iron pipe with her small palm, and asked me apologetically.


 The black pupil in the center of her emerald’s pupil change vertically. (1)

 ”You’re in the way”

 Along with the mutter, the small palm holding the iron pipe was squeezed.

 ”… What?!!”

 The delinquent raises a stupid voice. Then, other delinquents fell silent.

 It is called an iron pipe because it is a pipe made of iron. Even if it’s thin, it’s still iron. It is almost impossible to bend it with human power. Such an iron pipe was bent like a paper just being lightly grasped by a small palm.

 ”In the past, I was hostile to Suzuhara. There are also sins that I commited at that time, so I willing to atone my sin no matter what the horrific treatment I received. But Suzuhara told me that he will give me a reward. As the word says, I just getting a reward instead atone my sins. And then … “

 While muttering, Tamamushi stood up quietly. And–.

 She glared at the deliquents with a vertically split pupil.

 ”Do you want to disturb me?”

 At that moment, an emerald light rose from the small body of Tamamushi.


 I don’t know why, but I knew that’s insect the moment I saw it.

 An emerald light that same as the color of Tamamushi’s eyes. That is the insect that Nanafushi was saying.

 Instantly, cold sweat runs down on my spine.

 The emerald light runs counterclockwise inside the body of Tamamushi and gathers on the fetus of insect that live in her womb then the light swirls. After that, the light released and runs around the body again, and the destination is the insect in her womb. On there, it swirls again. Because of that, the intensity of the emerald light increases every second.

 ”This is dangerous …”

 Unintentionally, I muttered.

 Nanafushi said my semen that has been inside Tamamushi amplified the insect. But, at that time, I couldn’t tell the difference.


 Right now is obviously different.

 Nanafushi said by mixing my semen with the insect of Tamamushi, it is possible to amplify the insect like a perpetual motion (2), maybe this is what she meant.

 –Infinite creation of insects.


 When I raised my voice, Tamamushi looked at me from sideways.

 ”I was always scared. I was scared swallowed by the darkness. Because, I couldn’t resist the darkness that swirling in my heart. But it’s strange. Right now, I’m not scared anymore.”

 With that said, Tamamushi pressed her lower abdomen.

 ”I feel like Suzuhara inside here. It’s a strange story. Even though, Suzuhara is in front of me.”

 Tamamushi holds down her lower abdomen and whispers while stroking it in a loving way.

 Oh, that’s right. I’m certainly in your womb. My power and your power are perfectly merge.

 This is ridiculous.

 I couldn’t understand it at all until I saw it, but I could understand it somehow.

 Perfectly merge two different power in the body. How difficult it is.

 Nanafushi said that the chances of success are extremely low. But, what I see now is the moment when the impossible is become possible.

 However, it seems that she isn’t aware of the successful infinite creation of insects.

 It seems that insects are automatically sent to Nanafushi. By this time, Nanafushi will surprised and make her eyes blinked. (3)

 Wh, What is that! What is she doing! That’s right. It’s interesting to imagine.


 ”Don’t worry because I’ll give you a reward later.”

 After I say that to Tamamushi, she who was annoyed for a moment, dyed her cheeks shyly then smiled happily. Then–.

 ”Naa, I was disturbed and upset, but now I feel happy about what happened.”

 Tamamushi, who said to the delinquents while raising an emerald light from her whole body, put her hands in her robe pocket.

 ”Well, let’s not kill them immediately”

 At the same time as the words , Tamamushi pulled out her hand from her pocket and opened her small hand.

 There are small things like grains that fall to the ground.

 It’s a bug. It is a curled like a pill bug.

 The small insects that fell to the ground immediately began to move.

 Then, the insects heading toward the delinquents without sound.

 By snooping on Tamamushi’s heart, I knew what the insects were.

 That insects are parasite that enter into the human body and continues to suck its spirits.

 Once inside the body, it taken root permanently and cannot be taken out. If they try to take out forcibly by surgery etc., the roots that stretched around their body will destroy important organs and it is an extremely dangerous insect that will kill the host.

 However, it doesn’t seem to hurt so much if it left alone. It seems that their life will be shortened and their spirit will be sucked if they try to ejaculate.

 ”Wh, what the hell is that …”

 The delinquent raises a quivering voice while staring at Tamamushi who raising an emerald light from her whole body. Hearing that voice, the other delinquents suddenly look at her.


 Suddenly, The screams echoed, and the delinquents who quivered looked back at the same time.


 ”Kuku, Asahina-chan’s counterattack will begin.”

 It was so funny that I suddenly raised my voice.

 Asahina, who was bloody and fell to the ground, was reaching out her right hand. Right now, she hold one of the deliquents face with his knees fell to the ground with her right hand.

 She isn’t just grasping him. Her thumb are stuck in his right eye too.

 The delinquent screaming like crazy. However, Asahina’s right hand is still holding him. On the contrary, the thumb which stuck in his right eye pierces deeper.

 Asahina, who twitching suddenly, put her left hand on the ground and lifted herself with great force.

 A red liquid is dripping.

 Asahina, who lifted herself further, drew closer the delinquent face she was holding. And–.

 ”Tsuka Maa Eta ♡” (4)

 Asahina whispers on his ears, then staring at the delinquent with her bloody red eyes and smiling with a terrible smile. (5)

 Kuku, What are you going to do?. Her heart never breaks, right? Even if you hit it, she will be resurrected like a zombie and will chase you forever? And each one of you will surely be crushed?

 What do you do now?

 ”H, He, Help …”

 The delinquent who bleeding from his right eye because stabbed by her thumb, quivered and asked for help. But no one tries to move.

 Humans are creatures that do not try to died unexpectedly, but Asahina has exceeded the limit of humans by any means. She was continuously be beaten and destroyed with an iron pipe.

 It must strange if she hadn’t died. But now she still alive. And then she counterattacked.

 From here, the real fear of Asahina started.

 Kukuku, you guys, it’s too late to notice this time.

 ”So, it’s time”

 When I stood up and say a words, I picked up two iron pipes that had fallen to the ground and held them in my left and right hands.

 ”Sometimes I have to show my cool act too.”

 When I closed my one eye toward Tamamushi, she nodded and her cheeks flushed.

 ”Well, let’s fight like using a twin sword”

 I grinned and crossed the two iron pipes, then I jumped at the stunned delinquents.

 ”First hit”

 Swing the iron pipe with a hum, and it hits the back of the delinquent head.


 The delinquent moaning while holding the back of his head and kneeling on the ground.


 Other delinquent who was distracted by Asahina’s unexpected counterattack, regained themselves when their friends were hit by an iron pipe.

 Immediately, some delinquents attacked from all directions with an iron pipe. Handle them one after another with two iron pipes. The delinquents, who were full of gaps due to the attack, were hit one after another.

 ”Eighth. It’s too weak.”

 The number of delinquents reduce in an instant. But there is still more.

 The delinquents seem to be worried about Asahina who started to counterattack, but they gathered together and face me, probably because I was more dangerous than her.

 They’re stupid. They shouldn’t get together. There is a limit to the number of people who can attack all at once. Even so, if they gather in vain …

 ”It’s convenient for me”

 When I muttered and launched a special attack on the delinquents, the impatient delinquents attacked all at once. However, their bodies collide with each other and they cannot move properly.

 ”Ha ha! Let’s raise my tension once in a while!”

 I shouted, and with the iron pipes of both hands, I let the delinquents take my blow one after another.

 When they saw their friend beaten in an instant, one of delinquent rushed and try to hit me with an iron pipe. However, the iron pipe just hit the air.

 ”What !?”

 A voice heard from behind.

 The delinquent that swing a blow from behind me, then crouching and try to attack with an iron pipe. But his blow was hit by my iron pipe.

 He must have been surprised at me who prevented it smoothly. The attack that from my blind spot.

 ”I’m sorry, but I can see everything.”

 I muttered so, turning around and swinging an iron pipe into a his face. At the same time, when I moved to the side, the iron pipe that was supposed to hit me just hit the air too.

 ”Uh, that’s a lie …”

 ”What’s this guy. Why can’t I hit him …”

 Fear gradually raise the heart of the majority of the delinquents who saw me hitting their attack at the same time without seeing attacks from unavoidable positions and angles.

 They might have been a little better if there was a leader, but once the people of the delinquent were trapped in horror, they was almost over.

 ”What. If you want to do it, you can also fight cooly ♡”

 Asahina grabbed the delinquent face and slammed him on the ground, and muttered while dyeing her cheeks.

 ”Well, it’s like dancing ♡ I’m in love with this ♡”

 Tamamushi is also happy with it.

 ”Thank you”

 I was attacked from the left and right with iron pipes and muttered while launching an attack at the same time.

 I can do this much if I want to do it. However, no matter how “visible” I am, my reflexes and physical abilities are just beyond the reach of humans. So I usually just avoid risky fighting.

 ”I won’t let any of them escape”

 Then, Asahina throws away the defeated deliquent and stares at the next prey.

 ”People of this level can be killed instantly with only physical techniques, but let’s try to attack with the bugs here like a bug user.”

 Tamamushi sprinkles tiny insects around her.

 The delinquents are killed one after another by Asahina, parasitized by the tiny insects that crept up without a sound, and overthrown by me one after another. Because of that, the number of delinquents reduced instantly.

 ”Ru, Run away–!”

 Then, The delinquents cry was echoed.

 ”Don’t let them escape?”

 Rikka who smiles lifts a huge machine, and throws the machine to the ground.

 Rikka was busy making a square barricades to prevent the escape of delinquents.

 ”The other party was bad”

 I laughed and asked, with my hand on the delinquent shoulder who standing with a pale face.

 The delinquent crying and wet his crotch while trembling. Then, a breath was blown on the his ear.

 ”I haven’t gotten calm yet ♡ Let’s play together ♡”

 Asahina whispers sweetly to the delinquent ears as if she were confessing her love. His face was distorted with a grin, and the red eyes shined glaringly.

 There are about 15 people left, and I’ll leave the rest to Asahina. Then I–.

 ”Tamamushi, do you want to continue the reward while watching they become rags?”

 ”Eh ♡, Really? ♡”


 ”Yei ♡ Yei Yei~ ♡”

 Tamamushi smiled and jumped to expressed joy.

 Don’t you think you’ll stop fighting because you’ve decided to win? I’ll take a closer look. Until the last one despairs.


 ”Tamamushi, can you collect as many insects as you can? Because the delinquents seem to be hungry.”

 ”There is nothing gloomy in the bugs! Everyone have different looks and everyone still cute! But um, leave it to me!”

 Tamamushi nods while repelling my question.

 Because she think that I thought the insects are grotesque.

 No, you don’t have to be grateful, right? It’s a small gift from me. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content without worrying about it.




  I Found You…


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