Xray 116

Chapter 116

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 I knew Yuka’s technique is high. But–.

 ”Yu, Yuka …”

 While sitting on the bed, Yuka puts her face on my crotch, but her hands still on the bed.

 She buried her face on my crotch on all fours.

 ”Big … ♡”

 Yuka rubs her cheeks on the top of my pants, and mutters with a fascinating voice, then she kisses my crotch through my pants. And–.

 My belt has been taken off.

 But Yuka’s hands are still on the bed. Even so, the belt on my pants is taken off.

 She takes off my belt with her mouth. Then, she uses her teeth to dexterously zip down my pants.

 I swallowed my spit unintentionally.

 Yuka crawls on all fours, burying her face on my crotch and pushing her hips up. The appearance of Yuka pulling down the zipper with her mouth was too bewitching, obscene, and indecent.

 When she finished taking down the zipper, a slippery thing invaded through the gap between my pants.

 I can see it through my underwear. It’s a tongue. Her tongue has invaded.

 I mean, I cannot see the inside of Yuka’s body, but since my ability itself is activated without problems, it is possible to “see” Yuka’s appearance with bird’s-eye view.

 Yuka, who had her tongue penetrated through the gaps, thrust her tongue into the gaps in my underwear.


 Yuka’s tongue crawls on the back muscles.

 ”It’s bad”

 I’m at my limit with just that, and I stiffened my whole body.

 Then, I’m ejaculated.

 The moment I thought so, I was terrified with great pleasure.

 Yuka, who had her tongue penetrated through the gap, saw that I’m at my limit, then she entwined her tongue around my glans without using her hands, and lifted the glans quickly. After that, she pulled out the glans from the gap and sucked it.


 It was exactly at the same time that Yuka had her lips sucked on my glans.

 Pleasure that is numb enough to make me drooling.

 My semen spurts out with tremendous momentum, probably because it has accumulated more than the limit even though it was spurt out so much on Marina and Tamamushi.

 The greater the amount, the greater the pleasure during ejaculation.

 My hips pounced on their own with unstoppable ejaculation, and I wondered if the nerves of my brain would really burn out with so much pleasure.

 Then, a gulped sound can be heard.

 Yuka swallows a large amount of semen.

 ”Uh, ku- … fuuuhh~”

 No matter how much it is, the end will come.

 I spewed an incredible amount of semen and I was finally exhausted.


 ”Uh, ku-“

 As the ejaculation was over and the fierce pleasure was about to cool down, I was struck by a new pleasure.

 Yuka slurping remaining semen in my urethra with a sizzling sound.

 Because of that, my cock immediately erected.

 Then, Yuka pulled out her lips and looked up me.

 ”Isn’t it kind of weird? It’s too much but Mota-kun still so fine.”

 Perhaps she felt weird when she saw the abnormal amount of semen and my cock that never withered. Because of that, Yuka asked with anxiety.

 ”Hmm. Actually, I took a special drug because various things. But, It’s too effective and this is the effect.”

 While the pleasure still did not cool down, I answered Yuka while already being attacked by impulsive libido.

 Then, Yuka’s face changed.

 ”Isn’t that dangerous?”

 ”Hmm. It will not danger my life, but it wasn’t a safe drug to.”

 ”Why do you take such a drug!?”

 Yuka who got up suddenly screamed while staring at me.

 Why is that, well …

 ”Mota-kun, you’re not thinking too much about your life!? What would happen to us if Mota-kun was gone!??”

 Yuka grabs my shoulders and screams like a demon.

 I don’t think too much about my life?

 That’s right. As Yuka says I don’t think too much.

 Is it my character of being born with it? Or Is it the environment in which I have lived so far?

 Because of that, I can’t find value in myself.

 Then, There is a girl who needs me like that. I wonder if it’s okay to die for her and others.

 In addition…….

 ”I can’t forget it”


 ”That time I thought sure I would be praised.”

 I have special ability when I was born. But before I realized it, I wouldn’t have realized that it was a special ability.

 I think I just wanted to see my mother smiling. However–.

 ”My first memory is my mother looks at me like a monster.”

 My mother is not bad. In retrospect, that’s not surprising. But at that time, I couldn’t accept it.

 I know it in my head, but that memory never disappears.

 ”I don’t have any siblings. My parents not wealthy, however they could afford to feed another child. But they didn’t have children again. I’m sure they were scared. When, monster like me was born again.”

 It’s natural to be scared. Besides, I should feel the benefit just by having me grow up without they abandoned me.


 Suddenly, I heard a voice.

 ”Mota-kun is a fool.”

 Then, a sweet scent gently blows my nose and a soft body wrapping me.

 Yuka, who was crying for some reason, was hugging me.

 ”Why doesn’t Mota-kun say that much earlier?”

 A gentle voice whispered in my ear

 ”Because I’m not particularly unhappy with it.”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”There are so many people around the world who are unhappy than me.”

 ”So, you don’t want to protest?”

 ”No. I don’t want to protest. I just don’t like to say it as if I’m proud of my misfortune.”

 ”Oh, yeah”

 While crying and smiled, Yuka hugging me and gently stroked my head.

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. It takes a long time to heal the wounds in Mota-kun hearts. But someday it will surely heal. Because Mota-kun made a lot of “friends”.”

 “Friends”. Yes, I have a “Friends”.

 I can’t die until I get their place.

 ”I can’t die yet”

 ”Un, Mota-kun is great. That’s right~, Mota-kun shouldn’t die yet. “

 ”Ah, I know. I must not die.”

 ”Great, Mota-kun~. That’s right, you can’t die yet. “

 ”Ou, I understand. I must not die.”

 That’s right, as Yuka says. I must not die. That’s the truth, because Yuka says so.

 ”Nee~ Mota-kun. Do Mota-kun have a wishes? I want to hear it”

 Wish? What do I want? Well, that is…….

 ”I want a place to stay”

 That’s all I want.

 Defeating Kudan is not a wish. It’s something that I definitely have to accomplish.

 Before, I don’t particularly hate Kudan. However, when I know Kudan who killed Rikka’s mother and sisters, she cannot be forgiven.

 I will definitely kill Kudan by anymeans.

 ”That’s right. But, Mota-kun. Yuka think, Mota-kun seems to have more wishes. “

 ”More wishes?”

 ”Yeah, more. Mota-kun~, there’s nothing embarrassing because right now only Mota-kun and Yuka in here, right? Right? Let’s be honest only now.”

 Let’s be Honestly. Only now, let’s be honestly …

 ”I, I am”


 ”M, my wish is …”


 ”D, don’t laugh, okay?”

 ”Do you think I will laugh?”

 Yuka laughs with a smile while hugging me.

 Yuka is laughing, but she doesn’t mean that.

 She means to be amazed or fool when she hear my ridiculous desires.

 But that’s right. Yuka will surely listen to my stupid desires seriously and accept them kindly.

 Because the other party is Yuka.

 ”I, I want to be spoiled…”

 I don’t remember being spoiled by anyone. I don’t know how to treat someone. But I’ve been thinking it for a long time.

 I want to be spoiled by someone.

 ”Oh, I see. Great Mota-kun. You could say it properly. Yuka is really happy for that. “

 Yuka hugging me tightly and stroking my head while crying.

 ”Leave it to Yuka. Yuka will spoil Mota-kun. It’s okay, leave it to Yuka”

 Yes, Yuka whispered in my ear and gently separated from me.

 The warmth I felt when I was hugged disappeared, and suddenly my anxiety struck.

 That’s it. I was already “spoiled by Yuka”.

 ”Then Mota-kun. Shall we sleep together?”

 Yuka, who gently put her hand on my shoulder, said that and smiled.


 I suddenly trembled.

 Yuka, who supports my shoulders with her left hand, gently grasps the rod of my cock with her right hand while smiling, and begins to handle it gently.

 Yuka’s thin and supple fingers gently handle the rod like the sea of ​​calm.

 It’s not a climax stimulus, but that’s why I felt comfortable and relieved.

 While she handling the rod, I slowly put my body on the bed with her support.

 ”Then, let’s do it, right?”

 Yuka looked down at me lying on her back in bed and smiled, saying that, while handling the rod with her right hand, she unbuttoned my jacket with her left hand and removed the belt of my pants.

 ”It’s embarrassing to take them all off, right? It’s okay. I won’t take off all of Mota-kun clothes. Yuka is the only one who will look embarrassed. “

 Yuka, who unbuttoned my jacket and unbelted my pants, didn’t try to take off my clothes anymore and instead she rolled up her own jacket.

 Above my head, I can see a white bulge that has grown.

 I could only see the lower breast because she rolled up her own jacket halfway.

 ”Mota-kun, Yuka is very embarrassed when you see it ♡”

 Yuka is ashamed while showing me her lower breast.

 She’s embarrassing to expose such a figure to me.

 My cock erected more and more when I saw the lower breast that I could see from below and Yuka who made her ears bright red.

 ”U, ku-“

 My rod is handled gently, and the pleasure grows.

 ” Yuka’s embarrassing appearance only can be seen by Mota-kun, okay?”

 While handling my rod dexterously, Yuka smiled as if she was shy, and when she put her left hand in her skirt then she took off her underwear with only her left hand. And–.

 ”Look, Mota-kun please look? Please look closely at Yuka’s pussy? Just being with Mota-kun makes me so wet ♡”

 Yuka, who crawls on all fours, exposes her crotch above my face. Then, while handling my rod with her right hand, she opens her pussy with her left hand.

 ”E, erotic …”

 I muttered unintentionally.

 The pussy that opened was completely visible and it’s full of love juice. I’m not looking it with my abilities. With a proper view, even womb was completely visible. Because, there is hole in it.

 Moreover, the clitoris that can be seen is also red and hard erected.

 ”Mota-kun, look at it properly, okay?”

 I heard Yuka’s voice. Then–.


 I was so surprised that I doubted my eyes.

 The flesh hole that was opened so much that the womb was completely visible, At this time is closed tightly.

 It’s like a sea anemone preying on a small fish.

 ”Later, Mota-kun can insert the dick here. Yuka has been polluted, because I was once a toilet meat, but I’m confident that I can make Mota-kun feel better than anyone else. “

 With Yuka’s voice, the hole that had been closed was opened so that the womb could be seen, and then closed again.

 Yuka’s technique allows her to freely manipulate the muscles around her pussy.

 I know how comfortable it would be to insert a cock in that meat hole.

 ”Yuka, I have one thing to say to you.”

 When I muttered so, the movement of Yuka’s right hand, which was handling the rod, stopped perfectly, and at the same time, the movement of the pussy that repeatedly opened and closed like the mouth of a fish also stopped.

 ”I will never pity you.”

 It is a fact that Yuka was defiled by many delinquents in the abandoned factory. Almost all of them had the experience of raping Yuka.

 Perhaps there are others too.

 How many men have been raped her?

 But, right now is “finished”.

 ”I know it, so don’t talk about that.”

 ”It, it’s hurt!”

 Suddenly, Yuka squeezed my rod tightly, and muttered, then bit my glans with her teeth.

 Are you angry? Eh? Did I offend Yuka? I can’t judge it because I can’t see her mind.

 ”Are you angry?”

 ”Betsuni~ ♡” (2)

 When Yuka suddenly asked, she dyed her cheeks and smiled happily, then she licks the glans that has bitten with her tongue.

 It’s a little tingling, but huh, it feels good again.

 “Nee~, Mota-kun ♡”

 Yuka, who was licking my glans with her tongue, tilting her neck and looked at me from sideways.

 ”While Yuka is licking it, Can Mota-kun playing with Yuka’s hole?”

 At the same time as Yuka’s sweet whisper, her hole that drips indecent love juice is opened.

 Her vaginal wall spewed out indecent love juice that draws threads, and her womb are exposed.

 I want to make her cum. I want to make Yuka cum.

 My impulsive desire increased significantly, and then I raised my right hand, and my two fingers were inserted into her pussy.

 Due to the hole opening and overflowed with love juice, my two fingers were very easily inserted all the way to the base.

 ”An ♡”

 Yuka makes a sweet voice happily.

 Yes, it’s “happy”.

 ”Then, play with that hole, okay? Mota-kun can also play with my boobs?”

 Yuka, who spoke to me with such a gentle voice, bowed. Then she sticks out her tongue and begins to lick my glans.


 What a tongue! I feel bad for Marina, but the level is different. Moreover, Yuka is not serious yet.

 That’s good. That’s fine. The problem is–.

 When my glans was licked with her tongue, and my face was distorted by the pleasure, I stirred the inside of her hole with two fingers and making an indecent noise.

 ”An ♡ Mota-kun is amazing ♡ Mota-kun’s fingers are too good, and Yuka, who is a bitch, will cumming♡”

 Yuka raises a sweet voice while licking my glans with her tongue.

 I felt my face cramped.

 ”Yu, Yuka, you … are you doing it with technique?”

 While mercilessly stirring Yuka’s meat hole, I asked Yuka. Then Yuka–.

 ”Ehehe, I got caught ♡”

 Yuka sticks out her tongue and smiles with a shy smile.

 ”I thought that Mota-kun would be mercilessly blaming me if I pretended. So, I tried acting a little irritating. Was it useless?”

 Yuka says such a thing with a shy smile. Moreover, with her pussy is still mercilessly stirred.

 An obscene sound echoes and love juice overflowed endlessly. Then, her inside the cramping hole.

 There is no doubt that she feels it. However, Yuka completely suppressed that pleasure and was acting on top of that.

 Moreover, it seems to be a technique so that I can see it as acting.

 Doing so would have irritated me and blamed me untamed and tried to relieve my stress.

 On top of that, she refuses to be swallowed by pleasure in order to serve me.

 It means that there is “room” to do so.

 ”Should I really feel it?”

 Yuka laughed and screamed to provoke me.

 ”No, no. I can make you cum with my ability, so you can leave it as it is.”

 ”I did it ♡ Then let Yuka cum with your abilities? Mota-kun~ ♡”

 Yuka smiles happily on the contrary, even though she says that she is being stirred with her two fingers.

 It’s now that I can laugh because I have the ability.


 I tried to “see” the weakness inside Yuka’s pussy, but I couldn’t see it.

 I forgot. My ability didn’t work for Yuka now.

 I was impatient and tried to blame Yuka’s pussy for weakness.

 Relying on my memory, I bent my finger inside her pussy, stimulated the weak point and the place that I thought was a muzzle, and moved my finger violently to scrape it out.

 It must be around here.

 ”Ah ♡ It feels good there ♡”

 Yuka who drips a large amount of love juice, makes the inside of her pussy convulsive violently, but she must pretending to raises a voice.

 There is no doubt that she feels it, but it seems that she still can resist it at all.

 Is it different? Isn’t this her weak point?

 Her weak point is as small as a needle hole. However, if I know the general location, my fingertips should be stirred her weak point.

 That should be …

 ”Play a lot with Yuka’s hole and have a lot of fun, okay?”

 Following Yuka’s sweet whisper, the glans was wrapped in slimy meat.

 A cramped hole in the flesh covered with saliva. It’s Yuka’s mouth.

 Yuka swallows my glans and suck it, but she does not shake her head. However, she just entangles her tongue with my glans while sucking it.


 Immediately because of my limit, I ejaculated in Yuka’s mouth as it was without patience.

 The pleasure of burning out the brain and the feeling of swallowing the spit out semen.

 All the exhaled semen was drunk, and even the semen remaining in the urethra was sucked out, then the suction and tongue movement were resumed immediately.

 Such a polite and delicate caress, she looks like licking a stick ice cream.

 I want more intense pleasure, but Yuka know without I saying it.

 Yuka is willing to gradually increase her pace to entertain me.

 I was surprised and noticed that the finger that was stirring Yuka’s pussy had stopped.

 ”Shit, I’ll definitely let you cum.”

 I threw up those words, and while stirring her pussy with my two fingers on my right hand, I stimulated her clitoris with my left thumb.

 Yuka, who made a loud noise and spit out my glans, tilted her neck and looked at me with a moist.

 ”It feels really good ♡”

 Yuka, who treats the rod as chewy, made a fascinating sweet voice.

 Is it fascinating? For Yuka, it may be a pleasant sensation when her shoulders are rubbed.

 ”I’m still fine, would Mota-kun like to put it in Yuka’s mouth about ten more times? Then, next time, put it in Yuka’s pussy, okay?”

 Yuka smiled embarassingly, and when she lowered her face, she swallowed the glans in her mouth.


 A cramped meat hole that is slimy. The pleasant sensation obtained by that feeling stops the movement of my finger.

 I want to make Yuka cum. I want to see her ahegao. (1)

 Yuka begins to shake her head slowly.

 Suck, entangle the tongue, make an obscene sound and suck the cock again. At the same time, the rod is handled and the ball is caressed.

 It feels good and make my other emotions disappear.

 The pleasure, Yuka’s soft touch, and a sweet scent that seems became steam.

 I can’t think of anything.

 My hips pounce on their own and the semen is spurt out into Yuka’s mouth.

 Yuka who drank semen while shaking her head gradually accelerates her head shaking.

 Even though I just ejaculated, my cock that erected immediately heads for the next ejaculation.

 While inserting my finger into Yuka’s pussy and pulling the clitoris to the limit, I just keep being attacked by a fierce wave of pleasure.

 Though I seems to go crazy, I gets drunk with Yuka’s intense and gentle service.

 How much time has passed?

 Is it thirty minutes? Or is it a minute? Maybe less than thirty seconds have passed.

 ”I’ve issued it ten times, but Mota-kun still so fine. Mota-kun is amazing, isn’t it?”

 Yuka, who spit out the glans with a loud noise, treated my rod gently and spoken while caressing my glans with the tip of her tongue.

 Before I knew it, I seemed to have ejaculated ten times.

 I’m not sure, but it was horribly pleasant.

 ”Then, are Mota-kun going to use Yuka’s pussy soon? Or do Mota-kun want to play with Yuka’s body?”

 Yuka raises her face and asks questions while handling my rods.

 Next? next…….



 ”I want you to hug me”

 Yuka astonished in my words. And–.

 ”A, wawawa … that’s a shy request ♡”

 Yuka laughed saying that, and when she turned around, she covered me. And she hugged me tightly and strongly.

 Yuka’s soft touch wraps my whole body.

 Oh, I’m relieved.

 ”Can Mota-kun insert it in Yuka’s pussy?”

 I’m happy just being hugged, but that’s right. If Yuka says so …

 ”You can insert it ♡”

 When I tried to reply, Yuka whispered earlier than that, and moved her hips.


 My glans is swallowed by her cramped pussy that is hot and slimy.

 The meat hole that widened so that the womb could be seen was so tight that it seemed to cut the glans.

 ”Actually, while acting, did you cum many times?”

 A sweet voice that slightly rough whispered in my ear.

 ”I think I must hide it.”

 I asked Yuka, while trembling with the pleasure that the glans was gradually swallowed into the depths of her meat hole.

 ”Because it’s embarrassing ♡”

 Yuka, who hugged me even tighter, dyed her cheeks really embarrassingly and whispered in my ear. And Yuka, who held my cock all the way to the womb, slowly began to shake her hips while hugging me.

 The glans slowly moves in and out of the tightly closed meat hole. An obscene sound echoes each time.

 Pleasure that handled by a soft but tight meat hole.

 With both hand on Yuka’s back, I hugged Yuka strongly, and trembling with the pleasure like waves.

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