Xray 115

Chapter 115

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 When I entered the room, Yuka, who should have been sleeping on the bed, was awake.

 ”Ah, Mota-kun”

 Yuka smiled at me while called me as I entered the room. Her eyes look fluttered and she has a clear smile.

 Perhaps she just woke up and she seems have fallen asleep a while ago.

 Suddenly, my vision is blurry.

 My heartbeat beats so fast that it seems to burst.

 My breathing suddenly becomes rough.

 My whole body is sweating.


 My p*nis erected abnormally and my impulsive libido increased infinitely.

 I want to fuck. I want to fuck a woman. I want to fuck a hole meat and pierce it mercilessly.

 I want to enjoy the soft and tightened pussy covered with love juice to the deepest part and spurt my desires until I satisfied.

 Then, a girl reflected in my blurred view.

 She has semi-long black hair and big eyes that looks sleepy.

 A small but coherent nose and pretty lips that with a color of light pink.

 Her skin is white, her neck is fragile, and yet a large bulge pushes up from the chest her jacket.

 Although she is still young, but her body is ripe. I know the taste is superb because I have try it.

 I want to eat. The body of the woman in front of me.

 I want to tarnish her from toe to head and fuck the meat hole until I satisfied.

 No, thinking it again.

 This drug is not made “for humans”. It is a drug made for things that surpass humans, such as Tamamushi and Rikka. Therefore, there is no problem even if my atrocity increases a little. If the other party is Tamamushi or Rikka.

 But when the other person is “just a human”.

 No, it’s not it. Marina was still overjoyed even if she was just a human being. Because she wanted to be fucked.

 The problem is that the other person is Yuka.

 Yuka is a “friend” (1). She is a “friend” who go with us to the “our whereabouts” that we will eventually get.

 I didn’t know what would happen to someone other than my “friends”. But “friends” are different. She said she wanted to stay with me because she had given up in various things. For such a stupid girl, I don’t mind betting my life.

 Despite this, I can’t rape my “friends”.

 I can’t do the same for Yuka, who has been raped so far.

 What’s more, I … love Yuka.

 ”R, run away, Yuka …”

 I held my forehead with my right hand and muttered, then I barely gritted my teeth.

 My reason can collapse at any moment, but it’s still okay.

 ”Eh? Run away? Why?”

 I felt my string of reason trembling when I heard Yuka voice.

 In my blurred view, I can see Yuka tilting her head and smiling.

 Please, stop that defenseless smile. I’m not the usual me now.

 I hate guys who don’t have a reason. That’s why I have to stay conscious.

 Yuka is a “friend”. It’s bad to rape her as a “friend”–.

 I grabbed my index finger of my left hand with my right hand, and hurt it.


 The sound of creaking bones echoed in my body, and the pain revived my reason.

 There are ten fingers after all. If I fold all my fingers with one hand, I won’t be able to fold the other fingers, but at that time I can slap them against the wall.



 I put more effort into it, but it didn’t break easily. My finger is unexpectedly “flexible”.

 I decided to loosen the power once, gain momentum and fold it all at once.

 ”Don’t do it”

 The voice I heard stopped my body.

 What. I can’t move. My body can’t move at all.

 Yuka reflected in my blurred view.

 Yuka, who removed her smile, was staring straight at me.

 Is it Mantra?

 This is amazing. It is said that the behavior of the other person can be completely obstructed by just saying one word.

 Moreover, although the body can’t move slightly, it is possible to breathe.

 If she stops my body activity completely, I will die. However, I do not feel the danger of life in the current situation.

 I got it. I could understand the ability a little.

 No good.

 Yuka said so.

 Yuka didn’t say that I can’t move. But I still couldn’t move my body.

 Her word doesn’t work as her says. Words are just a medium, but her emotions appear as an effect.

 The drawback of her abilities is the voice range, but depending on how it is used, it is an ability that can be applied tremendously.

 ”It’s okay, Mota-kun”

 Yuka crawls on all fours on the bed while saying so.

 I suddenly lost power from my body.

 Fine. I’m fine. Yes, I’m fine.

 My view became clearer, and there was no blind spot around 360 degrees.

 My heartbeat calms down rapidly.

 I feel my unpleasant sweat that was spewed out in large quantities pulling away.

 I’m still full of libido, but my thoughts are horribly clear.

 ”Mota-kun is okay”

 ”Ou, I’m fine”

 ”Mota-kun is always calm”

 ”Ou, I’m always calm”

 ”And Mota-kun is strong.”

 ”Ou, I–“


 I certainly felt electric current running around in my brain.

 The current propagates throughout the body.

 Muscles that have swelling is more swelled.

 My body, which I can “see” by my ability, is rapidly stronger.

 I’m strong. I’m strong. I’m strong.

 ”I’m strong”

 ”Yup! Mota is the strongest!”

 I felt something strange.

 My fist that I just grasped is full of extraordinary power.

 My Body temperature rises sharply and is comfortable.

 It’s like the engine is on fire.

 It’s as if the piston started moving at high speed.

 The power overflows endlessly.

 And yet, my body has strange feeling that my thoughts are horribly clear even though my libido increased rapidly.

 This is not a rampage. Perhaps my potential is being pulled out reasonably.

 Very naturally. Very properly.

 ”Ou, I can be the strongest”

 Overwhelming confidence is springs up.

 I’m strong. I am the strongest.

 Someone will be stronger than me. However, I will grasp my abilities, use all my strengths, find out the weaknesses of the enemy, and use and defeat any cowardly and sneaky means without hesitation.

 Yes, I am the strongest. I will become to the strongest using all means. And–.



 Yuka, who crawled to the edge of the bed, looked up at me and tilted her head.

 ”I love you”

 It’s too natural, I couldn’t help but say it.


 For some reason, Yuka’s eyes look like astonished.

 Oh yeah, I was careless about what I say.

 I love Yuka, but it’s not the same as Yuka.

 Yuka wants to stay with me and I have tasted her body many times.

 Yuka allowed me to embrace her.

 So, I misunderstood her.

 Whether she love me or not, even if she allows me to embraced her, it’s still another story.

 Then, I just persuade her.

 With all my strength and libido, I smiled at Yuka and sat down on the bed.

 ”Yuka, I want to hug you, but I want you to love me if you can.”

 I gently reached out Yuka’s chin with my finger, and whispered her ear while lifting Yuka’s face.

 ”… Yes !? Eh !? Mota-kun !?”

 Yuka instantly turned her face bright red and was clearly shaking.

 Is this … a hope?

 Alright, let’s push it. Let’s push more harder.

 ”Yuka, please. Love me. I want your heart. I want to drown in lust with each other’s with out hearts connected.”

 ”Eeeeeehhhhh!? W, wait!? What happened to Mota-kun !?”

 Yuka can’t help but be impatient with my words.

 She is so embarrassed that she seems to be screaming and questioning.

 Don’t give up if I want to push her.

 Then I realized that Yuka’s heart was “invisible”. Moreover, although her clothes are transparent, I cannot “see” the body.

 As was the case with Marina, is it possible for a person with mental interference ability to defend my ability?

 Well, I’m probably classified as a mentally interfering person, but it’s just like a “bonus”. Still, I can’t beat the pros who specialize into it.

 Good, that’s fine. It is worthwhile to push her because her mind is “invisible”.

 ”Mota-kun? Nee~, Mota-kun, what happened? Right now, Mota-kun is kind of weird, isn’t he?”

 Yuka, who sat on the bed, looked up at me with anxiety.

 Am I weird? Really? I think I’m as usual.


 Wait a minute. Yuka said I was weird. I’m not convinced by that word.

 Why can’t I be convinced?

 I love Yuka. But what Tamamushi says is the Mantra who affected me.

 Right now, I’m unusually strong, but that’s probably the effect of Yuka’s Mantra.

 Yuka said I was kind of weird.

 If the Mantra is activated, don’t I think I’m weird?

 To say that I don’t think so–.

 Speaking of which, Hizuki was saying. Yuka’s Mantra is an ability called “Renge” (2), which is ranked high among the abilities of the same system. However, due to restrictions, her category is low.

 What is “Renge”? What does she means?

 If I think simply, it’s a lotus flower.

 It’s a flower I had seen before. Pink buds that bloomed in Yuka.

 That is a lotus.

 Is it related to that?

 ”Yuka, can you give me a moment?”

 I grabbed Yuka’s shoulders and asked her while staring straight at Yuka.

 ”Eh? Ah, Un, Yes”

 Yuka, who was grabbed by me on both shoulders, nodded with her cheeks dyed.

 ”Tell me to disappear”


 ”Please. Try to say it. It’s a little experiment.”

 Yuka, who staring at my eyes, didn’t reply because she didn’t want to say it. But she nodded.

 ”Di, disappear”

 Yuka, who had a troubled face, turned her eyes away from me and muttered so quietly.

 Yuka’s voice was quiet, but I could hear it properly. And yet, She don’t want me to disappear from this place.

 ”I’m sorry, but please tell me to hug you this time.”

 ”Eh? Ah, yeah”

 Yuka nods with a straightforward reply, unlike when she tells her to disappear.

 ”Hug me?”

 ”No wonder”

 Asked by Yuka, I hugged Yuka with all my might.

 She’s soft. She smells good. After all Yuka is the best.

 That’s not the case, I hug Yuka by my own will, but this is probably the effect of Mantra.

 I’m hugging Yuka at my own will.

 That feeling is probably the proof of Mantra being affected in.

 ”It, it’s a bit painful, but … I’m happy ♡”

 Yuka smiled with her ears bright red while distorting her face painfully.

 I was surprised and relaxed my hugging power.

 The Mantra was activated. But, It didn’t work a while ago.

 If it is activated indiscriminately, even if it goes against Yuka’s will, Mantra should be activated.

 Is it activated when Yuka thinks “She like it”?

 No, I think it’s different.

 I don’t think the “constraints” that Hizuki said are such sweet things.

 Constraints may mean that she can’t use it even if she want to.

 I want to confirm, because ability is still ability.

 Well, telling me to disappear didn’t work, but I still can’t let my guard down, even though at the moment it seems less dangerous.

 With Marina’s ability, it may be possible to know the details of Yuka’s ability.

 ”Nee~, nee~, Mota-kun”

 I was surprised to hear Yuka’s voice.

 Yuka, who is sitting on the bed, has her hands in my crotch and looks at me with her upper eyes.

 Her clothes are transparent.

 While her hands on my crotch, my hands are squeezing her chest and then pulling it up together.

 It’s smaller than Marina, but she has enough boobs that can be called big breasts. Moreover, the pink areola can be seen, and the nipple was clearly erected.

 ”Mota-kun, you’ve grown a lot since a while ago, isn’t it?”

 Yuka, who dyed her cheeks, moistened her eyes, and whispered in a sweet voice, then she glanced at something.

 Yuka’s line of sight is on my crotch.

 Probably because of Yuka’s ability, I have regained my composure, but my libido is still strong. As a proof of that, my crotch was swollen so that it could be seen even from the top of the pants.

 ”If you’re okay, should I service you?”

 Yuka’s sweet whisper pierces my brain.

 Even though I was able to endure it, if I was told such a thing with such eyes and voice.

 ”Oh, is that okay?”

 ”Yeah ♡ Leave it to me ♡”

 Yuka nodded with a big smile to my question, and she turned her face to my crotch.

 Then, she is licking her mouth.

 With that in mind, I couldn’t help but swallow a spit.



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