Xray 110

Chapter 110

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 I left Marina and Nanafushi in front of the stairs, and headed to the bedroom with Rikka and Tamamushi.

 I have to do something about Shinozaki before starting the experiment.

 I don’t know what happens to Shinozaki, but if he dies, it could affect Marina’s mental.

 ”Yuka seems to have calmed down.”

 As soon as we entered the bedroom, Tamamushi who saw Yuka sleeping peacefully glancing at me and muttering.

 I entered the bedroom while talking about Shinozaki, but I didn’t even look at Shinozaki and mentioned Yuka.

 ”Tamamushi, you are a good girl”

 Because of Yuka’s condition, I felt better, so I patted Tamamushi’s head.

 That’s fine, Tamamushi. Shinozaki just secondary, not important.


 A faint voice was heard. Then Yuka, who was sleeping in bed, turned over.

 ”……Suki~ ♡” (1)

 While closing eyes, Yuka mutters with a smile and she taking a sigh.

 ”Oi oi”

 I suddenly raised my voice.

 The dream that Yuka when sleeping. She had a nightmare a while ago, but now it’s totally different.

 Yuka smiles happily while sitting and burying her face in my crotch, doing fellatio while moaning, and looking at “I” who trembles with pleasure and “my” eyes which rolled up.

 It’s a dream, but why she’s serving me? Moreover, she looks so happy. Anyway, If it’s a dream, what should I do when I was the one who be served?

 ”I like Mota-kun. What about Mota-kun?”

 Yuka turns over and mutters while smiling sloppy.

 ”Mota-kun likes Yuka, right?”

 You talking a lot non-sense. Good grief, what are you talking about?

 ”Suzuhara loves Yuka after all.”

 Tamamushi said it was natural.

 ”Master loves Yuka very much.”

 Rikka also talks about thing that obviously.

 ”You guys, I love Yuka.”

 I put my hand on my waist and muttered with a sigh.

 Why do I have to say such an obvious thing now?

 ”Mota-kun …”

 Yuka, who turned over again, called my name.

 ”Your beloved Yuka is calling you.”

 Then, Tamamushi grinning and made fun of me.

 ”There were a various things, and couldn’t I together with Yuka-san for a while? the person who master love is lonely.”

 Rikka looks up at me with a sad face and says that.

 Well, that’s also the case.

 I sighed and scratched my head, then I sat down on the bed.

 ”Well, I’m in the way. I will bring Shinozaki down and make various preparations. Just be affectionate to each other until you satisfied. What about you, little girl?”

 Tamamushi grabbing Shinozaki’s leg who lying on the floor, and grinning after speaks that then she asked Rikka.

 ”I’m with Master”

 Rikka glares at Tamamushi with her sideways eyes, crosses her arms and turns her face away.

 Tamamushi smiled happily when she saw the tsun tsun (2) Rikka, and left the room while dragging Shinozaki.


 When I turned my eyes to the voice I heard, Yuka opened her eyes and looking at me sitting on the bed.

 ”Did you wake up?”

 ”I don’t know. It’s like I was between awake and still sleeping, but I felt like Mota was by my side.”

 ”I just came to the room, so now I’m here to see what my beloved Yuka looks like.”


 Yuka who listens to my words for some reason opens her eyes and raises a stupid voice.

 Did I say something strange?

 ”Mo, Mota-kun? J, just now, what are you talking about me … eh? Eh?”

 Perhaps she still confused, Yuka, who hides her mouth with a futon, turns bright red and shakes her eyes.

 She just woke up and there were a lot of things to be told. So, It’s natural to be confused.

 ”Tell me anything you want me to do, because it’s for my beloved Yuka.”

 I crouched down and turned to Yuka then whispered gently so as not to confuse her anymore.

 ”W, what’s that, it’s not like Mota-kun. Maybe you’re making fun of me?”


 Yuka, who covered her mouth with a futon and turned bright red, stared at me and said something strange.

 Isn’t it usual me? Am I not like me now? And am I making fun of Yuka? I’m going to take it as seriously as possible to calm the confused Yuka.

 ” I’m wicked and like to lie, but now I don’t mean to lie and I’m not kidding.”

 When I answered Yuka, Yuka was staring at me.

 Well, there were somethings about Shinozaki and the delinquents. She may be confused and suspicious.

 ”A, are you really saying that?”


 I immediately answered Yuka’s question.

 ”Then … sleep together with me”

 ”O, okay”

 Nodding to Yuka’s suspicious question, I rolled up the futon and lay down next to Yuka.

 ”Mota-kun. You’re kind of weird after all.”

 Yuka staring at me who lying next to her and muttered, while her ears bright red.

 Come on, I’m here. I don’t want to be told that I’m strange.

 ”Nee, nee~. You said, that, I, I love you… but why did you suddenly say that?”


 Why suddenly? Why am I suddenly told that?

 ”I have loved you for a long time–“

 From when I love Yuka? Did I love Yuka for a long time? Yes, I have loved Yuka for a long time and I still love her.



 The door opened with a bang, and Yuka screamed.


 Rikka pulled out a knife from her back and pointed the blade at Tamamushi that suddenly entered the room.

 ”Calm little girl! Then, Suzuhara! I have to tell you something, so get out of here right away!”

 ”Don’t order my master! I’ll kill you!”

 ”Ei, be quite, little girl!”

 ”What are you, bastard! I’ve been thinking for a long time, but your appearance look like a little girl!”

 Tamamushi and Rikka are quarreling and shouting each other.

 Even though my beloved Yuka is sleeping, it’s not like this is annoying.

 ”Master! Suzuhara-sama gets out of the room quickly! Otherwise, it will be irreparable!”

 ”I know! And Nanafushi! Don’t get close to here! If you’re trapped right now, there’s nothing you can do about it!”

 Tamamushi answered the screams she heard, perhaps because there is Nanafushi outside the room.

 Hmm? Is Nanafushi outside the room?

 I noticed that my ability is deactivated and then I concentrated my consciousness.

 Immediately the ability was activated and the blind spot disappeared from the surroundings.

 Why was the ability deactivated without permission? I didn’t feel like my ability was at the limit, and I didn’t mean to take it easy.

 There are Nanafushi and Marina outside the room.

 I’m changing my blood phase, but what the hell is that?

 There is nothing wrong with the range of abilities, and if the enemy attacks me, Nanafushi will be intercepting before coming here with a change of blood.

 Something is wrong.

 However, I don’t want to leave Yuka.

 ”Mota-kun. It looks like it’s going to be difficult, everyone is calling Mota-kun, isn’t it better to go?”

 ”Ah? Yes, yes”

 I nodded and answered Yuka, who asked with an uneasy look.

 Well, if Yuka says so.

 ”Yuka, I love you. I’ll come again.”

 When I got close to Yuka, I hugged Yuka and whispered her.

 ”Is that so. Are you really not making fun of me?”

 Yuka, who was hugged by me, turned bright red and muttered.

 That’s why I’m saying I’m not kidding.

 I gently let go of Yuka and patted Yuka’s head, who was bright red, and I got out of bed.

 Then Tamamushi standing at the entrance of the room kicked the floor and closed the gap to me like a bullet in an instant and took my hand. Next, she tried to take Rikka’s hand, but Rikka hesitated.


 Tamamushi clicked her tongue, then pulled my hand and jumped out of the room.

 When I got out of the room, then Rikka came out.

 ”What do you want to do with my master?!”

 ”Well, let’s calm down a little.”

 Rikka tried to push a knife toward Tamamushi, but in an instant, Nanafushi sneaked around behind Rikka and hold her.

 ”Release me! I’ll kill you too!”

 ”I don’t want to be rude, but it can’t be helped.”

 Nanafushi who hold the rampaging Rikka, muttered and suddenly release her.


 Rikka, who exhaled, collapsed on the spot.

 Did Nanafushi attack Rikka? If so, I couldn’t see it at all.

 Rather, why did Nanafushi attack Rikka?

 No way …

 ”Are you being brainwashed?”

 As I leaned forward, I muttered while consciously look at the surrounding.

 Did the most feared type of ability attack them? If Tamamushi and Nanafushi have already been manipulated, I’m sorry.

 ”Suzuhara-san. I’ll tell you, but we’re normal. Who’s strange are Suzuhara-san and Rikka-chan.”

 Perhaps she read my thoughts, Nanafushi speaked.

 Are the strange one is me and Rikka?

 ”I was also quite confused. I had been communicating with Nanafushi since I left the room, but Nanafushi pointed out that my behavior was strange. I couldn’t understand what was wrong.”

 ”I said that I shouldn’t disturb Suzuhara and Yuka who is being affectionate to each other, and I wondered what my master was saying. I thought it was a joke, but it seems to be true, something is strange.”

 Don’t disturb Yuka with me who is being affectionate each other. What’s wrong with that?

 ”Before explaining the detail…”

 When Tamamushi speaks, Nanafushi stick a piece of paper on the bedroom door.

 ”What is that?”

 ”It’s a barrier”

 Tamamushi answered my question.


 ”It’s not a defensive barrier, it’s a hiding barrier. It has no defensive power, but it’s a type that blocks the space and keeps the presence from leaking to the outside. Since, there is no presence leaking to the outside, naturally, no “voice” will leaks..”

 A barrier to prevent the presence from leaking to the outside. It is a barrier to hide, and so the “voice” does not leak.

 ”Voice”. Why the “voice” must not leak out? Who is in the room? It’s Yuka. Is it a problem if Yuka hears the “voice”?

 No way …

 ”Did you notice it already? It’s better if you notice it yourself better than I who will explain it. If I fail to explain it, you will not be convinced, and you will be suspicious or hostile. “

 I was convinced when I heard the words of Tamamushi.


 ”Oh, I fear that it’s likely that”

 Tamamushi nodded to my mutter.

 Hizuki was saying Yuka’s ability is called Mantra and using the word as a catalyst.

 Then what? Am I affected by Yuka’s abilities? from when? from where?

 ”Sorry, I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. If Yuka’s ability is activated and I’m affected, what’s wrong with me?”

 Am I in a state of being brainwashed by Yuka’s words? But I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

 ”Honestly, I don’t understand too what’s wrong.”


 ”But, it seems strange that Nanafushi say that Suzuhara loves Yuka. No, you and her may have a good relationship with each other, but Suzuhara loves Yuka. It’s impossible. “

 Is it strange that I love Yuka? It is a such a fool. I love Yuka. I want to go back to the bedroom and hug Yuka right now. There is no lie in that feeling.

 ”Don’t understand it”


 ”It’s impossible to understand it in a brainwashed state, so don’t understand it. I also stopped thinking about it. Yuka Mantra has been used. So, I consider to evacuated. “

 I listened to the words of Tamamushi and looked around.

 Nanafushi and Marina nodding looking at me.

 Is it impossible to understand? That’s true in the brainwashed state.

 No more trying to understand what’s wrong? I have been evacuated to prevent being affected by the ability. I have no choice to think so

 ”But I was saved by Hizuki. It would have been impossible to notice if Hizuki hadn’t taught me Yuka’s abilities at that time. That’s because I knew in advance that Yuka’s abilities was Mantra, I was saved. It’s a terrifying ability that can’t be helped without prior information. “

 ”Certainly …”

 As Tamamushi says. If I don’t know that, I can’t deal with it. That’s the horrifying part of the brainwashing ability. Moreover, Yuka’s ability has no stage. I don’t have to be brainwashed gradually, just say a word and suddenly I was brainwashed.

 ”This is bad”

 It’s a terrifying ability, but I realized it was even more terrifying.

 ”Yuka didn’t realize she was using her abilities.”

 ”Well, she wouldn’t even realize that she’s developed her abilities.”

 ”Oh, but that’s not the bad thing.”


 Tamamushi tilts her head to my mutter.

 This is bad. Very bad.

 My abilities have a narrow range, but it specialize in searching and sensing. Even with my ability–.

 ”I didn’t even notice the activation of the ability. I couldn’t detect it when that happens.”

 Listening to my mutter, the complexion of Tamamushi, Nanafushi, and Marina changed.

 ”At least I only need to know the moment when the ability is activated, but as long as I can’t detect it, no one notices it. And I don’t even know when it is. What should I do?”

 ”I’m doomed”

 ”I’m doomed too”

 ”I’m in trouble”

 All three knew that things were important, but they seemed to understand that their conditions were even more important.

 As long as I don’t know if the ability is activated, all of Yuka’s word are Mantra. I have no choice but to think that.

 If I explain that to Yuka, Yuka will close her mouth.

 I can’t let my beloved Yuka do that.

 ”Yu, Yuka, my beloved Yuka loses her voice …”

 ”Is it that!? Is that important right now!?”

 ”Oh, you’re still brainwashed, say that.”

 ”When I hear the words I love you from Suzuhara’s-san mouth, I feel chills.”

 For some reason, three people like to tsukkomi (3) me.

 Did I say something strange?

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