Xray 113

Chapter 113

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 I’m sitting cross-legged on the bed, and Marina who sitting dogeza in front of me, burying her face in my crotch.

 An obscene sound echoed.

 Marina holds my erected cock, then put it in her mouth, and shakes her head while sucking up and looking at me with her upper eyes.

 I love to be sucked up in the slimy mouth.

 But, for me who knows Yuka’s blowjob, her technique is a little unsatisfactory. However, Marina is visually entertaining to the extent that it makes up for it.

 ”Nfu ♡ Nfu ♡”

 Marina, who was absorbed in sucking my cock, twitched and made a sweet moan. Then, she stopped her fellatio and shook her head slightly while looking at me with her moist upper eyes.

 When I was about to get excited, I groped Marina’s right breast which exposed from the red cheongsam with my finger and pinched the nipple that was erecting.

 Her nipples which have been pinched with my nails make her feel the pleasure. Then, she stopped her fellatio, shook her head and appealed with her eyes.

 ”Hmm ♡ hmmm ♡ hmmm ♡ hmmm ♡”

 When I put my nails on a nipple that feels like a hard gummy and twist it, Marina with the cock in her mouth leaks a sweet moan and twitching.

 When her moan leaks, her tongue wriggles, which make me feels good.

 ”Tamamushi, can you record us properly?”

 ”Umu, all the cameras are linked. It can records from all directions and the zooming are perfect.”

 Tamamushi answered my question, and Marina distorted her face when she heard that.

 Then, her skin more flushed.

 Marina, who sits in front of me and holds my cock in her mouth, has her hands behind her. Both her hands are holding her hips.

 While sucking my cocks, Marina grabs her ass and spreading it to the left and right.

 If I open her buttock, naturally her pussy will also open. By the way, it also opens up to the asshole. That is what was zoomed and recorded in the camera.

 ”Hore~ Marina, do your best, don’t just enjoy yourself.”

 I looked down at Marina and said that, then tapped Marina’s cheek.

 ”Nfuuu ♡”

 Marina who flushed her face, made her whole body tense when she leaked a sweet moan, and began to shake her head with an obscene sound.

 Hmm, I can’t wait. The sight of her who sitting dogeza in front of me, raising her ass, grabbing her ass, opening that ass and widening her pussy and ass holes is irresistibly erotic.

 What is reflected in the normal “field of view” is the exquisite line from the thin waist to the big butt. However, there is no blind spot in my “field of view” due to my ability, and it is possible to “see” it from a bird’s-eye view. In other words, I can “see” Marina from behind even though I’m in front of her.

 Marina who sucks my cock like crazy, gets twisted when my nails pinched on her nipples and stops her fellatio every time, then from her pussy that opened completely, like a fountain love juice is dripping sloppyly. I can “see” it with my ability.

 Marina, who puts my cock in her mouth, shakes her head while making an obscene sound, then grabs her ass with both hands, and opens her pussy and ass hole toward the camera. It’s twitched that it’s not strange to cum at any time. But it’s not good.

 No, she has already climax many times, but the climax that she is looking for is not such a light climax.

 A tremendous pleasure that can only be experienced when blamed because of her weaknesses, and a spectacular climax that can only be reached by the storm of that pleasure. Marina, who has tasted it many times and has soaked into her mind and body, cannot be satisfied with a light climax. Even so, she is given only shame and can only play with her right nipple.

 ”Muchu ♡ Jubu ♡ Gupo Gupo ♡ Juju ♡ Jupo Jupo ♡”

 While looking at me with a moist upper eye, Marina desperately sucks my cock and making an obscene noise.


 I sighed with a good pleasure, then I put my nails on Marina’s right nipple and pinched it with my fingers.

 ”Nfuuu ♡”

 Marina, who made a sweet moan and twitched, stopped shaking her head.

 When she seems to be active, I pinched her nipple and she stop it. When she calms down, she restarts it again, and when she seems to be active again, I pinched her nipple and she stop it again.

 I’ve enjoyed the pleasure that seems to be lively many times, but Marina who can only be played with her right nipple is probably not a satisfied.

 This is a patience test.

 She really wants to cum, but I’m ordering Marina to make me cum with a fellatio. That’s why Marina is desperately sucking my cock, but I want Marina to violate my orders.

 I want her to ignore my order, stop her fellatio without my permission, and make me squid.

 If that happens, punishment will be given. If she violates an order, she should be punished.

 I’m thinking about it, but Marina is still doing her best. At this rate, I’m likely to reach the limit first.

 ”Nfuuu ♡ Nfuuu ♡”

 As soon as I thought so, something happened to Marina.

 Marina did not resume the fellatio and she moaned while holding my cock in her mouth then shook her head steadily.

 The moist eyes of the upper eye messenger looking up at me.

 ――I’m already at my limit ♡ It’s my limit ♡ It’s no good ♡ Please forgive me ♡

 The moist eyes of her upper eye staring at me certainly appealed that. However, Marina is still holding my cock in her mouth. She hasn’t violated the order yet. If Marina’s gaze appeals and I move first, there will be no cause for punishment.

 ”Look, restart the fellatio quickly”

 While the urge to ejaculate as much as I wanted by ravishing Marina as much as I wanted attacked like a tsunami, I desperately held back the urge and slammed Marina’s cheek with a grin and spit out words.

 Marina looked up at me with her moist upper eyes and distorted her face, and began to tremble. Still, she made a loud noise and swallowed my cock and tried to restart the fellatio.

 If Marina tries hard here, I will reach my limit.

 If Marina is bullied so far and I’m cummed by Marina, I will definitely be laughed by Marina. If I’m not good at it, she might think it’s cute.

 It’s mean. This is mean. There are times when a man has to be stubborn. That is now.

 While pretending to be calm and looking down at Marina, I gritted my teeth and pinched Marina’s right nipple with my nails, hoping that she would break my order.

 ”Nfuuuuuuu ♡”

 Marina, who had convulsions violently, pulled out my cock and raised her face vigorously.

 Marina made a loud noise and spit out a glans, and when she raised her upper body and stood on her knees, she hugged me.

 The sweet scent that makes me steam and the hot skin that sticks to me because she let out a lot of sweat.

 ”No more ♡ No more ♡ I’m sorry ♡ I’ll do anything so please make me cum ♡”

 Marina desperately hugging me and begging.

 Hmmm, it was dangerous, but still I won.

 ”Are you really doing anything?”

 While relieved, I grinned and asked Marina.

 ”I’ll do anything ♡ I’ll really do anything ♡ So please let me cum ♡ I’ll go crazy if I go with this anymore ♡”

 Desperately hugging me, Marina who speaks, pushes her big tits against me and rubbing her cheeks against my cheeks.

 It’s definitely my victory.

 Fufu, I feel great.

 ”I, I love Suzuhara-san, so I’m happy to accept any punishment ♡ But now, I will insert Suzuhara’s-san strong cock into Marina’s slimy pussy which covered with Marina’s love juice juice, and then pierces it violently ♡ “

 Marina, who stopped rubbing her cheeks, grabbed my shoulders and stared at me with her moist eyes. She begging with a hot and rough breath. Then she held my crotch, scratching my cross-legged legs and tried to insert it by sitting down at my cock that was exposed and erected.

 She put my cock in her pussy without my permission. What a violence.

 ”Aguuuuuuu ♡”

 Marina screamed with joy as she pierced her muddy meat hole which dripping with a love juice, but her expression that was distorted in pleasure became cloudy in an instant.

 What was inserted into her pussy is an object thinner than my cock.

 Marina try to sits down at my cock, but my ability which is to see through the inside of the human body can anticipate her actions. Therefore, Marina who sat down is inserted my finger instead of my cock.

 ”P, please ♡ I want it ♡ I want Suzuhara-san’s dick ♡ I don’t want your fingers ♡ I want you to stir my pussy with a long, thick and hard dick ♡”

 Two fingers are inserted in her pussy, and it is still a considerable pleasure. Marina, who is bouncing her hips, begs while drooling.

 Marina’s pussy has some weaknesses, but my fingers aren’t long enough to exploit the innermost weaknesses. Marina knows that.

 However, as I expected, the inside of her pussy is amazing.

 Love juice spewed out like a flood, and a pussy wall that is hot enough to burn me. The soft but tight pussy wall sticks to my finger while waving obscenely.

 How comfortable it would be to insert a cock in this hole. Just by imagining, saliva overflowed in my mouth, and then I speaked.

 ”If you want it so bad, I’ll make you cum. This pervert sow”

 I grinned and speaked against her desires, and I bent my two fingers stuck in her pussy.

 Because of too much love juice, it makes an obscene sound of water just by bending my fingers inside.

 ”Kihi ♡”

 Marina, who twitched with a big tremor, instantly distorted her face and desperately begging me into pleasure.

 It’s the face of a pervert sow.

 I didn’t like it when I saw her smile when she was preaching to Rikka.

 When I saw her for the first time, I thought she was a cheesy woman, but before I knew it, she smiled like a saint.

 It’s not just a smile. I felt that the atmosphere she wore was sacred, as if I shouldn’t touch it.

 I just didn’t like it.

 ”Hey sow. Let’s squeal. I’ll take all of them in commemoration.”

 I bend my two fingers which stuck in her pussy and look at Marina with a grin.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡”

 Marina which held my crotch and holding my shoulders was teased by me with my fingers and she drooled from her upper and lower mouths. She panting with a face dyed in pleasure like a sow.

 A pervert and distorted face. Spewed drools sloppily. Big breasts bouncing sloppy. Waist that twitch loosely. Love juice that drips like a fountain. Then, every time I bend my finger inside her pussy, an obscene sound echoes.

 Is she a saint? She is just a sow. She is a pervert sow that can only squeal with my cock inserted in her pussy and pierced in the back.

 ”I, it’s not there ♡ It’s not there too ♡ Suzuhara-san knows the place ♡ Suzuhara-san knows what feels best ♡ Suzuhara-san is meanie ♡”

 Marina is screaming at her pussy which bended with my finger, but I avoid her weaknesses. Because of that, she couldn’t reach the spectacular climax, and it seems that she had gone astray.

 ”Baka baka baka~ ♡ Suzuhara-san’s baka~ ♡ Marina wants Suzuhara-san’s dick~ ♡ Please give me your dick~ ♡”

 Marina who stood on her knees and was teased by my fingers is bounced her hips while still tapping my shoulders.

 That Marina is so sharp. It seems that she really want my cock.

 Kuku, that’s right, that’s right, you. You are not a saint. You are just a sow that only has a cock in mind.

 Oh yeah. If you want so much, I’ll give it to you.

 ”A sow doesn’t order me.”

 Having said that, I grabbed Marina’s hair and threw Marina into the bed.

 ”Auu ♡”

 Marina moans and falls on the bed.

 When fell to the bed, she twisted her hips. Moreover, she was in a position where only her hips were pushed up.

 As I licked my tongue, I stood on my knees in front of Marina’s ass, which was pushed up, and rolled up the skirt of her Chinese dress to expose her pussy and ass hole. Then–.

 ”Look, get a good shot of how happy you are when you’re raped from behind like a pig.”

 I put my glans on her pussy which covered with love juice, and when I leaned forward, I grabbed Marina’s hair and forcibly lifted it.

 Where multiple cameras on the front, Marina, who saw it, burst into tears and shook her head.

 She wanted a cock until she begged embarrasingly, but now it’s too late to be shy.

 As multiple cameras captured Marina’s face, she slammed her hips.

 ”Hmf, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ♡”

 My glans invaded her pussy, and Marina, who bounced her hips, screamed with joy.


 Yes, It’s invaded easily because it is muddy with love juice. However, it was hot enough to burn me, but the soft but tight wall of the meat wraps around the glans and sticks to it.

 This is dangerous. Because I bully Marina so much, it seems that it will end soon.

 Should I creampied her once?

 With that in mind, I grabbed Marina’s hair and pushed her hips out vigorously.

 The glans p*nis that invaded at once slurping into her womb.

 ”Higuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♡”


 Marina should have avoided her weaknesses, but maybe she was so happy that she was stabbed in the back, Marina who gave a sweet scream tightened her pussy abnormally. That’s too much pleasure.


 Pleasure that seems to be drooling rushed, and then the electric current runs around. A moment later, I ejaculated, and the pleasant sensation of burning out the brain struck like a tsunami.

 ”Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo ♡”

 Semen spurted vigorously into her womb, and Marina, who was poured by semen, caused severe convulsions while raising a sweet scream, and further tightened the pussy.


 Pleasure does not end with semen that spurted.


 My semen that released endlessly is struck by a pleasant sensation that can be said to be painful.

 ”What’s going on !?”

 The ejaculation that should end in an instant does not end. An incredibly large amount of semen continues to spurt out. I seriously thought that the blood vessels in my brain would be cut off as I continued to be attacked by the fierce pleasure caused by it.

 ”Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ♡

 Ejaculation that never ends. The semen that keeps spurting continues to be poured into Marina’s womb, causing her abnormal convulsions and she screaming like a beast. Such Marina’s womb immediately filled up with semen because the semen still continues to spurting.

 Dangerous. It’s not a level that feels good. If this is left as it is, it will be seriously dangerous.

 I felt such a sense of crisis in the terrifying waves of pleasure, but somehow the ejaculation stopped.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah Ah ♡ Amazhing ♡ It’s reallwy amazhing ♡”

 ”Huh, huh, huh, huh”

 Marina, who is poured by an abnormal amount of semen into her womb is crying out for joy while twitched, and me, who is breathless.

 For Marina, who has been experiencing the hell of climax due to her weaknesses many times, my mass ejaculation will make her satisfied. However, I had never ejaculated so much, and I was afraid of the pleasure that could be called pain.

 Moreover, perhaps my brain was overloaded, and my ability was canceled without permission.

 If such pleasure continues, my mind will wandering around.

 ”You should get ejaculated right away.”


 When I raised my face to respond the words, Tamamushi was looking at me with her eyes.

 ”I explained that it also contains a semen booster. However, because you’re playing her without ejaculation that incident is happen. If you don’t ejaculated right away, you’ll see the same thing.”

 ”……Are you serious?!”

 Semen booster. By the way, she was saying that too. But it will increase too much. It might get about one 500mm PET bottle.

 ”There is no problem if you released out properly”

 ”Tell me that first”

 ”I thought Suzuhara understood that much.”

 No, I’ve certainly heard that it contains a semen booster, but I though there is a limit to that.

 Well, I was told that it wasn’t a safe drug. I was thinking the drug lightly, because of that, the incident happen.

 I think Tamamushi is kind of cold.

 The reason was understood by reactivating my ability that had been forcibly released and “snooping” Tamamushi’s mind.

 –Only Marina is bad. Only Marina is bad. Only Marina is bad.

 Apparently, it seems that she is envious because she kept watching that only Marina was loved.

 When I look up at Marina, she still held my cock in her pussy and cramp her big ass, also she expose her slutty face.

 Even though I haven’t stirred her weaknesses yet, she seems at a dream state because of mass ejaculation.

 It seems Marina will not wake up at this rate. Then, will I do rotation?

 ”Can it still recording even if you leave it alone?”

 ”Hmm? Well, it still can do it.”

 Tamamushi answers my question with sharp lips.

 ”If so, Tamamushi, you also joined. It is important to experience observation with your own body, assuming that recording is good because there is a camera.”

 Tamamushi, which was instantly struck by my words, made her emerald’s eyes shine, and her cheeks dyed with red, also smiled with a big smile.

 ”Umu ♡”

 Then she nodded loudly and hurriedly got on the bed.

 Marina said that I was sweet to Tamamushi, but that may be true.

 Well, why is that? Because Tamamushi are convenient.

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