Xray 119

Chapter 119

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 When I want to enter basement with the stairs, Rikka was crouching in front of the entrance of the stairs.

 Her eyes closed, crouching with one knee, and a large knife held horizontally in front of her face.

 It’s exactly the same position as yesterday. She didn’t sleep and seems to have been on the alert since yesterday.


 I called out Rikka, but there was no reaction.

 I know it’s happening. Because it is possible to “see” a slightest move the body of Rikka with my ability. But she doesn’t react even though I called her out.

 Rikka has no intention of speaking, even if I’m the one who’s calling her out.

 She will protect me and my friends. It seems only one point is considered and the other thoughts are completely excluded.

 No matter how strong Nanafushi is, Rikka is the strongest fighter when fighting one on one.

 ”I’ll call her again”

 So, I called Rikka again, patted her head, and went down to the basement with the stairs.

 On the way, Yuka pokes my arm.

 Then, Yuka showing me a notepad and looks at me.

 –Rikka-chan, is she okay?

 When showing the notepad, Yuka tilted her head with an anxious expression.

 Because she sees Rikka who is sharpening her mind in the same position.

 ”You know, your worry is rude to Rikka.”

 I said that with a laugh, and knocked Yuka’s head.


 Yuka who looked impatient write something on the notepad and showed me it to me.

 ”I’m not angry. I’m glad you worried about Rikka. Before, Rikka didn’t have a place to stay. But right now I kept her as family, so Rikka has a place to stay.”

 When Yuka heard my words, she opened her eyes, tightened her expression, and nodded.

 For Rikka, I’m her place to live.

 That’s fine for now, but if I die, I’m sure Rikka will die too.

 Because she said she would follow me even if I went to hell.

 Her feeling is enough.

 So, I have to think something so Rikka can live even if I die.

 After all, Rikka still has the role of “protecting” where we will live.

 Due to my ability, I can “see” Marina even before I entered the basement.

 At that times I woke up, Tamamushi and Marina were already awake.

 Tamamushi began to experiment with the body of dying Shinozaki, and Marina borrowed a change of clothes from Tamamushi and took a shower. After changing clothes, she is now sitting quietly on a chair in the basement.

 The effect of the drug seems to have wear off.

 That’s good. That’s fine …

 Marina is wearing a black sailor suit. The sailor suit with the red line is the uniform of Kuroyuri Gakuen.

 But, why does Tamamushi have that uniform? Aside from that, the uniform that Marina wears is small in size.

 Marina, who is already grown up, is wearing a tight uniform and a super mini skirt.

 It’s like a bewitching female college student wearing a tight and mini sailor suit.

 Moreover, Kuroyuri is a prestigious girls’ school. The sense of immorality increases even more.

 It feels like a girl who is doing bad things behind the scenes while attending a prestigious girls’ school.

 In short, it’s really erotic.

 I entered the basement and saw Marina sitting on a chair, but I wanted to hold my head.

 Even though it’s really erotic, my cock doesn’t even reacted.

 ”Oh, Suzuhara-san, Eh, Yuka-san!?”

 Marina, who noticed me entering the basement, noticed Yuka next to me and gave a startled voice.

 It’s natural to be surprised. Yuka should have been sealed on the upper room.


 Tamamushi, who was doing something on a grosteque giant sea urchin, put Shinozaki on something like an examination table, and looked at Yuka then made her mouth triangular.

 ”Have you been affected by Mantra!?? This is not fine! “

 Tamamushi, who raised his voice, was clearly wary.

 It seems that she thought that I had become a puppet of Yuka.

 ”Well, normally, it may be the correct, but…”

 I muttered with a sigh, then put my hand on Yuka’s shoulder and hugged her.

 Yuka, who was hugged by me, instantly turned red to her ears and became embarassed. Then she writes something on the notepad with a bright red face and showed the notepad to Marina and Tamamushi.

 –Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by Mota-kun heart ♡

 Yuka leans her head on me and smiles while showing the notepad to them.

 Yuka has a very lovely smile, but when she glances at Marina and she smiles mischievously.

 The smile was somehow triumphant, like a little devil.


 Marina, who was sitting in a chair, stood up vigorously.

 ”I, I have a mysterious power too! Yuka-san isn’t the only one!”

 Marina, who seems to have provoked by Yuka’s giggle, shouted while staring at Yuka.

 Then, Yuka write something on the notepad without hesitation and showed the notepad to Marina.

 ――I was with Mota-kun until the morning ♡ It was amazing ♡

 Yuka laughs while showing Marina the written notepad.

 Apparently provoking Marina.

 ”Y, Yuka-san! Do you want to fight? No matter how much Yuka-san want to fight, I’ll face it!”

 Marina reacted on Yuka’s provocation.

 It’s like Yuka’s Mantra can manipulate people’s minds without using word.

 ”I see. She is using notepad. But, did she keep her words closed to prevent her Mantra? Did she succeed in stabilizing her abilities?”

 Tamamushi who didn’t care about the quarrel between Yuka and Marina walked toward me while muttering.

 ”Whether I’m affected by Yuka’s Mantra? I can’t judge it. But I’m sure Yuka’s mind is stable.”

 I answered to Tamamushi question.

 ”Hmm. It seems she is stable. But, what method did you use?”

 ”If I had s*x with her, something went well.”

 ”So that’s it”

 Tamamushi, who seemed to be convinced by my words, glanced at Yuka and Marina, who were glaring at each other with a smile.

 ”The Earth Eyes are really terrifying power.”

 Tamamushi muttering so.

 ”Hizuki said it was difficult to predict the future, but the details and predictions of her abilities have been perfect. It seems like it’s starting to get out of order.”

 ”Is it because of my power which can make a hole in the future prediction of the Heavenly Eye?”


 The nodding Tamamushi looked up at me.

 ”The same is true for that man named Shinozaki. Shinozaki did not exist in Hizuki’s prediction.”

 Shinozaki? I don’t about Shinozaki. He’s not a person who have ability.

 But, No way.

 ”Do you say that Shinozaki also awakens to a special ability?”

 ”I don’t know. I can’t judge at the moment. But Shinozaki is here. In other words, I think he has a connection with your Earth Eye.”

 Is it a fate? Well, surely, I was the one who instructed to bring Shinozaki here.

 ”I tell you, I’m not into a man.”

 ”Is that so?”

 Tamamushi tilts her head.


 ”Isn’t he pretty cool? If it looks “only”, he’s a lot more handsome than Suzuhara.”

 ”It’s not such a problem. I mean, you just say something rude right now.”

 I’m sorry. I’m not handsome anyway.

 ”Are you angry?”

 ”Not particularly”

 ”Fufu, surely there are no people here who judge Suzuhara by “appearance”.”

 ”A, yeah”

 Tamamushi who saw me with his tongue laughing happily.

 Well, surely, as Tamamushi says, no one here is judging me by looking at me.

 ”Will Shinozaki be saved?”

 ”Oh, that’s not a problem at all. It seems that his physical strength is quite exhausted, but it is much lighter than the injury that Asahina suffered. It seems that he was attacked without getting hit on his vital point. Well, His physical strength and athletic ability, May be above Suzuhara “

 I knew he was being attacked without getting hit on his vital point, but I still thought it was a serious injury. But was it a minor injury? I thought he was dying.

 I think Shinozaki has better simple strength and physical ability, as Tamamushi says.

 Besides, he isn’t crazy.

 ”It was hard yesterday.”


 ”Shinozaki has been saying shit like Suzuhara-san, Suzuhara-san, Suzuhara-san, Suzuhara-san. He never mentioned Marina’s name. That’s why Marina, who seems to be annoyed, kick his face. Then, His injury getting worst. What I’m treating now is the injury that Marina inflicted. “

 Uwaa, what are you doing, Marina? Did you kick him to the point of needing treatment from Tamamushi?

 I mean, Shinozaki, you’re gross.

 ”Oh, yes. I had something to ask you.”


 ”Since I wake up, my cock doesn’t even react, but that drug has no dangerous side effects, right?”

 Tamamushi smiled at my question.

 Then I “peep” her heart.

 ”I don’t know because it’s the first time I’ve used it on human male ♡”


 She doesn’t know ♡ What the hell. Why does she say it with such a good smile? It would be dangerous.

 ”Before, I was use it on an insect male, so it’s probably okay.”

 ”Insects and humans are different! Also don’t say with maybe?!”

 Oh, what I was afraid of has become a reality.

 That’s why Tamamushi …

 ”I don’t see any abnormalities in Marina, so it’s probably okay.”

 So, don’t say that. Don’t stir up my anxiety.

 ”My cock didn’t react at all from the morning! It’s the first time it didn’t stand up in the morning!”

 ”Well, Suzuhara is also a surprisingly cute person.”

 When I saw Tamamushi shrugged with a sigh, the blood vessels pop up in my temples.

 ”B, bastard. What if it becomes impossible to erected?”

 When I trembled with anger and raised my voice, Tamamushi looking up at me made me cry.


 Tamamushi mutters and tilts her head.

 Oh, this girl, maybe she doesn’t understand the significance of this matter?

 I mean, she was saying that she didn’t know much about men because men usually hate insect girl…

 ”My cock doesn’t even react! Then, I don’t get an erection and I don’t have s*xual desire! So, I can’t ejaculate in this state! If that continues, I can’t ejaculate all the time!”


 Hearing my yelling, Tamamushi’s face turned pale.

 ”What you’re technically saying is… Erection Disfunction?”

 ”What? I don’t know that!”

 ”ED for short”

 ”Oh, I know that! Yeah, that’s it!”

 ”What!? That’s a problem! Why do you not say it earlier!”

 Tamamushi is sharp for some reason. No, I’m sure, I’ve said it earlier.

 Anyway, it seems that she finally understood.

 I wonder why. I feel a strange sense of accomplishment.

 ”Oh, that’s right. Rather than that.”

 Tamamushi, which should have been impatient, clapping her hands and spoken.

 ”Hey! What’s more important than that!”

 Tamamushi, I think she’s thinking lightly about the situation. I would be in trouble if my cock became impotent.

 ”The organization contacted me”


 My body responded to Tamamushi talking with a straight face.

 ”It’s a request to capture a demi-human. I received rough information, but the details will be given by the liaison. I will meet with the liaison directly and receive instructions there.”

 ”Is the liaison strong?”

 ”Um. I don’t know who will come, but they are all talented and there are no liaison with category more than D that will come.”

 ”That means that there are people with category D abilities.”

 ”Um. Mostly E, but there is also D. D is pretty dangerous.”

 According to what I heard before, my simple “X-ray” was Category F.

 The reason is that I am physically weak. However, because of its rarity and convenience, it is useful.

 However, when my ability effective range is wide.

 My ability is a clairvoyant with a wide range of effectiveness and is in category F. When it comes to D, it is two ranks lower.

 ”And the liaisons are usually in pairs.”

 ”Is there a possibility that both are D?”

 ”I don’t think. When you hear D, you might think that the rank is low, but most of the talented people are E or F. I think the general highest rank is C.”

 So that’s it. Do they usually not use a high leveled D as a liaison?

 When it comes to–.

 ”Is the guy who is a liaison in category D is as close to E?”

 ”Um. That’s right. But even if it close to E, it’s still D. You should think that it’s pretty strong.”

 Even if it is weak in D, it is definitely stronger than E.

 In addition–.

 ”Special abilities may have strengths other than physical strength.”

 ”Yes. Even if the category is low, don’t underestimate it.”

 Tamamushi nodding to my words.

 I, Marina and Yuka are typical examples. Even if we are physically weak, depending on how it is used, we can become a tremendously dangerous ability user.

 ”For reference, categories D and E. How much strength do you think we need to deal with two people?”

 ”That’s right. As Suzuhara said, there are places where we can’t measure with simple strength. And it depends on whether we will kill or capture them.”

 ”For example, if I want capture them”

 ”In that case, we should have one category B and C as an assistant. Also, one other person with the ability to search for enemies.”

 B is one and C is one. And is there one person who has the ability to search for enemies?

 Is it necessary to have that much force to reliably capture D and E?

 ”What if I want kill them?”

 ”We should have one person with category B and an enemy-type ability person. I think that C can be used, but the search-type ability person cannot be excluded. If we want surely to kill them.”

 The person with the ability to specialize in battle can be either B or C, but the person with the ability to search for enemies cannot be excluded.

 Well, in order to take the initiative, it is indispensable to have a person who have ability to search enemy. Even if they want to escape, it is advantageous to have a person with that ability.

 ”Is it possible for a high-ranked person to lose to a low-ranked person?”

 ”Yes. If he is high-ranked but immature, he may lose to low-ranked abilities. But basically, the category disparity is quite high. If they have a solid understanding of your abilities and have some experience. The probability that a high-ranked ability person will lose to a low-ranked ability person is extremely low. “

 I see. Marina is a support-specialized system, so Yuka is a good example.

 Yuka’s Mantra has a limited range, but almost invincible as long as it reaches the voice. However, she does not understand her abilities and has almost no experience.

 Even if her opponent is a low-level talent, she will almost certainly lose if she fights.

 ”Rikka, you and me. Do you think that if we are forming a team, can we surely capture the two liaisons?”

 Tamamushi laughed at my question.

 ”It’s a stupid question. Even if the opponent is Category B, if Suzuhara and demi-beast little girl are here, we can definitely win.”

 Tamamushi answers with a fearless laugh.

 After all, Tamamushi appreciates Rikka.

 At present, Marina and Yuka cannot be put into a place where there is a possibility of battle.

 Not to mention Hizuki and Kazehana.

 Asahina is the type that demonstrates her true character in the last-minute battle. She’s a secret weapon in a sense, but she’s only an obstacle in situations where certainty is important.

 Also, I would like to keep Nanafushi as a defense personnel to protect the base.

 When it comes to that, it is me, Rikka, and Tamamushi that can move freely.

 ”Are you want to capture the liaison? If you do that, there is a danger of being found out our base.”

 ”Well, I’m not going to fight them. I just want to see the ability person with my own eyes.”

 Tamamushi with a tight expression on my words nodded.

 We are not fugitives. I’m always going to attack when I’m ready.

 That’s why I have to actually “see” the enemy.

 ”When will you meet the liaison?”



 ”I don’t know yet. There are some hints, but I’ll be informed about an hour before the meeting time.”

 ”Is there ambush prevention?”


 I thought the end was poor because it was a big organization, but that’s not the case.

 Well, it’s good just to know it in advance. This is also reassuring.

 ”Then, get ready–“

 Before I could say the word, I noticed that Yuka was approaching me and then I looked back.

 Yuka approaching me. There is also Marina behind it.

 Yuka was staring at Marina, but she seems want to tell something to me.

 Yuka, who stopped in front of me, write something on the notepad and showed me.

 ――I want to go with you.

 That was written in Notepad.

 Did she hear the conversation of me and Tamamushi?

 ”I also want to go”

 Marina behind Yuka said so and raised her right hand lightly.

 Oi Oi.

 ”No. It’s dangerous. In the worst case, a small number of people can escape, but if you two are joined, we may not even be able to escape.”

 I explained to them, but they are looking straight at me.

 They’re not convinced at all.

 ――I have something I want to try.

 Yuka shows me a notepad with that written on it.

 ”I also have something I want to try, but I don’t want to try it with my “friends”…”

 Marina raised her voice with her right hand raised lightly, and nodded when she looked at Yuka.

 I thought they were fighting each other.

 Well, if I say that they have no experience, I can’t use them in actual battles forever.

 But they really need to get used to it. But they should refrain from fighting until they can use your abilities “decently”.

 ”Why don’t you take me?”

 The voice I heard from behind caused wrinkles my eyebrows.

 Tamamushi, you. Think lightly about the situation again.

 When I’ll look back and complain, I stopped.

 ――Although there are dangers, both Marina and Yuka are benefiting from the Earth Eye. Moreover, they are Suzuhara’s “favorite”. Perhaps it will be interesting.

 When I “peep” Tamamushi’s mind, she is laughing inwardly.

 Knowing the feelings of Tamamushi, I changed my mind.

 The last boss is that Kudan. A big idiot who loves to fight with her own life as a stake.

 If I don’t laugh and overcome this kind of risk, I can’t win.

 Besides, Marina and Yuka said from themselves.

 Both of them are the type to avoid actions that endanger their “friends”. But they said they would follow me.

 Perhaps they feel something convinced about my abilities.

 ”That’s right. Do you want to go?”

 Three people nodded to my words.

 There are dangers, but there are the strongest fighter Rikka, the all-purpose Tamamushi, and me with the ability to search for enemies.

 If Marina and Yuka could use their abilities “decently” …

 ”There are only two enemies, and I will be dealing with the strongest invincible unit”

 I muttered and grinned.

 As Tamamushi says, this is certainly interesting.

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