Xray 106

Chapter 106

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 I look at Tamamushi sweetly.

 ”I’m sorry it took a long time. Please wait a little longer.”

 While crouching on the ground, Tamamushi looked up at me and apologize.

 Then, I look at Tamamushi sweetly again.

 -Because Suzuhara is expecting me. Let’s prepare the best insects. However, it is difficult to gather gross insects as much as possible.

 While staring at the ground, Tamamushi thinking about that.

 ”What the hell …”

 Asahina approached me and picked up the sleeves of my jacket with her fingers and muttered with a pale face.

 Asahina is pulling me. That Asahina who not fear anything is pulling me now.

 ”Oi, you must know. My master wants grotesque insects as much as possible.”

 Rikka look at the crouching Tamamushi and spit out words with high-pressure behaviour.

 ”That’s why I’m preparing it now.”

 Tamamushi answered without worrying about Rikka’s arrogant behaviour.

 ”Preparation? That’s preparation? No way?”

 After hearing the answer from Tamamushi, Rikka glanced at the ground and muttered, then staring at Tamamushi intensely.

 ”U, um. We, Well.”

 Tamamushi quickly turned away from Rikka, and mumbled with a sorry feeling.

 ”Are you stupid !? Did you listen to My master’s request properly !? That thing looks delicious not gross !? Do you really think that this looks gross!”

 Rikka exploded his anger instantly to Tamamushi.

 Ri, Rikka, Oi Rikka. Did you say it’s delicious?

 No no no no, it’s grosteque. It’s definitely disgusting. What’s part that look delicious about that?

 ”Ummmmm, do you think so? This is edible insect and it’s very sweet. Those who eat it will surely be satisfied and will see paradise.”

 While muttering, Tamamushi gazes at the thing that “growing” from the ground.

 ”Huhhh !? Are you stupid !? It’s an insect for feeding the stupid people who sat on there !? You must feed them with insects which make them sick!? But what do you do now is to please them!”

 Because Tamamushi’s mutter, Rikka was even more angry and then she pulled out a large knife from his back and turned the edge toward her.

 ”Um, as I thought it seems delicious. No, but I only have this one right now.”

 While staring at the swelling thing that “growing” from the ground, Tamamushi, who was bathed in the wrath of Rikka, sighed in trouble.

 ”Hey, Suzuhara-kun. What are they talking about? I can’t find anything that looks delicious. Isn’t it, right?”

 Asahina pulls on the hem of my jacket, and raises a trembling voice with a pale face.

 The problem is Rikka, even though Tamamushi is a bug person. Apparently, the insects looks delicious on Rikka’s eyes.

 I don’t think she lie to me.

 Rikka undoubtedly thinks it’s delicious.

 But for me and Asahina, it’s so gross that make Asahina pulls my jacket.

 ”Really, you can’t use it. That’s why I hate those people who can only rely on insects. But, my generous master still expecting a person like you. Wouldn’t you want to live up to master expectation? “

 ”Bu, but. I really only have this.”

 Rikka crosses her arms and snorts, then Tamamushi scratching her head with a troubled face.

 ”Suzuhara-kun, please answer me. Am I the weird one? Or two of them? To me, it doesn’t look delicious.”

 ”Oh, no, maybe no one is weird.”

 I answered Asahina’s frightened question while swallowing spit.

 To Tamamushi and Rikka, the insects seem to look delicious, probably due to the environment on where they grew up.

 It is normal because Tamamushi is a bug user, and Rikka live on the mountains and she had a wild instinct too.

 ”It’s not weird. They just have different sensation and taste. And maybe–“

 As they say, it’s probably delicious to eat.

 However, I don’t really want to eat it either.

 If I cook it in a way that doesn’t keep its original shape and serve it as a dish without any knowledge, I will be able to eat it.

 However, after seeing that, I can’t eat it no matter how delicious it is.

 How should I express it?

 To describe it, it looks like twisting and swelling mushroom.

 The shape is similar to matsutake mushrooms and close to “cocks”.

 The color is dark and always swelling, with warts all over the body, and white cum-like objects occasionally leaking from the warts. (1)

 That’s fine, but somehow, there are legs on it. Things like the legs of insects are growing, and the legs moving steadily while swelling.

 Furthermore, something like a tactile sensation generated from the tip, and it also moves flutteringly.

 The grossed part is its face. You can see something like a bug’s face on the back of the glans.

 ”This is a very good edible bug, it’s called sweet flower bug (2). Thanks to repeated improvements, it has become similar to a plant. It is convenient as a portable food and is terribly nutritious. Moreover, it is possible to replenish the insects. Besides, in terms of deliciousness, it’s very delicious. It is a must-have item that any bug user carries. “

 After hearing the explanation of Tamamushi, Rikka glared at Tamamushi with her eyes, glanced at the thing growing from the ground, and gulping a spit.

 ”What are you doing by giving the enemy a useful essential item?”

 Rikka, who inwardly wants to eat as much as giving it to the enemy, asking Tamamushi.

 ”Sweet flower bugs are food bugs that have been developed and improved for bug user. Therefore, if anyone other than the bug user eats this, it will make a terrible thing.”

 ”Terrible thing?”

 Rikka leans toward the words of Tamamushi.

 Then, I “seen” Tamamushi’s mind. After that, I grabbed Rikka’s shoulder and hugged her.

 ”Ma, Master?”

 Suddenly, Rikka who was hugged by me, flushed to red.

 ”Rikka, it’s an order. Never eat it no matter what. It’s dangerous.”

 ”Eh? Ah, yes”

 Rikka nodded to my words and looked a little disappointed.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 Asahina, who pulls the sleeve of my jacket, asks with an uneasy look.

 ”It’s a drug”


 ”It’s like a drug. If anyone other than a bug user eats it, it’s more scary than dying.”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”It’s addictive. Once a human eats it, he keeps eating it until he dies overeat. And likely goes to crazy. But he goes crazy even if he doesn’t eat it because he will get withdrawal symptoms.”

 After hearing my words, Tamamushi nodded without any particular concern.

 ”From a human perspective, it seems gross. Also, there are records that it was used for torture and interrogation.”

 Hearing the words of Tamamushi, Asahina saw it with a pale face like a dead man.

 ”I don’t want to eat such things even if I die.”

 With that said, Asahina hid behind me.

 As expected, Asahina refused.

 But, well, Asahina might get used to overcome withdrawal symptoms.

 ”Fufu, Asahina would be fine. I think she can enjoy withdrawal symptoms as part of my play. How is it? Would you like to eat one? It’s amazingly delicious, you know?”

 Tamamushi seems to have the same opinion as me, and it seems that there is no problem with Asahina who has monster mental power, so she recommended one of them.

 Hiding behind me, Asahina clings to my back and sways her head.

 Hhhm, Asahina also has a feminine side too.

 Well, her true nature is when she was saying, “Okkikunare~ ,” while rubbing her flat chest.


 ”Yuka Tomoe”

 When I muttered that, The naked delinquents who sitting seiza projected an image in their minds.

 In the image, they laughing while torturing Yuka who is crying like a toy.

 All The delinquents here have the experience of torturing Yuka.

 Then I don’t have to be compassionate.

 ”Tamamushi, feed them with the insects as much as possible. If possible, prepare it for a few days.”

 At first, they will forced to eat it and feel despair, then they will despaired again because they could not help eating it due to addiction, but since they have only a few days, they are despaired for their future that will be hit by crazy withdrawal symptoms, and that future is despair.

 ”Please help me …”

 The delinquents, whose whole body was bruised and whose face was swollen to the point where it didn’t retain its original shape, cried and trembled for help.

 As I approached the leader, I looked down at the trembling leader.

 ”Do you want to be saved?”

 ”Y, y, yes”

 ”All right”


 He don’t think I would forgive him. The leader smiled while raised his face with his swollen eyes.

 ”Can you go back in time?”


 ”I will forgive you if you can. Immediately go back to the past and rescue Yuka and rewrite the past when she was treated as a toy. I will forgive you if you can do that.”

 ”Eh? No, that’s …”

 The smiling leader immediately burst into tears. He also quivering and rattling.

 ”Yuka has become an excellent woman because she was insulted by you and your bastard group that she was completely defiled, her mind was broken, but she still stood up. That’s why she has a charm that other woman do not have. Say Thanks. Because you insulted Yuka, she become like that. “

 While crouching, I grinned and spoke to the leader who has eyes were so swollen that I couldn’t tell the original shape.

 ”But it was Yuka’s own power that made Yuka attractive. It’s not that you bastard and others are great.”

 When I stood up saying that, I looked back and saw Tamamushi.

 ”Do it”

 When the leader heard my command, he cried, rattled, and stuck out his tongue.

 Fearing the despair that will coming, he seems to choose to die.

 The leader tries to bite his tongue.

 ”Shame for you”

 Muttering with a sigh, I put my hands in my pants pocket and started walking.

 The leader can’t bite his tongue and crying with both hands on the ground.

 I don’t have a little intention to forgive him, but if he bite his tongue, I better to look him a little.

 After cleaning up the delinquents, I left the abandoned factory.

 Thanks to Tamamushi planting the insect on the ground, The delinquents can live for about three days. However, after three days, the insects will be run out and severe withdrawal symptoms will occur.

 If that happens, some people will take action regardless of their pretense.

 In other words, they will expose us to a third party and ask for help. That’s annoying, but it’s probably okay.

 According to Tamamushi, once they eat that bug, they can’t get away from it. And although it is a withdrawal symptom caused by not eating up, it seems that they goes mad without being able to afford to ask someone for help.

 In short, it’s okay to leave it alone.

 Besides, if someone in group asks for help, the situation doesn’t support them.

 There are 60 delinquents. One man who seems to be weak and Asahina who looks like a beautiful girl unilaterally beat the delinquents. Also, there are just two additional loli. No matter how they look at it, can web beat as many as 60 delinquents?

 No one would believe such a story.

 Through the mind conversation between Tamamushi and Nanafushi, we grasped the current location of Nanafushi and headed there.

 Asahina was tattered and her uniform was dirty also frayed, but she was physically completely revived and was walking quickly.

 ”Her recovery is too fast”

 Tamamushi who walking next to me muttered while looking at Asahina’s back as she walked ahead.

 Insects in Asahina’s body repair Asahina’s injuries, but not as quickly as Tamamushi.

 I’ve heard before that if she get seriously injured, it will take about half a day to repair.

 Asahina, who had been unilaterally bullied after fighting the delinquents in the abandoned factory, was injured almost fatally. I saw it with my “eyes”. There is no doubt.

 Such Asahina is already pinning.

 But looking again with my “eyes”, I can see that not only the surface has been repaired, but it the inside has completely recovered.

 ”I think it’s the influence “Earth Eye”, but it’s strange …”

 Tamamushi muttering like a suspicion.

 Tamamushi itself doesn’t seem to know what’s strange, but something seems to be weird.

 -If she is affected by “Earth Eye”, her ability score will improve dramatically. The most influential is Demibeast girl, whom Suzuhara recognizes as a “family.” In fact, the abilities of Demibeast girl are much higher than before.

 Tamamushi, pondering in her mind as she walked, then quivered as if she had noticed something.

 –The ability of Demibeast girl is improving overall. On the other hand, how to improve Asahina’s ability is strange. It seems as if only one point, recovery, has improved dramatically. Strength and speed are about whether or not they are out of the human range. However, only resilience is abnormal. It’s like, then …

 While muttering in her mind, she sweated and swallowed a spit.

 –The change of Demibeast girl is normal. The ability value improves unilaterally regardless of the person’s intention. And overall it’s stable. However, Asahina seems to be improved only the abilities she wants. Is there such a stupid thing? Impossible. The influence of the “Earth Eye” is unilaterally given regardless of the desire of the subject. Nevertheless, the target person selects the ability that he / she wants to improve. Then, it seems as if it controls the “Earth Eye”.

 I “saw” the muttering in Tamamushi’s mind, and I felt the chilly chills running up my spine.


 Is Asahina not influenced by my abilities, but “using” my abilities to improve only the abilities she want?

 Considering the story of Tamamushi and Nanafushi, my ability can be said to be the ability to “erode” a certain area. And anyone who falls within my abilities will be eroded and affected.

 Erosion is probably related to my will and the subject will be unilaterally affected.

 Even so, Asahina isn’t eroded or affected by my abilities, and is using it on the contrary.

 ”Certainly, a girl named Marina had a psychic background.”

 Tamamushi suddenly stopped, then saying the name of Marina, and glancing at me.

 When Tamamushi stopped, I stopped and Rikka who was walking behind me also stopped.

 However, only Asahina, who is walking at the front without knowing the destination, continues to walk straight ahead.


 Ability to connect words through the mind.

 As Hizuki said, Marina seems to have the background of such ability, and it was influenced by my ability and it was about to develop.

 Tamamushi and Nanafushi use it for transmission, but it is an ability that only two people can use. However, Hizuki said that Marina’s abilities can be used on anyone and have a wide range.

 ”Assuming that Asahina is in control of “Earth Eye”, and Marina’s ability is added to that …”

 While shaking her eyes, Tamamushi muttering with a smile.

 ”And Asahina is a girl who beats the heavenly eyes.”

 Then, Tamamushi quivered with sweat on her cheeks.

 ”I thought that Hizuki’s “Heavenly Eye” wouldn’t be able to do it, but if she could use Marina’s ability to let her “Heavenly Eye” flow to Asahina, possibly …”

 When I heard Tamamushi muttering, I opened my eyes.

 Hey, really? Is it possible to do that?

 ”The reason why Hizuki couldn’t keep her sanity was because his mind became “decent” after she was defeated by Asahina. And the Heavenly Eye is not ability that can be handled with a “decent” spirit, so that’s why Hizuki has lost his sanity. “

 Tamamushi looking up at me and tells me that.

 ”The Heavenly Eye is the strongest and unrivaled ability. However, in a limited range, the Earth Eye exceeds the Heavenly Eye. Asahina who can control the Earth Eye, will be able to control the Heavenly Eye. And probably, with Asahina’s mental power… it may be possible to combine the Heavenly Eye and Earth eye. “

 Tamamushi raises a trembling voice.

 ”Telepathy is the power to connect minds. In other words, the ability to create a path between minds. Moreover, Marina’s transmission was certainly category B. If so, it may be possible to let the Heavenly Eyes flow to Asahina”

 As of now, Hizuki is rapidly regressing as an infant. I knew that the cause was the heavenly eye.

 At that time, Hizuki that developed the heavenly eye was completely crazy. She was just thinking about getting me and trying to get rid of everything else.

 However, she lost to Asahina.

 If it was Hizuki when she was crazy, she would have been able to manipulate the heavenly eyes completely.

 However, losing to Asahina made her to “decent” person and she couldn’t stand the tremendous power of the heavenly eyes.

 Assumption, Hizuki is like in a state where the bathtub is full of hot water and when hot water is added, it will overflows from the bathtub.

 The overflowing hot water will be poured into Asahina using Marina’s ability.

 Then, maybe Asahina can bear it.

 ”But if it’s possible, it’s going to be a big deal. Assuming that Asahina is in control of the earth’s eye, if she let the heavenly eye’s ability flow there, the heavenly eye and the earth’s eye will merge in Asahina. That’s definitely … unheard of. “

 I have no knowledge. But it’s understandable that Tamamushi saying something ridiculous.

 When Hizuki fought against Asahina was just a devil.

 No one would think Asahina will defeat Hizuki at that time.

 Hizuki has heavenly eye that sees through every event.

 Thinking normally, she won’t be defeated.

 However, she is defeated.

 There is a guy who completely beats Hizuki, who is just a “human” but has the ability to be said to be omnipotent, and broke her mind.

 If such a monster fuses the abilities of the Heavenly Eye with Earth Eye in the body.

 ”The true value of that ability can be demonstrated only by using both the Heavenly eye and Earth Eye for “someone”. Both support ability opposite to each other like positive and negative. When the two abilities are fused, it becomes “omnipotent” unparalled support ability. That Asahina might have it. “

 The ability of Hizuki, which is the sun, and my ability, which is the shadow. Then, fuses two abilities use Marina’s abilities to become “omnipotent” in Asahina?

 It would be unimaginable. But–.

 ”But the problem is …”

 Tamamushi staring at the front while trembling. Beyond that line of sight is Asahina’s back, who keeps walking straight without hesitation even though she doesn’t know her destination.

 ”Asahina is stupid.”

 ”……that’s right”

 That’s right, as Tamamushi says.

 No matter how great the ability is, if she is stupid, she can’t be helped. Moreover, Asahina is not just a fool. She is a big idiot who knows nothing but to go straight without getting lost in the path she has decided, without even listening to people.

 But that’s why–.

 ”Because it is such Asahina, it may be possible.”

 Tamamushi, which was sweating on her cheeks, laughed at me as I muttered.

 ”If Asahina were to be omnipotent, what would she do first?”

 Tamamushi, who asked in a blurry tone, saw me and Rikka.

 When I glanced at Rikka behind me, Rikka looking up at me smiled with a cramped smile.

 ”Without jokingly, Asahina-sama … I feel like she want to make her boobs bigger, or something like that …”

 ”Rikka, you’re not wrong. I think so too.”

 ”I’ve heard that, I think so too.”

 I aggree with Rikka’s answer, and Tamamushi aggree too.

 If someone get such a powerful ability that she/he can’t imagine, it would be a punch line for ordinary guy to self-destruct. No matter how she/he think about it, it is not the ability that can be handled by ordinary “human”.

 But Asahina would be happy to make her boobs bigger. For the time being, I think she’ll make her boobs bigger and brag to me.

 I think she will seriously use the power that is too powerful for such a silly thing.

 Because she’s a big idiot far beyond the average idiot.

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