Xray 118

Chapter 118

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 Yuka snuggling to me and make a lovely laugh. There is a faint smile on her face and it is very calm.

 Light shining through the gaps of the closed curtains. It seems morning has come before I knew it.

 Maybe the effect of the medicine was wears off, so my impulsive libido subsided, and my cock withered.

 Suddenly, anxiety has come to my mind.

 The cock that was so energetic has lost its motivation.

 I forgot to confirm what was important to Tamamushi. It’s the side effect of the drug.

 The side effects of hypers*xuality and abnormal sperm production probably terrifying. I’m in trouble now.

 No, Because Tamamushi has succeeded mastering infinite creation insect by having s*x with me. It would be a problem if I couldn’t do it, and if there were such side effects, she would definitely explain in advance.

 ”… I’m a little worried to Tamamushi.”

 Tamamushi are basically capable, but she seems forgot the important points.

 Her forbidden techniques are subject to subjugation, but she is used to be pursued by Nature Protection Organization.

 Even though her ability value is high, it is used in the underworld.

 When she was hostile to me, she would have been able to fight better if she had attack with long-range attacks, but she chose close quarters combat.

 It’s her missing important point. That’s why I can’t help it, but really to be worried.


 Yuka, who was asleep, fluttered and she let out a faint voice. Then she put her hand on my back and hugged me tightly.

 ”Mota-kun ♡”

 Yuka muttered with her eyes closed, happily loosening her expression, and began to smile adorably again.

 I gently lifted Yuka’s head and put my arm under Yuka’s head. Then I put my hand on Yuka’s back and hugged her tightly.

 Yuka smiles with her eyes closed.

 Yuka’s big tits are pressed against my stomach.

 I love boobs, especially Yuka’s boobs are exciting just being see it. Even so, I have no s*xual desire and no excitement.

 I am anxious. I’m really worried.

 At worst, I have to get a drug from Tamamushi to cure this incapacity. If there is such a drug, though.

 But I’m really asking it to Tamamushi.


 ”Well, what should I do?”

 The original plan was to explain to Yuka through Marina’s ability that Yuka had awakened to a special ability. And I wanted to know the details of Yuka’s ability by using Marina’s ability.

 Telepathy is the ability to convey words to others without using sounds. In other words, it is the ability to forcibly intervene in the “mind” of subject.

 In fact, Marina can “peep” into my mind.

 However, because Yuka doesn’t know my “X-ray” abilities, Marina’s ability may be invalidated.

 On the other hand, Yuka’s ability uses sound, no, the right one is use words to activate her ability.

 Marina and Yuka. The abilities of these two are exactly opposite to each other.

 ”I don’t want anyone to “look into” my mind.”

 I’m also a talented person of the same type abilities, but I don’t feel so good when I think that she can “look into” my mind.

 It’s also applies to Yuka. I think she have more memories that she wants to hide and she doesn’t want to remember.

 Meanwhile right now–.

 Yuka hugging me tightly and sleeping with a smile.

 Shouldn’t I explain it directly? Not through someone?

 I don’t know the details of Yuka’s ability, but if I explain it alone, it may be misleading. It may instill false knowledge on Yuka.

 However, even if I forcibly told her, I thought that I should explain it directly to Yuka by myself.

 Then, Yuka woke up, but I hugged her without saying anything.

 Yuka didn’t say anything too, the she closed her eyes, smiled, and was embraced by me.

 After a while, I decided to explain it to Yuka.

 I got up, woke up Yuka, faced to her and sat in bed.

 Then, Yuka is tilting her head.

 I prefaced Yuka that I was the main cause of what I was talking about.

 Because of me, she gained a special ability, and it became difficult for her to live normally as a person. If she be known to have special abilities, will she be treated as monsters, targeted for curiosity, or chased to eliminate her?

 I told Yuka.

 Moreover, I decided to be hostile to Kudan.

 Nature Protection Organization possesses many people with special abilities and Kudan’s organization seems to have better considerable strength and influence, but Nature Protection Organization still has such a great power that I can’t pretend to be ignore it. Even if they think that I’m a suicide person, I cannot deny that I’m hostile to such an organization.

 There is a chance of winning, but can we really come back alive?


 ”Because of me, you lost a place to live.”

 I told Yuka so.

 I can’t forgive Kudan. I must kill her.

 Apart from my grudge, if we can defeat Kudan, Nature Protection Organization just glancing toward us.

 No, instead of just looking at it, they will fear us.

 And Kudan’s neck should be a negotiations material with them.

 ”But this battle is also a battle to get our place.”

 As I stared straight at Yuka and said that, I bowed to Yuka.

 ”Your power is indispensable for this battle, so please help me.”

 Yuka smiled as I said with my head down.

 Yuka with her hands on my shoulders, lifted up my head.

 ”I don’t really understand the story, but Mota-kun’s feelings were fully conveyed to me. That’s why I don’t dare to reject it, right?”

 While putting her hand on my shoulder, Yuka stared straight at me and smiled.

 ”Mota-kun have said that you don’t have to ask me each time because I’m your thing.”

 That word was everything. That was Yuka’s answer.

 ”Originally, I don’t have a place to stay.”

 Yuka opened her mouth with a smile and show a sad face.

 ”My dad and mom knew I was being raped by a lot of guys, but they didn’t say anything. They didn’t do anything. On the contrary, they looked at me as if I was filthy. They were only concerned about their world. But I don’t hate them because I’m the one who’s bad. But I still have no regrets. Am I being coldhearted? “

 Yuka leans her head with a smile on her face.

 Far from helping, her parents saw their daughter as filthy.

 The reason they didn’t report it to the police was probably because Yuka had completely succumbed to the delinquents.

 If Yuka says that it is an act that she is willing to do, it is Yuka herself and her family who will criticized.

 That’s why Yuka’s parents prefer to protect their world and looked her daughter as filthy.

 Is she become coldhearted because she abandons such parents?

 It’s unconvincing to say that I who also abandoned by my parents, didn’t want to say she is not coldhearted person.

 ”I want to say you’re not coldhearted person, but I honestly don’t know.”

 I thought the vague answer was cowardly, but that was my real intention.

 ”I was surprised. Sometimes even Mota-kun can’t judge immediately.”

 Yuka, who put her right hand on her mouth, spoken teasingly.


 ”Because Mota-kun is a person who can make a decision immediately, regardless of whether it is right or wrong.”

 ”Ah, uh … is that so?”

 ”That’s right”

 Yuka who saw me scratching my head, giggled.

 ”I’m sorry. I have been abandoned my parents. So, I’m having trouble answering that. In my case, my parents aren’t responsible. So, I’m sure I’m coldhearted person.”

 When I answered Yuka while scratching my head, Yuka shook her head. And she laughed with a troubled face.

 ”If Mota-kun asks me if I’ve abandoned my parents, I’d say I don’t want to be coldhearted person, but I’m sure it’s hard to answer.”

 Yuka laughed with a smile, saying so and sticking out her tongue.

 ”Oh, I’ve become a monster. I’ve become akin to Mota-kun.”

 Yuka was strangely happy to say what she would normally say when she was depressed.

 ”I’m sorry. I can’t believe it, because I don’t really feel it. But …”

 Yuka, laughing as if she was shy, said so.

 ”I’ll do my best to believe. Because, that’s what Mota-kun said. So, I’m sure it’s true. Then, I’ll do my best to believe it.”

 Yuka, who speaks to herself, nodded many times, as if to convince herself.

 Even if it’s easy to believe, it makes me wonder if she really understands it. Besides, I don’t want her to think lightly. Because, It’s very important.

 But Yuka said she would do her best to believe it.

 She doesn’t understand, and she don’t have the confidence to accept reality right away. But she still will do her best to understand it, and she will do her best to be accepted.

 Without being confused, depressed, or criticizing me, Yuka came up with her own answer.

 Moreover, the instability that Yuka felt has disappeared.

 ”It is awakening?”

 As I muttered, I reached out her hands and pulled Yuka and I hugged her as before.

 Suddenly she reddened her face and she smiled happily. Then, she closed her eyes, put her hands on my back, and hugged me tightly.

 Yuka may have awakened in the true sense of the word, not a special ability.

 I felt such strength from Yuka.

 In exchange for that.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 Yuka, who had her cheeks on my shoulders, opened her eyes and looked at me with her eyes.

 Did she feel my feelings who driven by anxiety?

 ”No, no, nothing …”

 With that said, I hugged Yuka tightly to escape from anxiety.

 When she closed her eyes and hugged me tightly, Yuka who dyed her cheeks, smiled.

 I see Yuka’s lovely smile.

 I feel Yuka’s soft touch.

 I smell Yuka’s sweet scent.

 But my cock doesn’t react even though all the conditions are met.

 Tamamushi, I will resent her if it becomes impossible to erected.

 Yuka’s ability is Mantra. This ability exert the effects through words.

 As of now, Yuka’s Mantra has been activated and has never been a problem.

 No matter how dangerous the ability is, the user is Yuka.

 However, it is still a dangerous ability. That’s why Yuka decided to temporarily stop talking.

 Until she will stop talking until the details of the ability are known and she can understand her ability firmly.

 But communication still can be done by writing.

 With that said, I left the bedroom with Yuka and decided to head to the basement where Marina and Tamamushi are.

 On the way–.

 ”Oh? I think I see a person, it seems Asahina-san.”

 When I saw Asahina standing by the wall of the corridor, I say a word and pretended to be surprised. And again, with intention of teasing her, I put my hand on Yuka’s shoulder standing next to me and hugged her.

 ”W, wait! Stay away from Yuka!”

 Asahina yells at me with her face bright red when she sees me hugging Yuka. But she doesn’t move from the spot.

 She’s an idiot who only knows how to move forward, but is she keeping my word?

 She’s unexpectedly lawful girl.

 ”I’m okay to stay away from her, but I was deeply connected to each other until a while ago.”

 Looking at Asahina with all one’s might, she opened her eyes, stared at me while making her ears bright red, and gritted her teeth.

 On the other hand, Yuka turns her face away from Asahina and makes her ears bright red and embarassed.

 ”No way, I guess Yuka was forced by you, right?”


 Asahina staring at me. It was Yuka who answered the question.

 I said it wouldn’t work if I spoke.

 Well, if the other party is Asahina, is there any problem? The Mantra can be said a super-powerful brainwashing ability.

 But maybe it’s not works on Asahina.

 No, it’s more interesting if it works on her.

 That being said, she is staring at me, but she doesn’t say anything.

 That’s right. Because Yuka denied Asahina’s question.

 Yuka wasn’t attacked by me. Yuka wanted and was embraced by me. That’s what Yuka herself said.


 Asahina, who clicked her tongue, folded her arms and turned away from me.

 Asahina pretended to be angry, but when she turned her back on me and Yuka, she dropped her shoulders. And–.

 ――I, I wonder how many times they have doing pervert things. It was yesterday evening that Suzuhara-kun passed in front of me. Has he been s*x with Yuka since that time?

 Unlike Yuka, I can “see” Asahina’s heart in “full view”.

 ――It’s strange. Suzuhara-kun should love small breasts …

 Thinking about that, Asahina glanced at Yuka’s chest, and put her hands on her flat chest.

 When I was grinning while looking at Asahina’s sorrowful face, I was poked at my arm.

 When I turned my eyes, Yuka was showing me a notepad.

 ――Yuu-chan, didn’t she get angry?

 Yuka leans her head with an anxious expression.

 When Asahina asked me about the conversation, it wasn’t interesting, so I received a notepad and a pen from Yuka and write it smoothly. Then I handed a notepad and a pen to Yuka.

 Yuka, who saw the notepad, didn’t seem to be convinced, but nodded.

 I wrote in Notepad: Asahina is a masochist, so it’s okay.

 I’m not lying. No, I didn’t want to write it.

 ――What kind of s*x did Suzuhara-kun and Yuka do? I wonder if she was raped from behind and slammed so much that her ass turned bright red? Or is her nipple pulled to the last minute while being fucked from behind? Or is it her pussy raped from behind, a stick stuck in her ass, and both holes are squeezed, then her nipple is pulled to the limit and the ass is beaten and cursed?

 In fact, Asahina’s thoughts is masochist.

 Even so, it seems that Asahina really wants to be fucked from the back. She’ve been saying it since yesterday. She also want me to pull her nipple.

 I won’t do it. Who will entertain you stupid.

 ”Oh, I and Yuka will have little talk for Tamamushi, so please wait here. I might come to pick you up soon.”


 Asahina, who responded to my words, looked back and looked at me.

 ”My come to pick me up?”

 Suddenly surprised with my word, Asahina turned away while dyed her cheeks, moistened her eyes, and made a sweet voice.

 ”W, well, I’m not particularly happy, but I will wait … Hmm!”

 ――M, May come to pick me up ♡ Suzuhara-kun might come to pick me up ♡ I’m already a tsundere ♡

 I didn’t say that I would come to pick her up, but I said that I might come, but why is Asahina happy?

 I don’t really understand masochist thinking.

 Well, whatever.

 ”But you can’t go to the bathroom.”

 ”I, I know ♡ Hmm ♡”

 Does she know that’s a problem if she understands it?

 So, I left the pervert in the corridor and headed to the basement with Yuka.

 Along the way, Yuka, who has writes something on the notepad, showed me the notepad.

 –Yuu-chan, she’s happy.


 When I raised my voice, Yuka nodded.

 What? That’s exactly what I said.

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