Xray 120

Chapter 120

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 When Tamamushi contacts the liaison of Kudan’s organization, I decided to accompany Marina and Yuka, but I have a lot of anxiety.

 They seem to have some idea, but I need to confirm it.

 So, I decided to hear the idea from them.

 By the way, Tamamushi has made various preparations.

 Rikka has a strong body, and like Rikka, Tamamushi is a person with physical strengthening ability, and can also manipulate insects. Therefore, she intended to go unarmed so as not to alert the other party. But if Marina and Yuka accompany her, that’s different case.

 ”So, what is your idea?”

 While sitting on a chair, I asked Marina and Yuka who standing in front of me.

 Marina glancing at Yuka. In response to her line of sight, Yuka nodded.

 ”Yuka-san has to keep silent her mouth, so I will explain it.”

 Marina looks at me and raises her voice, and Yuka nods.

 ”Due to Yuka’s ability, I can’t try it with my “friends”, so I can’t say I can do it, but I’m wondering if it will work.”

 Marina seems to be ambiguous but still confident.

 ”Thanks to the explanation from Tamamushi-chan, I was able to roughly know my abilities and Yuka-san abilities.”

 ――Can you hear me?

 Marina cut her words on the way, but Marina’s voice continued to echo.

 I feel like I can hear the voice from my ears, but Marina’s mouth isn’t moving. Perhaps Marina’s voice echoes in my head or my mind? I’m not sure about that, but it seems like I talking on the phone anyway, and I don’t feel any discomfort.

 Also, Marina’s ability seems to have an additional element of “relaxing the mind”, but the effect is not clear.

 ”Is this conversation through mind?”

 ――Yes, that’s right. I can also read Suzuhara-san thoughts, so I can talk with you without speaking.

 Can she read my thoughts? Is my mind being read? I don’t like it when other people read my thoughts.

 –Invade mind? Perhaps it was when we were doing ecchi things?

 Oh, my mind really being read. That’s right, yeah, when I was having s*x with you, you invaded my “mind”. At that time, I felt like you were in control of my “mind”.

 ――There are many things I don’t understand yet, but maybe there are stages in my ability. Right now, I’m just reading the thoughts on the surface, but it seems possible to connect deeply. However–.


 ――It seems that I need the consent of the other person in order to connect deeply. I tried various things with Yuka and found about it.

 She need confirmation from the other person? But I don’t remember agreeing.

 ――It’s not a verbal agreement. I’m wondering if you allow me to invade. Even if I try to connect deeply, if I’m rejected, I can’t do it. That’s right. So, at that time, Suzuhara-san allowed me to invade.

 Is it so? Did I say I allowed you to invade? I’m not convinced.

 ――It is a fact that we were deeply connected. In short, Suzuhara-san says something … you love me ♡

 Huh? What are you talking about? Isn’t it embarrassing to say it?

 ――It’s embarrassing, but … maybe you’re happier at that time ♡

 Marina who dyes her cheeks and looks at me embarrassingly.

 I’m embarrassed to hear this.

 Well, since Marina has been able to invade my “mind” deeply, I can’t deny it.

 Looking away from Marina, I scratched my head.

 ――I can hear you ♡ You don’t deny it ♡

 Uo, was she still read my mind now? It is troublesome.

 Marina is glancing at me while her ears are bright red and embarrassed. Yuka, who was looking at Marina with her eyes, punctured Marina’s breast with her finger.

 ”What is wrong Yuka-san? Isn’t it s*xual harassment? Or does Yuka-san like me?”

 Yuka showed her a notepad to Marina, who was completely in tune.

 ――Let’s talk about the idea.

 That was written in Notepad.

 Yuka is clearly irritated.

 I understand her feelings, but Yuka, who shuts her mouth, says that she lacks explanation.

 ”So, what do you want to try in the actual battle?”

 ”Oh yeah, that’s right”

 When I asked her, Marina clapping her hands in front of her chest.

 ”I’ve been deeply connected with Yuka-san several times and found out that it’s kind of amazing.”

 It’s kind of like a lesbian to be deeply connected with Yuka several times.

 ”Suzuhara-san, could you stop using that kind of thoughts? I’m talking seriously.”

 ”I don’t say anything. You shouldn’t read my thoughts.”

 I responded back to Marina who read my thoughts.

 ”Your thought is pervert, such as having s*x.”

 ”Don’t read my thoughts!”

 I raised my voice toward Marina who muttered with her eyes.

 It’s a really terrible ability.

 ”So? Is her ability amazing?”

 ”That’s right …”

 Marina, who had a mysterious look at my question, glanced at Yuka.

 Yuka nods in response of Marina.

 ”Maybe, Yuka-san may be able to use her abilities without speaking.”


 Does Yuka can use her abilities without speaking? Isn’t her ability activate when her voice was heard?

 ”Yuka-san’s ability is activated by putting thoughts on the words, isn’t it? But it doesn’t mean that the brainwashing is done exactly as the words say. The words are just catalysts, and Yuka-san’s thought will be irrespective of the content of the words. For example, in an extreme case, Yuka ordered not to move toward the other party, but Yuka thought to raise her right hand in her mind and put it in words.”

 ”The other person should raise his right hand.”

 ”Yes, it’s an extreme example. If her thoughts and words are too far apart, her abilities may not be activated. It’s just an example.”


 ”Then, what would happen if I directly convey Yuka’s thought to the other person’s mind?”

 Does she want to convey Yuka’s thought directly to the other person’s mind?

 Hey, wait a minute.

 ”I think that Yuka’s abilities can be roughly divided into two stages. The first stage converts thoughts into abilities, and the second stage speaks and conveyed the abilities. Then what stage Yuka’s abilities will be activated? “

 Marina is asking me, but I think she already knows the answer. She said she has tried various things with her.

 ”Oi Oi”

 A chill runs up my spine.

 ”If the ability has already been activated before her thought is spoken, the effect of the ability can be seen even if her thought “only” is conveyed.”

 ”I can’t say for sure, but that’s what it says.”

 Marina nods to my answer.

 What the hell. These guys took notice of the ridiculous point.

 Normally, it is impossible to think that idea which convey the thought without speaking. However, there is a person in front of me who can do that.

 It may be possible to convey Yuka’s thought by using Marina’s ability.

 If that were possible, this would be ridiculous.

 ”But the trigger is Suzuhara-san.”

 ”What? Me? Why?”

 ”Suzuhara-san said that I had invaded your heart, right?”

 ”Oh, I said that.”

 ”At that time, I could see it.”

 ”What did you see?”

 ”I could see Suzuhara-san “field of view”.”

 Did she see my “field of view”? Did she see the scenery I see through my “eyes”?

 No, I don’t believe it.

 No way–.

 ”Did you see my “view” which has been activated with my ability?”

 ”Yes. I was surprised. I was surprised to see the scenery without blind spots. I was confused and almost dizzy.”

 Marina nods and answers my question.

 She saw my “view” when my ability is activated. That means, is she connected with me right now?

 ”So, when connecting with Yuka, do you think you could do it? “

 ”That’s right. I tried various things, so I thought I could do it. However, it’s dangerous to let someone know Yuka’s ability, so I haven’t actually do it yet.”

 I see. Certainly, it is dangerous to try it with your “friends”. If she success, she can brainwash others person.

 ”Yuka’s ability is to speak like indiscriminate bombing with a limited range. It will be effective regardless of the enemy or ally. The power is enormous, but the risk is too great.”

 ”If I combine it with my ability to read the mind of the target person with a wide range, it will be possible to launch a bombing only on the enemy over a wide area.”

 If she can do that, it will be a truly invincible ability.

 ”But I don’t think it’s all-purpose.”


 ”Because Yuka’s ability is limited.”

 ”Oh, yeah, that’s right.”

 Is because the constraint? Well, her ability may not be activated. Certainly not all-purpose.

 However, if it can be combined with Marina’s ability, there is no doubt that convenience will increase dramatically.

 This is amazing. Eliminate the risk of making a voice, and brainwash people by convey the thought directly into the target’s mind from a long distance.

 Even if there are restrictions, the target must have an invincible ability.

 However, the ability to communicate without using “voice” and the ability to catalyze “voice”. Thinking about fusing such opposite abilities.

 ”Now, I used the expression for bombing, but it’s probably a mistake.”



 Marina muttered, but it seemed like she wasn’t asking me, but herself.

 ”I heard from Tamamushi-chan, Yuka-san’s ability is a little different from normal, isn’t it? It’s an ability called Renge (lotus flower).”

 ”Oh, Hizuki said so.”

 ”Do you know what kind of flower lotus flower is?”

 ”Ah? Doesn’t it a big and beautiful flower?”

 ”It’s a general term for lotus flowers. Well, Lotus flowers and water lilies, both flower sprout from the mud. And they make very beautiful flowers when bloomed. Such lotus has a self-cleaning effect. It’s called the lotus effect.”

 ”Hey, it’s detailed”

 ”Well, that … there was a time when I wanted to be a florist.”

 Marina muttered as if she was shy, and glanced at Yuka.

 ”Born from mud, not stained with mud. The lotus flower that purifies filth has been loved and respected as a symbol of purity and holiness. I think it is similar to Yuka-san, Isn’t it?”

 Yuka opened her eyes to the muttering of Marina.

 ”I know it’s very rude to say that Yuka is tainted. I’m sorry. So, I couldn’t say it, but I thought I should say it.”

 Marina bows to Yuka. Yuka shakes her head when she sees Marina.

 ”Marina, are you aware of something?”

 Marina feels guilty to Yuka. Marina wasn’t the direct cause, but she didn’t do anything, knowing that Yuka was being raped. She regrets it now.

 Marina said that Yuka and lotus flowers are similar.

 She said it was similar to a lotus sprouting from dirty mud.

 If she’s not aware of something, she won’t say that.

 ”Is the constraint really a constraint? There are restrictions depending on how she uses it. So maybe Hizuki used that kind of expression to explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.”

 ”Depending on how she uses it?”

 ”Yes. I think there are no restrictions depending on how she uses it.”

 There are no restrictions depending on how it is used.

 Is it related to the lotus flower?

 I’ve always been interested.

 Usual Mantra ability different from lotus flower.

 Mantra is basically brainwashing ability.

 ”Born from mud, not stained with mud?”

 A lotus flower that is born out of filth and becomes innocent with its own self-cleaning ability. A pure and sacred symbol.

 ”Maybe Yuka’s perception of her abilities is fundamentally wrong?”

 ”I think so. I don’t think Yuka’s ability is the ability to brainwash the will of others and manipulate it freely. I don’t think it’s such a dangerous ability.”

 Hizuki said, Mantra was a dangerous and terrible ability. But, I didn’t say lotus flower Mantra that way.

 Besides, it is dangerous depending on how it is used, so she may have dared to use such expressions in order not to make us optimistic.

 ”Marina, I want you to answer honestly. What kind of understanding do you have about Yuka’s ability?”

 Marina said she had a deep connection with Yuka several times.

 Yuka herself does not fully understand her abilities, so even if I read the depths of her heart, I will not know the truth of her abilities. But Marina knew Yuka deeply. That is why I had doubts.

 ”It’s a vague image, but I think Yuka’s ability is very, really, really incredibly, very kind.”

 ”Gentle ability?”

 The image is too opposite to the ability to brainwash and manipulate others.

 ”I don’t want you to laugh.”

 Marina muttered shyly and looked at me and Yuka with her upper eyes.

 ”I think Yuka’s ability is the ability to give a passion to everyone. For those who have lost confidence and are about to be frustrated, do your best, it’s okay, you can do it, the ability to push your back I wonder what it is. I think so. “

 Marina mutters shyly. When I heard the words, I felt convinced.

 Ability to give passion. Ability to encourage those who are about to be frustrated and gently push their backs.

 Yuka, who was tainted, has betrayed Asahina who was her best friend and wanted to protect her, and was supposed to fall in the true sense of the word. However, in the end, she couldn’t fall and continued to regret her mistakes. The ability created by such Yuka. Lotus flower.

 Probably no doubt. I think Marina’s guess is correct.

 Ability to support someone and support them from behind. That is the essence of Yuka’s ability.

 As I stood up from the chair, I grabbed Yuka’s shoulders with her eyes wide open.

 ”Yuka, your ability may really be the strongest.”

 Yuka will never betray her companion no matter what.

 If we fight, Yuka will support us from the bottom of her hearts.

 That feeling is rides on and pushes our backs.

 They will support us if we can definitely win.

 That is the essence of lotus flower.

 In other words–.

 ”She has support specialization ability that can bring out the potential beyond the limit by complete brainwashing. That may be lotus flower.”

 Yuka, who was grasping both shoulders from me, bit her lower lip while looking up at me, shook her delicate shoulders, and shed tears.

 It was Yuka herself who knew that her ability was brainwashing and was afraid of that ability more than anyone else. So, Yuka shut her mouth without saying anything. However–.

 Yuka desperately tries to write letters on a notepad with her trembling fingers while biting her lower lip and crying. I gently took a notepad from Yuka.

 ”You don’t have to shut your mouth anymore. Yuka, your abilities don’t work for us to be negative. That’s the lotus flower. The constraint that Hizuki said, it’s really your kind, that is gentle constraint. “

 In my words, Yuka spilled large tears while leaking sobs.

 ”Is lotus flower like me? Does my power make someone happy?”

 A quivering voice mixed with sobbing. Marina, who heard Yuka’s words, probably couldn’t stand it. I turned my face and shook my shoulders.

 ”It’s really Yuka-san’s ability.”

 Marina who raises a trembling voice while turning her face away.

 Yuka who made the flowers bloom more beautiful than anyone because she was more polluted than anyone else.

 ”I don’t think there was such a use for brainwashing.”

 Yuka’s support is not splendid as strength ability. But each one has the potential to become good ability user.

 A Heavenly eye that can see every event and even predict the future.

 An Earth eye that can evoke the power of different abilities to those involved and raise their abilities.

 Both are said to be the ultimate support capabilities, but Yuka’s lotus flower seems to be a truly pure support capability.

 Even though it was buried in the mud and all of its body was tainted, Yuka continued to struggle to crawl up, so the lotus flower sprouted and blossomed from the mud.

 Above all, it’s an absolute support ability.

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