Xray 109

Chapter 109

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 I sit on the bed and looking at Yuka who sleeping.

 Yuka, who is having a nightmare, repeatedly projected the same image in her mind.

 Everything is my responsibility.

 Her timid self who was afraid of men and was compliant is bad.

 Yes, Yuka blames herself.

 Then, an image of Shinozaki being beaten in front of her projected.

 Even though, he collapsed in front of her. He still be beaten up relentlessly. Witnessing the scene, Yuka, who is squeezed by the men, shouts like crazy.

 Yuka, who is being raped by multiple men as the scene changes, smiles while crying.

 I’m bad.

 Everything was caused by me.

 Then, the image changes again, there is girl’s back which was always reflected in Yuka’s eyes who being raped.

 Yuka is a girl who can only see her back because the girl just walking straight ahead.

 The girl with twin-tailed black hair, never looking back.

 The girl is Asahina.

 Staring at Asahina’s back, Yuka looks it with sorrowful eyes.

 Why couldn’t I be like her?

 Why did I betray her?

 I was jealous of her. I was envious of her. I was hate of her.

 She is strong girl but I am weak.

 Yuka, who is shouted, puts out her right hand inside the futon and stretches her right hand toward the void.

 No matter how much she reach out, that hand will never reach Asahina.

 Then, the tears flowed from the corners of her eyes.

 ”It’s not Asahina fault.”

 As I muttered, I gently grasped Yuka’s right hand which was stretched toward the void, no, toward Asahina’s back.


 The image projected on Yuka’s heart suddenly cut off, and she muttered then slowly opening her eyes.

 ”Mota-kun. Oh, I’m glad. Mota-kun.”

 Yuka, who looked at me with a soft smile, closed her eyes again, perhaps because she fell sleepy. Then she held my hand back and fell asleep.

 Then, an image projected from Yuka’s dream which reflected from her mind.

 It’s all right now.

 Mota-kun came.

 Then it’s okay.

 Her terrible feelings that are repeatedly before completely disappear.

 The nightmare has changed completely.

 Yuka, who was raped by the men, is staring at one point with a peaceful smile.

 The men who were raped Yuka are staring at one point with a frightened face.

 Asahina is in front of their line of sight.

 Asahina who was walking with her back facing to Yuka, clenched her right fist and laughed loudly.

 Then, Asahina rushed towards the men.

 The frightened men shouted and jumped at Asahina.

 Asahina rushed into the countless fists that are unleashed by them without fear, receives the fist head-on, and unleashes her own fist.

 Asahina fights with only her two fist while bathing in hundreds of fists.

 She can’t win. The numbers are too different.

 But, Yuka still smiling. Instead of her flirtatious smile, she had a peaceful smile.

 Asahina, who is bathed in a hundred fists, crushes the men with every blow.

 One hundred becomes ninety-nine, then ninety-eight, then ninety-seven.

 ――If I pull out my fist only 97 times again, they will be annihilated.

 Asahina clenches her fist, looking at her prey with her ferocious carnivorous eyes, with a grinning smile while becoming tattered.

 ――Fufu, sorry.

 Yuka laughed and muttered a words.

 The man appeared next to Yuka.

 –Mota-kun has come. Well then, those people are over.

 Yuka talked to “I” who stood next to Yuka, laughing with giggles.

 Unprepared unkempt hair and unmotivated eyes.

 In Yuka’s mind, am I like that?

 I wish she could make me a little cooler in her dreams.

 –I am different from Asahina who’s idiot. The bad places are opposed by Asahina, and only the good places which I will fight.

 ”I” who spoke to Yuka stepped into the place where Asahina and the men were fighting.

 Asahina’s fist is buzzing.

 The man hesitates to block Asahina’s fist in a desperate manner. However, he was so desperate that he collapsed, and “I” mercilessly kicked down the back of such a man.

 Asahina attacks from the front, which creates a gap for the men, and “I” pokes on there.

 No matter what sneaky and cowardly hand the opponent uses, Asahina fight with the straightforward approach, never retreats, and crushes the enemy head-on.

 Taking advantage of the gap created by Asahina, “I” tramples the enemy mercilessly, and sneakyly.

 Exactly, the front and back is like light and darkness.

 The number of men are quickly reduced, and Yuka’s eyes saw Asahina and “I” standing back to back.

 Oh, I see. Is this why Yuka had a nightmare?

 That’s when Shinozaki beaten up in front of Yuka, then Asahina appeared there and attacked the delinquents.

 However, when Yuka is behind Asahina.

 Asahina is becoming more and more tattered while protecting Yuka.

 Then, after seeing Shinozaki being beaten up and seeing Asahina becoming tattered, Yuka couldn’t ask for help anymore.

 But she was really shouted. She was calling for help. She was desperately asking for help.

 To “me”.

 But, even I will collapsed too because of herself.

 So Yuka couldn’t ask for help anymore and kept blaming herself.

 It’s bad.

 It’s bad for Shinozaki to beaten up and fall to the ground, and for Asahina to fall apart.

 That’s how she kept blame herself and went mad.

 But, right now, Yuka is sleeping peacefully.

 She remembered.

 How cunning, cowardly, brutal and unforgiving “I” is.

 Such “I” appeared in front of Yuka. So Yuka was relieved.

 So, it’s okay.

 ”Kuku, Yuka, after all you are a good woman.”

 As I muttered, I gently let go of Yuka’s hand and put it back in the futon.

 It was dangerous.

 After, meeting and talking to Kudan, I was about to be swallowed with her talk.

 Why do I have to defeat her in a “straightforward manner”?

 No. I will not do that.

 I can leave that to Asahina.

 Thanks to Yuka, I woke up.

 I just have to stick to my way.

 ”Then, how do I crush her?”

 This battle must be won. Yes, I have to win.

 No matter what kind of method I use, it’s okay if I win.

 I wonder what method it is. I’m kind of excited.

 As I was about to leave the room, I remembered the existence of Shinozaki lying on the floor.

 While crouching, I grab Shinozaki’s hair and lift him.

 ”… u”

 Shinozaki moans slightly.

 He wasn’t fatally injured, but if I leave him for longer, he will in really dangerous condition.

 ”Yuka wasn’t waiting for you. But, she was waiting for me.”

 It was just a matter of saying that without this guy, Yuka, who was confused, couldn’t calm down. But Yuka was waiting for me, and I didn’t need this guy. Now that I know that, I feel good now.

 ”You are lucky. I will save you.”

 But it’s not fun only save him. I never forgive this guy.

 Well, Can I give him to Tamamushi as an experimental material?

 Even such a helpless guy may be able to use it to some extent by “modifying” it.

 Thinking so, when I let go of Shinozaki’s hair, I stood up and left the room.

 To talk about Shinozaki, I headed upstairs where Tamamushi are.

 On the way, I passed in front of Asahina who standing in the corridor while her cheeks is flushed, but she didn’t say anything in particular.

 ――Fufu, Suzuhara-kun seems to be busy~ ♡ Well, let’s talk later~ ♡

 I “snooped” Asahina’s mind, but it seems she can still wait. Then let’s her wait.

 When I arrived at the stairs and tried to go upstairs, I “seen” Nanafushi and Marina approaching.

 Similarly, Tamamushi and Rikka that came out of the library on the second floor are about to come down to the first floor.

 When waiting, four people are gathered.

 ”Oh, just at the right time -ssu” (Nanafushi add -ssu on her sentence)

 ”Oh, just at the right time ” (Tamamushi)

 Nanafushi who walking down from the corridor and Tamamushi who walking down from the stairs are looked at me and say a words.

 ”It’s not the best as a strategy, but for the time being, it’s decided -ssu.” (Nanafushi)

 ”Me too. I didn’t understand anything after all, but I came up with a good idea.” (Tamamushi)

 Nanafushi and Tamamushi who standing in front of me, each raise their voices.

 Because they can talk in their brains. They can share information even if they are far away.

 ”I came up with a good idea because I heard the strategy from Marina and Nanafushi had in mind. The strategy that they can be used in my plan.”

 In response to the words of Tamamushi, Rikka who standing behind Tamamushi puffed her cheeks.

 Apparently, she don’t like Tamamushi’s idea.

 ”I have to s*x with Marina continously. Is that a good idea?”

 After, “Snooping” Tamamushi’s mind I asked Tamamushi while looking at the glance and Marina.

 Marina, who was seen sideways, quickly turned her eyes away, turned bright red to ears and embarrased.

 On the other hand, Rikka keeps her cheeks puffed. She’s in a bad mood.

 Rikka isn’t jealous of Marina, and she doesn’t seem to reject the idea of ​​Tamamushi.

 ”It’s not just “s*x”. Let me take a record. Marina has just developed her abilities. I’m sorry to say, but there is no one who is more suitable for experimental materials. How can the ability improved by having “s*x” with Suzuhara? Does the way of improving the ability change depending on the difference in the action? What kind of action improves the ability most efficiently? In other words, the condition of the ability improvement. If I can know that, it will be possible to dramatically improve the ability value of the entire team. “

 I see. Tamamushi focused on an interesting place.

 Efficiency improvement of ability. It’s need an experiments to make it know.

 By contacting me, she will awaken to the power of unique abilities and her stats will improve. I knew that, but under what “conditions” would the ability will improve? Are there any “conditions” that can be easily improved? If we can know this, it will be possible to improve the efficiency of improvement, and it will be possible to dramatically improve the strength of the team.

 ”Also, regarding Hizuki, there are too few documents about Heavenly Eyes in the first place. And there is no record that Heavenly Eyes and Earth Eyes are existed at the same time. So it’s bad, but I don’t understand. That’s why Marina’s ability. As far as I hear from Suzuhara and Marina, Marina’s ability is specialized and familiar with the “mind.” Now, improving Marina’s ability is the most important thing. I decided that it was the first decision. I can’t say for sure, but I think Marina’s ability can manage Hizuki’s Heavenly Eyes. “


 I was convinced by the words of Tamamushi and nodded.

 If she can’t figure it out, it’s definitely a waste of time. Then she should bet on what is even the slightest possibility.



 ”It was helpful for me to judge early that it was useless even if I looked it up. What I found to be useless was the harvest.”

 Effort is important, and the spirit of not giving up is also important. But sometimes it’s important to give up and truncate.

 In other words, it is the switching of thinking and the flexibility of thinking.

 ”W, well, that …I, I came up with it because I had an opinion with Nanafushi and Marina, and I didn’t think about it alone.”

 Tamamushi, which was praised by me, flushed red and became embarassed.

 ”… What about me?”

 Hearing the words of Tamamushi, Rikka, who had been rotten until then, stared at Tamamushi with her eyes.

 ”I helped you too! Why don’t you just call my name!”

 Rikka, who turned around from her eyes and revealed her anger, turned her face bright red, stared at Tamamushi, and shouted.

 It seems that Tamamushi did not call the name of Rikka.

 ”Thank you for helping me unwillingly.”


 When Tamamushi saw Rikka with her eyes, she is muttered to Rikka who was angry, shouted the Rikka withdrew.

 It looks like Rikka is been hit by a painful place. She, who hates Tamamushi, probably helped her unwillingly. Because of that awareness, she can’t argue back Tamamushi.

 ”Oh, then, next, I’ll talk …”

 Marina, standing behind Nanafushi, raised her right hand terrifyingly, making her face bright red with embarrassingly mood.

 Everyone’s consciousness concentrated on Marina, and she, who trembled, turned to bright red and went down. However, she raised her face and tightened her expression. But her face is still bright red with teary eyes.

 “While I, I, I was doing that with Su, Su, Suzuhara-san, th, that, s, s, s*xual intercourse.”

 Marina, who is too embarrassed to say that, is still looking straight ahead.

 ”I think Su, Suzuhara-san also thinking about the current base and the attack on the enemy. I talked with Nanafushi-chan and Tamamushi-chan, but it is not a good idea to move the base now. But, when that happen, we have to be wary of enemy attacks. Therefore, it’s essential to deploy guards and be prepared to intercept.”

 Tamamushi and Nanafushi nodded to the words of Marina. And Rikka is trembled with tears.

 Rikka was angry when she was excluded from Tamamushi, but she seems to have been shocked without being called by Marina.

 Well, Rikka isn’t suitable for planning a strategy. But Rikka is now the cornerstone of defense and interception. I’m in trouble if she’s depressed.


 When I tried to call Rikka, Marina speaks earlier than me.

 ”Rikka-chan doesn’t have to attend the strategy meeting because her role is different. Rikka-chan’s role is to protect Suzuhara-san. Rikka-chan is an independent entity. You can order Rikka-chan. Rikka-chan is only for Suzuhara-san. Rikka-chan has the authority to ignore anything other than Suzuhara-san. So to speak, Rikka-chan is an personal bodyguard dedicated to Suzuhara-san.”

 ”I, I am an personal bodyguard for master…”

 Before this, Rikka was depressed, but when she heard Marina’s speaks, she dyed her cheeks and made her eyes shine.

 ”Someday Rikka will be the strongest. No doubt, because Suzuhara-san admitted that she is a “family”. She may be a knife now, but she will eventually become the strongest sword. I guarantee it.”

 Tamamushi and Nanafushi nodded to the words of Marina.

 Rikka, who looked around everyone, tightened her expression, squeezed her hands tightly, and looked at Marina.

 ”I am an personal bodyguard for master!”


 Rikka raises her voice to swear, and Marina nods with a smile when she hears the words.

 What makes Rikka, who was depressed a while ago, become like that in an instant?

 Is it her ability or her qualification? Either way, it’s a terrifying power.

 ”I have a report about interception in preparation for an enemy attack.”

 Then, Tamamushi speaks and closed his eyes. After that, emerald light rose from the whole body of Tamamushi.

 ”My insects have increased significantly. Most of them will be transferred to Nanafushi, but now I can generate almost unlimited insects. Probably still limited. If Suzuhara’s semen is depleted, the insect also decrease. So, I have to take semen on a regular basis.”

 With that said, Tamamushi opened her arms.

 A small insect on her open hands opened its wings and fly off. Then, it flies around Tamamushi.

 ”In the past, my limit to control insects is three at the same time. But now I can transfer the insects to Nanafushi and control five insects at the same time. If I get used to it, the number will increase. I wonder, can you leave the surveillance to me? “

 Marina nodded to the words of Tamamushi.

 ”Next is me”

 Then Nanafushi speaks.

 ”Now, I can’t control the power perfectly. But I’d like you to leave it to me when intercepting an enemy. Most of the enemies are confident to die. If I encounter an enemy that I can’t win, I can get enough time to for everyone to evacuate. Besides, if master is alive, we will not die. “

 Marina nodded to the words of Nanafushi.

 ”If I’m the scout, I can take a precaution in advance and send that information to Nanafushi.”

 ”Master and I are “Aun” (1). Whenever an enemy approaches, we can intercept it.”

 Tamamushi and Nanafushi nodding each other while facing facing each other.

 They have their own motives. Certainly, they are suitable.

 ”By saying that, while Suzuhara-san and I are having s*xual intercourse, Tamamushi-chan will observes and records Suzuhara-san and me, and keeps an eye on the surroundings. Rikka-chan is Suzuhara-san’s escort. Nanafushi-chan will stand by while maintaining a system that can intercept and waiting. “

 Marina is gathering opinions and giving instructions. But, maybe she became embarrassed after saying that, and she turned to red and looked down.

 After all, the act with me is observed and recorded by Tamamushi. Moreover, it will be seen from my escort, Rikka.

 It’s not like I having fun, but this sounds interesting.


 Marina, who had turned bright red and was embarassed, looked at me with her upper eyes and approached me.

 ”I’ve been worried for a long time, but what is Asahina doing while standing in the hallway? I’m worried because she doesn’t move while standing …”

 Marina who speaks at my ear and asks about her.

 ”I was also worried. Every time I walked in the corridor, she was glared at me and I think my life would be shortened.”

 ”I was also curious. She’s standing in the hallway like a wooden stick, but is there any meaning?”

 ”I’m worried about it. It’s scary because she seems want to attack me every time I walk in the corridor.”

 Three people who heard Marina’s doubts gathered at me and talked to me.

 Looking at the end of the corridor, Asahina standing by the wall is glancing at me. And when she met my eyes, she quickly turned away, her cheeks turned to red, and she grinned.

 Well, it’s going well.

 ”Well, don’t involved with her, it’s not worth it. If you leave her as it is, she’s harmless, so think her as a figurine or something and ignore her.”

 Everyone nodded at the same time to my words.

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