Xray 122

Chapter 122

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 While sitting facing each other, Kazehana and Rikka are crazily munching the food.



 I’m carrying the dishes one after another to the table, but it was flattened in an instant.

 It’s a terrible amount of food that I had carried.It’s refreshing to see them eating.


 Rikka quickly reaches the dish placed in front of Kazehana and bites it.


 Kazehana reaction was delayed for a moment, then she glared at Rikka.

 ”Rikkha! It’s mine!”

 I place the food in front of Kazehana again, but she ignores it and tries to grab the food that Rikka is eating.

 ”You are not fast enough”

 Rikka, whose cheeks are swollen like a hamster, hesitated when Kazehana’s extended her hand to the food, then Kazehana screamed while munching.

 ”My sister is not good!”

 Kazehana gets angry.

 ”Is this food delicious?”

 Then, Rikka playing dumb.

 ”Eh!? Is, is it delicious?”

 Kazehana is confused when asked by Rikka.

 ”Well, I want to eat it again”

 Rikka thought the food was delicious.

 ”Me too”

 Kazehana was about to be swept away because she doesn’t understand well.

 Even though we have a lot of food, they quarrel with each other and scramble for each other, but they still eat together.

 They are cute girl.

 ”Mwaster. What is this? It’s very big.”

 While swelling her cheeks like a hamster and munching, Rikka leans her head and showing me a lump of meat “likely” stabbed in a fork.

 ”It’s the first time I’ve eaten something so delicious.”

 Kazehana, who was munching like Rikka, moved her beast’s ears and muttered.

 ”Hmm? Fufu. Rikka and Kazehana, eat a lot without worrying”

 With a smile, I answered her while placing dishes one after another on the table.

 ”Yes! I will eath it!”

 ”Thhankk yyou! Mwaster!”

 Then, the two who heard my answer are eating food without worrying about it.

 I hope it tastes good.There are some things in the world that I shouldn’t know.

 When I asked if Tamamushi had food, I was told that there was plenty in the back room of the kitchen.

 No matter how much I ate, it would increase immediately, so I asked them to eat it without worrying about it.

 I was convinced when I saw the room in the back of the kitchen, and then I feel a little unpleasant.

 It may be better to say that the “food” will increase or will be born.

 By the way, it doesn’t seem to hurt to eat it, and it’s very delicious, but no matter how delicious it is, I definitely don’t want to eat it.

 Rikka has a small body, and Kazehana is a little taller than Rikka.

 Perhaps they were finally satisfied after eating, both of them smiled and slammed their lower abdomen.

 Both of them look like loli, but their lower abdomen swollen like a pregnant woman.

 If they eat that much, they’ll get bloated.However, the amount of food that had been eaten was far beyond the level of bloating.

 ”To tell the truth, I want to eat a little more, but eating too much is bad for my health.”

 Kazehana mutters a little dissatisfied while tapping the bulging lower abdomen.

 ”Because my master is watching me. I kept it down to about six minutes so that my master wouldn’t think I was a sloppy girl who just ate. When eating, I’m different from my rugged sister and I tried to be elegant.”

 Rikka speaks proudly by tapping her bulging lower abdomen then Kazehana snorting her nose.

 Well, Rikka, did you try to be elegant?

 Regardless of the reality, Rikka really thinks so.

 It’s like a child desperately showing off what she just learned something in front of her parents.

 ”Rikka, you did your best. You’re great.”

 Saying that, I patted Rikka’s head, and she happily squinted her eyes and dyed her cheeks.

 Kazehana hangs down her ears and tail and stares at us with envy.

 ”Kazehana, don’t look like that. Your master is okay. She’ll praise you as much as you want.”

 While patting Rikka’s head, I spoke to Kazehana.

 Kazehana, with a shy smile, shook her beast’s ears and tail happily.

 Kazehana is simple because I can understand her general psychological state by looking at the ears and tail without looking at her mind.


 Rikka leaks a sigh andsteam is rising from her small body.

 When seeing such Rikka, Kazehana stopped her tail that was fluttering.

 ”Rikka, you were always in a super-recovery state.”

 Kazehana stares at Rikka and asks with a straight face.

 ”That’s right”

 While her cheeks blushed, Rikka nodded.

 ”You must be overdose of energy in a recovering state. You must be driven by crazy s*xual desires now. Why are you still calm?”

 Rikka smiled at the question of Kazehana.

 ”Because I knew”

 ”What do you know?”

 ”I knew that what is my desire”

 Rikka, who answered Kazehana’s question, glanced at me.

 ”I want to protect master. I can’t help it. It’s my desire. I’m so crazy that I’m always driven by the urge to protect master. Compared to urge to s*xual desires is like a tiny crap! “

 Kazehana, who heard the answer from Rikka, hung down her beast’s ears and tail.

 ”I see, I see. You have known it…”

 Then, Kazehana looked down and muttered to no one.

 This may be a bit of a mess.Kazehana has lost her confidence.

 Rikka grew considerably while Kazehana protected Hizuki.

 I don’t think Rikka has changed much physically, but her mental has grown a lot.As a result, she has begun to draw out her original talent.

 If Kazehana and Rikka fight now, Kazehana will be defeated, showing an indescribable difference in ability.

 Kazehana herself has noticed it.

 Also, I’m sure she is glad that Hizuki was saved, but she wasn’t saved by Kazehana.

 No, without Kazehana, Hizuki would probably have died.

 Kazehana never left from Hizuki side.That’s why I think Hizuki was saved.

 In that sense, it can be said that Kazehana saved Hizuki too.

 However, Kazehana does not think so.

 Her master was saved, but she wasn’t the one who saved her.Is she really necessary for her master?

 She think so and then she is at a loss.

 She didn’t know what to do.So, I told Kazehana she was absolutely necessary for Hizuki, but Kazehana wouldn’t be convinced.

 Her master, Hizuki, has no choice but to lead Kazehanaand Kazehana herself has no choice but to become stronger.

 ―― T, Thtis is Marina.Can you hear me?

 Suddenly I heard Marina’s voice.

 It was said that she had invaded the “mind” of Hizuki and was blown away, but it seems she was safe.

 ――When you’re readdy, Tamamushi-chan says that shwe wants you to go to the baswement.

 What?her words are so hard to hear.

 ――When I wasw blown awawy, I struyck my hyead.

 Eh?Did you hit your head?Did the strange language mean that you had a brain disorder and become stupid?

 ――No, I wasw so carelesws that I bit my tongyue when I hyit my hyead.

 Huh?Did you bite your tongue?What are you talking about?Your ability doesn’t need physical vocalization.Why do you change your words when you bite your tongue when you talk with your “mind”?

 ――Well, even if you sway somethwing like thwat…

 Hey, you.

 Ah, it looks like she’s become stupid, and it’s really crazy.

 ――W, whry!I just wrant to sway that thwis is rweal!

 All right.I understand, I’m not talking anymore.It’s frustrating talk to you.

 ――Y, ywou mwust thwink this is not rweal!Suzuhara-chan stupwid!No mwore!

 Fufu, who is Suzuhara “chan” huh!I’ll ravish you later.

 ――Ywes ♡

 Marina’s joyful voice trigger something in my head. (ED : strange word to be edited)

 ”Oh, no. It seems my murderous intent has risen.”



 Kazehana and Rikka trembled when they heard it.

 Oh no, I didn’t tell you guys about her.

 ”Am I eat too much …?”

 Kazehana muttering with a pale face.

 ”Should I spit? Should I spit what I ate?”

 Rokka turned pale like Kazehana and muttered while grateful.

 ”That’s right. I think I should spit it out.”

 ”Uh, yeah. Let’s vomit.”

 They stared at each other, had a conversation and nodded, and when they opened their mouths, they tried to thrust their right hand into their mouths.

 ”Wait, wait, wait. No, no. I didn’t get angry with you.”

 I hurriedly stopped them, but the two continued to apologize to me.

 Shit, it’s Marina’s fault.She better remembers it.

 ――Is it punwishing twime?I will wraiting fwor it ♡

 It seems that the line was still connected, and I heard Marina’s happy voice, and something trigger in my head.


 ”I’m annoyed!? I’m annoyed! Certainly I may be annoyed!”

 ”M, Master! Master! I’m sorry for being annoyed!”


 Two people who seemed to think that they were ridiculous because they made a voice involuntarily are crying and fluttering.

 ”Sorry, I didn’t tell you.”

 I called out to the two who were upset while crying, but both of them continued to apologize to me then leaking a sob.

 It seems that it was quite a shock.

 Marina, you bastard, you better remember it.

 I managed to calm the two-crying people and headed to the basement first.

 ”Well, I wonder if it’s over”

 I muttered and headed to the living room to see the two idiots on the basement.

 I stood in front of the living room door and activated my ability.

 Doors and walls are transparent, revealing the interior.

 Hizuki sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall, and Asahina crouching in front of the Hizuki.

 Asahina, laughing happily, took out the tissue from her pocket then rolled it up, and forcibly pushed it into Hizuki’s nose.

 ”Fuh. No, Stop it. Fuh, Fuh.”

 Hizuki is resisting, but it seems that Asahina has made her tattered and can’t move.Her nose is stuffed with tissue, and she has teary eyes.

 ”Fufufu, I’m generous. So, you can use the tissue without worrying about it.”

 Asahina, who pulled out the tissue even though Hizuki hated it by all means, rolled it up and forcibly pushed it into Hizuki’s nose.

 ”De, Definitely, Definitely I’ll revenge you! You better remember it!”

 Hizuki, who couldn’t move even if she wanted to resist, pushed the rolled tissue into her nose one after another and screamed with tears.However, because a large amount of tissue is stuck in her nose, Lu Ritsu is not spinning.

 ”… She’s stupid”

 I muttered and left the place.

 Only leave the idiot alone.

 With the resurrection of Hizuki, we are now able to move freely.

 Hizuki, whose heavenly eyes cannot be used, must have become “ordinary human being.”However, in a good way, there is a point that does not fall into my mind.

 Asahina is a good choice for amateurs when it comes to fighting, but her power alone is considerable.As long as the attack hits, even a strong man will be blown away with a single blow.

 Hizuki is still conscious after being attacked by Asahina.

 It’s hard to speculate, but I think Hizuki is using the heavenly eyes.

 Heaven’s eyes power will surely be decreased because Yuka took half of it.Then she should control it easier than before.

 She said she couldn’t use it, but she unknowingly activated her heavenly eyes and was doing something.

 For example, Asahina’s attack was unknowingly missed and the damage was kept to a minimum.

 She is like a person who was manipulating a full-powered heavenly eye, albeit temporarily.But I think it’s quite possible.

 However, unless she is aware of it, it will be impossible to control it freely.

 But well, if she plays with Asahina, it will be her training and she may be able to manipulate it freely.

 Asahina also seems like Hizuki who challenges her head-on.

 There is also the case of Kazehana.

 Kazehana, who is about to lose confidence, needs to share time with Hizuki.

 With that said, when contacting the liaison of the organization, the two idiots will be here and Kazehana will take care of them.

 I mean, I definitely don’t want to Asahina to be alone.

 The members heading to the liaison are Rikka, Tamamushi, Marina, Yuka, and me.

 The remains members at home are Asahina, Hizuki, Kazehana, and Nanafushi.

 Both teams are strong enough, even if the contact from the organization is a trap and the goal is to divide us.

 Kazehana will bet on her life to protect Hizuki, and the combination of Asahina and Nanafushi is dangerous no matter what.Even if the enemy attacks here, it is a level that makes the enemy pitiful.

 I went to the front door, and when I opened the door, I went outside.

 After folding my arms at the front door and waiting for a while, Nanafushi is seen within the range of my ability.

 Nanafushi moves in the “blind spot” of a residential area and appears in front of me without sound.

 ”Thank’s for lookout the place”


 When I called out Nanafushi, she looked up at me and nodded with a smile.

 ”Do you know that I will be in contact with your organization’s liaison?”

 ”Yes, I’ve listening to master through mind.”

 Nanafushi nods and answers my question.

 ”Asahina, Hizuki, and Kazehana will remain here. Kazehana is capable, but the other two are stupid.”

 ”I’m convinced that Asahina-chan is stupid, but is Hizuki-chan also categorized as stupid?”

 Nanafushi heard my words and murmured as if she was sympathetic.

 ”Well, I want you to stay.”

 ”Okay. If there are no particular problems, I should be lookout the surroundings, right?”

 ”Yes, and as long as the enemy doesn’t attack, you can leave the two idiots alone.”

 ”Okaay. I don’t want to get involved with Asahina-chan, so I want to leave her as much as possible, so it’s easy.”

 Nanafushi has bitter smile then nodding.

 She is a weapon, almost immortal, and probably the strongest fighting ability among us, but it seems that she is not good with Asahina.

 Well, I understand her feelings.

 ”Then, I want to have a meeting with the remaining group, so come with me to the basement. Keep a secret from the two idiots. It’s a hassle if they know it. Especially Asahina.”

 ”I understand”

 Nanafushi nodded and answered my question, then she following me as I walked back into the house.

 ”Um, do you have a minute?”

 When I tried to open the front door, Nanafushi who behind me screamed.

 ”What happened?”

 ”No, it’s not a big deal, though.”

 When asked without turning around, Nanafushi raises a voice that makes it difficult to say something.

 Is there anything she wants to say?

 Looking back, I looked down at her.

 ”What happened during lookout?”

 It seems she found a suspicious person, but she couldn’t tell if the person was an enemy.

 She’s not sure, and she think it’s going to end up mischievous, so if it’s hard to say, she’d better to ask me.

 ”That … I have something to ask Suzuhara-san.”

 ”What do you want to ask me?”


 Nanafushi nods with a somewhat troubled appearance.

 Isn’t there something happening during guarding?

 ”Tell me without worrying it”

 ”I don’t want to worry about it either. I have a bad feeling. It’s seen by the bugs. It’s unexpectedly true, so it’s a problem …”

 Nanafushi doesn’t say what she wants to say, but she doesn’t want to say it if possible, rather than just saying it.It seems like that.

 ”It’s better to say it. But don’t tell anyone. If they know what you’re doing, it’s more difficult than the enemy attacks. The teams could collapse.”

 ”All right”

 I nodded to Nanafushi that talked while glancing at me.

 No, is this a pretty dangerous?

 ”Are you able to use your abilities properly?”

 ”Am I? Un. I still use it.”

 ”Is there any change? It’s felt uncomfortable when use it.”

 ”Is it uncomfortable?”

 I feel uncomfortable with my ability.But I don’t feel it in particular.

 ”Can you switch the color of your eyes yourself?”


 Eye color?Switch the color of my eyes.

 ”I knew it, you haven’t noticed it. Right now, Suzuhara-sama’s eyes are returning to the original.”

 I was surprised to hear that.

 By the way, my eyes were golden.Is it back now?

 I’m not thinking of about it.In other words, it “returned to its original state”.

 From when it returned back?

 Looking back on my memory, I felt a sense of discomfort there.

 Rikka, Tamamushi, Nanafushi, and Asahina know that my eyes have turned golden.

 Marina, Yuka, Hizuki, and Kazehana didn’t know that.

 If my eyes were golden, wouldn’t they tell me that?

 I think Marina and Yuka are especially surprised.But they didn’t say anything.

 That means …

 ”It is highly possible that the color had already returned to the original color when I joined Marina and Yuka.”

 ”Yes, at that time, I was near Suzuhara-san, but I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware of the color of Suzuhara-san eyes.”

 Nanafushi listens to my mutter and apologizes.

 No, I was fluttering at that time, and after returning here, I asked Nanafushi to watch the surroundings.It’s natural even if she doesn’t notice it.

 ”Maybe I think too much, or I might just arouse my anxiety about mischief. But …”

 ”Tell me”

 She probably doesn’t want to put it into words.But I still asked the hesitant Nanafushi.

 Nanafushi, who was troubled for a while, looked up at me as if she had decided.

 ”There is less information about the Earth eye than the Heavenly eye. So, I thought that even if Suzuhara’s eyes turned golden, that would be the case. But I remembered what Makiri said.” (ED : Makiri is the person who create Nanafushi)

 Nanafushi speaks with a muffled mouth.

 ”Because the eyes ability is often troublesome, I do not deal with it as much as possible. Above all, the high leveled ability often changes the color of the eyes when using the ability. If the color of the eye changes, especially change to rainbow-colored eyes If you meet someone who has it, don’t hesitate to run away.”

 Rainbow-colored.Yuka’s eyes were rainbow-colored.

 ”But if the eye color doesn’t change when he/she use the ability, it’s likely not a big deal.”

 ”I’m born with ability, but at that time using my abilities hasn’t changed my eye color. However, it’s the first time my eye turned to golden.”

 ”Maybe, your eyes may have completely awakened.”

 The Earth eyes were completely awakened and the eyes became golden.But right now, it has returned to its original state.

 ”And one more thing. Makiri-sama said this.”

 Nanafushi turned away from me and muttered.

 ”If the color of the eyes using the ability does not change, it is the aim.”


 The type that changes the color of the eyes is troublesome, so wait and see.But if the color of your eyes doesn’t change, aim.

 In other words, the ability score has dropped, or–.

 With my eyes closed, I focused on my consciousness, exhaling slowly.And I opened my eyes.

 ”How is it? Did the color of my eyes changed?”


 To my question, Nanafushi shook her head.

 ”What will happen in the end if the color of my eyes doesn’t change?

 Nanafushi did not answer my question.

 If she doesn’t know, just say don’t know.But to say nothing, it seems she know the answer.

 When it comes to that, it’s not just that I can’t use my abilities.

 Well, I felt my ability become weakened.

 Maybe I’m the same as Hizuki.

 When the Heavenly eyes are completely awakened, the eyes will surely turn rainbow-colored.Like Yuka.

 Yuka took half of the Heavenly eyes that Hizuki suffered so much.Still, she was calm.

 On the other hand, I have never seen Hizuki’s eyes turned rainbow-colored.In other words, Hizuki’s Heavenly eyes were not completely awake.Still, Hizuki at that time may died.

 In other words, Hizuki born with Heavenly eyes, but her body couldn’t handle it.And that’s the same as me.

 ”Before, I had nosebleeds several times. I also realized that my brain was strained. It’s vague, but I thought it wouldn’t be long if I continued to use this power.”

 Yuka, who has a vessel that matches her ability, is different from me and Hizuki.

 The great ability of the Earth eye was disproportionate for me.


 ”I will show the power of different abilities to those involved and raise the level of that ability. I thought that it was too much ability.”

 Perhaps the Earth eye is the ability to cut one’s life and share it with others.

 ”It was a story that there are less materials in the Earth eye than in the heavenly eye.”

 The reason is that it is difficult for a person with the ability of the Earth eye to notice that the person has it.

 Later, it seems that the person has a strong eye, so it is difficult to leave detailed materials.

 I think there was another reason for that.

 It is possible that all the people with the ability of the Earth eyes died early.

 Gather people, mass-produce talented people, raise their abilities and build the strongest unit.That may have been the end of the role.

 In short, the reason are it was hard to notice and the user died prematurely, so it was hard to leave materials.

 It’s just a guess, but I feel like I’m right.

 Oh my god.How much time is left for me.

 I wish I could use it until I fought Kudan and got a place to stay.

 ”What I just said is about the high-level eyes ability. But, there’s no confirmation. I might be over-thinking. But by any chance. It may be better to refrain from using abilities as much as possible. “

 ”Oh, that’s right.”

 I nodded and patted Nanafushi’s head.

 Nanafushi looking up at me with anxious face.

 Refrain from using abilities?

 If it’s just clairvoyance, that’s possible.But the “Earth eye” is probably different.

 Like the Heavenly eye, it continues to activate.

 Maybe it’s impossible to deactivate it completely.



 ”You told me I shouldn’t tell anyone about this, but I’ll ask you. Keep this a secret.”

 ”… Yes”

 Nanafushi looked down, paused a little, and replied.

 Hizuki survived when Yuka took over half of her Heavenly eyes.

 If she use the same method to me, maybe I can survive.

 But instead, Yuka is likely to die.

 Half the heavenly eye and half the Earth eye.There is also lotus flower.No matter how big the vessel is, it’s hard to control.

 But Yuka would say she would do it.That is why I shouldn’t tell this to anyone.

 ――Marina, can you hear me?

 I asked her through mind, but there was no reply.

 Maybe she’s listening.Is it so?Oi Marina.

 I ask her again.Please, keep this a secret.

 ――What if I say I don’t like it?

 Marina’s voice suddenly echoes.

 Did you listen to it after all?It’s a really annoying ability.

 ――There is a way.I will ask Yuka-san to transfer Suzuhara-san’s abilities to “me”.Then maybe …

 Certainly.That may help me.But what about you?How big is your vessel?Is there any certainty that you can take on my abilities and help me?

 ――Well, I don’t know until I try it.

 Probably is not possible.The effective range of your psyche is huge.Moreover, it can be used for many at the same time.Probably you have large capacity.But you can’t afford to accept my abilities.Besides, I haven’t even grasped how much the ability of the Earth eye is.It’s a different case with the heavenly eye that has the power to change the future.If it’s not compatible, you may need more capacity than the Heavenly eye.In other words, the person who take it is likely to die.

 ――So, I have to try it.

 Fuh, you’re usually stupid too.


 You said you would ask Yuka.In other words, it is impossible for you to move your abilities alone.

 ――Well, that is …

 There is no guarantee that you will be safe after take on my abilities.You will ask Yuka for it? But, do you think Yuka will use her abilities to you?Supposed, she will pretend to be convinced and will try to accept it.Yuka should do that.Because she is a “Lotus Flower”.She should definitely do that.But, is it okay for Yuka to die?

 Marina didn’t reply to my thought.

 I think Yuka was able to take half of the Heavenly eye because the Heavenly eye and the Lotus Flower had the same type of ability.

 Is it possible to take on half of the Earth eye which is the opposite of the heavenly eye?Even if it is possible, how much would it cost to take on the opposite capabilities?

 It’s surely dangerous.If Yuka accepts half of the Earth eye, she should almost certainly die.

 I’ll ask Marina.Yuka has Mantra. If she knew this, she must try to save me even if she uses her Mantra.And if she can’t stand it and realizes her death, she would do it anyway.

  Then, she will use the Mantra to erase herself from our memory.We will not sad if she dies.We can’t even mourn Yuka’s death.

 She had a lot of trouble so far, and she finally found a place to stay, but no one was saddened for her and she disappeared alone.Can you forgive her?Can you forgive such a thing?Even if you don’t want to forgive her, you’ll definitely forget her.

 If so, then.

 Nee~ Marina, if I die, everyone should be sad, right.Please cry for me.I’ll ask you to do so.Please regret thinking that it made sense for me to be born and that I should have lived more.

 I waited for a while, but Marina didn’t say anything.She doesn’t answer anything.In other words, she was convinced.

 Thank you.

 ”I don’t have enough time …”

 I muttered, and looked down at Nanafushi.

 ”Nanafushi, you have lived a very long time. If so, you must have lost a lot of important things. Right?”

 When asked by me, Nanafushi nodded silently.

 If possible, I want to survive until I defeat Kudan, but that is not always the case.

 ”It’s not good, but I must be prepared to losing, so if I’m gone, support Marina. If the leader is safe, I’m sure it’ll work.”

 When I talked to Nanafushi, she nodded.

 ”I’m sorry. I feel gratitude to you”

 I muttered while patting Nanafushi’s head.

 No matter how long she lives, it will be hard to lose something important.But it’s also true that she’s used to it.Besides, Nanafushi has a master named Tamamushi.

 If I die and the teams collapses, then we are likely to be wiped out.But if the leader is safe, it will survive somehow.

 ”Well then, let’s go”

 With that said, I tapped Nanafushi’s back, and I opened the front door, then entered the house and headed to the basement.

 It’s a strange feeling.I feel very good now.

 Let’s spoil Rikka.

 There is a lot things that I want tell to Marina.

 I want to stay with Yuka as much as possible.

 Tamamushi are the ones that I have debt.I have to be aware of it.

 I’m worried about Kazehana, so I have to get her firmly to Hizuki.

 And Asahina, I’ll definitely make you gave in.

 There’s a lot to do.

 As soon as I thought I had little time left, I couldn’t look forward to it.

 Maybe it’s the first time I’m glad I was born.

 Then I have to thanks my parents for giving birth me.

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