Xray 107

Chapter 107

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 Nanafushi was in the forest far from the abandoned factory.

 I don’t care about Shinozaki, but Marina and Yuka would be endanger themselves if they stayed on the abandoned factory for too long.

 Together with Asahina, Rikka, Tamamushi, and Nanafushi also my ability, it might an easy victory to fight while protecting Marina and Yuka. However, risks should be avoided as much as possible. So Nanafushi evacuated Marina, Yuka, and a bonus.

 Nanafushi’s decision is right.

 As I thought, Nanafushi is useful when perceiving a danger.

 Nanafushi is a body-enhanced type higher than Rikka and she is a living weapon. For that reason, her fighting style is not a straightforward type like Rikka, but I feel, she is similar to me.

 It is a type that avoids risks by acting carefully and surely crushes it if it is judged to be an enemy.

 ”Hey master! What’s wrong! The amount of bugs sent by master exceeds the anomaly!”

 Upon arriving at the place where Nanafushi was hiding, Nanafushi rushed to Tamamushi while raising pink light from her whole body.

 Tamamushi’s insect was emerald, but Nanafushi’s insect was pink.

 I wonder if the insects power sent from Tamamushi are being converted in Nanafushi.

 “It’s not like that, I will explained it. I just feel little angry.”

 ”Stupid master!? See it yourself!? It’s a power so big that make me freak out! Moreover, the amount is too large and it puts a load on the body, and as a negative effect, my boobs have grown. Every time I move, it’s shakes and it gets in the way! I envy Asahina who has no boobs! “

 Nanafushi complaining to Tamamushi. As Nanafushi says, the boobs are clearly larger than before so it’s shaking while she move.

 Asahina, who saw the scene, smiled with a grin as the blood vessels emerged from her temples.

 Nanafushi who is jealous of Asahina who has no boobs while criticizing that her boobs have grown. It seems that it is sharp to hear it.


 I put my hand on Asahina’s shoulder called her.

 ”What?! Do you want to say that I have no chest? If you say that, I’ll kill you.”

 Asahina is self-deprecating and angry even though I hasn’t said anything.

 ”I have a little talk with Marina. Can I ask you to watch Yuka while I’m talking to Marina?”

 Asahina was surprised at my question and looked around in a hurry. The line of sight was focus to one point.

 At the end of Asahina’s line of sight is Marina sitting on the ground and Yuka who hugged by her.

 Yuka seems not recovered her consciousness yet and she is sweating a lot, and has a rough breathing, probably because of a nightmare.


 Asahina shouted and rushed to Yuka without shaking her eyes and robbed Marina of Yuka. And when she sat down, she hugged Yuka strongly and rubbed her cheeks.

 Marina was suddenly robbed of Yuka, but she didn’t seem to be surprised, and on the contrary, she smiled at Asahina. And she glanced at me.

 According to Hizuki’s story, Marina is about to develop her psychic ability.

 When I saw Marina in the abandoned factory, I thought it was Marina because of her dignified attitude. But this is probably not the case.

 Marina may be unaware, but perhaps due to her abilities, Marina is about to transform.

 Even if Yuka was suddenly robbed of Asahina, she smiled without being upset.

 In the first place, the current situation is abnormal by any means.

 Taken by Loli who has pink hair and green eyes, they lurked in a place like this, and we came with Loli who has silver hair and emerald eyes.

 It’s not normal to be able to smile in this situation.

 But she smiled, it’s as she “know” the current situation.

 Marina’s psyche is a support-specialized ability like me. Moreover, it is possible to have a conversation with an unspecified number of people through the mind, and it would be equivalent to “seeing” the mind. Moreover, the effective range of that ability far exceeds my ability.

 I mean, the effective range of my ability is narrow.

 Anyway, if it’s Marina now, I should talk to it from now on.

 ”Tamamushi and Nanafushi be together with Asahina. Then, Rikka will follow me.”

 ”I don’t like being with Asahina because it’s not good for my eyes.”

 ”I also like to refrain from doing this if possible. Asahina-chan is not good for my mental health.”

 Tamamushi and Nanafushi heard my words and then complained.

 Well, I know how you feel.

 ”Oi, two idiots. Master “asking” you two. If you say you can’t, then die.”

 Rikka pulled out a large knife from her back and point it to the throat of Tamamushi silently, then whispering quietly with her red eyes that had lost light.

 Tamamushi sighs when she sees such Rikka, and Nanafushi smiled.

 ”Oh, Rikka-chan is so cute! Can I stroke her head?”

 Nanafushi made a ridiculous voice as if ridiculing the quietly sharp Rikka, and she tried to stroke Rikka’s head.

 If she do that, of course, Rikka…

 Rikka’s right arm is about to be swung out. However, before her right arm do that, she pushed Rikka’s shoulder.

 Rikka’s knife slashes the wind and brushing Nanafushi’s neck.

 ”Nanafushi, don’t make fun of Rikka”

 I yelling at Nanafushi with a sigh, but she still smiled even though the knife had brushed her neck.

 Speaking of Rikka, when she was about to attack, but for some reason my eyes were shining and then she was looking up at me.

 ”It’s amazing. Your movement exceeds the limit of Demibeast.”

 Then, Nanafushi glanced at me, laughing with a smile and raising a blurry voice.

 ”Suzuhara-sama who completely read my movement is more terrifying.”

 Rikka nodded to the words of Nanafushi.

 I see. Did Nanafushi stir up Rikka’s ability?

 Suddenly, Tamamushi’s insects amplified abnormally, and she think I was the cause. That’s why she tried to instigate Rikka and attack her to determine my ability.

 ”Isn’t it like you can “see” it well?”

 Nanafushi smiled at that.

 ”Thanks to you”

 I scratched my head and answered with a sigh.

 She is really a scary girl. It would be troublesome to become her enemy.

 ”Nanafushi, do you have any weaknesses?”

 When I asked that, Nanafushi smiled with joy.

 ”Why do you ask such a question? Would we betray you?”

 ”Oh, wouldn’t it be a problem if the enemy’s abilities could manipulate the mind?”

 ”Fufu, that’s right. You should think about when we were manipulated. That’s how dangerous we are.”

 Rikka said nothing and responded Nanafushi’s words with flinch.

 ”If we were manipulated–“

 ”Kill me, because I have a contract with Nanafushi. If I die without canceling the contract, she will die too.”

 ”That’s right.”

 Tamamushi answered by blocking the words of Nanafushi. Nanafushi agreed with the words of Tamamushi.

 ”There are several ways to incapacitate me. For example, you can disassemble my body into pieces and seal each part individually. Then you can incapacitate me. But first you must beat me. If you can do it, you don’t have to look at me as dangerous in the first place. I’m dangerous because you can’t do it, so you should take a certain method to killing me”

 Well, After hearing Tamamushi’ explanation, I could have expected it, but that’s why it’s annoying.

 Because she is hard to kill. Almost immortal due to the insect in her womb.

 ”It’s easy to kill me. Beforehand, you can put a small bomb to my body and entrust the activation of bomb to Suzuhara. So, I will be inflicted by a fatal injury , and then I can die”

 ”Hmm, I see. Then put a similar bomb in my body.”

 ”What !?”

 Rikka, who had been shining her eyes and dyeing her cheeks, shouting on my words.

 ”Amoung our members, the ones that will be considered to be manipulated first are me and Nanafushi. If we are manipulated, you should consider how to eliminate us immediately. Besides, I will leave the command system to Marina. If I die, I can’t avoid a slight decrease in strength, but if Marina is safe, I can avoid the worst possible outcome.”

 ”P, please wait! Please wait a moment, Master–“

 Rikka tried to disagree with her ghastly pale face then stretched out her right hand to prevent me.

 It’s necessary to do this. If I don’t use this method, it’s better, but in the worst case, I have to do this.

 Otherwise, our groups will be wiped out.

 ”Okay, but Suzuhara, who will be responsible for detonating the bombs inside your body?”

 Tamamushi asks with a straight face.

 ”Before, I ask Marina about that, then I will ask Asahina and Yuka too.”

 Tamamushi and Nanafushi nodded to my words.

 ”Rikka, you should obey me”

 ”Ma, Master, Master, Master …”

 Rikka who almost crying keep calling me and follows me as I start walking.

 Poor Rikka. If you say I’m a “family” and I die, you’ll experience the same pain as when you lost your mother. (E/D:Uuuhh)

 I know her feeling. So I try not to die as much as possible, but I can’t help thinking about the worst situation. And she should think about how to overcome that situation.

 I called out Marina and took Rikka away from Asahina and others.

 Marina may not have knows completely the current situation, but she still draw close to me and obediently followed me.

 On the other hand, Rikka turned pale and flustered, then staring at me almost crying.

 When I stopped, I looked back and stared Marina.

 Marina who is stopped also staring straight at me.

 ”I’ll talk more about the situation later, but I’ve involved you and Yuka in trouble. First of all, I apologize for that. I didn’t want you to get involved if possible, but it’s safer to incorporate than to leave you alone. I’m sorry. “

 With that said, I bowed to Marina.

 ”In addition, I have a request.”

 I looked up and asked Marina.

 Marina listens to me silently, with her face unchanged.

 With my hand on the back of pale and flustered Rikka, I pulled her and put Rikka in front of me.

 ”This girl is Rikka Suzuhara, my family. Think of her as my sister. At the worst case, I want you to take care of her.”

 ”I hate it!”

 It was Rikka who responded to my words.

 ”I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I want together with master! I’ll never allow master to die! If master die, I’ll die too!”

 Rikka clinging to me, spilling large tears from her red eyes and screaming.

 I knew that if I told Rikka about such a story, it would be like this. But if I procrastinate it, things will get worse and worse.

 I still have some time for now. That’s why I decided to tell Marina and at the same time let Rikka know.

 ”Is it so dangerous?”

 Marina, who had been silent until then, opened her mouth while staring at the screaming Rikka with sad eyes.


 I nodding and answer Marina’s question.

 ”Does Suzuhara will die?”

 Marina staring at me asked me without changing her expression.

 ”I’m not going to die. But, I have my special ability. I ended up fighting a bit of a stupid troublesome enemy, but due to the nature of the ability, I have to be on the front line. My ability is support-type. It’s a specialized type, but if I go to the front line with that, there is a high probability that I will die, so I’d like to say it first. “

 ”I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I’ll die! If master dies, I’ll follow Master even to Hell! I’ll be with master all the time!”

 Rikka clinging to me and crying and screaming. I stroked the head of such Rikka.

 Follow me even I will go to Hell?

 I don’t think there will be a person who will tell me that.

 ”Rikka-chan wants to protect Suzuhara-san, Right? You don’t want to let Suzuhara-san die, Right? But can you protect him? Because Rikka-chan is weaker than me, isn’t it?”

 Marina suddenly say that to Rikka. She who heard the words, stopped crying. And–.


 With her red eyes bleeding and a chilling voice, Rikka letting out a terrible murderous intent and stared at Marina. Marina calmly receiving such a glare from Rikka.

 Cold sweat is transmitted to my cheeks.

 Marina, who was glared by Rikka, glanced at me. Then she blinked one of her eyes.

 ――I won’t show it to youu.

 That’s what “seen” in Marina’s heart.

 “I won’t show you”. It was clearly a message to me. And other than that message, I can’t “see” Marina’s mind.

 Nanafushi also have a method to prevent me from spooking her mind. But for Marina, this is a completely different thing.

 I see, I see. Is this a person with the ability of “concentration”? Category B seems to be a fairly high-ranking ability, but I’m convinced.

 Marina has an ability like a “mind” expert who specializes in “mind”. On the other hand, my ability is like a “bonus” when it comes to “mind”. Well, I can’t compete with an expert.

 Moreover, I realized the horror of Marina’s ability.

 Since I am innately person with unique abilities, usually I can deal a trouble with calm face without questioning my ability. However, if some person who have abilities suddenly appear, that will be bad. It’s make me definitely confused and crazy.

 That should be the case, but Marina is different. Because it is an ability that specializes in the “mind” and is dedicated to it.

 ”Telepathy”. It is the ability to connect minds. Perhaps “concentration” is a therapist-like ability, and that is what it really is.

 From Hizuki explanation, Marina has an additional element that makes the other person’s mind “relax” by using the transmission. Therefore, unlike the usual transmission, it is an ability that can be positioned in category B.

 Make my mind “warm”. In other words, the ability to “calm” the mind.

 This may be a greater ability than I imagined.

 ”Somehow, I’ve come to understand what people are thinking recently. That’s why Rikka-chan. You want to protect Suzuhara-san, right? But can you protect him even though you’are weaker than me? Isn’t it impossible?”

 Marina with her hands behind her, smiling and instigating Rikka.

 ”I’m weaker than you? I appreciate you, but I don’t think I’m weaker than you.”

 ”Then, do you want to fight?”

 ”You will regret it”

 Rikka responded on Marina’s provocation.

 ”Are~? Can I decide this on my own? I’m Suzuhara-san’s thing, you know? Rikka-chan may be Suzuhara-san’s family, but no matter how much the family is, Suzuhara-san’s possessions are must not be selfish. Is it okay to break me? You see, there is manner to treat a person who have intimate relationship, right? “

 Marina points out to Rikka with a smile.

 After be pointed by Marina, Rikka was surprised and looked at me with apparent upset.

 Oi oi, really? The strength of Rikka is real. Nevertheless, Marina has already taken control of the situation and beginning to take advantage of it.

 As of now, Marina is alone. But she has a friend.

 When Rikka is upset, this is overwhelmingly disadvantageous.

 ”Oh, also, Suzuhara-san and Rikka-chan are in pair, right? So isn’t that cunning because I’m alone? Oh, yeah. Rikka-chan is weak, because I’m scary, right? I see, That’s why You’re going two versus one. “

 In the provocation of Marina’s smile, blood vessels suddenly emerged in Rikka’s temples.

 ”Wait a minute. I will reinforce my strength.”

 Marina who said such a thing ran toward the side where Asahina and others were.

 Rikka, who was barely clenching her teeth, ran blood with her red eyes and kept staring at Marina who ran away.

 Rikka’s situation is getting worse every moment because I’m watching.

 She’ll lose.

 Soon after, Marina was back. It was Tamamushi that came with the help of Marina.

 ”What is it?”

 Tamamushi, who has been withdrawn from Marina, may not understand the situation at all. Muttering with a confused face.

 ” Uhhm, you’re Tamamushi, right? After I “see” you, I feel Tamamushi is a lot stronger than Rikka-chan, but with bare hands, Rikka-chan is a little stronger, isn’t it?”

 ”A little? I’m stronger than the one who can only use such bugs!”

 It seems that Marina’s words touched the bottom line of Rikka. Rikka, who shouted, pulled out a large knife from her back and stared at Marina with the momentum that she was about to jump.

 On one side, Tamamushi is–.

 ”I see”

 Perhaps she was interested in Marina, she looked up at Marina and had a curiosity in her emerald eyes.

 I said it lightly, but what Marina said was right.

 Rikka is strong. There is no doubt about it. But the versatility of Tamamushi’s abilities is very good.

 Tamamushi also has a straightforward style, so when she fought Rikka for the first time, she lost because she had to use physical techniques to match her. Also, if she had demonstrated his abilities without concern, she would still lost.

 ”Then I’ll have Tamamushi fight for me. I’ll have her fight with her bare hands for fairness.”

 Marina, who walked quickly, stood in front of Rikka and extended her right hand.

 ”I’ll keep that knife, or will you lose without it?”

 Marina has a soft smile and says something provocative. If she say that …

 ”I don’t need a knife. That person, bare hands are enough.”

 Rikka, responding the provocation of Marina, then give her knife to Marina.

 ”Wow, heavier! What is this knife! Isn’t it heavier than a hatchet !?”

 Marina, who received the Rikka knife, held the handle of the knife in both hands and shouted with astonishment.

 ”Then, would you like to start the game with your bare hands?”

 With that said, Marina moved to the side of me and stood next to me and asked.

 ”Oh, but sorry, Rikka-chan lost.”

 Following Marina’s words, a knife blade was placed on my throat.

 Rikka, who had been staring at Tamamushi until then, looked back and was stunned.


 And she made a stupid voice.

 ”I won, right? Because I was able to hit Suzuhara-san’s throat with a knife blade. Or does Rikka-chan want to fight Tamamushi-chan and decide the victory or defeat even if Suzuhara-san dies?”

 Marina’s words shook her stunned eyes.

 ”Why Rikka-chan wants to win the game? Is the role of Rikka-chan is to win the game? Even if Suzuhara-san life is endangered, is it important to win the game?”

 Marina talks to Rikka with a straight face while holding a knife in my throat.

 ”Wh, what are you talking stupid! Nonsense! Cheating! What on earth do you want to do!”

 Rikka criticizes Marina while shaking her eyes and clearly being upset.

 ”Nee~ Rikka-chan. Rikka-chan wants to protect Suzuhara-san, right?”

 Marina, who took the knife blade away from my throat, crouched in front of Rikka and looked up at Rikka and asked.

 ”A while ago, Suzuhara-san told me that if he died, he would ask for Rikka-chan, right? Is that reckless? Is Suzuhara-san wants to die? No, isn’t it? Then I tried to take action first. Then what happened to Rikka-chan? What happened to Rikka-chan when you were provoked? Wasn’t it the role of Rikka-chan to protect Suzuhara-san? “

 With that said, Marina had Rikka’s hand hold the handle of the knife.

 ”Rikka-chan wants to be Suzuhara-san’s knife, right? How do you use Rikka-chan’s knife? You hold it in your hand, right? Rikka-chan and the knife are one and the same, right? If you want to be, never leave from his side. Always have Suzuhara-san hold the handle. If you are by his side more than anyone else, if worst case happened, you have to take Suzuhara-san and run away. It’s also a great role for knives.”

 Rikka silently listening to Marina’s speech. The color of anger had disappeared from her red eyes.

 ”Suzuhara-san said if he might died but I’m sure Suzuhara-san is thinking about many possibilities and facing the possibility that he will die. Then, Rikka-chan, I talked this to you because it’s really very important. If Rikka suddenly hears such a story, I’m sure it will be confusing, so I told Rikka-chan in this way. “

 Marina gently rests her hands on Rikka’s shoulders, looks at Rikka, and stares straight into Rikka’s eyes.

 ”Then what do you do? Please don’t die, okay? You say you’ll die together? No. I think you can do it, because that will reduce the chances of Suzuhara-san dying. Then, Rikka-chan, What you can do? That is become Suzuhara-san’s knife. You must become cold and sharpened blade. Rikka-chan should only hear Suzuhara-san’s words. Don’t shake. Don’t get lost. Don’t leave and protect Suzuhara-san, just think about it.”

 Rikka silently listening to Marina’s words. The expression gradually tightens. And a strong light began to illuminate her red eyes.

 ”I was surprised. It’s a monster different from that girl, Asahina.”

 Tamamushi that moved next to me muttered in a whisper, staring at Marina.

 No, I’m surprised too. As Tamamushi says, the type is different from Asahina, but she is definitely a monster.

 The groups which have Marina will definitely get stronger.

 The most terrifying is the Heavenly Eye. I finally understood what Hizuki was saying.

 Tamamushi who is a bug user, is categorized in C. Kazehana is also classified in Category C. And Yuka, who has a mantra, which is almost invincible if you just listen to it, is also in category C. Marina and Rikka have higher abilities than those three. How amazing it is. And the heavenly eye saw it.

 ”Ma, Marina … -sama”

 Rikka, who muttered, hugged Marina tightly and buried her face in her big tits.


 Rikka mutters in her heart while hugging Marina.

 Unlike Kazehana, Rikka hardly remembers her mother. However, Marina saw the image of her mother.

 A mother who lost to Kudan, an old bug user.

 A mother who fought Kudan head-on, but if she could escape, she would have escaped. But it was impossible. Therefore, she fought with her life on the bet and succeeded in letting Kazehana and Rikka escape.

 She wasn’t a reckless mother. She was a good mother who could always think about her children and choose the best path. Like Marina.

 Marina, who hugged Rikka, looked up at me while gently stroking Rikka’s back.

 ”I hear only one, but is it impossible to escape?”

 Marina asked me while looking up at me.

 ”You know Hizuki. She’s also have a unique ability, but that ability is dangerous. It’s an ability that can rule the world depending on how it is used. But it is not handled. On the contrary, it is in a dangerous state swallowed by the ability. If she left untreated, her spirit will probably extinguished in the near future. “

 Marina listening silently to my words.

 ”It doesn’t matter if Hizuki can use or not use the ability. But, it’s important that Hizuki has that ability. If she’s known, she will definitely be targeted. But, it’s speculative, she already may be known. If they take the initiative, I will be at a disadvantage. I should do it before that happens. This is a small group, but the “quality” of the ability is good. If I do it well there is a good chance of winning. “

 Marina, who heard my words, exhaled quietly when she closed her eyes. And when she opened her eyes, she glanced at me.

 ”If so, it’s not the case when you’re at a loss.”


 ”I have to set up a strategy right away.”

 ”Oh, it would be great if you could do that.”

 When she nodded and answered, Marina gently let go of Rikka. Then I held Rikka’s hand and stood up.

 ”If possible, I’d like to leave all the command system to you. I want to attach Tamamushi as an aid, but I also need Tamamushi. Then, I will attach Nanafushi to you. If you have any questions, ask Nanafushi.”

 ”What about Suzuhara-san?”

 ”First of all, I have to do something about Hizuki. To do that, I need Asahina and Tamamushi. I also have Rikka’s older sister, but if Hizuki still useless, Kazehana can’t be used. And for Yuka, I will take care of that. “

 ”Okay, then when I get information from Nanafushi, I immediately set up a strategy and take action.”

 ”Ok, I entrust it to you”

 The moment I nodded to Marina and answered that, I felt that my shoulders had become lighter.

 There are a lot of things to do, but I was relieved.

 Oh, I see. Is this the feeling when my heart is “warm”?

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