Xray 111

Chapter 111

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 Mantra is a terrifying ability, but not omnipotent.

 There are two reasons. One reason is to use voice as a medium and the other one is Yuka who “just a human being” that can manipulate the Mantra.

 In fact, Yuka’s ability has become almost powerless just by creating a barrier that blocks the space.

 But, because of the barrier, it is not possible to contact Yuka.

 So Marina’s ability is useful there. If I use Marina’s Telepathy, I can communicate with each other without having direct contact with Yuka. Moreover, Marina’s ability has an additional element of “relaxing”.

 If I use Marina’s ability, I should be able to explain the current situation without upsetting Yuka.

 But, if I make a mistake, Marina probably will be affected by the Mantra.

 However, according to Tamamushi, one-way telepathy is possible. In other words, it blocks the information from the other side and just conveys the information on this side unilaterally.

 Still, it takes a long time to master such techniques. If she is an innate ability person like me or Tamamushi, she can easily use the techniques. On the other hand, if she is an acquired talented person like Marina, and she just awakened her abilities, it is quite difficult. According to Tamamushi, it would take many years to master it.

 In other words, it is impossible to deal Yuka with Marina’s ability.

 That’s the normal way, but.

 The normal way of self-study training is like climbing stairs, and if there is excellent guidance that guides the student, it’s like when she uses an escalator. The growth when using the latter is overwhelmingly fast, but there was still not enough time. If that’s the case, she can use the elevator with good guidance.

 Yes, she can use guidance named Tamamushi and an elevator device called me.

 With that said, the Marina Rapid Growth Project was started.

 Well, what I do is s*xual activity with her as originally planned.

 ”That’s why I asked Suzuhara and Marina to have s*xual intercourse, but I thought about it in various ways.”

 With that said, Tamamushi carried the cabinet with a rumbling noise.

 The place is the basement. Previously, something like a treatment table was installed in the center of the room, but now it has changed to a large bed. And on the surrounding of the bed, multiple lights illuminate the bed, and multiple cameras shooting the bed.

 It’s like an AV shoot.

 By the way, Nanafushi standby on the first floor in preparation for an enemy attack. Then, Rikka is standby on the stairs connecting the first floor and the basement, assuming that the enemy will invade through a gap when Nanafushi goes out to intercept.

 ”I asked Marina what she was doing with Suzuhara when she was awakened to her abilities, that is, when she began to feel uncomfortable.”

 Tamamushi, who pushed the cabinet and came in front of us, spoken, looking at me and Marina alternately.

 Well, it doesn’t matter, but right now, Tamamushi is wearing glasses.

 After I “snooped” her mind, she thought that wearing glasses was more like a teacher.

 ”According to Marina, it seems the feeling coincided with the time when Suzuhara fought against Hizuki. Especially, on the day before Suzuhara headed for Hizuki. Marina says that she did a lot of s*x with Suzuhara.”

 Tamamushi who asked me lifted her glasses with her finger.

 The day before fighting Hizuki. Is it when Marina first became the command tower?

 At that time, I certainly had a lot of s*x with Marina because I violated her until morning.

 When I glanced at Marina, she who standing next to me turned bright red and looked down embarrassingly.

 ”Marina, I’d like to ask you one question, but how does it feel when embraced by Suzuhara? I want you to answer honestly.”

 Tamamushi asking Marina while raising her glasses with her fingers.

 Marina, who was bright red, became even brighter and her teary eyes seemed to start crying at any moment.

 Well, It’s an emergency, so it can’t be helped, but still, it’s s*xual harassment, such as to explain what she feels when she has s*x with me.

 ”I, I was happy …”

 Marina, who turned bright red like burning, replied with a voice that seemed to disappear, while looked down embarrassingly.

 ”Are you just happy?”


 When asked by Tamamushi, Marina, who was down, raised her face.

 ”Given the situation, I don’t think it was such a simple feeling.”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”You’re glad to be embraced by Suzuhara and to be loved. I’m sure there was such a feeling. But Suzuhara was trying to fight Hizuki. He was going to the battlefield. I’m sure Marina has another feeling besides happy. You should have had such feelings. “

 ”W, well, that’s … yes, it’s true.”

 Marina nods to the words of Tamamushi.

 ”Even when I succeeded in infinitely creating insects, I was wandering around with Suzuhara. But, I wasn’t just wandering around. I was very happy to hear that Suzuhara would reward me. I was disturbed and pretty angry. It was a complex emotion that was a mixture of joy and anger. “

 I listened to the words of Tamamushi and remembered that time.

 Certainly, at that time, Tamamushi was quite pleased to receive a reward from me. However, she was disturbed by the delinquents and was quite angry. Immediately after that, she succeeded in the infinite creation of insects.

 ”Then, should emotions be complex? I think the answer is no. I think what I need is strength, not complexity.”



 Tamamushi nodded and answered Marina, who leaned her head.

 ”It’s just a guess, but I think it’s related to the strength of the desire for Suzuhara. Negative emotions are stronger than positive emotions. Love and hate over love, then anxiety over peace of mind. What I thought that the addition of negative emotions to positive emotion will strengthen the feelings, and the strongest emotion is “instinct”. “

 ”So that’s it”

 ”However, I think that there is another necessary element.”

 ”There is another one?”


 Tamamushi nodded and answered Marina’s question, and when she saw me, she lifted her glasses with her finger.

 ”In both Marina and I, Suzuhara was trying to answer our thoughts. In other words, it was a correlation of thoughts. I guessed that it makes sense, he doesn’t think only for one person, but he thinks each other too.”

 Marina, who heard the words of Tamamushi, dyed her cheeks and nodded.

 ”If this hypothesis is correct, Yuka’s ability can be fully utilized.”

 Tamamushi grinning after saying that.

 I see. Am I still brainwashed?

 I love Yuka from the bottom of my mind, but apparently, that feeling is due to the Mantra. I can’t believe it. There is no lie in my feelings.

 If I can use brainwash so that I can think so strongly, I can also brainwash so that I can think of each other. By doing so, I will be able to fully utilize my abilities and improve efficiency.

 It’s only if Tamamushi hypothesis is correct.

 ”There. I’ll try using brainwashing here to see if Yuka’s abilities are effective.”

 Tamamushi, who said something disturbing, crouched down and opened the cabinet door.

 Suspicious bottles were placed one after another on the cabinet. The contents are a very suspicious fluorescent liquid such as blue, light blue, yellow, and pink.

 ”It may be a little different from brainwashing, but in short, I’ll try using an aphrodisiac, drug, and energy tonic.”

 After arranging the bottles on the cabinet, Tamamushi stood up and looked at us, and spoke.

 ”It’s a pretty powerful thing, so it puts a lot of strain on your body. But you won’t die, and if I decide it’s become dangerous, I’ll stop it, so don’t worry.”

 Marina glanced at me at the words of Tamamushi.

 If she’s told to take a fluorescent drug that is too suspicious, she should be anxious.

 ”I can’t just drink that drug–“

 ”I will drink that drug!”

 Marina interrupted my words and raised her voice.

 Oi, Marina, Did you not like to drink the drug?

 I can’t “see” Marina’s mind. So, I thought she didn’t like to drink the drug when she was looking at me with an anxious face.

 ”Suzuhara-san’s ability is irreplaceable! If something happens, it will be irreparable!”

 ”Oi, Marina, don’t say anything selfish. It’s the same with you that you can’t replace it. Hizuki said that your ability is quite rare.”

 I put a rush into Marina who said that she was selfish.

 Sure, my abilities may be irreplaceable, but the most important thing is the existence of Marina.

 No matter what we lack, we cannot lack the command tower.

 On the other side, it is possible to reorganize the team as long as the command tower survives.

 ”It may not be necessary to use an aphrodisiac.”

 Tamamushi grinning and muttering. When Marina heard the words, she suddenly turned bright red and look down.

 ”But, I’ll ask you to take the drug because it’s a big deal. Rest assured that you won’t really die. Or do you hate the false love of drug? Hmm? How’s it, Marina?”

 ”… I, I don’t know.”

 Marina turned away when asked by Tamamushi who grinned.

 ”Tamamushi. You are excellent, but your bad habit of making fun of people is a flaw.”

 As I approached Tamamushi, I smacked her head.

 ”Oh, no, I’m sorry. I’m sorry because Marina was so cute.”

 After Tamamushi was scolded by me, she smiled without fear.

 Before Tamamushi, who was in the underworld, seemed to have had a business relationship, but no one could be called a “friend”. But now there are “friends” whether she turns to the right or to the left. Because of that, she seems irresistible to be happy.

 ”That’s right, I ask for the details of the drug. Time is valuable.”

 ”Oh, that’s right.”

 Tamamushi nodded to my question and began to explain the drug.

 According to Tamamushi, the blue and light blue drugs are for me, and the yellow and pink drugs are for Marina.

 In detail, the blue drug seems to be both a powerful energy drink and a sperm amplification agent. And the light blue drug is a favor amplification agent. It was said that if I had a slight favor with the other party, it would swell many times.

 On the other hand, Marina’s drug, the yellow drug is both for libido amplification agent and increasing the hormone to breed, and the pink drug is a s*xual disposition amplification tonic. It seems to have the effect of amplifying s*xual disposition, that is, increasing the s*xual perversion of the drinker many times.

 ”Eh, amplifying the s*xual perversion …”

 Marina, standing next to me and looking at the drug on the cabinet, muttered with her face cramped.

 It’s a very interesting drug. I thought it was a more coercive drug because she said it would counter brainwashing, but it feels like a drug that amplifies what the person who drank it originally had.

 No, it amplifies what you originally have. It’s more reasonable than forcing zero to be a plus. Therefore, the effect may be powerful.

 ”Well, I’ll drink first.”

 I picked up the bottle on the cabinet and spoke while looking sideways at Marina and drank the blue liquid all at once.

 ”Uo~ !?”

 After drinking it, I was so surprised.

 ”What happened !?”

 Marina might have thought that something went wrong because I suddenly screamed. So, she raised her voice.

 ”No, it’s a drug that looks like it’s has a bad taste… But, the taste is amazing.”

 Its color was bad from the outside, so I thought it would be bad, but it was horribly delicious, betraying my expectations.

 It’s hard to express, but it’s kind of like a fruit mix plus soda. It doesn’t contain carbonic acid, but it looks like soda for some reason.

 ”Isn’t good drug is bitter in the mouth?”

 ”Isn’t it a good drug? is good drug must be bitter? But, you say something good, right?”

 Tamamushi grinned and speaks, then laughed with a rush.

 While Marina looking at us like that.

 She sighed with a frightened face, then reached the yellow drug, and drank the liquid.

 ”Oh, really. It’s delicious.”

 Marina, who dyed her cheeks and smiled, drank the liquid.

 Maybe she liked it so much that she drank up another bottle of drugs.

 ”Marina, come over here for a moment. Suzuhara should relax in bed after taking the drug.”

 Tamamushi who took Marina’s hand gave instructions to her, then pulled her hand, and headed to the back room.

 As I was told, I drank another bottle of drug and sat down on the bed.

 After waiting for a while, Tamamushi and Marina returned from the back room.

 Tamamushi pushing a rack with clothes on it with a rattling noise, and Marina hiding behind Tamamushi.

 ”Because mood is important. If Marina is adorable, Suzuhara will be interested in it. So, I prepared various clothes.”

 Tamamushi raises her voice while pushing the rack. As Tamamushi said, women’s clothes were hung on the rack.

 Hiding behind Tamamushi, Marina wore a red cheongsam (1). Moreover, because of its small size, big breasts are emphasized, the length is abnormally short, and the slit is deep.

 Perhaps she was too embarrassed, she hides behind Tamamushi with crouched, turned red like burning, and was in tears.

 The figure of such Marina stimulates my atrocity.

 ”This is Marina. After this, What do you do, when I say that you’re going to have s*x?”

 Tamamushi, who came to the side of the bed, spoken to Marina, who was hiding behind her and shrinking.

 ”S, suddenly … I’m so embarrassed.”

 Marina shrinks behind Tamamushi and raises a voice that seems to disappear.


 ”Oh, I see. Does Marina like to be embarrassed?”

 Marina quivered at the muttering of Tamamushi. She clung to the tiny back of Tamamushi, turning her teary eyes and close them.

 Is it bull’s eye? Apparently, the effect of the drug appeared immediately.

 Marina’s s*xual perversion seems to like to be shameful. It may have been amplified by the drug.

 As if to prove it, Marina’s body is changing rapidly.

 Even if she’s dressed, I can see it in my “eyes”.

 The white skin is flushed with moist and sweaty, and the nipples that can be seen at the tip of the big breasts are hard erected to the point of bursting. Furthermore, the clitoris is pointed out from the skin without even playing with it, and the lewd liquid that overflows to the extent that it drips on the floor.

 Just by dressing embarrassingly and being looked at, it seems that she feels so happy that he seems to climax.

 This is an unexpectedly favorable condition.

 Marina has doubled her shameful s*xual perversion. And at this time, multiple lights illuminate the bed, and multiple cameras are aimed at the bed. And Tamamushi in charge of recording.

 It can be said that it is the best condition to incite her shame.

 ”Hore~ Marina, you can’t experiment if you’re hiding.”

 ”Oi Marina, come over here”

 ”Hore~ Marina, Suzuhara is calling you.”

 ”Oi Marina, do you want me to play with your nipples, clitoris, and pussy? I’ll play with you, so come on!”

 ”Hore~ Marina, I’m saying that Suzuhara will love you.”

 ”Oi Marina, I’m going to bully you with your embarrassing look.”

 ”Hore~ Marina, I’m glad. Suzuhara seems to want you to do something embarrassing.”

 ”Oi Marina, I’ll spread your legs with M-shaped while wearing a Chinese dress, and I’ll make you squirt with my hand and only your nipple exposed.”

 ”Oh, Marina. It seems that Suzuhara will make you do very embarrassing blame. I’m glad.”

 I grin and raise my voice and Tamamushi who raises her voice responds to my question.

 Tamamushi, even though we haven’t had an arrangement before, our words matching each other. She’s pretty good at it.

 Marina, who was teased by me and Tamamushi, is trembling with her head in her hands.

 It seems that she was too embarrassed to move.

 However, if libido and s*xual perversion are amplified.

 ”Hmm, d, don’t bully me … ♡”

 Marina, who was in a half-minded state, stood up with her right hand on her chest and her left hand in her crotch, then she shook her knees and mutters.

 If her desires are amplified, she will lose her reason and seek her s*xual desire, after all…

 As if to prove it, Marina’s eyes are moisturized, her ears bright red and she breathes hard, then love juice dripping from her crotch also she shaking her thighs. She approached me as if she was sucked in.

 Perhaps the effects of the drug on my body has started, my cock erected so crazy that I’m about to ejaculate, and the atrocities increase sharply as if in response to it.

 The desire to ravish Marina and the desire to bully her.

 There is a way to satisfy those two desires at the same time. That is my “eye”.

 Because my “eyes” can spot weaknesses. It is possible to spot the weaknesses and ravish her while enjoying Marina who seems to be crazy.

 Marina who somehow stood in front of me.

 Slightly lean forward, with her right hand on her chest and her left hand in her crotch, rough breath, moisturized eyes, drool leaked from her pale pink lips, and her thighs in my inner thighs. Then, she shaking her thighs embarrassingly but still, her love juice is dripping.

 What a bewitching and obscene figure, coupled with the red cheongsam. Moreover, Marina is rather glamorous with a Western-style look. An oriental-style cheongsam is a mismatch for such Marina, which is even more “attractive”.

 That’s right. I thought that M-shaped spread legs would be good, but first of all, let’s make her squirt with fingering while standing.

 I can dare to shift her weaknesses and make her writhe. I can also thoroughly exploit her weaknesses and make her go crazy.

 Then, I grinned and licked my tongue, and I moved my right middle and index fingers.

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