Xray 114

Chapter 114

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 I couldn’t help but be terrified by the sight that spreads in front of me.

 ”… Ah ♡ …… Hi ♡ …… Nah ♡ …… Ah ♡”

 Marina lying prone on the bed raises only her hips and the cloudy semen gushes out from her pussy that twitched.

 Marina is over. Well, she’s not dead, but her pussy has been creampied more than 20 times and she’s completely in a heavenly state.

 The inside of her womb is filled with my semen, and her pussy couldn’t contain my semen because it’s overloaded.

 Ma~, she has left to a completely different world. It will be impossible for her to come back for a while.

 ”… n ♡ … n ♡ … n ♡”

 Tamamushi who lying next to Marina, twitching her young body like an insect, and spurting a large amount of cum from her young pussy like Marina.

 Tamamushi are more seriously injured than Marina.

 I have creampied Marina’s pussy more than 20 times, because of that, she left to a completely different world for a while.

 Well, Marina would be happy, but I wasn’t happy at all.

 Then, I noticed Tamamushi that was couldn’t hold back to be fucked by me.

 Tamamushi with embarrassed cheeks, a smile that sells her charm, and while sitting on the bed, she tilting her head.

 Although she looks like a loli, she has a rapidly growing boobs.

 It was natural that I attacked such a Tamamushi like a beast.

 ”W, what’s wrong Suzuhara ♡ You’re attacked me so violently ♡ It’s like a rape ♡”

 ”Shut up! I will use your hole as I like!”

 ”Hafu ♡ Your beast-like eyes and violence are irresistible ♡”

 Tamamushi was overjoyed when she was attacked, but it was only a short while that I was pleased.

 ”Ahhhhh ♡”

 First time cum.

 ”Nhii ♡”

 Second time cum.

 ”Ooooooo ♡”

 Third time cum.

 –Fifteen minutes later.

 ”Ooooooo ♡ Noooooooooo ♡”

 Eighth time cum.

 ”Aoo ♡ Aoooooo ♡ Aoooooooooo ♡”

 Ninth time cum.

 –Fifteen minutes later.


 Fifteenth time cum.

 –More forty-five minutes later.

 ”N” ♡ “” ♡ “” “” “” “” “” “”

 Thirty-seventh tim cum. (ED note : Wth, 37 cum-shoot)

 She screams like crazy, but her young body no longer just twitched.

 The amount my semen that increases each time I ejaculated.

 Pleasure that increases every time I ejaculated.

 The lower abdomen of Tamamushi was swollen because I never pulled my cock and continuously ravished her. So much semen had inflated Tamamushi’s womb.

 It is in a state where it can normally burst out.

 However, Tamamushi, which has an immortal insect in its womb, recovers instantly even if she is fatally injured.

 On the contrary, it is possible for her to stay alive even with the neck and limbs separated. That’s why–.

 ”Hikuuuuuuuuuu ♡ shinu wa ♡ shinshinyauuuuuuuu♡”

 Tamamushi keeps getting fucked by me.

 I don’t know how much I cum anymore. Probably more than fifty times in a row.

 The young Tamamushi had an abnormally inflated lower abdomen, disproportionately to her body.

 She was like a pregnant woman.

 There is no end. No matter how much I ejaculated, it will never run out. On the contrary, the more I ejaculated, the more energy I get, the more I ejaculated, the more ejaculation I get, and the more I ejaculated, the more pleasant I feel.

 More. I want to fuck more. I’m going crazy with the endless desires.

 I can’t help but want to cum anyway.

 ”… Ah ♡ … Ah ♡ … Ah ♡ …… Ah ♡ “

 When I noticed, her young pussy became very loose.

 It seems that Tamamushi has fainted and her whole body has lost much energy, but more than that, it seems that her pussy became loose because of too many consecutive cum.

 When I pulled out my cock and the glans fell out with a loud noise. And–.

 ”Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ♡”

 Along with the echoing noise, semen spurted from her pussy with tremendous force.

 The lower abdomen of Tamamushi, which had swollen like a pregnant woman, become smaller as the semen spurted.

 Tamamushi with her eyes rolled up, her tongue sticking out, her saliva dripping out and her pussy spurting semen, she is twitching like a dying insect.

 This is no good anymore. Following Marina, Tamamushi is over.

 There are things like that, and it has reached the present.

 Tamamushi will recover quickly, but even if her body recovers, her mind will not.

 I can use her holes even if she is faint. But no. This infinite s*xual desire cannot be satisfied with the pussy which has little reaction.

 And there, I noticed the biggest weakness of Tamamushi.

 So that’s it. Tamamushi is as close to immortal as possible, but she has clear weaknesses. Her current state proves that.

 Mental wear. There is nothing I can do about immortal insects.

 Tamamushi is all-purpose type. Since she has strong strength even by herself, then she is strong against close combat. She can also operate insects to make medium-range and long-range attacks and search for enemies. If such all-purpose person falls into the hands of the enemy, it is nothing but the worst.

 To prevent this from happening, the person who should be most vigilant is a person with mental interference abilities. However, we also have two such talented people.

 Marina and Yuka. Moreover, these two abilities are probably ranked high among the special abilities.

 Hizuki is probably in the category of mental interference, but at the moment she can’t be considered as a force.

 Anyway, the growth of Marina and Yuka is now the number one priority.

 If the two grow up and can use their abilities in a stable manner, the weaknesses of Tamamushi will disappear. If the weaknesses of Tamamushi disappear, the weaknesses of Nanafushi will inevitably disappear.

 The strongest fighter, Rikka.

 All-purpose Tamamushi.

 There are still many unclear points, but Nanafushi probably has the power of Ikki Tousen (1).

 And Asahina is invincible only in mental power.

 If Marina and Yuka’s abilities are stable, they should be possible to protect their mind, which is their greatest weakness, and to maximize their power.

 In other words, we can attack at any time.


 ”She was said that it was a safe drug, but this is dangerous.”

 I can still manage my reason now, but it’s safe to say that my reason can collapses at any time. I feel a sense of crisis that will surely collapse.

 The effect of the drug may not be the maximum at present.

 If my reason collapses, I’ll run out of control. If that happens–.

 Marina is useless for the time being. Tamamushi will recover physically, but like Marina, it takes time to recover mentally.

 How about Rikka? If I want fuck her, Rikka will gladly open her crotch and but it seems have the same result as Marina and Tamamushi.

 Only Nanafushi and Asahina are remain.

 Because Nanafushi is unexpectedly intelligent. She might know the incident and keep a distance from me.

 Asahina may be willing to be raped, but I don’t think she’ll be crazy no matter how much I fuck her.

 However, these two are likely want to strength contest. Moreover, Nanafushi have a weakness called Tamamushi, and Asahina cannot keep up with her mind.

 ”What if I was manipulated? It’s possibly the result like this.”

 Collapse of the teams.

 If I fail, this teams will easily fall.

 I was able to clearly predicted the worst case before it fell into the worst. It was a good lesson in a sense.

 Anyway, if I don’t do something about me, it can really get into the worst case.

 ”Am I must to restrain myself?”

 I just have to restrain me before I run out of reason.

 But if I don’t have self-conscius, I’m useless.

 It would be terrible if my mind collapsed.

 I need my abilities until I defeat Kudan.

 No, I still need to get my hands dirty to get our place to live.

 When defeating Kudan and threatening the Nature Protection Organization, if I’m reluctant, they may try to kill us.

 Even the Nature Protection Organization is not stupid. If Kudan disappears and the guy who defeated Kudan can be manipulated, the authority of the protection organization will increase.

 If they can’t control it, it’s just a threat and they will try get rid of it.

 That is why we need to teach them seriously, not just threatening them.

 Those who were afraid of Kudan’s power didn’t touch her. If we kill a few people from them, they’ll be scared.

 If they can’t handle us, they have to try erase is, but I wouldn’t think that those who were scared of Kudan could compete with us seriously.

 It will make the surprised person understand our purpose.

 We just want a place to stay.

 However, killing them will cause a chain of resentment. So, if I die, it may be possible to solved their pain.

 I don’t know until I try it, but that’s my last role.

 I don’t have to be there as long as we can get a place to stay.

 ”Not yet. I can’t die yet.”

 My father and my mother didn’t have sin. It was just unfortunate that I was born as a monster.

 Rikka also lost her place.

 Hizuki and Kazehana too.

 Tamamushi also lost her place by joining hands with me.

 Marina and Yuka will no longer be able to live as human beings because of their involvement with me.

 They need me. But, where is it? A place where monsters like us can live freely.

 ”Kuku, it’s bad, my consciousness became cloudy.”

 My thoughts are strangely negative. Is this also the effect of the drug?

 It may be stimulating my survival instinct by fueling anxiety.

 ”It’s really bad at this rate”

 This drug is too dangerous.

 Tamamushi are excellent, but she has some omissions. If it’s such a dangerous drug, I wanted a little more explanation in advance.

 Well, that’s why she was at the bottom of the world.

 I thought I had to do something about it, so I left the basement and went up the stairs.

 My field of vision is blurred. My body doesn’t move freely. However, my body itself is moving more than necessary just against my will. And the impulsive libido that increase infinitely.

 If my reason is collapses, I will really start acting like a beast.


 Rikka, who stood at the entrance leading to the basement, turned around and looked at me.

 Beautiful shining white hair.

 Deep and beautiful crimson eyes.

 A cute face even she is young.

 A large bulge that pushes up her chest of the yellow hoodie she is wearing.

 A white skin with healthy limbs.

 A pussy that I can freely do.

 My libido suddenly increased and I almost went crazy.

 If I not focus even for a moment, I will attack her.

 Tamamushi said it was dangerous if I didn’t ejaculate anyway.

 I took a really bad drug.

 ”Don’t approach me”

 Desperately enduring impulsive libido, I told Rikka.

 Only Rikka and Nanafushi should be left in perfect condition.

 ”Why I shouldn’t get closer to master? Did master hate me?”

 Rikka, who was about to cry, tried to step out with a trembling voice.

 ”Stay away!”

 Leaning on the wall of the stairs, I shouted at Rikka in a consciousness that seemed to be interrupted.

 Rikka trembles and stays on the spot.

 What a Mess. My ability seems to be activated, but it is not in a very “decent” state.

 Rikka’s consciousness flows into a mess, like a crushed mirror.

 ”An unforeseen situation has happened. You are here for that. You must wait here in collaboration with Nanafushi.”

 ”Huh, an unexpected situation !?”

 ”I can’t afford to explain. Rikka, please cooperate with me.”

 When I called out to the astonished Rikka, I went up the stairs along the wall. And just before passing by Rikka, I stroked Rikka’s head.

 ”I’m glad, I left you with this order. I’m relieved when you’re perfect.”

 When I muttered while tapping Rikka’s head, Rikka’s face, which was about to cry, tightened in an instant.

 ”I understand. I will do my best to build a line of defense.”

 With that said, Rikka, who pulled out a large knife from behind, knelt on the spot and closed her eyes.

 The tense air that I certainly feel even when my reason is about to collapse.

 Rikka’s murderous intention to protect this place.

 Overwhelming determination to approach and eliminate everything that has invaded.

 ”Thank you”

 I closed my eyes and called out to Rikka, who was holding a large knife horizontally in front of her face. However, Rikka didn’t make a slight movement, let alone reply.

 Her mind may be so sharpened that she is keenly aware of any changes she can perceive.

 As expected, it is my proud sister.

 I got out of the room with the stairs to the basement and walked down the hallway along the wall.

 I can’t see Nanafushi.

 Nanafushi may be on the alert outside the house.

 It would have been a problem if she noticed the incident and came inside the house, but apparently she made a wise decision, as I expected.

 My consciousness about to collapse. I don’t even know if I’m breathing. Even so, the libido increased infinitely. And the pleasure increase from one thing that I certainly feel.

 Just rubbing against the fabric of my pants creates a tremendous amount of pleasure and tries to destroy my reason.

 I don’t have time anymore.

 Hole. I just want a hole. I can’t stand it because I want to put my cock in the hole covered with love juice.


 Is there a hole? Is there a meat hole somewhere? Is there a meat hole that I can use freely?

 ”Suzuhara-kun. Have you done your errands? Then, do you finally want to fuck me?”

 Aah, anything is fine. Anyway, I want a meat hole.

 ”Fufu, Suzuhara-kun is focused to my small breasts ♡ Those days when I though my small breasts ♡ I have a grudge against myself with it ♡ But now, it’s a crime to be too attractive ♡”

 At this time, it really doesn’t matter. Onahole is fine. Anyway, it’s really dangerous if I don’t ejaculate.

 ”A, ara~? Suzuhara-kun? Where are you going? You haven’t finished your errands yet? If so, it can’t be helped. I can wait a little longer, really a little longer.”

 Asahina then stands on the spot, turning her face away while fluttering.

 I could hear Asahina’s words, but I ignored her as much as I could.

 No matter how dangerous it may be, I should never fuck Asahina with an impulse.

 If I do that, Asahina will surely be spoiled.

 I will not do it even if I die, I don’t want that the shit cheeky Asahina be spoiled.

 I arrived there, staggering down the wall.

 I know it’s dangerous, but this is the only way.

 A tag on the door or wall.

 A special barrier stretched so that the “voice” does not leak to the outside.

 Dangerous ability to manipulate the mind with words alone.


 It’s the room where Yuka, who has that ability.

 ”In the worst case, she might be the one who seals me.”

 As of now, Yuka is unaware that she has awakened to a special ability.

 Even so, if I get inside, Yuka may unknowingly manipulate me.

 However, at present, only Yuka can manage my infinite s*xual desire.

 Yuka has that technique.

 It’s a devil’s job to ask for such a thing when her trauma is rekindled and the heart is about to break.

 I wouldn’t ask my beloved Yuka to do that. (ED note : it seems the MC still in brainwashed state)


 I muttered, and I touched the knob on the door.

 Rikka and Nanafushi will surely notice that I entered Yuka’s room.

 If I was manipulated, then I had to leave it to the judgment of Rikka and Nanafushi.

 All I have to do is hope that Yuka doesn’t maliciously manipulate me.

 With that in mind, I opened the door and entered the room.

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