Xray 123

Chapter 123

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 When I went down with stairs and entered the basement, everyone who had already gathered in the basement saw us at the same time.

 No, only Marina is looking away.

 ”Mota-kun! Look! This is a combat uniform! Don’t you think it’s cute?”

 Yuka in a good mood and flirting with her black clothes showing me.

 Marina, standing in the corner of the room with her arms crossed, refused to look at Yuka.

 I don’t want her to have suspicious attitude.I’m in trouble if Yuka feels suspicious.

 But well, I have to thank her for keeping it secret.

 ”It’s kind of clothes that appear in science fiction movies! It’s cool, cute, but a little naughty, isn’t it?”

 While showing me a uniform, Yuka asked with a big smile and flushed cheeks.

 ”Is this body armor?”

 I looked at Yuka’s clothes and asked her back.

 The black clothes are “jumpsuits” that are connected up and down, so to speak, it’s like black zentai.It may be more like a rubber suit than body armor. (ED : black zentai => https://previews.123rf.com/images/elisanth/elisanth1707/elisanth170700009/82415017-close-up-shot-of-fetish-woman-dressed-in-leather-corset-skirt-and-gloves.jpg )

 However, the shoulders, elbows, and knees are reinforced with materials that seem to be strong.And it had a skirt.

 Basically, it seems to be sticking with the skin, so the chest, arms, hips, and thigh lines will be exposed.It looks pretty erotic when she wears it.

 But because the shoulders, elbows and knees are reinforced, it has a sense of armor and is certainly cool.And thanks to the skirt, the cuteness is emphasized.

 However, the fabric seems to be thin and it seems to be easy to move, but I feel that the defense power will be decreased.

 ”It also has gloves and boots! It’s a little rugged, but don’t you think it’s cool?”

 Yuka grabs my jacket with her left hand and raises her voice while pointing with her right hand.

 At the point where Yuka pointed, a little rugged black gloves and boots were lined up.

 It’s amazing.Was it all made by Tamamushi?

 ”It suits Yuka, so it looks good and looks excited.”

 When I said that, Yuka’s face suddenly turned bright red.

 ”Y, yes … I agree ♡”

 And when she looked down a little, she muttered shyly while looking at me with my upper eyes.

 ”Oh! That’s right! Look at this! It’s our mark!”

 Yuka, who screamed to disguise her embarrassment, showed me the back of her combat uniform.

 ”A spider web and spider?”

 On the back of the combat uniform, a spider web was drawn with a pink line.A small pink spider is also drawn on the edge of the spider’s web.

 ”The spider’s web is the crest of the village where I was born. The bug user of the magic fog village has been famous as a spider user for many generations. It is actually drawn in white. But pink is cute, so I made it pink.”

 Tamamushi, standing in the center of everyone gathering, spoken proudly.

 ”She can change the color of the crest without permission … As expected, my master.”

 Nanafushi, which became an eye-catcher, stared at Tamamushi, which was proudly proud, and muttered as if it was amazed.

 ”Well, isn’t it good? Because this is a mark for us, isn’t it?”

 When I spoke to Nanafushi, she shrugged and sighed.

 ”And the spider is the family crest of my family. In other houses, moths, hornworms, flies, etc. are basically drawn in the spider’s web, but the spider, which is the only predator in my family, is drawn on the crest. The reason is–“

 And Tamamushi closed her eyes, cut her words and took a breath.Then she opened her eyes.

 ”Because my family is the most famous family in my village! How it is! Fuhahahahahahaha!”

 Tamamushi stretches its chest to the point of falling behind and raises a laugh.

 Hee~, was Tamamushi a famous lady?

 If you ask, there are many facts from the way she speak, and she is strangely elegant, knowledgeable, diligent, and have a lot of advanced skills.For that reason, she is easy to be deceived, and she seems like a naive young lady.

 ”Because she’s from well-known family, she couldn’t stand herself because she couldn’t do anything at home, so she tried to use forbidden technique, then she was disowned and couldn’t stay at home. In addition, it feels like the story of a fallen famous stupid lady. “

 Nanafushi shrug her shoulders and mutter with a sigh.

 ”Nu!? Nanafushi! Don’t say that! When finally everyone respected me!”

 Tamamushi, which turned bright red after being complain by Nanafushi, is angry.

 ”Who respects you stupid!”

 Rikka muttered.

 ”W, what a scary girl! M, Marina! Please say something!”

 Tamamushi, which turned red to the ears and showed anger, asked Marina for help.

 It seems that they got to know each other quite a bit while they were preparing together.

 However, Marina does not react with her face turned away.



 Tamamushi calls out Marina who does not react, and Rikka also calls out her too.

 ”Eh? Un, ah, yes. It’s a great combat uniform, isn’t it?”

 Marina, who looked relieved, smiled and raised her voice.

 ”What’s wrong with Marina?”

 ”Marina-sama, do you have any problems?”

 Tamamushi and Rikka worried to Marina who did not talk with each other, made them feel uncomfortable.

 ”W, worries!? Ah, hahahaha! I don’t have any worries! I don’t have enough time to worry!”

 Marina, who was worried and impatient by the two, waved her hands and raised her voice.

 They can see that they are being deceived.It’s like saying that she has a problem.

 Well, isn’t it unreasonable to be upset?I’ve just carried me on my back, Marina.

 ”Marina-chan, what happened? You were fine until a while ago.”

 Yuka stares at Marina and mutters anxiously.

 Keep a secret only to Yuka.If no one can do it, there is no problem, but Yuka may be able to do it.

 At the expense of her own life.

 ”Isn’t Asahina too stupid to be in trouble? She made Hizuki became careless.”

 ”Oh, I see. That’s a problem too. Yuu-chan is also in trouble.”

 Yuka listens to my words and nods with a serious expression.Apparently she was convinced.

 Hmmm, Asahina is sometimes useful.

 I can’t say I’m not upset by Marina.Then I have to adjust.

 Marina, can you hear me?You can be upset.You can be depressed.If you want to cry, you can cry.

 If you keep silent about me, that’s fine.

 When I thought about it in my heart, Marina, who hadn’t tried to look at me until then, looked at me sideways.But soon she turned away.

 Marina’s ability is troublesome, but that may be what Marina also thinks.

 Because she can read it, I knew that I didn’t have to know it.

 ”I’d like to ask Tamamushi to explain various things, but before that, is it okay?”

 When I said so, everyone except Marina saw me.

 ”I don’t want Asahina and Hizuki to accompany this case. I want Nanafushi and Kazehana to remain as escorts for them. So, I keep it a secret from Asahina and Hizuki. Especially Asahina. I definitely don’t want her to knew. If she knew it, she would say that she would go with me, and no matter what I said, she would never change her opinion. If she follows me … everything would be messed up.”

 All the people who heard my words shouted “Oh”.

 Apparently, they were very convinced.

 ”That’s all from me. Tamamushi, please explain the other things.”

 I raised my voice, put my hand on Yuka’s waist, and started walking toward the place where everyone was gathering.

 Yuka, who had her hands on her hips, was embarrassed and smiled happily.

 Tamamushi, whose cheeks were dyed, put her right fist on her mouth.And she cleared her throat.

 ”I tried to make combat uniforms, but so to speak, they are all second-hand goods and failed product.”

 Tamamushi tightens her facial expression and says that it does not tighten.

 Rikka, Kazehana, and Nanafushi became the eyes.

 ”Everything was made for me before, but I came to the conclusion that it was useless for me, who is almost immortal, and I placed it into the warehouse. Then, I improved it for you.”

 Although Tamamushi is seen with my eyes, she does not show any pretense that she cares about, and speaks proudly.

 Well, Tamamushi don’t need armor.Light clothing would be more rational.

 When I noticed it after making it, it seems to be Tamamushi.

 ”It’s nice to improve it, and I think it’s strong. Everyone wanted to look cute, but I don’t need it.”

 When I asked Tamamushi, she saw me snorted.

 ”The tights-like part uses spider’s thread that has been modified for combat. It’s as strong as steel. It’s easy to withstand a machine gun attack, and it’s flexible. For that reason, it negates the impact on the inside. “


 The material like tights seems to be quite thin, but it can withstand the attack of a machine gun?What’s more, the impact on the inside can be mitigated.

 ”The outer shell of the beetle is used on the shoulders, elbows, and knees. It’s less flexible, but it’s a lot stronger than the fabric made from spider silk.”

 So that’s it.Are parts that require flexibility, such as joints, made of spider silk, and parts that do not need flexibility made of high-strength material?

 It’s quite good as substitute because it can withstand machine gun attacks even in low-strength areas.

 ”It’s better to actually see it than to explain it by my mouth.”

 Tamamushi grinned and touched the black robe she was wearing.And–.

 ”This is what I wear!”

 While raising her voice, she quickly took off her robe.


 Tamamushi dressed in combat uniform, with both hands on her hips, and smiling proudly.Yuka, who saw Tamamushi, made a stupid voice.

 Well, it’s natural to be disappointed when she sees “that”.

 ”Eh!? Hey!? Naa~! Tamamushi! I can see it!”

 Yuka, who was surprised, turned bright red while warming up and raised her voice.


 In contrast to Yuka in a hurry, Tamamushi nods loudly without worrying about it.

 ”Yuka calm down! It doesn’t matter if you can see it or not!”

 ”Yeah yeah yeah! I think it’s a big problem!”

 Yuka rushed into Tamamushi, which raised her chest and raised her voice.

 It is more correct to say that it is visible or that it is exposed.

 The combat uniform worn by Tamamushi covers almost everything except the face and fits snugly against the skin.

 The exposure is infinitely low, but instead the body line is completely highlighted.

 The lower half of the body is covered with a miniskirt, so it managed to hide it, but the upper half of the body is completely visible.The boobs wrapped in a black and thin cloth clearly being seen with the shape of the nipple.

 To be clear, it’s more erotic than naked.

 However, because Tamamushi was not shy about it, the eroticism was halved.

 ”It’s c, cute”

 When I clapping my hands with a loud voice, Tamamushi, whose cheeks were dyed, smiled.

 Pitchy black zentai.And a protector that protects the shoulders, elbows and knees.And a miniskirt and a little rugged gloves and boots.

 This is not bad.It’s really cute and very erotic.

 But I want Tamamushi to be a little more ashamed.

 I think it would be even more cute if she was ashamed.

 ”That’s true, it’s cool and cute, but that … I wonder if I have to wear it too.”

 Yuka used to say that she was cute, but she knew the reality of what would happen if she wore it, and muttered with a cramped smile.

 Even if it looks like Tamamushi, it’s so erotic.If Yuka and Marina wear it, it would be pretty dangerous.

 I imagined it and my cock seems reacted.

 What?Is it a sign of resurrection?

 Huh, it was good.The cock seems to be safe.


 I pecked Yuka’s shoulder, who was shyly, with my finger.

 Yuka glances at me while turning bright red.

 ”If you’re embarrassed, why don’t you just wear another outfit on top of that outfit?”

 When I speak her in a whisper, Yuka’s mouth became triangular.

 That clothes are thin.So, it’s quite possible to wear different clothes from above.She doesn’t realize that.

 Yuka is also unexpectedly forgot it.

 ”Isn’t it cute….”

 Rikka, who had been in a bad mood until then, muttered.

 ”It was made for bug user, but if master praises me, I will wear it…”

 Rikka muttered, dyed her cheeks and reached her combat uniform, glancing at me.Then, Tamamushi slammed Rikka’ hands.


 Rikka, who was surprised, stared at Tamamushi.

 ”I don’t have for your part …!”

 Tamamushi opens her eyes and raises her voice.

 ”What!? Why! Why can’t I!”

 ”Because you don’t like it”

 ”Y, you!”

 Rikka was provoked by Tamamushi, but it seems the voltage of her anger reached the maximum at once as it was further fueled by Tamamushi.

 Rikka’s fist cuts the wind andit catches the abdomen of Tamamushi.


 The sound of metal colliding with each other echoed, and Rikka screamed in astonishment.

 Tamamushi whose abdomen was punched by Rikka, laughing with her hands on her hips.


 What kind of structure is it?Even though it is strong enough to withstand Rikka’s fist, her boobs still shaking.

 ”As you can see, the hardness of this combat uniform changes in response to an external impact. It is usually flexible, but as you can see when it is attacked, it absorbs the impact on the surface.”

 Tamamushi proudly explains the surprised Rikka.

 ”But the little girl didn’t seriously hit me right now.”

 Tamamushi was laughing proudly.

 ”If the little girl hits me seriously, I can’t stand it. The reinforcement part made of the outer shell of the beetle is not something that can withstand the strength of the little girl. If the little girl attacks with a knife, it will be torn even more easily. Probably, it’s a substitute for “that degree”. “

 When I heard the words of Tamamushi, I thought.

 ”Is that combat uniform for humans?”


 Tamamushi nods to my words.

 ”This is to counter “humans” equipped with heavy weapons. There are enemies with extraordinary powers, but in terms of numbers, “ordinary humans” are more overwhelmingly. And Suzuhara, Marina, Yuka, Asahina, and Hizuki can’t stand the attack of heavy weapons. So, I made it.”

 ”Does that mean it can’t withstand the attacks of people of different abilities?”

 ”No, it’s not. It may be tolerable, but it may not be tolerable. If the opponent is a person of different abilities, please consider the possibility of not being able to withstand the attack.”

 I was convinced by the explanation of Tamamushi.

 Because it withstood Rikka’s normal attack.Although it wasn’t serious, if Rikka attacked, “ordinary human” would be dies instantly.She said it could withstand such an attack, but it couldn’t withstand the serious attack of Rikka.

 ”In short, don’t be distracted.”

 ”Yes, that’s it.”

 Tamamushi nodded to my words and threw her combat uniform at Rikka.

 ”It’s a joke to say that you don’t have a part, but for someone like us who has the ability to strengthen the body, the combat uniform is almost meaningless. No, I’m relieved to think that it will increase the defense power. If you do, it’s rather counterproductive. Avoid attacks as much as possible and if the attacks hit you, use this uniform. That’s the best. Don’t forget. “

 Rikka, who received the combat uniform, seemed to be sick of the words of Tamamushi, but did not say anything back.

 Well, after all Tamamushi is capable.However, she said that she originally made this combat uniform for herself.But now it has the drawbacks that Tamamushi said, and it doesn’t make sense to wear it, so she pushed it into the warehouse.

 Why didn’t she notice it before making it?

 It’s hard to judge whether she’s smart or stupid.

 ”Even so, just reminder.”

 Having said that, Tamamushi grabbed the neck of combat uniform she was wearing and pulled the neck with a strength.As a result, the black tights-like fabric stretched out.

 ”To make it as durable as possible, this garment has no buttons or zippers, which means you have to forcefully stretch the neck part and take it off through that.”

 Oh, I see.Is the durability increased by eliminating joints and gaps in the fabric?

 It’s a structure that it can’t normally wear, but it’s possible because of its high elasticity.

 ”When you want to pee a little, you have to take it off. Be careful not to be targeted by the enemy while you are peeing.”

 Tamamushi who speaks with a serious expression make everyone who heard the words became sick.

 Well, it’s certainly a reminder, but after all Tamamushi is stupid.


 ”What’s going on with me? You’re not telling me to wear the same thing, right?”

 Combat uniforms with skirts on full-body tights, or if a man wears it, it’s pretty disgusting.

 That’s why, in a sense, it’s likely to damage the enemy.

 ”Don’t worry. I made Suzuhara’s part from scratch.”

 Tamamushi grinning after saying that.

 ”I had a hard time making it because it wasn’t reused, but I’m in trouble if you die. There are shirts, jackets, trousers, gloves and boots. All made just for you. Is it cool? “

 Tamamushi took out a black jacket from the box that was placed at her feet and proudly asked.


 It’s not a tight tights fabric, but a black jacket made of leather.Certainly cool.

 ”And look at this!”

 Tamamushi raised her voice, flipping the jacket over and showing the back.

 A spider web mark drawn on the back.It’s the same as any other combat uniform, but what was drawn on the spider’s web is a mantis, not a spider.

 ”The strongest predatory insect, this is the crest carried by a bug user who was touted as a genius.”

 Nanafushi reacted to the words of Tamamushi.

 ”Master also does cool things.”

 Nanafushi muttered happily.

 ”It’s definitely similar. Suzuhara-sama and Makiri-sama.”

 Nanafushi looks at me and mutters.But her smile looked sad somehow.

 Makiri.Is it the bug user who made Nanafushi?

 ”I’d like to ask you too. Suzuhara-sama, please carry that crest on your back. Please grant Makiri-sama feelings that didn’t come true …”

 With that said, Nanafushi bowed deeply.

 Isn’t it just another crest?

 Well,I might die first.

 ”Su, Suzuhara …”

 Tamamushi, who was laughing proudly, muttered anxiously and stared at me.


 Not only Tamamushi, but Yuka standing next to her spoken anxiously.



 Rikka and even Kazehana looked at me and spoken anxiously.

 What?What happened?Am I look weird?

 ”You’re crying …?”

 I was surprised when Tamamushi muttered so and wiped my eyes with my right hand.

 Am I crying?Is this me?Why?

 ”Well, if Suzuhara cries. To be honest, I was surprised.”

 Tamamushi stunned.Yuka, Rikka and Kazehana are also surprised.

 No way I would cry.Everyone seems to be surprised, but I am also surprised.

 ”Did you get dust in your eyes?”

 I laughed at Tamamushi that asked me.

 ”No, I cried normally. Maybe I was impressed because you guys are doing their best.”

 I answered the question of Tamamushi obediently.

 Somehow, I didn’t want to lie.No, I’m sure I wasn’t impressed and cried, so I wonder if it ended up being a lied.

 ”What? Are you making fun of us? Well, I was scared when you cried.”

 Tamamushi looks at me with her eyes.

 It seems that she took it ironically because I said that I was impressed to them.

 ”W, what? Don’t make me surprised, Mota-kun.”

 Yuka listens to the words of Tamamushi, raises her voice as if relieved, and hits my shoulder.

 Maybe Rikka and Kazehana were relieved, smiling happily.

 Nanafushi was smiling too, but her smile looked sad, and Marina turned away.

 ”That’s all about combat uniforms, and next is weapons. Hey little girl, I’ll give you weapons. Thanks me later.”

 Tamamushi, who spoke to Rikka from above, threw a huge knife at Rikka.Then, she grabbed the handle of the knife and stared at Tamamushi.

 ”The knife was made from a beetle with a particularly hard outer shell. It’s good because it’s strong, but it’s too heavy. the weighs about 60 kilograms.”

 I was surprised to hear that it was 60 kilograms.

 Tamamushi was thrown it lightly, and Rikka was also lightly received, so I didn’t think it was that heavy.

 ”It’s usually too much for you, but you can control it freely. The heavier it is, the more powerful it is. It’s a perfect weapon for you who have no choice but to slash straight into it.”

 ”It’s a weapon that suits me, but your words make me frustrated.”

 Rikka swings the huge knife around while being frustrated by the words of Tamamushi.

 She moves it as if waving a branch of tree.She doesn’t think it weighs about 60 kilograms.

 For her, it just a hard and heavy knife.But, it looks like a huge hatchet rather than a knife.

 And it is certainly an excellent weapon because she is good at moving in a straight line at high speed and using her strength as an attack.

 ”E, excuse me… that weapon is for me too”

 While seeing Rikka, Kazehana hung down her beast’s ears and tail then called out to Tamamushi in a whisper.

 Rikka got a weapon that goes well with her too, even though she has a difference in ability.Seeing that, she seems to be driven by anxiety and impatience.

 ”Oh, Isn’t it the older sister? Don’t worry. I’ve prepared a weapon for you, though it wasn’t made by me.”

 With that said, Tamamushi walked to warehouse and came back with something like a wooden box.

 ”This is heirloom that has been passed down to my family for generations. When I was kicked out from my house, I brought it in a hurry.”

 Tamamushi, who speaks masochistically, puts down the wooden box on the floor and opens the lid of the wooden box.


 It was Nanafushi that raised her voice.Her eyes are wide open as if she was really surprised.

 Inside the wooden box was a double-edged knife.Everything from the handle to the blade was a beautiful snow-white knife.

 ”Why does master have “it”? Or do you know what “it” is?!”

 ”What are you saying? it’s a heirloom”

 ”It doesn’t matter if it’s a heirloom! What I’m saying is that do you know how precious and dangerous it is?!”

 Nanafushi stands up with a threatening attitude, and Tamamushi tilts her head with a smile.

 ”I heard this knife that has light weight, sturdy, has a tremendous sharpness, and rare called a white knife”

 ”Is it rare!? Are you stupid?!”

 ”What!? Why are you calling stupid toward your master!”

 ”You’re stupid because you’re really stupid! It’s a rare thing! It’s the super-precious thing in the world, and it’s the same biological weapon as ours! “

 Tamamushi, who is being called stupid, angry, but Nanafushi barking at her with an angry attitude too.

 Nanafushi seems to know what that knife is.She said it was the same biological weapon as herself, but maybe–.

 ”Is it made by Makiri?”

 ”That’s right! Suzuhara-sama! It’s different from my stupid master!”

 ”What! Why am I idiot? Huh! This knife is a very old, and I haven’t been told in particular, so it’s natural that I don’t know it!”

 Nanafushi agrees with my words, and Tamamushi turns bright red and angry because Nanafushi said her master is stupid.

 ”Please explain it”

 ”Okay, I will explain it, let’s leave the idiot.”

 ”So, don’t call me stupid again!”

 Ignoring the angry and noisy Tamamushi, Nanafushi crouched down and took out two knives from the wooden box.

 ”The name of these knives is Kazemamoru.It’s a biological weapon made before we were born.So, to speak, it’s like my older sister” (ED : Kazemamoru -> Wind Guard)

 Nanafushi, who speaks nostalgicly, grasped the handle of the knife in both hands.

 ”Only Makiri-sama knows how to create it. But I only know the bug was made into a weapon alive and how to handle it.”

 With that said, Nanafushi waving her right hand.As a result, the knife slashed the wind.

 ”Even if I use it as it is, it’s just a sword with a good sharpness. Kazemamoru still sleeping. I need an activation code to wake it up. However, it will not activate with just one code and it is very dangerous to wake it up. If I wake it up easily, people around it of course loses their lives.”

 Nanafushi, who speaks with a serious expression, walked away from us.

 ”When Kazemamoru is activated, its hardness and sharpness increase dramatically. Not only that, it reads the will of the master or the user and speed up. It is dangerous because the speed is very fast.”

 Is it a knife that reads the will of the user then it speeds up?

 If I read the will of the user, it doesn’t seem that dangerous.

 But Nanafushi say it was dangerous.Well, it still a pretty dangerous thing.

 ”Suzuhara-sama, Marina-chan, Yuka-chan should step back as much as possible.”

 Following the words of Nanafushi, I step back to the wall with Yuka.

 Marina, who was far from me, also step back, but I was a little surprised.

 I thought she will step back far away from me, but she stood next to me and snuggle up to me.

 She doesn’t look at me as usual, but she’s still snuggling up to the point where her arm hits me.

 ”Master, Rikka-chan, and Kazehana-chan should stand in front of Suzuhara-sama and take a defensive posture with all their might. I’ll try to control it as much as possible, but maybe it’s impossible.”

 Nanafushi speaks with a serious expression. She probably thought that this was not just a minor matter.The three who tightened their facial expressions stood in front of us and took a defensive posture.

 ”Then, let’s go.”

 With a grin, Nanafushi sat down and crossed the knives she had in both hands.

 ”Kazemamoru, begin the dance”

 Nanafushi muttering quietly.Then, her pink hair shook softly.

 This is the basement.There is no wind.However, it seems that a gentle wind is blowing around Nanafushi.

 I don’t know if I can “see” it, but when I tried to use my abilities to check it, I squeezed my hand.

 Marina, who is looking away, is holding her hand too.

 ――Please, do not use your abilities as much as possible.

 I couldn’t hear the voice, but she seemed to say so silently.

 I understood.I will not use it “as much as possible”.

 ”Kazemamoru woke up from sleep. The problem starts from here. A momentary misjudgment leads to an immediate runaway. Master, Rikka-chan, Kazehana-chan. Please stretch your body and protect Suzuhara-sama.”

 Nanafushi muttering without making a slight movement.The bangs of Nanafushi are swaying softly, and dust is fluttering around Nanafushi.

 It seems that a faint wind continues to blow.

 Nanafushi, who squinted her eyes, moved her right hand.

 Suddenly her right hand disappeared and a cracking sound was heard.Then–.


 Nanafushi with a dull sound gritted her teeth and distorts her face.

 It was really a moment.Her right hand was near her left hand.

 It completely ignores the direction in which the bones and joints bend, and her left hand goes around from behind.In other words, Nanafushi’s right hand was broken.

 ”It’s impossible to handle it even at home!”

 Nanafushi raised her voice and turned over.

 No, should I say that the upper part of her body was forced to turn behind?

 Isn’t the momentum of her right hand that has gone to behind lost?


 Nanafushi puts a lot of effort into her lower body.Her left hand disappeared and a cracking sound was heard.

 A dull sound was heard, and then her left hand extended toward the ceiling.

 The length of her left hand is strange.It is growing strangely.Did all her joints come off?

 I was driven by the urge to use my abilities to confirm, but Marina’s hand holding tightly my hand.

 ”T, this is impossible! Kaze ―― Uwaaaah”

 Nanafushi raised her voice as if it was impatient, but with a scream, a cute sound like the chirp of a small bird echoed continuously.

 Nanafushi’s body floated up.

 Scratches run on the ceiling and floor with the sound of a small bird chirping.

 Is it torn apart?However, it is impossible to tear the ceiling and floor at the same time.The arm length of Nanafushi is absolutely not enough to reach it.

 In other words, are Nanafushi’s hands stretched enough to make it possible?

 ”What is that …”

 It was Rikka who muttered.

 She sweats on her cheeks and looks at Nanafushi with her swaying eyes.

 ”It’s like a small tornado”

 I answer back to Rikka’s mutter.

 The sound of a small bird chirping.And perhaps the swinging arms of Nanafushi, and the ceiling and floor that are torn apart in a row.

 I can’t see it because it’s too fast.

 ”Ka, Kazemamoru! End the dance!!”

 At the same time as Nanafushi screaming, I heard a strange sound like something was torn apart.


 Rikka raises a stupid voice.

 The sound that echoes behind me.

 When I saw it, a two-swinged knife with an arm stuck in the wall.

 And Kazehana crouching in front of Rikka.

 ”D, did my sister … change the trajectory of the knife?”

 Rikka mutters with an astonishing expression.

 Did Kazehana change the trajectory of the sword that flew to here?I couldn’t see it at all.

 When I turned my gaze to the center of the room, Nanafushi, whose arms were missing from the root, was suffocating.

 ”It may not have hit Suzuhara and others directly without changing the trajectory, but just in case.”

 Kazehana stood up and answered Rikka with a smile.

 ”Did you see it? How is it?”

 ”Hmm? No, I have “worse eyes” than Rikka. So, I can’t see it.”

 ”Eh? T, then how?”

 ”How… hhm?”

 Kazehana, who leans toward the question of Rikka, seems to be seriously worried.

 Haven’t you noticed it Kazehana?Well, she’s not aware of it because she usually rely on it as a matter of course.

 Kazehana is unaware.How great she had done.

 ”Well, are you all safe?”

 Nanafushi, which is out of breath, calls out while facing this side.

 ”Oh, I’m safe”

 When I answered Nanafushi, she was relieved and sighed, and she walked up and approached here.

 ”That is the ability of Kazemamoru. It starts with begin the dance and is released with end the dance. When it starts, it accelerates by reading the will of the master, but the acceleration is very fast, so when it accelerates, I can’t keep up, so it’s going like this.”

 As Nanafushi talks while walking, she calls out to Tamamushi and asks her to bring her arm that stuck on the wall.

 ”This is our house. Normally, I would activate Kazemamoru and move my arm a little, so I wouldn’t die.”

 Nanafushi talks while having Tamamushi attach her arm.

 ”The person who can control Kazemamoru perfectly is called the “wind user”. It looks like the person is controlling the wind.”

 Manipulate the wind?Nanafushi was completely swung around, but if it could be controlled perfectly, it would behave like manipulating the wind.

 ”As far as I know, only one person was able to control Kazemamoru perfectly. The name is Shirayuki, it’s from the legendary beastman, Kazehana-chan and Rikka-chan, don’t you know the name?”

 Immediately the arms stick together, and while moving both arms to check the movement, Nanafushi looks at Kazehana and Rikka and asks them questions.

 Rikka is tilting her head, but Kazehana reacted, perhaps because she has a clue that she can think of.

 ”I know that Shirayuki is the first and proud of our clan. I’ve been told many times by my mother.”

 ”T, that’s right. Oh, by the way, Shirayuki-chan had gray hair and red eyes with beast ears and a tail. It’s a long time ago, but if you ask, she’s not like Kazehana-chan or Rikka-chan. “

 Nanafushi that listens to Kazehana’s words answers as if nostalgic for the past.

 ”It is nostalgic. As the name suggests, Shirayuki-chan was as delicate as the snow, and crybaby also coward. All her clan was killed, only her was survived, and she’s crying”

 ”What!? A crybaby and a coward!? Don’t ridicule the first generation! The first generation is the pride of our clan and the strongest beastman who has become a legend!”

 ”Even if you say that, it’s a fact.”

 Kazehana is not agree because the first generation is said to be weak.But, Nanafushi answers with a smile when she sees such Kazehana.

 Kazehana, who was even more angry, made her beast’s ears standing and her tail hair turned upside down, but did not say anything.

 Well, Nanafushi seem to meet in person.

 ”Makiri-sama was saddened. If you killed all the clan, you should take your own grace, and gave Shirayuki-chan a Kazemamoru. To the sissy crying sissy. It’s not something you can handle. “

 Furthermore, Nanafushi seems make fun of the first generation.When Kazehana heard the words, she stared at Nanafushi with her bloody eyes, and gritted her teeth.

 ”Makiri-sama only gave her Kazemamoru and left immediately. Even if she abandoned her, I thought it was really sad to give her a self-destructing weapon. But Makiri-sama have said this to me. “

 Nanafushi grinned when she received the glare of Kazehana.

 ”That beastman is timid but brave. All the clan member was killed. But she wasn’t in despair. She didn’t give up. That little girl would eventually become strong.”

 Kazehana opened her eyes to the words of Nanafushi that smiled.

 Cowardly and brave.It’s just like someone.

 I noticed Nanafushi’s background, Kazehana.That’s why it’s fanning.

 ”It’s just a prophecy. I couldn’t meet Shirayuki-chan, but I heard rumors. As “Shirayuki, the wind user” from the legend. Shirayuki-chan is amazing, isn’t it? “

 Nanafushi shrugged, saying that, and saw a glance to Tamamushi.

 ”But why did Kazemamoru fall into the hands of master’s ancestors? It will become rot. It feels like an oval for a cat, a pearl for a pig, and an Ulysses butterfly for a bagworm.” (Note : I don’t know what parable is this)

 Hearing the ironic words of Nanafushi, Tamamushi laughed and scratched her head as if shy.

 ”Because bagworms are cool and cute. I’m shy.”

 Apparently, she was happy that it was like to a bagworm.

 Nee~ Nanafushi, it seems that her satire doesn’t work for Tamamushi.You have to make it easier to understand.

 ”Kaji yahanya!” (Note : she means Kazehana)

 Suddenly a strange voice echoed.

 It has a nasal voice.Is it Hizuki?

 I turned my gaze to the entrance of the basement, and suddenly I see an idiot.

 It was Asahina who stood at the entrance.

 Asahina, who puts her left hand on her waist and looks at me from above, is laughing invincibly.A person’s ankle is held in Asahina’s right hand.

 When I looked at it, it was Hizuki who was rolling on the floor.

 Did you grab her ankle and drag her?A flat floor is still fine, but did you drag her through the stairs?I wonder if Hizuki is still alive.

 Well, I heard her voice a while ago, so it seems that she’s alive.

 ”Kaji yahanya!”

 ”I brought this girl because she said she couldn’t stand and walk alone!”


 ”I wonder if she was surprised at my kindness!? Especially Suzuhara-kun! I don’t want you to fall in love with my kindness!”


 ”I can see a heart in Suzuhara-kun eyes! Ah, I’m in trouble! I’m in trouble! I don’t have Suzuhara-kun in my eyes!”

 Shut up.You’re noisy.Whose eyes have a heart in it?

 I mean, Asahina is desperately trying to say something, but she blocks all her voice and sneaks at herself.

 Let Hizuki speak.

 ”Loli who uses animal cosplay there! Hizuki has something to say to you! Receive it!”

 With that said, Asahina waving her right hand.


 Hizuki thrown lightly and screaming while spinning around in the air.

 It’s must hurt.I’m not good with Hizuki, but I’ve been sympathetic to her.


 Kazehana jumped up.Then, while screaming, she softly caught Hizuki who spinning at high speed and landed on the floor.

 ”A, Asahina-sama! No matter how much–“

 ”Well, Kajahanya! I don’t care about that!”

 Kazehana, who has the beast’s ears hanging down, but has her tail hair upright and stares at Asahina, but Hizuki raised her voice.

 ”Oh, already! Tissue is stuck in my nose and I can’t speak well!”

 Hizuki, who raised her voice even more, turned bright red and stepped on.

 Hizuki is so tense that her blood vessels in her head are popping out.And–.

 A lump of tissue which stuck in her nose popped out too.


 I didn’t have time to put up with it and laughed.It would be impossible to say not to laugh.

 ”Nuhahahahahahahahahahahaha! The tissue popped out from your nose! I can laugh!”

 Tamamushi laughs after me.

 Yuka and Rikka turned away quickly and shook their shoulders.

 I don’t think they didn’t laugh because they seem to be desperately enduring it.

 ”Kazehana! Pick up that knife!”

 ”B, but …”

 As the tissue popped out of her nose, Hizuki was finally able to speak properly.Kazehana, who heard Hizuki’s cry, shook her eyes and drooped her tail.

 Kazemamoru is something that even Nanafushi couldn’t handle at all.She probably thinks that she can’t handle it.

 But, Hizuki, nice timing.Even though it’s halved, it’s still a Heavenly eye.

 ”I, I can’t become Shirayuki…”

 ”Huh!? Why do you need become Shirayuki!”


 ”Who told you to become Shirayuki! I just told you to take that knife!”

 ”But …”

 ”You are Kazehana! My Kazehana! You are the snow flowers that fly around me on the wind!”

 ”Hi, Hizuki, but I don’t have a talent like Rikka …”

 ”Kazehana! What are you saying!? Before, you have said “I can hear the voice of the wind”!”

 Kazehana, who has lost her confidence, is struck by Hizuki’s word.Then she opened her eyes to the words.

 ”Today’s wind is very gentle. Today’s wind looks sad. Today’s wind looks very fun. You told me about the wind like that! Kazehana! You said,” The voice of the wind I can hear you”! You have a beast ears that can see through even the wind! That’s why you can handle that knife!”

 A faint light shining in Kazehana’s eyes when she hears the cry of Hizuki.

 Yes, Kazehana has beast ears that Rikka does not have.

 Even if her eyesight is not comparable to Rikka, Kazehana has a hearing that surpasses Rikka.Kazehana relies on her hearing, perhaps unknowingly.

 ”See” means “listen”.That way, Kazehana can “hear the voice of the wind.”

 ”I don’t tell you to become Shirayuki! Because you’re my Kazehana! Come on Kazehana! Take that sword! And become the strongest! Become my own “wind user”! And become a new legend! “Kazehana of the wind user”!”

 Kazehana, who heard the cry, slowly lowered Hizuki to the floor.Then she saw two knives that stuck on the wall.

 There was a certain light in the eyes of Kazehana.

 ”I will protect Hizuki …”

 Kazehana, who muttered, harbored a powerful light in her eyes and stepped out.

 ”Na, Nanafushi”


 ”Did you look at that sword and look at Kazehana? She looks and feels like a “legendary beastman”.”

 When I asked Nanafushi, which was tilting her head, Nanafushi laughed.

 ”Isn’t it Suzuhara-sama who took notice earlier? Isn’t Suzuhara-sama’s eyes when looking at Kazehana-chan were just like Makiri-sama?”

 Nanafushi smile and looking up at me after saying so.

 Kazehana walks slowly toward the knife stuck in the wall.

 By the way, is it my turn from here?

 Marina, who was holding my hand, looked at me with a rush.

 Her eyes swaying and she has pale face.

 I’ll ask Marina.This is “my role”.

 Marina, who had tears in her eyes, turned away when she clenched her teeth.And she squeezed my hand tightly.

 I’m sorry.And thank you for forgiving me.

 With my eyes closed, I focused my attention and slowly opened my eyes.

 My ability activated.My x-ray ability that can see through everything.

 I think that the x-ray continues to be activated even if the x-ray ability is not activated.

 But I think this is more effective.

 Kazehana gently stretches out her hands on a knife stuck in the wall.

 Please,lend me your strength, Kazehana.

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