Xray 108

Chapter 108

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 Asahina carried Yuka on her back and headed to Tamamushi’s house.

 Shinozaki didn’t know what happen, so he didn’t say anything.

 But, when Yuka wakes up, she will surely goes to help Shinozaki.

 Because when Yuka protected by him, he was beaten up in front of her, and she was confused when she saw him do that.

 So, in order to calm Yuka, I have to bring Shinozaki too, even though I’m reluctant.

 Then reluctantly, I decided to bring Shinozaki with me.

 After arrived at Tamamushi’s house, I decided to discuss the strategy with Marina and divide the team.

 Marina has a strategy meeting with Nanafushi. Nanafushi are the most knowledgeable among us. In addition, she has a quick mind and can think objectively without any personal feelings. She is a perfect person to provide information and discuss with Marina.

 I decided to have Tamamushi do some research about how to apply Hizuki’s ability to Asahina in order to control Hizuki’s ability. It seems that Marina’s ability is required to use this method, but everything still in theory so is dangerous. That’s why I decided to ask them to find out if there were any similar cases in the past and if there was any other information needed for such a method. Then, I decided order Rikka to join her as assistant.

 Rikka hates Tamamushi, but Tamamushi not hate her.

 Right now, Hizuki and Kazehana can’t be used. So, there is no choice but to leave them alone until the research of Tamamushi is completed.

 After that–.

 ”What are you looking at?!”

 Asahina who has standing on the hallway, folding her arms and staring at me.

 What must I do with this problem child. It would be helpful if she is quiet, but I’m worried that if she was left alone, she might cause some problems.

 ”Asahina, do you have a time?”

 When I called Asahina, she snorted and turned away.

 ”If you have something to me, come here”

 Well, it just a step away to come.

 Whatever, It’s a waste of time to argue her.

 As I approached Asahina, I put my right hand on Asahina’s shoulder and pulled her roughly.

 ”You know…”

 ”W, what?”

 Whispering in Asahina’s ear, Asahina shouted trembling with her face averted.

 Asahina is hard-headed, but her ears are red.

 ――W, what? Did you get horny when you saw me? Pervert ♡ After all Suzuhara-kun is the worst ♡ Right now, I will be fucked from behind in a place like this ♡ If you want to rape me, you can do it ♡ But,I will never yield♡ So, rape me as much as you like ♡

 Apparently Asahina wants to be fucked by me on here. Moreover, in the back (Anus). It seems that she wants to be violated many times too, not just once.

 Apparently because one thing or another, she seems to fall in love with me.

 If I want rape her, I will do it, but in the case of when this girl is wishing it, it doesn’t mean that I will obediently fulfilled her wishes. On the contrary, if I do not fulfill her wishes, she will likely to get into trouble and cause more problems.

 ”I tell you, don’t look for something in Tamamushi’s house.”

 ”… what?”

 Asahina raises a vague voice to my words.

 Asahina, I know. She might have a thought that Tamamushi might have a medicine to make her boobs bigger. I can “see” it.

 It doesn’t matter if she take a strange medicine and she’s dying, but it’s a problem if she bother others like the one at abandoned factory.

 However, I don’t think she will obediently accept my order just by saying it normally.

 ”Naa, Asahina”


 ”I’m a little worried.”

 ”So, what are you worried about?”

 Asahina didn’t looks at me, but her red ears turned redder.

 This is a change her thinking. Asahina is worried about having small breasts. Then, I decided to talk about the topic of small breasts.

 ”Small breasts are said to have high nipple sensitivity, right?”

 While whispering in Asahina’s ear, I gently stroked Asahina’s right chest with my right hand.

 Asahina reacts with trembled while turning her face away.

 ”Well, It’s not attractive as a woman who have no chest. However, I think that the sight of the nipple erecting hard without breasts is quite erotic. Such a slippery hard erection. I think that a woman who is tampered with her nipples and panting is cute and quite erotic. What do you think, Asahina? ”

 Asahina’s face flushed and she shook her eyes.

 ――Eh, erotic? Is it erotic? Is it erotic that my nipple is hard erected even though it is small breasts? Do boys like to say that? Eh? That’s me, right? Eh? Maybe I’m cute and quite erotic?

 Asahina, who seems to be quite upset, asks herself in her heart.

 ――I, I was in trouble ♡ I was a sinful woman ♡ Already, Suzuhara-kun actually liked my small breasts and blamed my nipples that were hard erected even though they were small breasts , he was dying to see me writhing erotic♡ Truly ♡ Suzuhara-kun is the worst pervert after all ♡

 Asahina repeats her own words and gradually gets on the tone.

 ――Yu, Yuka is good, but Yuuki-senpai has obvious big breasts, white-haired loli and silver-haired loli, also pink-haired loli breasts are big, so why am I alone who don’t have a breast? That’s what I thought before, but now I’m the only one who can express the erotic cuteness that the nipples are swelling even though there is no chest! I just have a small chest, I wasn’t miserable!

 In the case of Asahina, it is safe to think in this way. I’m sure she will endlessly moody by repeating her own questions.

 If I left unattended there, the neglected play will be established.

 It would have been a catastrophe if I failed, but I’m glad it worked.

 ”A, Asahina, can you wait “here” a minute? because I want talk to you later”

 With that said, I tapped Asahina’s shoulder.

 ”Huh!? W, why do I have to wait for you! Call me after sleeping! Hmm!”

 Asahina turned bright red and raised her voice then denied my request, folded her arms and turned away.

 ”Well, later”

 I raised my right hand lightly and said so and left Asahina.

 ”Hm, Hmm! I, I can’t hear your request!”

 Asahina repels with a rebellious attitude, but does not make a slight movement from the spot.

 Alright, I was able to take care Asahina in the corridor. With this, this girl will continue to stand “here” endlessly, in agony.

 Maybe I’m good at handling Asahina.

 After having take care Asahina in the corridor, I headed to the Tamamushi’s bedroom.

 Yuka is in that room. Asahina carried Yuka to there and laid her on the bed. By the way, Shinozaki lying on the floor.

 According to Tamamushi, Shinozaki should be treated immediately, but he will not die immediately without treatment. It’s not too late to treat him if he left unattended. That’s why I decided to leave him until it was too late and have Yuka to help him.

 If it works, I’ll treat him, but if it’s too late, he’s out of luck.

 With that in mind, I stood in front of the door of Tamamushi’s bedroom and tried to open it. But, I suddenly felt uncomfortable there.

 Wait a minute. Why can I “see” Yuka sleeping on the bed behind the door?

 By the way, Asahina’s heart was “visible”.

 With Hizuki by my side, my abilities would be disabled. However, right now, it can be activated without any problem.

 ”No way …”

 Is Hizuki so weak that it can’t affect my abilities?

 In other words, the Heavenly Eye is no longer useful.

 I wanted to move the base if possible. Because, Tamamushi was involved in Kudan’s organization. Moreover, Tamamushi’s house is already be known by the enemy. That’s why I wanted to move to Hizuki’s house, where she live alone.

 What will I do now? If Yuka wakes up, she won’t be calm right away. In addition to that, the condition of Hizuki is dangerous too.

 Tamamushi’s house is dangerous, but the materials collected by Tamamushi are abundant. Insects, medicines, and materials that produce them are also in place. Moreover, this house is suitable for repelling enemies.

 It takes a considerable amount of time to put together the necessary materials and materials, move them, and get them in perfect condition. It waste of time to do that.

 Then, do we have to stay here prepared to be found by the enemy?

 If I can find them first, I can take the initiative.

 However, there is no difference in being disadvantageous.

 If I’m an enemy and I’m aware of our existence, I’m aiming for us right now.

 ”That’s right. So you went out like this. ”

 Suddenly, I heard a voice. No, it’s better to say that it echoed in my brain directly than I heard it throught my ear.

 There is an old woman who standing behind me.

 It’s Absurb, it’s impossible. My ability was working fine. However, I didn’t notice the approach of the old woman.

 There are three possibilities.

 First, the old woman is a person of unique abilities and has the power to sneak through my abilities.

 Second, the old woman is a person of unique abilities and has the power to move in space.

 And third, the old woman “does not exist” here.

 ”The third is the correct answer. I don’t exist here.”

 The old woman gives the answer.

 She see through my mind.

 Just as I thought. The old woman is certainly standing behind me, but I don’t feel any sign. Besides, there is no “body” of the old woman. No, I don’t even know if she doesn’t exist. As far as I can see with my “eyes”, the “body” of the old woman is pitch black.

 ”This is unexpected situasion! That I want to say, but are you Kudan?”

 ”Oh, that’s right”

 The old woman answered my question easily.

 Suddenly the last boss appears.

 ”I hear something unexpected, but what do you want to do?”

 ”I wanted to talk to you. And because the power of the Heavenly Eye has disappeared. I can talk to you like this. ”

 Is it because the power of the Heavenly Eye has disappeared?

 The Heavenly Eye was the opposite of my ability and disabled my ability in the same time. And that’s probably not just my ability who disabled.

 I was thinking that the location of the enemy would be leaked due to the appearance of the Heavenly Eye, but at the same time, if the Heavenly Eye was activated, my ability also disabled that means it’s a state where the enemy could not approach.

 The disappearance of that Heavenly Eye means that the enemy boss can approach here.

 ”I have a request for you”


 ”Kill me”


 Looking back at the old woman’s words, I glanced at the old woman.

 The old woman in a black robe is terribly dreadful, she has a cane, and wears a black hood lower than her eyes.

 ”Don’t get me wrong, okay, but I don’t want to be aware of my sins and be killed to repent.”

 ”Why do you want to die?”

 ”I don’t want to die. I want to fight. ”

 ”Do you want to fight?”

 ”Did you hear the story of a woman named Makiri? That woman was good. Makiri is the only one who has cornered me later and earlier. It was fun. The battle on the brink of life with that woman was really fun. ”

 The old woman, who speaks in a wrinkled voice, grinned and distorted her mouth, which I could see through her lowered hood.

 ”Oh no, there was another one. It wasn’t very strong, but there was a Demibeast woman who confronted me with tremendous obsession. She is a strong woman who has been fighting even though she is already dead. That kind of battle is good. ”

 A Demibeast woman who continued to fight even if she died. Is she the mother of Kazehana and Rikka?

 ”Do you admit that Demibeast woman?”


 ”Are you respecting her?”


 ”Why did you take her daughters away?”

 ”The Mother is strong, but not necessarily for the daughters. I’m not interested in the weak, so I don’t tried to catch the two escaped daughters who seemed to have a talent. But, for the rest of the daughters were tortured and killed in order for them to resent me and solidify their determination to overthrow me. Oh yes, there’s one left. To tell you, she was suffering, writhing, despairing, and dying.”

 Oh, yeah. Are you the one who says that?

 ”The Heavenly eyes is insignificant. If there is no future that can beat me, the Heavenly Eyes is useless. However, the Earth Eye is different. The power to sever the future seen by the Heavenly Eye is the Earth Eye. Mutaro Suzuhara. I’m looking forward to you. Please kill me. Please entertain me. I’m too bored. I don’t really feel alive. ”

 Kudan begging me with a wrinkled voice.

 Is it just play for Kudan? But for us, it’s a life-threatening play.

 ”I will not leak you to my subordinates. But even if my subordinates notice your existence and start moving, I will not speak. Pave the way with your own strength and stand in front of me. Then I will deal with you alone. ”

 ”Oh, I understand.”

 I nodded, staring at Kudan and smiling’.

 ”Just wait, I’ll definitely go see you and I’ll definitely kill you.”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry. I say gratitude to you. My Beloved Suzuhara. I will be waiting. Please be sure to come see me and be sure to kill me. ”

 Kudan smiled happily through the hood that she covered for her eyes. Then, the figure suddenly disappeared.

 ”Is that Kudan?”

 She’s definitely not evil. Not good either. She just want to enjoy herself, bet her life on her own. Such a very pure person.

 Living for a long time, she remains pure all the time.

 And because she’s only interested in her own desires, she can continue to be the pinnacle of a huge organization.

 Wealth and power are only by-products of satisfying one’s desires. She can give such “crap” things to her subordinates.

 She entrust everything to her subordinates, and she just wait for the strong man.

 A battle enthusiast who seeks only such a battle that puts her life at risk.

 She said, Kudan would laugh if she lost the fight. And She will laugh too because it was the most enjoyable fight.

 She said, how much life has Kudan played with? But she must have been fight hundred of person. Whenever she fight, she bet her life.

 It’s similar. I talked and thought it was similar.

 Kudan is similar to Asahina.

 ”It’s more troublesome than I expected …”

 By meeting and talking to Kudan, I realized that there was something.

 That is the strength of Kudan.

 I couldn’t figure it out perfectly, but I could guess.

 Guessing the strength of Kudan. It is stronger than the Allied Organization, which brought together all the power of the world.

 To put it more simply, Kudan is the “strongest” right now.

 If there is a stronger presence than Kudan, she will be happy to go for a fight. Whether it’s a country or an Allied Organization, she should go for a fight regardless. But she said she was about too bored in her spare time. In other words, there is no one who deserves to be recognized as an enemy.

 We barely beat Kudan’s discernment. But for now, we don’t deserve an “enemy”. Kudan knows that. That’s why she came all the way to incite me.

 Do your best, become stronger, and entertain me at best.

 If she’s make light of us, she have a chance to take advantage of it. However, she is not underestimated us. She will waiting. She will waiting for us to grow up as “enemy” and stand in front of her.

 She didn’t make light of us. There is no chance. It doesn’t matter when she is. No matter what cowardly method we uses, whether she’s ambushed or not, she’ll fight openly alone. That’s how she always bet her life. Even so, she sad because she can’t find a life-threatening enemy.

 ”Thank you for coming.”

 Being wary of the enemy’s surprise attack, I can’t help but to think that I will trying to move my base.

 It is impossible to beat Kudan if her organization wary of us.

 I didn’t really understand how powerful the “enemy” we should defeat.

 As it is now, we can never beat Kudan.

 But there is hope.

 The first is Asahina. Using the power of Marina, she will insert Hizuki’s heavenly eyes power to Asahina. How will Asahina change as a result? I just can hope because it is unpredictable.

 The second is the words of Hizuki. She recommended to use her ability. Hitsuki at that time may not be perfect, but she was certainly manipulating the Heavenly Eye. How far did she “see” it? I don’t know that, but I think she recommended to use her ability because she thought there was a chance of winning.

 And the third. This is also Hizuki’s word, but at that time Hizuki advised to add Yukina to the team. Yukina said she was special. Because she’s something special to me, like a younger brother.

 If Rikka is a younger sister, Yukina is a younger brother.

 I need Rikka. So, my younger brother Yukina may also be needed.

 However, I didn’t want to involve her if possible.

 ”If I have more power …”

 Right now, My Ability can only support others. So, I will leave it to others.

 If I had more power, I would head to Kudan right away and fight her at the same time.

 I opened the door with a sigh and entered the bedroom where Yuka was sleeping.

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