Xray 121

Chapter 121

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It seems that Tamamushi is making various things, but I was told that she wanted an assistant.

 Nanafushi is a good assistant for Tamamushi, but she cannot be removed from the guarding mission.

 After all, the contact from the organization itself can be a trap.

 With that said, Tamamushi asked Marina to be assistant.

 ”Ah, It’s cute ♡ It’s a skirt for girls after all ♡”

 ”Umu. I care about that kind of fashion after all.”

 ”Do you have a lot of school uniforms? Like the black lily uniform I’m wearing right now?”

 ”Um, it’s my hobby.”

 ”What is this picture?”

 ”Oh, this is crest and a family crest of the country where I was born. Each bug user has a crest and family crest of the country. If you look at it, you can see which house in which country I was born.”

 ”Eh? If you show such a thing proudly, isn’t your identity amazing?”


 ”No, um! … Tamamushi-chan seems to be smart, knowledgeable and dexterous, but you’re actually a little dull and cute ♡”

 ”Am I cute?”

 ”Yes, you’re cute ♡ you’re small, have a silver hair, green eyes, and you’re a little dull, it’s very cute ♡”

 ”I’m the person that grows when I’m complimented. I’m also happy when I’m told that I’m cute. So, praise me more.”

 Tamamushi and Marina are making noise in the back of the basement.

 Best of all, it looks fun, but they’re still prepared.

 Marina is good at getting the other person on trackand Tamamushi is easy to get on with the conversation.

 It may be a little dangerous to leave the work to those two people.

 But, after all, both of them have serious roots.


 ”Yuka, I have a request for you. Only you can do it.”

 Yuka tilted her head to my question.

 ”Do you think it’s dangerous to test your and Marina’s abilities with our “friends”?”

 When asked, Yuka nodded.

 ”I understand your feelings, but I think that your abilities will show their true value only when you use them with your “friends” and there are people who definitely want you to use them.”

 When I stared straight at Yuka and put my hands on both her shoulders, Yuka’s expression became cloudy.

 Yuka’s ability is not to make someone unhappy, but to support someone.

 That is Marina’s guess, and I agree.And I think Yuka also understood it.

 However, even so, it would be uneasy to test the power of extraordinary power beyond human knowledge to “friends”.

 This is complete brainwashing after all.

 Depending on how it is used, it is a terrifying force that can easily destroy a person’s “mind.”

 ”Hizuki may die soon”

 Yuka reacted to my mutter.

 ”As Tamamushi said, her Heavenly eyes are not the ability that normal humans can do. Unless she is a saint who transcends all worldly desires, it is an impossible to control the ability. No, the idea of controlling itself Is wrong.”

 How could Hizuki be able to use such abilities normally even temporarily?

 Probably because she was broken.

 When the heavenly eyes awakened, Hizuki was obsessed with me and was crazy.

 It’s the exact opposite of a saint.It’s a mass of worldly desires.

 A desire that is too pure, denying and excluding everything except me.

 That is why I may have been able to withstand the overwhelming power of the Heavenly eye.

 But Hizuki defeated and knew her “friends”.

 In other words, she has become an “ordinary girl”.

 ”Even though her physical unharmed. But It’s her “mind” that dies. If her “mind” dies, she’ll never wake up again.”

 I wanted to get the ability of the Heavenly eye somehow.If we can control the Heavenly eyes freely, we will have an overwhelming advantage.

 Asahina may be able to counter the Heavenly eyes.

 Using Marina’s ability to interfere the Heavenly eyes and let it flow to Asahina.I was hoping that it could be done.

 But I don’t have enough time and at the moment the risk is too big.

 Because when Marina who has just awakened to her abilities, interferes the heavenly eyes, she probably isn’t safe.

 If they’re not good at it, I could lose both Hizuki and Marina at the same time.

 Then let’s give up the Heavenly eye for time being.There is no need for abilities that cannot be handled.

 ”Yuka, I think your ability can block the Heavenly eyes.”

 With Yuka’s complete brainwashing, it should be possible to falsify Hizuki’s memory and make the heavenly eye seems “dissapear”.

 Moreover, Yuka’s ability is a mental operation that uses “voice” as a medium.Then, brainwashing can be done without directly interfering with the Heavenly eye.

 ”Okay, I will save Hizuki-chan …”

 Yuka shook her eyes and muttered, tightening her expression and staring straight at me.Then, she nodded.

 ”It helps me because I have a lot of debt to Hizuki. I don’t want to die before I repay the debt.”

 To be honest, I’m not good with Hizuki.However, it is a fact that I benefited from the Heavenly eyes of Hizuki.

 Because I’m not good with her, it’s not comfortable to keep borrowing her power.

 Then, I took Yuka with me and go to the living room.There are Hizuki and Kazehana in the living room.

 Hizuki, who has almost lost his ability due to the power of the heavenly eyes, and Kazehana who protects Hizuki.

 Does the measure of falsifying Hizuki’s memory with the help of Yuka really work?

 If the heavenly eye becomes seems “dissapear”, it may be possible to return to the “before” state in which the Heavenly eye awakens.

 Then, when the heavenly eye disappears from the memory of Hizuki, the heavenly eye will continue to be activated.

 Yuka’s ability is just brainwashing, which can be said to be a super-powerful “belief.”

 So even if she can falsify her memory, she will not be able to “erase” the Heavenly eye itself.

 It just falsifies her memory after all.

 Even so, if the heavenly eye remains activated, Hizuki probably won’t help us.

 She will lose her memory of the heavenly eye because be violated by the heavenly eye.

 I stopped in front of the living room door and sighed so that Yuka wouldn’t notice.

 If Yuka couldn’t help Hizuki, she would feel responsible and start to blame herself.

 However, only Yuka has the potential to save Hizuki.

 ”Yuka, this is what I asked for. No matter what happens, I’m responsible for everything.”

 If she failed, Yuka would blame herself.So, I opened my mouth thinking so, but Yuka gently put her finger on my lips.

 ”Fine.It will definitely work. “

 Yuka smiles and raises her voice while putting her finger on my lips.

 Yeah, that’s right.Yuka will definitely do it well.

 ”Thank you, Mota-kun”


 ”I will use my power for the first time from now on.I will use my power to save our “friends”.Thank you for pointing the way. “

 Yuka talks to me while smiling really happily.

 ”No, no, I’m not …”

 I couldn’t look straight back at Yuka’s shining eyes looking at me.

 My heartbeat suddenly beating.

 Something very painful, different from pain, tightens my chest.

 When I glanced at Yuka, the area around Yuka was wrapped in pink light and shined brilliantly.

 ”Oh, that …”


 While enduring the pain in my chest, I raised my voice while glancing at Yuka, and she stepped out and looked into my face.

 A soft and fluffy feel hits my arm.

 Yuka is approaching me, and her chest is pressed against my arm.

 I managed to endure it because my cock did not react, but the urge to push Yuka down endlessly increased, and I felt frustrated with the pain in my chest.

 ”T, that … I think it suits you.”


 ”Ponytail. I like ponytails, so they’re tied up, huh?”

 ”Eh? Oh, that … uh, yeah ♡”

 When I managed to convey the words, Yuka, who turned bright red in an instant, turned away shyly.But she nodded.

 When I opened the door and entered the room, Hizuki was lying on the sofa.Kazehana puts Hizuki’s head on her lap and strokes it.

 ”Suzuhara-san …”

 Kazehana, who raised her face, looked at me and called my name, then smiled thinly.

 ”She has been sleeping all the time. She has a very peaceful sleeping face. There are a lot of “friends” here. I’m sure Hizuki is having the happiest time.”

 Kazehana talks quietly with a thin smile.

 When is the happiest time?

 Certainly, Hizuki’s sleeping face is calm.

 Like me, Hizuki was treated as a monster because of her abilities and was forced to leave her hometown.It seems that there were only Kazehana and Rikka with Hizuki at that time.

 In “here” where monsters gather may have become a place of peace for Hizuki for the first time in her life.

 However, if nothing is done, Hizuki will surely die.She will be in a vegetative state at best.

 ”Do you want to help Hizuki? Do you want her to look at you, and she smile again?”

 Tears run down on Kazehana’s cheeks to my question.

 ”Did Suzuhara come to insult me?”

 That word was telling everything.

 It is impossible to manage the Heavenly eyes.

 Because it is the strongest and unrivaled power beyond human knowledge, it is not something that normal people can do.

 Kazehana, who realized that, seems to have decided to die with Hizuki.

 She has completely given up.

 ”Heavenly eyes may be the strongest and unrivaled ability. That’s why I can’t do anything about it.”

 When looking at Kazehana, I said so, the I grinning and tapping Yuka’s shoulder.

 ”But, there is an ability to surpass the heavenly eyes”

 Kazehana looks up at me and tilts her head while shedding tears on her cheeks.

 ”Well, leave it to me”

 With that said, I patted Kazehana’s head roughly.

 ”Suzuhara-san seems has changed a little.”

 Kazehana muttered while looking at me with her upper eyes.

 Did I change?I will not deny it.I feel like I’ve changed.

 ”I think there are various factors, but the existence of your sister may be the biggest that changed me.”

 ”Is it Rikka?”


 I nodded and answered Kazehana’s question.

 ”If I betray Rikka, she will not betray me. She is the one who says so.”

 When I spoke to Kazehana, she burst into laughter.

 ”Rikka is simple.”


 ”That simplicity is sometimes enviable.”

 ”I agree”

 ”Rikka is better than me. She’s talented younger sister and I’m just an incompetent older sister.”

 ”Do you believe so?”


 Kazehana who leans her head to my words.

 ”Kazehana. What did you see?”

 ”What did I see? What?”

 ”Hizuki lost when the strongest and unrivaled heavenly eyes operating normally. Then, who lost? Is she more capable than heavenly eyes?”

 ”Well, that is …”

 When I asked, Kazehana muttered her words.

 ”Can you beat Asahina? If you look at your stats, you’re overwhelmingly ahead of her. But, there’s no reason for Asahina to beat you. If you fight, you’ll definitely win. But can you beat Asahina? Can you say that you same as that idiot? “

 Kazehana opened her mouth to the question, but closed her mouth without saying anything.

 She know the answer without asking.

 ”You and Rikka are sisters. That’s why you try to measure your strength with the same measuring rod. But it’s different. You and Rikka are different.”

 ”Different? I and Rikka?”

 Kazehana seems to be confused because she can’t understand my words.

 ”Yeah, totally different”

 I nodded and answered while staring at such a her.

 When their mother was killed by Kudan, Kazehana ran away with Rikka.

 Kudan said she saw the potential in them and therefore let them go.

 If Rikka and Kazehana are switched then Rikka was older sister and Kazehana was little sister.

 Rikka would have been fighting against Kudan, who killed her mother and Kazehana would have been killed.

 But Kazehana ran away.

 Leaving her mother who still fighting Kudan, she wrapped her tail and ran away.

 She was able to escape from that Kudan without caring her mother’s feelings.

 She knows when she met Kudan.It’s not easy to get away from her.She despaired before she run away.Moreover, her mother was killed in front of her.

 What Kudan expected was not Rikka.She expected a timid and brave sister who was targeted by that Kudan and could choose to escape.

 I think so.

 In fact, they survived.

 ”There are various types of strength. The strengths of you and Rikka are different.”

 ”Different Strength … type”

 Kazehana, who was looking up at me, muttered when she looked down.

 Kazehana has an inferiority complex with Rikka.That is why they try to compare their strengths with the same measuring rod.

 ”You have your way of fighting. You have your way of defending. But well, your master is Hizuki. You can tell this to Hizuki.”

 While stroking Kazehana’s head, I said so.

 ”Do you want me to tell this to Hizuki? But Hizuki is …”

 Kazehana, looking up at me, muttered and hugged Hizuki tightly.

 ”Did you tell me to use my abilities? At one point, there are people here who have the ability to surpass even the heavenly eyes.”

 Yuka went forward with my words.

 Yuka, who tightened her expression, crouched in front of Kazehana, who was hugging Hizuki.

 ”Yuka will show it from now on.”

 When I talked to Kazehana, she saw Yuka crouching.

 ”Can you really help Hizuki…?”

 Kazehana, staring at Yuka, quivered and hugged Hizuki tightly and asked Yuka.

 Yuka smiled and nodded.

 ”Yeah.I will definitely help her.”

 Hearing Yuka’s answer, tears run down Kazehana’s cheeks.

 Kazehana’s face, which was pale and bloody, had a bloody face, and a powerful light shined on her eyes, which were almost lifeless and hollow.

 The ears of the beast that stood up and the tail of the beast that fluttered.

 ”Yuka will definitely save her. Please give Hizuki to her.”

 Kazehana relaxes the power that hugged Hizuki and withdraws with a smile.

 It looks like she doesn’t doubt Yuka.On the contrary, Yuka seems to think that she can definitely save her.

 Is her lotus flower activated?

 I think Yuka will definitely do it well, but I can’t tell if it’s the influence of lotus flowers.

 ”It’s a really great ability.”

 I muttered unintentionally.

 Just one word.

 If Yuka says “it’s okay”, it will affected.

 Moreover, it is not possible to judge whether I’m affected by her ability, and it is a complete brainwashing that does not even give any doubt.The ability forced increase in my vitality and energy.

 This is the essence of lotus flower.

 The power to support someone.

 It is exactly the strongest support ability.

 ”Can you hear Hizuki-chan?If you hear my voice, reply me”

 Yuka, who gently touched Hizuki’s cheek, spoke to the sleeping Hizuki.

 I was surprised to see the unresponsive Hizuki.

 Yuka told her to reply when she heard her voice. If Mantra is activated, Hizuki should reply.

 I don’t know if it affects the brain or the mind.But even if she sleeps, it should be effective.But Hizuki doesn’t react.

 No way–.

 ”Doesn’t she hear the “voice”?”

 What the hell.Has Hizuki lost her hearing?I didn’t think about it.

 What will I do?Lotus flower is an invincible support ability if only the “voice” is conveyed, but it is powerless if the essential “voice” is not reached.

 ”It’s okay. Some people can convey a “voice” even if they are deaf.”

 Yuka looked back while crouching and looked up at me and said so.

 ――I will support you.

 The “voice” that I heard suddenly.

 Is it Marina?she should be with Tamamushi.

 ――I don’t have to go to the location when supporting.

 Marina answers my question.

 Well, if Hizuki use Marina’s ability, she can reach “voice” with or without hearing.But–.

 ”Yuka, that method is useless, it’s too dangerous. I can hear Marina too. The idea of ​​invading the “mind” of Hizuki is rejected.

 If she uses Marina’s ability, it will surely be possible to convey Yuka’s “voice” to Hizuki.However, it is too risky to invade the “mind”.

 If it invades the “mind” of Hizuki, it is likely to interfere with the heavenly eyes.

 ”Heavenly eyes are the ultimate ability that ordinary people cannot use. In fact, Hizuki is in a dangerous state. It is completely unpredictable what would happen if you interfered with such ability in a “mind” state. It may be okay, but the worst I can’t deny the possibility of falling into a situation. “

 When I talked to Yuka, she smiled.

 ”My power is the ability to specialize in support beyond the heavenly eye. It was Mota-kun who said that.”

 I couldn’t say anything back to Yuka who spoke with a smile.

 ”Okay, I leave it to you”

 I sighed at Yuka’s words and shrugged.

 The risk is great, but to be honest, there is no other way and Yuka would “do” it.

 Her lotus flower, which is a support specialization ability, should be most effective at such times.

 ”Thank you for entrusting her to me”

 Yuka happily thanked.

 ”Marina-chan, it’s dangerous, but help me. Let’s save Hizuki-chan!”

 Yuka who faces straight ahead and raises her voice.

 –Of course!I will do it without being asked!Our power is not to hurt anyone.It’s the power to help someone!


 Marina’s voice echoes and Yuka nods loudly.

 ――Suzuhara-san, just in case, I will disconnect the connection with Suzuhara-san.

 I was worried about Marina’s voice.

 Marina, leave it as it is.

 ――If you think about the time, it is better to have less damage.The connection will be disconnected.

 There is a chance for Yuka.She will definitely do it well.But if something should happen, then I’ll do something about it.So, keep the line connected.

 ――Yes, yes, just your feelings are fine.There are many people who are in trouble if Suzuhara-san fails.I will cut it by the way.

 Oh, hey, Marina, I guess I told you to not cut it.Hey, can’t you hear me?Give me a reply.


 Did she cut off the line?

 This is a serious rebellion.I’ll give her a punishment when she’s done “safely”.

 ”Then, let’s get started.”

 Yuka, who connected to Marina, said so and closed her eyes.

 Kazehana stares at Yuka with her eyes full of expectations.

 I just have to watch over.

 I’ll just hope.Please do it well.

 Soon after, Yuka quivered.

 ”What is this …”

 Yuka muttered with her eyes closed, sweating her cheeks.

 Did she interfere the heavenly eye?

 ”I know. I know this. I’ve seen it before.”

 She knows?Does she know the “mind” of Hizuki?Or–.


 I called, but there was no reply.

 ”Similar but different. Different but similar. Is this heavenly eye?”

 I remembered the chills of Yuka’s muttering.

 Did she interfere with the heavenly eye after all?

 ”Marina! Can you hear me! If you decide it’s dangerous, get out of Hizuki’s “mind”!”

 I shouted, but Marina didn’t reply.

 ”Hizuki-chan is alone in such a tremendous place …”

 Yuka muttered, putting her hand on Hizuki’s chest with her eyes closed.

 ”This is not something that can be managed by falsifying the memory. Yeah, even if the memory is falsified, the heavenly eye will not disappear.”

 Yuka’s muttering made me feel unpleasant at once.

 A measure to falsify the memory and return it to the state before the heavenly eye awakened.

 Hopefully, Hizuki forgets her heavenly eyes and is released from the influence.However, if the heavenly eye continues to be activated even if the heavenly eye is forgotten …

 I was thinking about that possibility. Did she did it?

 ”Cancel it now”

 I muttered, and when I put my hand on Yuka’s shoulders, I tried to move her away from Hizuki.However, Yuka does not move like a stone.

 ”Yuka! Cancel it now! If it doesn’t make sense to tamper with her memory, don’t interfere with her eyes anymore!”

 I screamed while shaking, but Yuka did not react.

 ”Marina! Get away from Yuka’s “mind” quickly!”

 I hurriedly raised my voice, but there was no response from Marina.

 Shit, will I head to Marina now?No, I can’t leave Yuka behind.

 ”Nee~, Hizuki-chan. I know that. It’s beautiful. I’m used to it, so I’ll get half of it. I’m sure it’s okay.”


 Half?Do you intend to take on half power of the heavenly eyes?Is that possible?

 It’s not good–.

 ”Yuka! No! Stop! No matter how much you–“

 I managed to pull Yuka away from Hizuki, and my vision was all white.

 I frowned at the glare, and there–.


 Yuka stood in the white world.

 A world that gradually didn’t have any color.

 It was in front of the school’s gym equipment room.

 Yuka, who turned her back on me, looked back and smiled at me then opened her mouth.

 She seems to be talking about something, but I can’t hear her voice.

 And I saw it.

 The big flower bloomed on Yuka.

 It was a sight I had seen before.

 ”Lotus flower. No way lotus flower …”

 When I awaked, Yuka was sitting on the floor

 Did I have come back?

 ”Yu, Yuka?”

 My whole body sweated.

 Yuka’s eyes were shining like a seven-colored rainbow.

 ”That’s right …”

 Endlessly spewing sweat.

 On the floor where Yuka sits, many golden circles are spinning.It was also visible on the ceiling above Yuka.

 Should I call it a magic circle?In the golden circle drawn in multiple layers, something like a character that I have never seen is drawn and rotating.

 ”Well, did you do it …”

 Make the heavenly eye hers.Yuka said so, and then this phenomenon happened.

 Take half the heavenly eye.If she do that, Yuka will…

 ”Oh, I see. Using my abilities is surprisingly simple.”

 Yuka muttering.

 Her eyes are rainbow-colored, but it doesn’t look like she’s having a problem.

 ”Are you OK?”

 I swallowed a spit and asked Yuka.

 There is no reason to be okay.There is no reason to take the power of the heavenly eye without sacrifice.

 ”Yeah, I’m fine. I understand by “looking” at the heavenly eye, but lotus flower is an ability like a relative of the heavenly eye.”


 A relative of heavenly eyes?

 ”It’s incomplete heavenly eye, it looks like a lotus flower”

 My thoughts confused by Yuka’s answer.

 Is lotus flower a kind of heavenly eye?A state in which only a part of the heavenly eye is awake.So, to speak, is lotus flower is a failure of the heavenly eye?

 ”Is that really okay?”

 ”Yeah, I got only half of it, and I’m feeling better than before. I’m used to it.”

 ”Well, is that so?”

 Even if you say you’re used to it.Is it really okay?

 When I checked the situation by stroking Yuka’s head and touching her arms, Yuka who dyed her cheeks smiled happily.

 Then, Yuka’s eyes suddenly returned to black, and the circles that appeared on the ceiling and floor disappeared.


 ”What happened !?”

 Suddenly Yuka raised her voice and was surprised.

 ”Well, Marina-chan!”

 ”Well, what about Marina? What happened to Marina?”

 ”She was disconnected on the way! I think she’s okay, but I’ll take a look!”

 Yuka stood up vigorously after saying that and ran toward the door.

 ”Oh! Oh yeah! I think Hizuki-chan is okay! Then!”

 Yuka, who stopped in front of the door, said that when she looked back, she ran out of the room.

 She ran energetically and it looks like she’s really okay.

 However, no way to halve the heavenly eyes.

 ”Purification ability?”

 Marina said that the actual lotus flower has self-cleaning ability.

 Lotus flower which is a failure of the heavenly eye.

 ”No way she can take half power of my heavenly eyes”

 When I turned my eyes to the voice I heard, Hizuki, who was lying on the sofa, opened her eyes.

 ”Hi, Hizuki!”

 Kazehana, who had been stunned until then, screamed and hugged Hizuki.

 ”I was surprised. Yuka came to my mind and told me that I was okay. Then I felt like I was really okay. When I noticed, she took half power of my heavenly eyes. I don’t understand why. Hmm.”

 Hizuki muttered while staring at the ceiling.Then she slowly got up and smiled at Kazehana and stroked her head.

 ”I’m glad that Hizuki was safe. I’m really glad …”

 Kazehana who hangs down the beast’s ears, spills tears and hugs Hizuki.

 ”Didn’t you know about lotus flowers?”

 ”Well, lotus flower that I knew is a variant of Mantra, and that it was a rare ability.But probably her ability close to the heavenly eye.”


 After all lotus flower is similar ability of heavenly eye.Yuka also said that, but if Hizuki, who has the ability of heavenly eyes, says that, there is no doubt.

 ”The lotus flower is the flower on which Nyorai sits, and the heavenly eye is the ability that Buddha had. She is not Nyorai, but I think Yuka is certainly a lotus flower. She overcoming many hardships thus become lotus flower. I think she is one of the few “people” who could do that” (ED note: Nyorai => https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyorai )

 One of the few “people” who could become a lotus flower.

 Hizuki born with innate abilities same as me.But her abilities evolved to Heavenly eye and she could not control it.

 On the other hand, Yuka acquired her ability not from born.Maybe she was ready unlike Hizuki, though she might have awakened to her ability because of her involvement with me.

 Yuka has come across a lot hardships, but by overcoming them, she has a body that can control a lotus flower.On the contrary, she may have a big vessel that can afford even half of Hizuki’s Heavenly eyes.


 ”Is there anything else?”

 ”Maybe Yuka’s lotus flower is unique only for Yuka”

 Is Yuka’s lotus flower unique to Yuka only?Isn’t lotus flower just normal lotus flower, even if other people who have it can control it?

 ”What does it mean?”

 ”It may be that her abilities have changed because she was deeply connected with Suzuhara-san.”

 Ah, I see.Do you mean that?

 ”But I don’t understand how she separated half of my abilities. Because of separation, I can’t use my heavenly eyes right now. However, thanks to you. I was saved”

 While stroking Kazehana’s heaad who is hugging, Hizuki speaks with a sigh.

 ”I will leave Kazehana to you”


 Kazehana, who was hugging her while crying, raised her face as she muttered.

 ”As long as I can’t use my heavenly eyes, I’m useless person. Instead of being useless, I will be hindrance. But Kazehana, she’s useful for everyone. Please let her to be useful”

 Kazehana’s face turns pale in the words of Hizuki.

 ”Hizuki! Will Hizuki throw me away!? You said you’ll stay with me forever! Was that a lie!? Will Hizuki throws me away!?”

 Kazehana grabs her uniform with both hands and shouts like crazy.

 ”No. I need power to get a place. But I’m incompetent. But you’re competent and I’m just a hindrance. Thanks so far to be with me. But, Kazehana, I want you to be happy. “

 Hizuki smiles at Kazehana, then grabs Kazehana’s shoulders and speaks quietly.

 Oh yes, I don’t want to bother you.

 Say it, say it.

 ”Don’t be silly! I want you to be happy too!? When did I say I was unhappy!? I’ve been happy ever since I was picked up by Hizuki! Yet, Hizuki denies my happiness. Is it!? “

 Kazehana glares at Hizuki.

 What Kazehana is saying is correct.Kazehana’s happiness is decided by Kazehana herself.Hizuki is not the one who decide on her happiness.Hizuki is stupid.That’s why I’m not good at this girl.

 The root of the problem which Hizuki has is similar with me.Especially her selfishness.

 But well, I don’t want to keep the girl who wants to go outand thank you for Kazehana.

 ”You are stupid”

 I was surprised at the voice I heard.

 By the way, my ability was canceled before I knew it.

 When I turned my gaze to the source of sound, Asahina stood with a rag in her right hand and a blue bucket in her left hand.

 What are you doing with a rag and a bucket?Did you also clean the corridor?

 Kazehana was extremely enraged, but when she saw Asahina and she hung her beast’s ears and withdrew as if she was frightened.

 ”You are stupid”

 Asahina repeats the same words again.

 Hizuki is stupid, but Asahina, you are more stupid.

 Responded Asahina’s word, Hizuki smiled and stared at Asahina.

 Hee~, your face look good.

 ”Are you want getting better than me?”

 With smile, Hizuki provoked Asahina.

 ”Did you win? It’s not, isn’t it? I’m just saying you’re stupid because you’re really stupid.”


 Hizuki gritted her teeth to Asahina who snorts and answered her question.

 Asahina provokes her by reminding her match with Asahina, but it seems Asahina doesn’t even care about the match.However, the match have irritated Hizuki.

 Moreover, the Heavenly eyes cannot be used by Hizuki.It will be more frustrating.

 ”If you’re so stubborn about your high pride and losing “amount” of power, go out quickly.”

 With that said, Asahina, who was goes to the side from the entrance of the room, pointed to the entrance with her right hand which holding a rag.

 Because of, losing some “amount” of power.

 Asahina, who currently has insects in her body, was completely a “normal human” when she fought against Hizuki.Even though she still keeps insects in her body, her resilience and strength have improved a little.

 In the first place, Asahina does not rely on insects in her body.

 It is a word that can be said only because of such Asahina.

 ”Come on, get out quickly. You can’t be a queen without power, right? You don’t like that, right? You’re afraid to be labeled as incompetent, right? Then, you’re just a fool with a high pride. Get out quickly. “

 Asahina speaks from the overwhelming top.

 It must have been a star.Hizuki just stared at Asahina and didn’t say anything back.

 Asahina doesn’t say good things once in a while.

 ”Chibi-chan has protect you, keep serving you, but you throw away her who needs you more than anyone else, so get out quickly. Certainly, there is no place for an idiot like you. Come on, get out. Come on, come on.” (ED note: The source says Chibi-chan, it seems Chibi-chan is Kazehana)

 Hizuki, who gritted her teeth, stood up from the sofa.

 ”Hi, Hizuki …”

 Kazehana who hangs down her ears and tail, calls Hizuki while trembling with teary eyes.

 What kind of feeling did Kazehana have by being her side?

 The one who is more important than her life.She’ll run away normally when she’s in danger.However, Kazehana did not run away.She chose to be with her.

 In exchange for that, you throw away her.

 ”It’s exactly what Asahina says. I don’t have to feel the gratitude when I was helped. I don’t have to pay it back. A fool like me should go out quickly.”

 With my arms crossed, I grinned and looked down at Hizuki, and raised my voice.

 Hizuki put a lot of effort into her fist.

 ”Su, Suzuhara-san …”

 Perhaps Kazehana was expecting me, she looked at me with a pale face.

 Rest assured, Kazehana.The eyes of Hizuki are not yet over and Asahina is not finish to insult her.

 ”Well, I’m leaving.”

 Hizuki raised her voice without looking at me and started walking toward the entrance.

 ”I won’t let you go!”

 Asahina shoots a right straight while raising her voice toward Hizuki who is about to leave the entrance.


 She must have been completely surprised.Asahina’s fist hit Hizuki’s face directly, and she blew away.

 The back of the head of Hizuki, who fell from his back to the floor, was slammed into the floor with momentum.


 Hizuki writhes in pain by covering her face with his right hand and holding the back of her head with her left hand.

 Ah, she spewing a nosebleed and rolling around the floor.

 Hizuki, her beautiful face is ruined.

 ”Come on! Get out, you losing dog!”

 Asahina raised her voice and pointed at the entrance.

 Kazehana is warm.

 ”Pu, Kuku, Kuku Kuku”

 When, she wants to go outsuddenly her face is being hit.


 She couldn’t stand it and laughed a lot.

 What a messy girl.But Asahina tell her to go out, but she didn’t say she wouldn’t get in the way.

 So, do you just want to hit her?Can you just hit her and go out calmly?

 Well, that is Asahina after all.

 Hizuki, who was lying on the floor and writhing in pain, slowly got up while holding her face with her right hand.

 She’s holding her face, but the nosebleeds are dripping from the gaps between her fingers.

 ”Oh? you have a nosebleed. I’ll give you a tissue. Stick it in your nose.”

 Asahina, who noticed that Hizuki was spewing nosebleeds, took out the tissue from her uniform pocket and presented it to Hizuki.


 Suddenly hit her and then care her.Moreover, she wants the tissue stuck in the nose.Is it a humiliation?Does she want to laugh at her?

 Hizuki, who was dripping nosebleed, stared at Asahina with bloody eyes.


 She glaring at her.The reaction is irresistible.

 ”I know …”

 Hizuki raises a quivering voice while staring at Asahina with bloody eyes.

 She has a nasal voice because she have nosebleeds.That’s interesting again.

 ”Oh, Asahina-san, you leaked pee in the hallway, didn’t you?”


 When asked by Hizuki, Asahina instantly turned her ears bright red and stared at Hizuki.

 Hmm, Pee?By the way, there is a black stain on Asahina’s skirt.

 Oh, I see.Is it because the rag and bucket is to her leaked urine?She was cleaning it secretly.

 ”Oh, do you want to fights!?”

 Asahina who does not deny that she leaked urine, turns bright red and raises her voice.


 I wonder if she’s wants to fights, because she just hit Hizuki suddenly.

 ”You’re the one who want to fights!? Oh!? Didn’t you’re the one who hit me suddenly!? Isn’t there a bug in your head!? Oh, but you had a bug in your body!”

 Hizuki, who seems to be completely sharp, replied with plenty of irony.


 Asahina’s question make her angrier.The reaction is too royal and she can’t stop laughing.

 ”Yeah, you made me stupid. Okay, I’ll fight you.”

 ”So, you’re the one who want it first, isn’t it!? I’m the one who accept it! You’re really stupid woman!?”

 ”What the hell!? What people care about! I’m a fool, but I’m a fool who can adapt to society! It’s different from you!”

 ”Why do you admit that you’re stupid! I mean, no fool is as likely to adapt to society as you are!”


 Hizuki desperately replies with dismay because Asahina admits that she is stupid.

 What is the high degree of perfection of this control?You guys are geniuses of comics.

 ”I accept this fight!”

 ”No, You’re the one who want first! So, I accept it!”

 The two who barked at the same time extended their fists at the same time, and the fists hit their faces at the same time.


 Asahina doesn’t move at all even if her face is hit.


 On the other hand, Hizuki moaned and blew away.

 They hit each other, but Asahina overwhelmed her strength and endurance.Besides, Hizuki cannot use the heavenly eyes.The game is visible.

 It’s just the opposite of that time.No, Asahina at that time was worse than the current Hizuki.

 By the way, Hizuki, can you keep fighting even though you are in overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation?

 ”Oh, I just don’t want to lose to you!”

 Although she was blown away, Hizuki, who had one knee on the floor and endured falling, barked with a nosebleed.

 On the other hand, Asahina also had a nosebleed, but looked overwhelmingly from above.Then–.

 ”Wipe your nosebleed with this tissue, and stuff it in your nose.”

 Once again, Asahina presented the tissue to Hizuki.


 Why do you care only there?

 ”You make a fool of me!”

 Asahina’s care touched the bottom line of Hizuki, and Hizuki kicked the floor and jumped toward Asahina.

 ”Cross counter!” (ED note : is it Asahina ultimate move?)

 Asahina screams and pushes her fist toward Hizuki who jumping.But–.


 Hizuki shoots a “kick” while screaming.


 I thought it was a punch. Hizuki’s toes sank into Asahina’s abdomen, who was aiming for the counter.


 What cross counter!You’re scream and get a kick as much as you can.Asahina, you’re really stupid.

 ”No, I won’t do it.”

 Asahina, who seems to be having difficulty breathing after being kicked by the abdomen, screamed with a grin.


 You’re not going to do it.Hitsuki isn’t great right now, but you’re just stupid.

 ”Oh, that …”

 When I turned my eyes to the voice I heard, Kazehana, who was fluttering with a pale face, was looking up at me.

 It seems that the fight between her master and Asahina has begun and she don’t know what to do.

 ”Kazehana, your master is amazing.”


 While enduring my laughter, Kazehana tilts her head when I talks to Kazehana.

 ”There are very few people who can fights head-on to that Asahina.”

 What is incompetent?Even though she was about to be swallowed, the one who was against the Heavenly eyes couldn’t be weak.

 ”Asahina got angry because she knew more than anyone else that Hizuki was “strong” and she was crying because she wanted a place to stay. But you see, Asahina is stupid, isn’t she?”

 In my words, Kazehana saw themand she looked up at me again.

 ”Do I have to stop them?”

 ”Keep calm. They’re just playing around.”

 ”But, at this rate, Hizuki will …”

 ”It’s necessary to vent her emotion and Asahina won’t kill “friends”. She’s a fool, but she’s not just a fool. She’s a big fool that can’t be helped.”

 ”What!? That’s no good!?”

 Kazehana flutters with the beast’s ears and tail standing upright.

 ”It’s okay. I’m hungry because I’ve been with Hizuki for a long time, right? I’m sure Rikka hungry too, so let’s go get some food from Tamamushi.”

 ”Eh!? Hey!? Is that okay!? Is it really okay to leave them alone!?”

 When I push Kazehana’s back and start walking, she sees the two people fighting each other and asks me while screaming.

 ”You have a nosebleed. Put a tissue in your nose.”

 Asahina presents a tissue to Hizuki, whose face is swollen and spewing nosebleeds.


 She already like a rag, but she still jumped at Asahina while screaming.

 ”Yeah? They’re just playing around with each other”

 ”Eeeeee!? They are just playing with each other, right!? But it seems Hizuki will die!”

 I pushed the back of the screaming Kazehana and left the living room.

 Kazehana is listening to me for some reason, and I think she knows that Asahina won’t kill Hizuki.

 But honestly, I’m a little worried whether it’s okay to leave Hizuki to Asahina.

 Because Asahina is stupid.

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