Xray 112

Chapter 112

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 ”Marina, come here and get on your knees”

 I sat cross-legged on the center of the bed and ordered Marina who wasn’t on the bed yet.

 While Marina rubbing her thighs, she hugged herself, and drooled while roughing breath, then she twitched after ordered by me.

 On the floor where such Marina is standing, a love juice that comes out like string is dripping and creates a puddle.


 When I called Marina again, she twitched and looked at me from sideways.

 I was startled.

 My heart was throbbing because of her bewitching glance, as if my heart had been grabbed.

 ”Y, yes ♡”

 Marina replied with a sweet and shivering voice, then she putting her hands on the bed and raising her right leg.

 There is a gap that reveals her plump thigh, then her naked body can be seen from that gap.

 Marina wears a cheongsam on top of her naked body without wearing underwear.

 A cheongsam with a small size and unusually short length, also with a gap.

 Because of that, the nipple that has hard erected emerges at the tip of the big breasts that is emphasized, and the pussy can be seen with a slight movement.

 Whether she’s wearing clothes or not, with my “eyes” everyone is almost naked. However, seeing an obscene figure with the naked eye has a different excitement than seeing it with ability.

 Marina, who crawls on all fours on the bed, crawls toward me with roughing breath and drooling.

 When she put her right hand forward, her big breasts that hung down due to gravity swaying, and Marina twitched.

 It seems that the drug is so effective that even a slight rubbing of the nipple against the clothes makes her feel a lot of pleasure.

 It’s not life-threatening, but it doesn’t seem to be a safe drug.

 Marina puts her left knee forward next to her right hand. Because of that, the plump thighs are exposed from the gap, then her naked body can be seen easily.

 ”P, please don’t look … ♡”

 She may be aware that when she move, I can see her pussy, especially when she put her legs forward. Marina, who had stopped moving, made a shivering voice while drooling.

 Tamamushi, you gave Marina a really good drug.

 Marina has a good personality, excellent ability, and she has an erotic body, so I really like her, but I’ve never thought she was as cute as she is now.

 It seems that the drug I took has the effect of doubling the favorability. Is it because of that?

 Marina, who had stopped moving, gritted her teeth while drooling and put her left hand forward. The next moment–.

 ”Ku hi~ ♡”

 Her big breasts that hung down due to gravity swaying, and at the same time, Marina who moaned sweetly twitched violently. Then, cum spurt out from her urethra.

 It seems because her big breasts swayed and her nipples rubbed against the clothes that she got climax. I would normally guess, but with my “eyes”, I can see all of Marina’s body. So, I know the truth.

 Her nipples rubbed against her clothes because her big breast swayed, and she got caught. There is no doubt about it. However, that is not enough explanation, and the important thing is missing.

 It is important to say that her big breasts swayed because she putting her left hand forward.

 By putting her left hand forward, the left breast swayed greatly, and her nipple was rubbed strongly against the clothes.

 Marina’s weakness is on her left nipple. When she rubbed her clothes, she stimulated her weaknesses, so Marina got climax.

 Because I couldn’t bear it, I stood up and approached Marina. Then I went around behind Marina and crouched in front of her thighs.

 A large and well-shaped butt wrapped in a Chinese dress and a slender waist that is highlighted due to the small size of the dress.

 The line from the big ass to the thin waist is unbearable and erotic.

 ”P, please … not from behind♡”

 Marina who has just climaxed, turned her right hand behind and hid her thighs, perhaps because she was embarrassed to be seen from behind.

 The embarrassing appearance and her gestures further fuel my atrocities.

 Immediately I was driven by the urge to insert my cock and do it, but I endured it.

 Is it something that will end like that immediately without fun play?

 ”Is it about to start? Then I’ll start recording from here as well.”

 The voice of Tamamushi that Marina heard instantly dyed her whole body in red.

 Record. That word seems to have fueled Marina’s shame at once.

 It’s really the best condition.

 ”Tamamushi, please take a good picture”

 Having said that, I picked up the skirt of the cheongsam with my fingers, and rolled up the hem.

 ”Ah ♡”

 Marina moaned sweetly and desperately tried to lower her skirt with her right hand to hide her thighs. However, unlike ordinary skirts, Chinese dresses with a gap can be easily roll up. Still, Marina desperately holds it with her right hand. Because of that, the back of her thighs is completely exposed, but her pussy is barely hidden.

 I can see it, but I can’t see it. It’s more erotic than I can see.

 I licked my tongue unintentionally and moved to the left side of Marina with her skirt rolled up.

 Marina hide her thighs with her right hand, so her left hand is on the bed. To stay on all fours, she must keep her left hand on the bed.

 If she put her right hand on the bed, her left hand will not be burdened, but if she takes her right hand away from her thighs, her skirt will lift up completely, and I’ll see her butt instead of her pussy. Moreover, such a picture is taken. If she doesn’t like it, she can’t take away her right hand off from her thighs. In that case, she can’t resist.

 It’s a good idea to stop crawl on all fours, but Marina probably won’t do it.

 After all, right now, her s*xual perversion is doubled by the drug.

 The more shameful she is, the greater her pleasure. That’s why Marina is resisting. This is because if she resists, she will feel even more embarrassed and keep on all fours. Then, she can get more pleasure.

 In short, I don’t like Marina now, I don’t like it.

 I moved to the left side of Marina, that is, to the nipple side where her weakness located, then I try to poke her nipple of her breast which hanging due to gravity with my finger from the top of her dress. But, I intentionally poke slightly displaced from her nipple.

 ”… Uu ♡”

 Marina would have thought that she would be blaming her nipples from now on. However, Marina is poked at a place slightly displaced from her nipple and leaks a sad moan.

 A breast that sinks when pressed with a finger. When released, it returns to its original state.

 Due to the posture of crawl on all fours, it loses gravity and hangs down, but it is quite tense and elastic.

 I push the tight and elastic breast with my fingers so that I do not touch the nipple.

 ”U ♡ Uu ♡”

 Marina who breathes rough, drools, twists and leaks a painful moan.

 Her left nipple has a sensitivity that makes she feel like I just rubbing her clothes. It’s cool if you touch it, but you’ll be poked around the areola with your finger and never touch the nipple.

 Marina what do you do now? Do you want me to play with your nipples? Will you confess that you are horny even though you are being filmed?

 Marina twists herself while drooling. She’s shaking her big breast by twisting herself and trying to put her nipples on my fingers. But I can’t forgive that.

 Marina, who is breathing rough, distorting her face, gritted her teeth, releasing sweat on her flushed skin, and dripping indecent love juice that like threads from her ripe holes, then she glances at me from sideway.

 With a painful, yet bewitching look, like asking for help.

 ”… Sai ♡”

 Marina muttering while drooling.


 I never touch her nipples, and while pushing her breasts with my fingers, I tilt my neck and blur.

 ”Please grope it~ ♡ Please pinch the stiff part tightly~♡”

 It was just a defeat.

 Even though she said that she was filmed by multiple cameras, her desire exceeded her shame, and Marina begged.

 I know, she endured desperately. But nothing has started yet. I just pressed her breast with my finger and she couldn’t stand it, then she lost her reason and begged. Just by pressing the breast with a finger, a large amount of love juice drips, confessing that she is pervert, and it has been recorded.


 As I approached Marina’s ear, I whispered while pushing her breasts with my fingers.

 ”I can’t hear it”

 I grinned and told Marina.

 Marina distorts her face.

 I just said “I can’t hear”. How did Marina responds it?

 ”Marina wants to be pinched on the ni, nipples that has been hard erected and the clitoris with your fingers~ ♡ Please let the lewd Marina cumming just by being groped on the nipples~ ♡ “

 Marina begged with nasty words, even though I just said “I can’t hear it”. When she was asking for such a thing, she seemed to think “selfishly”.

 ”Marina, I’m disappointed with you. Recently, I liked you a little dignified and neat, but in such a situation where many cameras are shooting, you would say such a bad word. Is it your true nature? If so, I’m really disappointed. “

 Having said that, I sighed loudly, and I took my finger off from her breast.

 Marina’s face distorted in sorrow.

 Good Marina, you are a good woman.

 Just looking at that face, I likely want to ejaculate.

 ”I’m sorry. I’m sorry I disappointed you. I won’t say it anymore. I’ll never do that again.”

 Marina muttered sorrowfully and tried to cling to me, but I stood up and hesitated, and I went around to the right side of Marina with the skirt of the dress pulled up.

 ”I can’t believe your bad words. You who pretended to be dignified and neat and deceived me. If you want me to believe you, please show me your attitude.”

 While crouching beside Marina, I pulled up even harder the skirt of the Chinese dress.

 ”Ah ♡”

 Marina, who twitched, puts a lot of effort into her right hand, which was hide her thighs.

 ”Why you hide it? Why can’t you show it? If you’re not pervert, show your pussy openly to the camera. If you’re not pervert, you should be able to expose it.”

 I know that it’s wet with love juice, but I blame Marina with words.

 Marina desperately hide her thighs with her right hand and refuses to expose her pussy.

 ”Do you want me to play with your nipples? Then I’ll play with you. This nympho..”

 With that said, while pulling on the skirt of the dress, I pinched Marina’s right nipple tightly through the dress with my fingers.

 ”Ah ♡”

 Marina panting while desperately hiding her thighs with her right hand so that her pussy isn’t visible.

 The nipple that was never touched is pinched, and groped through clothes. She drooling sloppyly and panting from the pleasure.

 However, it is the right nipple that is being pinched. Marina knows that, but she still has some sensitivity on it. But, if I pinch the left nipple, she can enjoy the intense pleasure that make her reach climax.

 ”Na~ Marina, prove me. You’re a dignified and neat woman. You’re a woman who doesn’t disappoint me, just like a saint. If you can live up to my expectations, I will thrust my cock into your pussy and pinching your left nipple while poking your womb violently. “

 That’s a too contradictory word. However, Marina today cannot afford to notice the contradiction of words. No, even if she notices it, she’s already succumbing to desire.

 Even if she is a saint, she is a lascivious saint who has fallen.

 ”I, I will live up to your expectations.”

 Marina speaked desperately and twicthing as I pinched her right nipple through her clothes.

 With a grin, I grabbed the neckband of the front-opening cheongsam and pulled it forcibly. As a result, the right breast bounced off from the dress.

 The breast, which had been held down by a small dress, was released from the dress, and exposing its original size.

 But, only the right breast is exposed. What a silly and obscene thing that only the big white right breast is exposed from the red dress. Moreover, the nipple that can be seen at the top of the breast is hard erected so that it seems to burst.

 ”Marina, you, your areola is big”

 I grabbed her swaying breasts and muttered while tasting its tension and elasticity.

 Marina, who twitched has distorted her bright red face, clenched her teeth, and her eyes are teary.

 It’s true that Marina’s areola is big, let me tell her. Because, I’m not lying.

 ”It’s amazing if I look closely like this. The areola is big, but the nipple erection is also amazing. To such a sloppy areola and nipple, you smiled like a saint and preached to Rikka. Well, that time I feel like you were preaching. In a sense, I’m impressed. “

 I crouched down, staring at the big areola and the over-erected nipple that were exposed and hung down from the force of gravity, and muttered so that Marina could hear it clearly.

 Marina, who was already bright red, overflowed with tears from her moist eyes, and became redder then clenched her teeth.

 She was ridiculed by her sluttish areola and nipples, and seemed to cry with so much shame. Even so, the nipple that had already erected became even harder, sharper and swelled.

 Even though she is despised, humiliated, recorded like that, crying and miserable, but she feels pleasure. She’s a terrible saint.

 ”Look, Marina, show me your pussy. You’re a dignified and neat woman? You’re a leader who brings everyone together? A saint who is recognized by everyone? Can you prove that? Then to the camera expose your pussy towards it. Open the exposed pussy yourself and say I’m not a pervert.”

 I pinched her erected nipples with my fingers and asked Marina.

 Marina, who is being pinched on her nipples, clenched her teeth while twitching, and both her upper and lower mouths are dripping, then she snarls me with her snarling eyes.

 ”W, well, I will proof it…”

 And when she muttered, she puts away her right hand which hide her thighs. As a result, the skirt that was being pulled by me was completely rolled up, and the large and well-shaped butt was completely exposed.

 Then, multiple cameras capture that butt.

 The salmon pink meat wall and the obscene meat folds on the left and right on that wall. Then, the bright red clitoris that erected, and the hole of meat that drips a large amount of love juice while twitching. In addition, a butt hole that is hooked so as to work with the meat hole. All of them are in full view, and all of them have been photographed.

 Where is the saint? Isn’t she just pervert?

 It would be perfect if Tamamushi muttered as if she was amazed.


 Due to my ability, I can “see” Tamamushi without looking at it

 ――It’s good ♡ She’s so cute, Marina who pervert is so good ♡ It’s not good to blended me with her ♡

 Tamamushi should have observed and recorded the actions of Marina and me, but she seems to be unbearable envious, so she puts her hands in her robe and is out of breath.

 She rubbing her right breast with her left hand, pinched her nipple with her finger, and fingering her clitoris with the index finger of her right hand, insert the middle finger and ring finger into her hairless crevice pussy, and dexterously insert and remove it.

 Tamamushi, right now she started masturbating. And if Marina notices it, she’ll be relieved to think that she’s not the only pervert. I’ll notice her to read the atmosphere. You’re a child you can do.

 While sighing, I saw Marina’s face and wondered if I could show her off.

 Marina who exposes her pussy which covered with love juice to multiple cameras, distorts her face and sheds tears due to the shame and misery. The spectacular pleasure that can be seen behind her distorted face. It turns out that she is climbing beyond the limit without climaxing.

 I’ve experienced Marina several times, but I’ve never loved Tamamushi so relentlessly. It may be natural she is envy.

 But well, the current situation is the idea of ​​Tamamushi. She has to do her best to observe and record it. Because, it’s not a play.

 But well, if she can do it properly, I can give her a reward. Because Tamamushi is a type that grows when she complimented.

 With that in mind, I stared at Tamamushi.

 While masturbating with the act of me and Marina, Tamamushi noticed my glare and trembled with tears. And when I tightened my expression, she nodded with tears.

 ”Suzuhara-san is strangely sweet to Tamamushi, isn’t it?”

 I suddenly trembled with the voice I heard.

 I can understand without looking. Marina, who had been crying and twitching with shame until now, is staring at me with her eyes.

 ”I admit that Tamamushi is cute, but can you concentrate on “I” now? It’s not play.”

 The muttering bounced my mind.

 ”It’s not play”.

 This is definitely ironic. Ironically, I used what I thought of as Tamamushi right now.

 ”My mind has been seen”. Marina is “looking” at my mind.

 She also have abilities related to the mind, but Marina’s abilities are probably far superior to my abilities when it comes to the mind. The proof is that I can’t see her, but Marina can see me.

 Is it okay? Is it okay to grow her abilities as it is?

 Such a little anxiety passed through my mind.

 ”Is, isn’t it good to provoke me?”

 Feeling threatened, I inadvertently hide what I was upset about.

 Are you stupid? If it is “seen”, there is no point in threatening me. On the contrary, it only informs you how much the upset.

 ”I, I’m sorry … ♡”

 Marina is glared at me and trembled as if she was frightened.

 Is she acting or is she really scared?


 I felt a slight electric current-like stimulus, and for a moment, something like noise ran in all directions.

 What is it now? I’m not sure, but this sensation is like being tested. I felt that the power was turned off for a moment on a trial basis.

 Hey, did she “play” with my abilities by forcibly intervening my mind? Is that possible?

 Moreover, it was hidden by the noise and did not look clear, but I felt that Marina laughed.

 According to Hizuki, the effective range of this girl’s ability is incomparably wider than my ability.

 Perhaps this girl’s ability is more dangerous than I imagined.

 No, that’s why. I’m in trouble if it’s not that much.

 I was convinced that. Marina is definitely growing rapidly by interacting with me.

 Then I have to grow more.

 I grabbed Marina’s hair and forcibly pulled it up.

 ”Auu ♡”

 Marina, who moaned and raised her upper body, became kneeling. As a result, the exposed right breast bounced violently.

 I blame her and she receives it.

 I am satisfied to see this girl who is blamed and writhe, and the girl who is blamed and writhe is satisfied with the pleasure given.

 The element necessary for efficiency improvement that Tamamushi said. It’s a strong feelings. The instinct that males and females seek each other.

 Perhaps it’s not s*xual activity that is needed. As Tamamushi said, it’s a correlation of feelings. It is instinct and s*xual activity that strengthens that feeling most. However, it is impossible to improve the efficiency of feelings. I can’t lie to my feelings. But there is no problem. Because I’m lucky.

 Rikka and Marina, as well as Tamamushi and Yuka. They are all good women who are always willing to ravished. I’ll ravish them even if I’m not told.

 I don’t think about efficiency, I just have to ravish them as much as I like. It’s such a simple story.

 But Asahina, you bastard are no good.

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