Xray 117

Chapter 117

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 Love juice overflowed from the pussy, and my glans tightened with a soft but rough meat wall, and in that state I feel tremendous pleasure.

 ”Kuh- Uuu-“

 At the same time as my glans pierced the innermost part of the pussy, I spurt out my semen.

 My whole body stiffened because of the pleasure, and my teeth were gritted.

 ”Huh, huh, huh”

 While breathing hard, I get drunk with the afterglow of that pleasure.

 It’s normal to get bored if I repeat the same thing, but I never get bored of this pleasure.

 In addition–.

 ”Fufu~, did Mota-kun feel good?”

 While crouching in a Japanese Style toilet, Yuka whispers with a soft smile and slowly shakes her hips up and down. With her movement, my cock that is inserted to the innermost part of the pussy is repeatedly inserted and removed with an obscene sound.


 After ejaculation, I was given the pleasure of being gently licked, and my voice leaked with a sigh.

 While licking, Yuka’s condition is sweated, breathed slightly, her skin flushed, and her eyes teary.

 There is no doubt that she feels pleasure, but she can still handle it.

 Moreover, in contrast to her soft smile, her pussy is amazing.

 Yuka slowly shakes her hips up and down, but the inside is tightening, and makes an obscene sound, also it squeezes the remaining semen in my urethra as if sucking with her mouth.

 ”I feel a little bored, so how about this?”

 While crouching in a Japanese style toilet, Yuka who held and squeezing my cock in her pussy, smiled and then she put her hand on her jacket.

 The jacket which exposed only the lower breast.

 With a bewitching and mischievous smile, Yuka slowly rolls up her jacket.

 Snow-white breasts gradually become exposed.

 It’s not as big as Marina, but it’s still big enough and it has very beautiful shape.

 ”Nee~, Mota-kun. Want to see my boobs?”

 If she rolls up her jacket a little more, I can see her nipples. Then, Yuka provoke me after she stopped rolling her jacket at the last minute.

 Without my ability, Yuka’s areola and nipples are completely visible. But she who provokes me is too erotic.

 ”Aha ♡ I got the answer ♡”

 Yuka raises her voice without waiting for my reply.

 My cock was withered because it came out so much in Yuka’s pussy.

 Yuka probably felt it.

 ”Then, how about something like this?”

 With exposed boobs, Yuka collapsed forward while crouching in a Japanese style toilet.

 Because of that movement, her big breasts shake violently.

 Then, while holding my cock in her pussy, Yuka has both hands put on my face and bring her face close to mine.

 ”Then it works, right?”

 Yuka smiled, and began to move her hips dexterously.

 Then, an obscene sound echoed.

 According to the movement of Yuka’s hips, my cock that had been inserted to the root is pulled out and inserted repeatedly.

 The inside is muddy with love juice.

 But Yuka loosens her pussy with technique.

 The reason is I just ejaculated and my glans still sensitive, so she loosens her pussy and make me get used to the stimulus.

 It is very comfortable, she is handled my cock with such a muddy pussy.

 ”How about this?”

 While shaking her hips, Yuka took off her jacket. Then she lowered her face and sticked out her tongue.


 I unintentionally leaked a voice to the pleasure that emanated from a place other than my glans.

 Yuka licked my nipple with the tip of her tongue. Moreover, she is shaking her hips at the same time.

 My cock has been squeezed by Yuka’s pussy.

 Because of her moves, my cock that has been erected was further erected.

 I want it. I want a stronger stimulus.

 As if she had foreseen my thoughts, Yuka’s pussy tightened and her hips moved violently.


 My moan leaks out again because her waist that makes me feel a pleasure.

 Yuka, who moves like a frog, caresses my nipples with her tongue and shakes her hips up and down violently.

 Then with the pussy that tightened and make an obscene sound, a tremendous pleasure can be obtained.

 ”Uh, uh- kuuh-“

 Then, Yuka increased further her shaking speed, with that I’m at my limit, so I cum to the innermost part of Yuka’s pussy.

 Yuka, who suddenly slowed down her hips, raised her face and slowly shook her hips while looking at me.

 ”A lot came out ♡”

 Yuka is sweating, breathing slightly, and flushing her skin, but her smile does not seem tired.

 With such a soft smile, she dexterously tightens her pussy so that it can squeeze the remaining semen in my urethra.

 Because of that pleasure, my cock erected again even though I had just ejaculated.

 ”Ah♡ It grew up again in Yuka ♡”

 Yuka smiles happily whether she feels that my cock has erected in her pussy.

 ”You can play with Yuka’s boobs, okay? Yuka will eat all of Mota-kun semen using her bitch pussy ♡”

 Yuka, who got up a little after saying that, exposed her boobs above my head.

 Then she slowly moving her waist. Her boobs swaying according to the movement.

 I swallowed a spit and raised my hands so that I could catch it, then I groped Yuka’s big tits, which were shaking steadily, with both hands.

 ”Hmm ♡”

 My both hands sank into them, and Yuka made a sweet voice and squinted her eyes.

 What a comfortable boobs to massage. Although it is stretch and elastic, it is very soft. Moreover, it sticks to me probably because she’s sweating moistly. Besides, the feeling of the erected nipple that hits my palm is unbearable.

 ”Mota-kun don’t have to be careful, okay? Because Yuka is a dirty bitch meat toilet. But Mota-kun will get tired, so tell me if you want to take a break, okay?”

 I’ve ejaculated many times in Yuka’s pussy, so it’s just Yuka who shaking her hips on me.

 I’m just sleeping on my bed so I will not get tired. But, Yuka gets tired no matter what. Still Yuka is …

 Her pussy covered with semen and love juice that I spurt out, it is muddy but still tight, and it is making an obscene sound.


 While enjoying the pleasure, I’m holding Yuka’s big tits with my both hands and I grit my teeth too.

 Then, her sweat dripping.

 Yuka is staring at me with a soft smile, though her face burning in red. The sweat that emerged on that forehead drips on my face.

 A sigh leaks from her pretty pale pink lips.

 A sweet scent that makes my eye teary.


 I raised my face while holding Yuka’s big tits, and tried to take Yuka’s lips.

 Then, her pussy suddenly tightened.

 Yuka, who opened her eyes for a moment, quickly turned away to escape.

 ”Eh, eh”

 And when she seems pretended to be smile, she made her hips shake violently.

 The sound of a stick being inserted into a meat hole coated with lotion and being forcibly inserted and removed was heard, then a tremendous pleasure struck me.

 I’m in a state where it’s not strange I will cum at any time. However, I desperately endured, and when I forcibly lifted her face, I tried to take away Yuka’s lips, which was turning away.

 ”It, it’s not good…”

 Yuka, who stopped swinging her hips and had tears in her eyes, muttered in a quivering sound and she bit her lower lip.


 Yuka’s mind is “invisible”, but I understand what was she thinking.

 ”I decided. At that time, when Mota-kun came to help me, I have decided.”


 ”I’ve been by Mota-kun all the time, but I’m soiled, so I’m okay just by your side. I decided not to demand anymore than that. Otherwise, I’ll be punished.”

 Yuka, who raises a quivering voice, keeps her face away and does not look at me.


 And I laughed with tears on my eyes.

 Suddenly, I took my hand off from Yuka’s big tits and put them on Yuka’s cheeks.


 Yuka looks at me with my hands on her cheeks and opens her eyes.

 I should have said that Yuka was no good.

 Her Mantra has not been activated.

 ”Is Yuka my thing?”

 ”Un? Eh, uh, yeah. Yuka is Mota-kun’s thing.”

 ”That’s right. Then I don’t have to ask confirmation each time.”


 When Yuka is astonished, I lifted her face and holding both cheeks, then I forcibly robbed Yuka’s lips.

 It’s sweet, moisturized and very soft lips.


 Yuka opens wide her eyes and tries to pull her face. However, I did not allow it and forcibly thrust my tongue into Yuka’s mouth and entwined it with Yuka’s tongue.

 ”Hmm!? Hmm!? Hmm!?”

 Yuka trying to escape. However, it turns out that her resistance is not serious.

 I’m sleeping on my bed and Yuka on top of me.

 I’m sure my strength is overwhelming, but Yuka is definitely more advantageous in terms of posture.

 It is possible to escape if she really resists. In addition–.

 I’m not holding Yuka’s cheeks so hard.

 My lips are pressed against Yuka’s lips, and Yuka’s tongue is teased while making an obscene noise with her forcibly thrusting tongue.

 ”Hmm ♡ Hmm ♡ Hmm ♡ Uh ♡”

 The apparently resistance became even smaller, and then disappeared.

 I let go of my lips while holding down Yuka’s cheeks, but a nasty water thread connects me and Yuka’s tongue.

 We stared at each other silently, and Yuka closed her eyes.

 I lifted her face again and gently overlapped her lips.

 Yuka was trying to escape a while ago, but this time she pressed her lips and thrust her tongue into my mouth on her own.

 A tongue that entwined makes an obscene sound.

 ”Nfu ♡”

 Yuka’s hips bounced again.

 My cock, which is stuck in Yuka’s pussy, pushed in Yuka’s pussy again.

 My cock that was already erected has erected beyond the limit due to the taste of Yuka’s lips and the feel of her tongue, and it is curving inside the hole.

 I couldn’t bear it, so I pressed her lips and pushed my hips up with my tongue entwined.

 ”Uuuuuuuuuuu ♡”

 The glans pierced into the deepest part, and Yuka with her eyes wide open moaned with vague.

 The situation is different from before. Obviously, there is no room to endure.

 By the way, even when I made Yuka cum before, I was surely kissing her. Yuka at that time was crazy.

 I see, I see. Is this Yuka’s “weakness”?

 I grinned while pressing my lips, and I pushed my hips up and stirred her womb.

 ”Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♡”

 Every time I push my hips up, Yuka twitched violently and makes a muffled sweet moan. Yuka’s nipples and clitoris erected suddenly, and the pussy tightened intensely.

 There is no doubt. She’s serious. Yuka has reached a serious point.

 I pressed Yuka’s cheeks, pressed her lips, and entwined her tongue violently, then pushing my hips up again and again.

 While twitching violently and moaning muffled sweetly, Yuka who had her nipples and clitoris hard erected, stretched her tongue out in my mouth. And–.

 ”Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♡”

 Then, Yuka had her eyes rolled up and cumming from her urethra.

 Fufufu. Yuka’s cumming with Ahegao.

 I had a complete advantage, and while enjoying Yuka’s ahegao, I pushed my hips up again and again and stirred Yuka’s womb. Then, I spurt out until I was satisfied.

 Yes, until I feel like it.

 –Two hours later.

 ”Huh, huh, huh”

 It seems that the effect of the drug has not wear off yet, but since I have ejaculated so much, I was exhausted.

 Such me who sleep on the bed–

 ”What position will Mota-kun want be next? Or Mota-kun want to take a break?”

 Yuka smiled and asked.

 Yuka is still on top of me. Moreover, my cock is still stuck in Yuka’s pussy. Furthermore, Yuka is still shaking her hips slowly with a soft smile.

 Yuka exposed her serious face, but she seemed to be calm and enjoy it.

 ”Huh, huh, huh”

 I can’t breathe and can’t answer Yuka’s question.


 Yuka adorably tilts her head while smiling.

 Fufu, Yuka looking at me sweetly. I know I’m on doping, but I don’t think I can win.

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