Xray 124

Chapter 124

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 While both hands carry Kazemamoru, Kazehana stands in the centre of the room.Asahina and Hizuki look at such Kazehana.

 The one is wearing one piece and have a black pigtail hair.The other one wearing one piece too but have a black long hair.Both of them are a little taller than average woman and have an outstanding style.Asahina and Hizuki have too much difficulty in their personalities, but they are both special in appearance.

 However, as for the chest, Asahina was completely defeated.

 ”That knife seems dangerous, isn’t your cute puppy will dead if she uses it?”

 Asahina, with her arms folded and snorting, asks Hizuki with arrogant as usual.

 ”Are you joking? Kazehana is the strongest. I mean, can you not talk about my Kazehana without my permission? If you’re too cheeky, I’ll really kill you.”

 Hizuki glares at Asahina who standing next to her and raises a screaming voice.

 It’s amazing.Even though she was severely beaten, she still have willpower.


 Asahina, who was said to will be killed by Hizuki, laughed happily.And she didn’t say anything back.

 Asahina seems like Hizuki a lot.

 It may have been Asahina’s respect, not harassment, that Hizuki’s nose was stuffed with tissue.

 It would have been a good influence for Hizuki.

 However, I thought that the two girls would fit together unexpectedly, but they may be more compatible than I expected.

 ”Is it okay if Asahina-chan and Hizuki-chan don’t step back? If they get caught up in the range of Kazemamoru, they’ll die.”

 Nanafushi muttering while looking at Asahina and Hizuki standing beside Kazehana.

 ”Relieved. Even if they die, it’s their mistake.”

 When I answered Nanafushi, I sighed.

 Nanafushi’s remark is not wrong.

 Kazehana has two knives in both hands.A special weapon that has an accelerating effect that tears both arms of Nanafushi from the root.That knife is dangerous.The wind not only kills the user, but also slashes everything around it.

 But they know that and they are standing by Kazehana side.Even if they get caught up in the wind and die, it’s their mistake.

 That’s why Kazehana can’t go out of control.

 She can’t kill her stupid master who believes her.

 Asahina is not likely to die even if she want to kill her.

 ”Nanafushi, Rikka, and Tamamushi. Do your best to defend us.”

 When I called them, the three nodded and stood in front of us then they went into defensive posture.

 ”Yuu-chan, are you okay?”

 Yuka, standing to the left of me, muttered with an anxious look.

 ”Suzuhara-san gives special attention to Asahina-san. After all, he trusts Asahina-san and he treats me and Yuka as children.”

 Marina, who hadn’t even tried to look at my face until then, spoken as if it was rotten.


 Asahina glared at Marina and raised her voice, but Marina turned away and did not reply.

 ”What happened with Marina-chan? Somehow she’s really angry?”

 Yuka stretched her back and whispered on my ears.

 ”When I said that her areola is big, she’s somehow angry.”

 When I answered Yuka, Marina, who turned her ears bright red while facing away, tried to step on my foot.However, when I try to dodge it quickly, Marina stepped on the floor vigorously and broke her knee.

 Maybe it hurt, Marina jumping with one leg up.

 ”Suzuhara-san … Stupid~”

 Marina muttered, shaking her shoulders with her face turned away, but she held her hands firmly.

 Why am I stupid?It’s true that your areola is big.

 ”Hey little girl. You couldn’t keep up with the speed of that knife?”

 Tamamushi standing in front of us asked Rikka, who was standing next to us.

 The stuffy Rikka glared at Tamamushi.

 ”Noisy! I just daydream a little! Next time I will respond it properly!”

 ”Don’t be stubborn. You couldn’t react earlier. That’s the fact and the reality. That’s the same with me. No, you’re better at reflex speed. Then there’s no reason to deal with it.”

 Rikka barking with anger, and Tamamushi talking plainly without worrying about it.

 ”You don’t have to force yourself”

 ”Ah? What are you saying? Our role is to protect the masters. Are you stupid that I must not corresponding it and not protect master?”

 ”I’m not saying you shouldn’t protect him. I just saying you don’t have to deal with it.”


 Rikka, who had wrinkles between his eyebrows, had a suspicious expression on the words of Tamamushi.

 ”Your strength and speed. You have rushing power, high attack power and destructive power. But the opponent is faster than you. What should you do? If you compete with speed, you will lose. Wouldn’t it be possible to protect your master? “

 ”T, that is …”

 Rikka is mumbling when asked by Tamamushi.

 It’s unlikely that anyone will be faster than Rikka.That’s why, if she meet someone who is faster than her, Rikka can’t handle it.

 But, “Kazemamoru” is faster than Rikka.

 ”If so, don’t rely on speed, just rely on something else.”

 ”Another thing?”

 ”A strong body and high resilience. That is another power of us. Other mean, it is a wall. Do not try to respond forcibly, but face with the intention of being attacked from beginning. The situation is quite different only by the difference in preparedness. Become a wall of flesh and protect your master. It is best to dodge the attack, but if you can’t do it, you must defend.”

 ”I, I know that.”

 ”If you know, that’s good. If you try to deal with it forcibly, there will be a gap. It can be a life-and-death case. We, who are hard to die, have many ways to fight. Identify the opponent first and change the response. That is our “role”.”

 Tamamushi speaks plainly.When Rikka heard the words, she snorted.

 Nanafushi looked at them sideways and laughed happily somewhere.

 For Tamamushi, who was alone, Rikka was the first “friend” she made.Nanafushi would be happy with that.

 Looking at the center of the room, Kazehana with her eyes closed stands.

 A slightly trembling body and sweat running down on her cheeks.

 What happens if she uses “Kazemamoru”?I witnessed at such Kazehana.What’s more, I have seen Nanafushi couldn’t control it even though she has higher stats than Kazehana in every respect.

 It’s natural to failed.But, her master, Hizuki, believes in Kazehana and stands right next to her.

 If it goes out of control, Hizuki will surely die.

 She can worry.She can fail.But, by overcoming it, Kazehana will surely grow.

 ”Yuka, can I ask your assistance?”

 When I asked Yuka, Yuka looked up at me and nodded.

 She’s worried.It is our “role” that has the support ability to support it.

 ”Lotus flower, activate”

 Along with Yuka’s muttering, a rotating golden circle appeared above and below Yuka’s feet.And Yuka’s eyes shone in rainbow colors.



 ”It’s amazing!”

 Rikka and the others who saw Yuka who activated the lotus screamed astonishment.

 ”Then, let’s go?”

 With that said, Yuka held her right hand toward Kazehana.

 ”Kazehana-chan is a child who can do it!It’s fine!It’s absolutely works!Kazehana-chan will definitely protect Hizuki-chan!”

 It’s just a word.She’s just rooting for Kazehana.But–.

 Absolute support by complete brainwashing.

 It’s fine.Just because Yuka said that, Kazehana think it’s okay from the bottom of her heart.

 For Kazehana, who is not confident in herself, there is no better ability for her than encouraging support.

 The other thing is how effective my “Earth Eyes” is.

 ”It’s about to start”

 Nanafushi tightens her expression and mutters.Hearing the mutter, I was nervous about the expressions of Rikka and Tamamushi.

 Kazehana stands in the center of the room, holding a knife in both hands and closing her eyes.Then, her closed eyes slowly opened.

 Yuka’s lotus flower pushed Kazehana’s back.

 It’s finally time.If Kazehana fail, her body will be tattered.

 Even if she has super-recovery ability, she will die if she is untreated in time.

 ”Kazemamoru begin the dance”

 Along with the muttering of Kazehana, a lovely sound echoed.

 ”… All of sudden?”

 Nanafushi who sweating, mutters with a cramped smile.

 Kazehana stretches her right hand horizontally and stops it perfectly.

 She just lifted her right hand horizontally.But even with my “eyes”, I couldn’t see the movement at all.

 ”Suzuhara-sama, this is going to be a little dangerous. In a good way.”


 I nodded and answered Nanafushi’s mutter.

 Despite the support of Yuka’s lotus flower, Kazehana suddenly rushed.

 ”What’s amazing? Isn’t she just raised her right hand?”

 Yuka, who seemed to be wondering that I and Nanafushi were surprised, tilted her head while muttering.

 Kazehana just raised her right hand horizontally.But she wonder what happened.

 ”I don’t think she went out of control.”

 ”Um, but the problem is from here. Don’t be distracted.”

 Rikka muttered relievedly, and the nodding Tamamushi advised Rikka.

 These two people don’t seem to notice either.

 Unlike those three, Marina open wide her eyes.

 Apparently, Marina has noticed.How amazing Kazehana has done.

 Also, Hizuki, staring at Kazehana, looked down at Asahina with a grin, and Asahina was snorting.

 Asahina and Hizuki are also aware of it.

 It just lifts her right hand horizontally.And she just stopped it.It’s a trivial matter, but Nanafushi couldn’t do it.So, it isn’t out of control.

 ”You can release your vigilance. It isn’t out of control anymore.”

 Rikka reacted on my words and Tamamushi also leans her head and looks at me.

 ”What do you mean, Master?”

 ”It’s a cautious statement that doesn’t look like Suzuhara.”

 Two people who seemed unconvinced raised their voices.

 ”Kazemamoru reads the master will then accelerates. For example, if I think that I raise my right hand, Kazemamoru will take that will and accelerate as soon as my right-hand moves. But what happens? The right arm jumped up and torn like Nanafushi. So, to prevent it, I have to stop it, and then I will not have any trouble. “

 I talked to them, but they tilted their heads.

 Yuka doesn’t seem to understand at all, and she is tilting her head as well.

 ”The acceleration is so great that I can’t respond it with my thoughts. If I try to stop it, it’s too late. And if it’s too late, it went out of control. But Kazehana stop it. It means that she can handle the acceleration. “

 Rikka, Tamamushi, and Yuka who heard my words saw Kazehana.

 ”It’s amazing when she thoughts it to “stop” while it is activated. Every creature has a reflect. But not all creature can catch up with abnormal acceleration. At that time, I’m trying to control it with force. But it can be controlled with force. So, it’s going out of control. But Kazehana-chan “stopped” it. If that happens, Kazemamoru is almost as if it put it under her control. In short, she did the most amazing thing from the beginning. “

 The three people heard the explanation of Nanafushi, but they don’t seem to understand it.

 Well, even if you explain it in words, it will be difficult to understand.

 ”If you look at it again, you will understand.”

 When I told Rikka and others, Rikka, Tamamushi, and Yuka paid attention to Kazehana.

 However, Marina, she can understand it well.It means, she excels in the ability to grasp and analyse the situation.

 Is it her ability?It may be that she read the “mind” of the person who understands and gathered information.


 Hizuki, who was looking down at Asahina while grinning, called on Kazehana.

 Kazehana, who holds her right arm horizontally, glances at Hizuki.

 ”Do it”


 Kazehana nods to Hizuki’s orders.Then–.

 Kazehana’s arms disappear suddenly.

 “Pyun, Pipyun” a little bird chirping echoed.

 Kazehana’s arms that stopped suddenly disappeared again, and only adorable sounds such as Pyun, Pipyun echoed.

 The sound is lovely, but it echoed at tremendous speed.Even my “eyes”, which can catch the object from a bird’s-eye view from all directions, cannot catch it at all.

 ”We’re power type ability all. Even if I know it’s bad to depend with a force, I reflexively trying control it with my force. But it’s not good to control Kazemamoru with force as much as possible. On the contrary– “

 ”The more you rely on force, the more the Kazemamoru will out of control.”

 ”Yes, that kind of thing”

 Nanafushi nodded when she heard my words.

 Kazemamoru is the worst match with a power type like Nanafushi.In other words, it doesn’t go well with Rikka and Tamamushi too.

 No, even if she is not a power type, the acceleration of Kazemamoru is unusual, so the user reflexively tries to control it with force.That leads to berserk.However, Kazehana is–.

 ”Kazehana left her “see” senses behind”


 Rikka screamed at my mutter.

 ”She concentrates all her nerves on her ears and judge only by the “sound”. That’s what Hizuki said when she can “see” the wind.”

 Hearing far beyond human common sense.

 When Nanafushi’s arms were torn by Kazemamoru, Rikka could not react to the speed of the flying arms.However, Kazehana reacted and dealt with it.Kazehana herself did not understand that.

 For Kazehana, abnormal hearing is neither abnormal nor anything.She believes it as natural.

 Instead of making a visual judgment, she make a judgment by listening to the sound.Because Kazehana is accustomed to it, she can control the Kazemamoru.

 Also, she has no strength.

 Even if I check the inside of Kazehana by my ability, she isn’t uses strength at all.

 Kazehana isn’t trying to control Kazemamoru.She does not go against the acceleration of Kazemamoru and entrusts everything to it.

 But why does the Kazemamoru stop perfectly?Even if Kazemamoru stops accelerating after reading Kazehana’s thoughts, the driving force created by the acceleration does not disappear.If she tries to stop it, she definitely has strength.However, she is not strong at all.Then–.

 ”Is Kazemamoru stopped?”

 If Kazehana isn’t stopped by force, Kazemamoru is “stopping by itself”.

 ”Nanafushi. Does the Kazemamoru have a function to offset the acceleration force?”

 ”Un, no, I don’t know.”

 I asked Nanafushi, but Nanafushi tilted her head.

 Hhm, Nanafushi doesn’t know too.

 ”Maybe it’s possible, Kazemamoru is accelerating in the opposite direction of first acceleration with a stop command, then offsetting the force.”

 If Kazemamoru given an instruction to stop, it may accelerate in the opposite direction of first acceleration and stop suddenly without imposing any burden on the user.If so–.

 Sudden stop from super acceleration.It would be ridiculous if there was no burden on it.

 ”That’s a really dangerous weapon.”

 Chill runs up to my spine.

 If she can reach the top speed in an instant and stop suddenly without any burden, she can turn at a right angle or make a U-turn from there.The movement is also super-fast.That means she can attack at unbelievable speeds and at unbelievable angles.

 It is a very difficult to handle Kazemamoru, but if it can be handled, its performance is immeasurable.

 ”I don’t understand, but my sister is amazing.”

 Rikka who squeezes the handle of a huge hatchet received from Tamamushi and shakes herself.

 Kazehana was jealous of Rikka’s talent, and it’s the same as Rikka.

 Rikka has been chasing her sister’s back all the time.Even if she won the ability score, Kazehana was a wall that want to be overcome by Rikka, and it was her goal.

 ”Do you want to fight her?”


 Rikka nods to my question.

 ”You are my Rikka. I can’t forgive you if you lose to Kazehana from Hizuki.”

 When I raised my voice with a grin, Rikka carried a huge hatchet on her shoulder.

 ”I am master’s dog. I live and die for master. And if master says I must win, I will definitely win.”

 Rikka looks up at me and answers without any hesitation.

 It’s good.


 With my signal, Rikka kicked the floor suddenly and jumped out like a bullet.


 Rikka screams and closes the distance in an instant.

 She’s fast.It’s like teleportation.It is impossible to follow with my “eyes”.

 Rikka swings the huge hatchet with all her might and aiming on Kazehana.


 Kazehana, who was suddenly attacked, opened her eyes.

 A cracked sound was heard, a giant hatchet sank into the floor, and the concrete floor was destroyed.


 ”What’s that!?”

 Tamamushi and Nanafushi raise a startling voice.

 It’s just a momentary event.

 Rikka with a huge hatchet sunk into the floor, and Kazehana standing next to Rikka.

 Usually, Kazehana can’t dodge it and Rikka’s attack surely caught Kazehana.

 Even If she tries to dodge it, she couldn’t make it in time, and she surely to be hit by her directly.However, Kazehana dodge it.

 Kazehana, who was about slashed by Rikka, uses her hearing and just before the attack of Rikka hit her directly, she moved sideways in an instant.

 Kazehana didn’t move.She shook Kazemamoru and slid her body sideways with the force of super acceleration.


 I muttered unintentionally.

 ”How did she do that movement?”

 ”Maybe she used Kazemamoru, That’s what I though.”

 Tamamushi and Nanafushi muttering with an astonishing expression.

 They seem to be surprised at the movement of Kazehana, but it’s not Kazehana that I said was amazing.

 ”Kazehana-chan is amazing, but Rikka-chan is even more amazing.”



 Tamamushi and Nanafushi raised a stupid voice. Then, Marina, who had been silent until now, opened her mouth

 ”Rikka-chan’s attack has been dodged, but she usually can’t dodge it. If she hit her, Kazehana is over.”

 When I heard Marina muttering, I grinned.

 Yes, if she hit her, Kazehana is done.

 An extraordinary rushing power and a deadly blow that puts power on it.

 Kazehana managed to avoid it by using the Kazemamoru, but if Rikka hit her, Rikka wins.

 Tamamushi gave Rikka a really good weapon.

 ”After all my Rikka are the strongest”

 When I raised my voice, I felt sick when I looked back at Hizuki.

 ”W, what kind of attack is that…”

 She must have been surprised.Kazehana raises her voice toward Rikka.

 It seems that Kazehana also knows.It was a miracle that she was able to avoid.However, it is also a fact that she dodged.

 They are sisters who have legendary Beastman’s blood run on their veins.Both are monsters.

 Rikka, who had her huge hatchet sunk into the floor, laughed with a smile and stared at Kazehana.


 Hizuki raises her voice.

 ”Please answer Rikka’s feeling! However, my Kazehana is the strongest! I will not allow you to lose!”

 Kazehana, whose eyes were shaken by Hizuki’s cry, saw Rikka.

 Rikka, who pulled out the hatchet from the floor with a snapping noise, stood up slowly.

 Kazehana looks at Hizuki with an embarrassed expression.Hizuki, who received the gaze of Kazehana, nodded loudly.

 Kazehana made her cheeks sweat and tightened her expression.

 ”As expected of Rikka”

 Kazehana muttered while staring at Rikka, hanging her hands down.

 ”I didn’t like you. I hate you. I envy you. I admire you. That’s how I feel about you”

 ”That’s same as me, older sister”

 While carrying a huge hatchet on her shoulder and sat down, Rikka heard Kazehana’s words then answered it with a smile.

 Rikka kicks the floor and jumped out like a bullet.

 Rikka, who reached Kazehana’s head in an instant, swings down the huge hatchet with all her strength.

 Kazehana, who makes a shrill sound and moves sideways in an instant, then makes a shrill sound even more.


 Using the force of the Kazemamoru’s super acceleration, Kazehana move around behind Rikka in an instant.

 Rikka, who had the hatchet sunk into the floor, scramed and swung the hatchet up.

 That huge hatchet slashes the sky with a terrifying sound.


 Rikka, who screamed, move her arms and forcibly swings down the rounded hatchet.

 It’s a simple attack that relies on strength, but the speed of turning back is unusual.


 Kazehana, who moaned, made a shrill sound and used Kazemamoru to avoid the attack on the last minute.


 Rikka stops the giant hatchet that has been swung down, raises a scream, and forcibly rounds it up.


 Kazehana was ready to attack, but Rikka’s forcible attack, which seemed to ignore the laws of physics, move backwards.


 Rikka, who kicked the floor and rushed like a bullet and pursued Kazehana. Then she swung down a huge hatchet with all her strength.

 Rikka sticks like a shadow, and attacks without a break.


 Kazehana distorts her face and manages to dodge the attack using the Kazemamoru.


 Rikka stops the giant hatchet that has been swung down, move her arm and forcibly rounds it up, and then swings it sideways.

 ”M, monsters!”

 Kazehana screams irresistibly while avoiding it somehow.

 A high-speed continuous attack that normally cannot be avoided.Moreover, the power of each blow is extraordinary.If even one blow hit her, she will be incapacitated.But if it doesn’t hit, it’s meaningless.But if it hit her, she’s done.

 Kazehana who moves with a Pyun, Pipyun sound, continues to avoid Rikka’s by using the force of the Kazemamoru.

 ”Kuku, I feel like living now. Rikka, you are strong!”

 Kazehana mutters with sweat on her cheeks.There was a smile on her face.

 ”I thought I could fight little girl, but it seems I couldn’t do it. In a speed battle, I can’t do anything.”

 Tamamushi muttering with a cramped smile when she sees the offense and defence of both girl.

 ”I was honestly surprised by Kazehana-chan who can manipulated Kazemamoru and Rikka-chan rushing power, but I don’t need to worry. Even though I can’t handle Kazemamoru, but I still a lot better than those two. I can win even if they are attack me at the same time.”

 Nanafushi answer with a laughing foolishly.

 She probably not perfect.

 She can’t handle the Kazemamoru, but it has nothing to do with her strength.

 ”Hmm? Really? Are you so strong?”

 ”I’m a type of weapon newer than Kazemamoru. Even though Kazemamoru performance is much better, but my strength is better. And Master can create infinite bugs too. If we fight, we are the strongest.”

 Nanafushi answers the question of Tamamushi.

 Nanafushi seems to have a simple structure.A weapon made only for strength without any ability.If she doesn’t get her master power, she’s almost like junk, but if she gets it, she can become stronger.

 Anyway, I was curious about it.

 Makiri, the bug user who made Kazemamoru, is also the same person who made Nanafushi.That is–.

 ”Maybe Kazemamoru is a weapon developed for fight Kudan?”


 Nanafushi nodding to my words.

 ”But it couldn’t compete her, so you were made.”

 ”That’s right”

 Nanafushi nodded as I continued spoken.

 Kazemamoru cannot compete with Kudan.But that would be the story of “only” Kazemamoru who compete her.

 We don’t challenge Kudan individually.But we challenge her as a teams.

 ”It doesn’t really matter which one is stronger. When we work together, it’s important how well we work.”

 Marina raises her voice andNanafushi smiled at her respond.

 ”That’s right. Kazehana-chan and Rikka-chan. The strongest beastman sisters. If those two fights together, they can fight thousand people, no, two thousand people.”

 Nanafushi muttering while smiling happily.

 When I glanced at Marina, she, who met me, turned away as if she was impatient.

 How long has she been stubborn?Her mood doesn’t change even if I say sorry to her.

 After all, is her mood better only with a s*x?There is no choice but have s*x with her and get rid of her mood.

 When I thought about that, Marina, who made her ears bright red, stared at me.

 ”You are the worst”

 Marina glares at me with a bright red face and mutters.


 I replied to Marina.

 She finally opens her mouth to me.

 I saw Rikka and Kazehana, and I sighing.

 The two continue to fight at high speed, but Kazehana’s dodge has begun to be slightly delayed.

 If she takes even one blow, it’s over.Even if she suffers a fatal injury, she has super-recovery ability, but Rikka can’t make her to activate her recovery.And if she takes the second blow, she will be killed instantly.Even if it is defended by her body, she will be easily divided.

 In front of the overwhelming destructive power of Rikka, Kazehana’s mental power must be decreased every second.


 Rikka screams and attacks Kazehana.

 A continuous high-speed attack that is difficult to see through even with my ability.

 Rikka moves the shortest distance at high speed and bet everything on the shortest attack.

 If she doesn’t hit her, she can continue to attack until it hits.And if she hit her, she will win.


 ”Kazehana! Rikka has poor stamina! If you keep avoiding it, she will eventually run out of stamina!”

 Hizuki screaming.

 As Hizuki says.Rikka, who is constantly activating super-recovery, has improved all stats.But it consumes a lot of stamina.Besides, she is launching a continuous attack with all her might.

 Rikka is overwhelmingly disadvantaged if it gets involved in endurance battles.

 However, Rikka has no choice but to make a full-scale attack from the beginning.

 ”Don’t hesitate, Rikka! That’s fine!”

 Rikka smiled at my cry.And–.


 She screams, attacks Kazehana, and makes a series of deadly attacks.

 Kazehana keeps avoiding Rikka’s attack using the force of the Kazemamoru.

 Kazehana’s breath is slightly rising.

 Kazehana sharpens her nerves and makes judgments based on the sound, but without the Kazemamoru, it is impossible to continue avoiding Rikka’s attacks.Even though she has Kazemamoru, she dodges it barely.

 If her mental strength is worn out, Rikka have a chance even for a moment, then Rikka wins.


 Kazehana distorted her face.

 Her white hair fluttering down.

 Rikka’s attack was overwhelmed.

 Perhaps Kazehana was impatient, then she kicked the floor and tried to keep a distance from Rikka.

 ”Ka, Kazehana!”

 ”Now, Rikka!”

 If Kazehana jump, she’s done.Even for a moment, if her body floats, it is impossible to avoid the attack.


 Rikka, who kicked the floor suddenly, rushed toward Kazehana and swung up her hatched.And–.


 Rikka is stunned when her hatchet cuts through the air.

 And Kazehana landing on the floor.

 I doubted my eyes.It was an unbelievable sight.

 ”Right now, … Did you change your direction on the air?”

 It’s not a mistake.There is no mistake in my ability.

 Kazehana’s body was certainly floating.Rikka’s blow attacked there.

 It was physically impossible to avoid.


 ”Uh, I was surprised because I had only heard about it by rumour.”

 Nanafushi muttering while sweating on the cheeks.

 ”I, impossible. Why can’t I hit her with my current attack?”

 Rikka’s eyes shaken and she mutters.

 She should have caught her, but she didn’t hit her.

 ”I was surprised too …”

 Kazehana, who dodge the attack, seems to be trembling.

 She thinks she was over.In the unavoidable battle on air, she probably uses Kazemamoru.As a result, Kazehana’s body rotated in the air, avoiding Rikka’s attack.

 ”Maybe that’s the reason why she’s called a “wind user”. I was convinced when I actually saw it.”

 Nanafushi staring at Kazehana and muttered.

 Is she a wind user?I see.Certainly, it was like manipulating the wind because there was no power whenshe created force by swinging two Kazemamoru at the same time.

 If she does it with her feet on the ground, only her upper body will rotate.However, thanks to her floating body, her whole body turned.But that’s not all.

 ”It’s her tail.”

 Marina spoken.

 That Marina, she “looks” it carefully.

 Yes, it’s her tail.Kazehana has a fluffy tail.It usually seems like just a cosplay, but that tail plays an important role in balancing.

 It enables high-speed rotation in the air and it can be balanced by the tail.

 ”Fufufu, as expected of my Kazehana, but … I was a little surprised too.”

 Hizuki spoken proudly, but she probably didn’t expect her to avoid the attack in the air.And she seems trembled.

 ”Impossible. No way, she can dodge it.”

 With that said, Rikka grinned, carrying a big sword on her shoulder and sat down.

 ”I’m sorry, but I’m going to kill you, otherwise it’s unlikely to hit.”

 Along with that word, blood vessels suddenly emerged in the temples of Rikka, and the whole body trembled.

 ”Until now, I will dead if I had taken even one of your blow.”

 Kazehana, with her arms hanging down, screamed while staring at Rikka.

 Rikka is laughing with blood vessels rising in her temples, and Kazehana is looking straight at such Rikka.

 Even though Rikka attack Kazehana who on the air, she couldn’t hit her.

 ”Rikka! Kazehana is exhausting her mental power more than you are consuming stamina! Keep attacking without hesitation! My Rikka is the strongest! You can definitely win!”

 ”Kazehana! Believe in yourself! If you keep calm and avoid attacks, Rikka’s stamina will surely exhausted! Then you will win!”

 The cry of Hizuki overlaps with me.

 Hizuki, I don’t like you, but now you’re not bad.

 That being said, Kazehana dodge all the attacks that Rikka had launched, but never returned the attacks.Why is that?It’s not that she doesn’t attack, but she can’t do that.

 With the super acceleration of Kazemamoru, it should be possible to hit Rikka.However, if she attacks, Rikka will definitely have a chance.

 Abnormal speed and tremendous sharpness.Kazemamoru has the ability to kill an ordinary opponent with a single blow, but the story is different if the opponent is Rikka.

 Rikka, who is always activating the super-recovery ability, only needs to be careful about instant death attacks.Other attacks will recover instantly.In other words, if Kazehana attack her, it is possible to counter her without avoiding the attack.

 On the other hand, Kazehana is over if she receives even a single blow.Even if she suffers a fatal injury, Kazehana has the same super-recovery as Rikka, but Rikka cannot wait her until her super-recovery is activated and the wound is completely healed.

 If Kazehana show a chance even once and get attacked even once, it becomes a prey to Rikka’s deadly continuous attack.So Kazehana can’t returned the attack.

 ”Elder sister, I’m going to be “serious” from here.”

 Rikka muttered with a smile and with blood vessels rising on her temples.

 The whole body of Rikka raises creaking and squeaking sound.It bends like a beast of the cat family, and accumulates power.

 ”Fufu, I wasn’t really serious until now too.”

 Kazehana, with a cramped smile and sweat on her cheeks, crossed the Kazemamoru in front of her chest and took a defensive posture.

 ”I was serious, but I couldn’t hit my sister with “normal seriousness”. And I have poor stamina. So, I will definitely lose at this rate. That’s why I’m going to play with “real seriousness”.”

 As the words of Rikka, even if I look at it with my “eyes”, Rikka was serious from beginning.I couldn’t see any boost on her power.However, Rikka said that she would really play the game.

 ”I don’t care if my Rikka are perfect. Hizuki, I’m sorry, but my Rikka will win.”

 When I grinned and talked to Hizuki, Hizuki looked back and stared at me.And–.

 ”Kazehana! Don’t be fooled by Suzuhara-san words! It is Suzuhara-san basic tactic to make the opponent’s upset and create a gap! Suzuhara-san still support Rikka. That’s because he admits that your power is a threat! Be confident! Kazehana, you’re strong! “

 Kazehana nodded to Hizuki’s cry, and staring at Rikka.

 I’m gonna get rid of it.

 At first glance, Rikka seems to be dominant, but the actual battle situation is favour toward Kazehana.

 Rikka, who has poor stamina, decided to exhaust her remaining stamina and launch an attack.If Kazehana dodge the attack, Rikka is done. However, Kazehana is also exhausted.

 Kazehana, who is in a defensive posture, keeps staring at Rikka while sweating.

 I think it’s a tremendous pressure.It seems that the pressure exerted by Rikka has reduced her mental strength just by she standing.

 ”Rikka, I apologize to you. I’m sorry. I should have been fighting seriously like this long ago. And yet, even though you were my sister, I kept running away from you. I’m sorry.”

 With that said, Kazehana quickly erased her emotions from her expression.

 The red eyes of Rikka, who was staring at such Kazehana, ran blood.

 ”Kazehana! Avoid it–“

 Hizuki screamed, but the scream was drowned out.


 Rikka jumps out with a kicking foot crushing the floor and screaming.


 Kazehana tries to avoid Rikka’s attack by swinging the Kazemamoru.But–


 A huge hatchet slashes the air.At the same time, a strange noise echoed.


 Kazehana “should” avoid the attack of Rikka.However, Kazehana’s left shoulder burst as if it had exploded, and pieces of meat and blood splashed.

 ”… Kuku, oi oi, really?”

 I opened my eyes unintentionally.And I felt my cock erected.

 Rikka, what are you thinking?


 Rikka swings her “stretched” right arm while screaming, and then attacks Kazehana.

 ”Kuh-, sh*t”

 Kazehana, who hangs her left arm, shook her right hand while moaning and tried to avoid the attack by using the Kazemamoru.


 Rikka’s hatchet cut the air, and Kazehana’s hand exploded.

 Abnormal noise echoed.

 Is it her “real seriousness”?Rikka said so.And I understood the meaning.


 Rikka swings around the hatched while raising a scream.Kazehana’s body, which should have avoided the attack, explodes.

 The reason why Kazehana’s body pops even though the attack isn’t hit is because the power of Rikka’s attack is extraordinary.

 An extraordinary power that makes the body pop even with a slight blur.

 Every time Rikka launches an attack, Rikka’s body is destroyed and immediately repaired.

 A full-scale attack that destroys the body.It is a self-destruction attack that completely removes the limiter.

 It’s an attack unique to Rikka only, who always activates super-recovery, but that’s why it’s put into practice.

 Every time she launches an attack, she will experience the pain of breaking her body.How much pain is it?

 Even if she knows it, it’s almost impossible to put it into practice.

 But Rikka did it.

 It’s to obey my orders and defeat her sister.

 ”Kazehana …”

 After seeing Kazehana, which is becoming tattered every second, Hizuki opens her eyes and shakes her lips.

 Rikka definitely wins.

 ”I, I will not lose.”

 Kazehana, who dripping a large amount of blood, still manages to avoid Rikka’s attack and murmured.

 A chill runs out on my spine.

 Oi, let’s admit you are lost.

 She’s already dying, but it’s the same as Rikka who shined glaringly at her.

 Kazehana is going to do something.And it’s probably pretty “bad”.

 ”Rikka! Kazehana is going to do something! But never turn to defence! Keep attacking as it is!”

 The unpleasant premonition swelled at once, and she screamed unintentionally.


 Without I order her, Rikka continues a self-destructive attack that destroys her body.

 And Kazehana kicked the floor and fluttered into the air.


 Rikka chases Kazehana while kicking the floor and crushing the bones of her legs.

 It’s bad.

 ”I will resurrect”

 Kazehana muttered, stabbed Kazemamoru into her chest with her right hand, and shook Kazemamoru in her left hand.

 Kazehana’s body spin on the air.

 Rikka’s hatched slashes the air.

 Kazehana’s right shoulder burst out.


 Kazehana, who move around behind Rikka on the air, is spewing a steam from her body.

 While avoiding Rikka’s attack, she stabbed her chest and suffered a fatal injury, then activating super-recovery.

 A “pipyun” sound echoes, then a double-edged blade attacks Rikka.

 Splashing blood droplet from Rikka.

 Rikka, whose back was cut by Kazemamoru, landed on the ceiling, and jumped out like a bullet again while destroying the ceiling with a her foot, then attacked Kazehana again.

 ”Let’s go, Kazemamoru!”

 Kazehana, who was waiting for Rikka in the air, shouted.

 Two swinging Kazemamoru.

 Kazehana moves sideways at a tremendous speed while jumping into the air.

 Rikka, who passed by the side of Kazehana like a bullet, landed while destroying the floor, and then jumped again.

 A “pipyun” sound echoes. Then, Kazehana moves in a blink of an eye.Rikka didn’t hit her and lands while destroying the ceiling.

 ”S, such technique …”

 It was a scene that was too unrealistic.

 Kazehana jumps up in the air and does not come down.

 She’s floating in the air all the time, using two Kazemamoru.

 ”Kazehana, you are …”

 Hizuki, who was pale, dyed her cheeks and muttered with her eyes shining.

 Rikka continues to attack up and down like a bullet while destroying the floor and ceiling.But she doesn’t hit her becauseKazehana avoids her attacks like teleportation while floating in the air.

 Her dodge speed is faster than when she standing on the ground.

 It seems the resistance was gone because her feet weren’t on the ground.That’s why it’s possible to control the force of Kazemamoru.

 ”Y, you are cowardly!”

 Kazehana keeps moving instantly in the air, like the leaves of a tree fluttering in a whirlwind.

 ”She is wind user…”

 That’s exactly what it is.Kazehana is certainly manipulating the wind.

 Rikka’s attacks are all straight lines.But it should be too fast to avoid.But she still doesn’t hit her.Kazehana’s dodge speed is too fast and it doesn’t graze her at all.

 A bang sound was heard and the floor was destroyed.Rikka is the one who do that.

 ”Ku, sh*t”

 Rikka, who is cramping her whole body while groaning, is about to get up.But–.

 ”Is her stamina exhausted?”

 When I muttered, she closing her eyes and slowly exhaling.

 Rikka’s body is tattered.Even if she exhausted her stamina, she continued to attacks herself, so super-recovery was forcibly activated. But, she couldn’t recover her stamina.

 It’s really the result of doing everything she can.

 Kazehana, who was floating in the air while manipulating the two Kazemamorus, fluttered down to the floor.

 Rikka, who stared at Kazehana with her bloody eyes, dripping blood from the edge of her lips and laughed with a smile.And she tried to get up.However, Rikka’s body is all messy, including bones, muscles, and tendons.It will be difficult to even crawl, let alone get up.Still, Rikka tries to get up.

 ”I lost if I took one blow from her, only one “decent” blow.”

 Kazehana muttered while staring at Rikka who was about to get up.

 What Kazehana is saying is true.It’s not a remark that pays attention to Rikka.If even one “decently” blow was hit her, Kazehana was over.

 But until now it didn’t hit her.

 ”We are sisters. Why are we so different?”

 With that said, Kazehana smiles softly.

 ” I was jealous of you all the time while I was desperately running away. I was jealous of you, who was always straightforward and winning a battle with fair and square.”

 ”H, however … it’s still elder sister who is rise up.”

 Rikka, who gritted her teeth tightly, replied to Kazehana’s mutter.Rikka overflowed tears from her red eyes and it fell into the floor.

 ”Oh, yes. I will rise up. No matter how pitiful or miserable, I won by running away. I’m weaker than you. I can’t become you. But I won. This is my weak way of fighting. “

 Kazehana quietly tells Rikka, who is crying with her whole-body cramping.

 Rikka is dyingly regrettable, but at the same time dyingly happy.

 Her sister who she couldn’t beat even if she really put everything out.

 Kazehana made almost no attacks and just ran around.However, the last person to stand was Kazehana.

 Rikka lost.She completely lost to Kazehana who had been just running around.

 That is why Rikka can become stronger.

 This time, in the truest sense, she can follow the back of a timid, brave and great elder sister.


 Asahina, who had been silently watching the battle until now, laughed happily.

 Hizuki, who stood next to Asahina, trembled and leaning sideways.

 What is this rustling that made my skin feel cold? Then, I noticed that my whole body was spewing a cold sweat.

 What?What is this feeling?

 ”Only” Asahina staring at Kazehana and Rikka and laughing happily.

 Perhaps Kazehana noticed her, and when Asahina instantly strengthened her expression, Kazehana crossed Kazemamoru in front of her chest and took a defensive posture.

 Eat this blow and you’re done.Kazehana, who fought such a last-minute offense and defence, shook her knees, gritted her teeth, and hung her beast’s ears and tail.

 Rikka, who was about to get up, also turned pale, shook her eyes, and trembled.

 Rikka, who continued her self-destructive attack that even destroyed her body, is clearly frightened.The cause is–.

 ”It was good. It was very good. It was fun. You guys are pretty good. I will give you a special compliment.”

 Looking from the overwhelming top as usual.Such Asahina applauded the two with a crackle.

 Yuka clings tightly to my arm.

 Marina squeezes her hand tightly.

 Tamamushi, her emerald eyes are shaken and spewed sweat on the cheeks.

 And Nanafushi too.

 Everyone in this place is aware.

 The extraordinary pressure emitted from Asahina’s red eyes.

 I know the pressure.

 Asahina, you are …

 I asked Rikka to accompany Marina and Yuka, and when I glanced at Nanafushi, I got out of the basement.

 Nanafushi, which received my gaze and saw it, came out of the basement following me.

 Nanafushi trembling while hugging herself with a cramped smile.

 ”Suzuhara-sama, I knew Asahina-chan pressure”

 Nanafushi looking up at me and spoken while trembling.

 ”Oh, me too. As I thought you knew that too.”

 When I muttered, Nanafushi hugging herself and trembling nodded with a cramped smile.

 ”The pressure I just feel, that’s abnormal.”

 A cramped smile and swaying eyes.

 Perhaps Nanafushi is thinking the same as I am.

 That heavy pressure that Asahina was emitting.

 ”We know that pressure very well.”

 ”Oh, I know. It was like “her”.”

 Nodding to Nanafushi’s words, I sighed while scratching my head.

 ”What exactly is that? What’s happening on Asahina?”

 ”I don’t know, but I have something to worry about.”

 ”What are you worried about?”

 ”Makiri-sama’s thing”

 Makiri.Is it the bug user who made Kazemamoru and Nanafushi?

 ”Makiri was good at research and refining. She was good at creating powerful weapons using bugs.”

 ”I understand it as I heard it.”

 ”The person who got Makiri’s weapon got tremendous power. I thought that Makiri’s weapon manufacturing technology was “only” that, but I felt strange.”



 Nanafushi nodded, staring at me.

 ”Similar. No, it’s too similar. Makiri-sama and Suzuhara-sama.”

 I could hear the quivering voice of Nanafushi and understand what she meant.

 I noticed when I was told, but there was a possibility of that.

 It’s similar.It means that not only our personality and atmosphere but also our abilities are similar.

 In short, Makiri may have been the same “Earth-Eyed” person as me.If so, Kudan is …

 ”Did Makiri spend time with Kudan?”

 ”From the story before we were made. I really don’t understand. But Makiri’s obsession with Kudan was unusual.”

 I’m not sure, but given her extraordinary obsession with Kudan, it’s likely that she had a time with her.

 ”Is Makiri died early?”


 ”Where are her friends?”

 ”Everything was killed by Kudan, but her friend was definitely strong. The unit that Makiri created was just the strongest.”


 Manufacture of eccentric and powerful weapons.And also, a companion with an eccentric and powerful ability.

 ”Is it Makiri who created Kudan? Probably created her with the same eyes as me.”

 ”I can’t say for sure. At that time, I was a newborn baby. I was incompetent with no experience or knowledge. I didn’t know anything about the Earth Eye, and I didn’t even think about it. Besides, Makiri-sama was a person who didn’t talk much. But if so … “

 The muttering Nanafushi hugged herself tightly and trembling as she looked down.

 ”If it was Makiri who created Kudan. And if the root of it was “Earth Eyes”. The extraordinary pressure of Asahina earlier. That was just like Kudan. If left as it is, Asahina will become like her. Is there a possibility that it will become a second Kudan?”

 What I thought when I met Kudan.She has an overwhelming mass of will.

 Infinitely pure desire.

 She doesn’t care about good or evil, she just lives according to her own desires.

 She wants to fight the strong.That’s all.

 I don’t know what kind of ability Kudan has, but honestly it doesn’t matter.

 The most terrifying part of Kudan is the will to never bend and never break.

 It is only with her absolute spiritual power that it is possible for Kudan to remain the strongest and continue to reign as the pinnacle.

 In other words, it is the same type as Asahina.

 ”Now it’s still in time and she easily can be killed.”

 Nanafushi muttering while trembling.

 ”Can you kill Asahina?”

 ”After all, Suzuhara-sama will die soon, right? Leave us like Makiri-sama …”

 I lost my word to the question of Nanafushi.

 ”Asahina-chan listens to Suzuhara-sama. Somehow, she admits Suzuhara-sama as her master. But when Suzuhara-sama disappears, the shackles will come off and I will surely be unable to kill her. And eventually … “

 ”Become a second Kudan?”

 Nanafushi did not answer my mutter.

 I’m here.If it was the “Earth Eye” that created Kudan, then I’m trying to make the same mistakes.

 Even if I can defeat Kudan, it makes no sense if Asahina becomes the second Kudan.

 But well.

 ”If it’s not that much, I won’t be able to beat Kudan.”

 Nanafushi trembled at my words.

 ”Makiri lost, didn’t she? Like me, she gathered “friends” and fought against Kudan. But she lost. Why? Because Kudan who was supposed to be a “hero” and stand at the front of her “friend”, has become an “enemy”. But now it’s different. Asahina is on our side. “

 When I spoke to Nanafushi, Nanafushi, who was down, looked up.

 ”Because Suzuhara-sama is here?”

 Nanafushi looking up at me and muttering with a sad smile.

 ”The reason I lost to Kudan is because Makiri died. When Makiri died, my friends lost control, and they were scattered. And each inherited Makiri’s will, and each one who fought Kudan died. We needed Makiri-sama above all. But Makiri-sama left us and died … “

 With a sad smile and a plain talk, Nanafushi grabbed my coat with both hands.

 ”Suzuhara-sama. If Makiri-sama have same ability as you, you’are about to make the same mistake right now. Marina-chan, Yuka-chan, Rikka-chan, Kazehana-chan, Hizuki-chan and my stupid master is also strong because they have Suzuhara-sama. They can be strong because Suzuhara-sama is by their side apart from affected by Earth Eyes. If you die first, everyone will fall apart like Makiri-sama’s time. And Asahina who lost her master … “

 Nanafushi looking up at me and desperately speaking to me.

 ”Well, there is Marina. With Marina, she should be able to lead the teams even if I’m gone. And Yuka will assist me, even Tamamushi.”

 ”Don’t be crazy. Marina-chan woke up to her qualities as a leader because Suzuhara-sama was by her side. If Suzuhara-sama disappeared, it would be impossible to lead the teams. Same as Yuka-chan. And my stupid master is a stupid person who gets lost and falls badly. “

 ”Then, what should I do?”

 ”That’s what I don’t understand.”

 Nanafushi, who was about to cry, replied to my question.

 ”Suzuhara-sama is really just like Makiri-sama. She’s selfish and S, and once she recognizes her/him as a companion, she can easily bet her own life. And she’ll attract everyone and die without permission. Yeah, like you” (S for Sadist)

 Nanafushi’s words pierced my chest, causing a tingling sensation.

 I admit that I’m selfish, but she’s telling me what to do.

 I’m not such a big person.Until now, no one needed me.

 Even my parents thought I was a monster.

 Even so, now …

 I will die.That would definitely be.It can’t be helped.

 Then, I have to take measures so that the teams will not fall apart even if I die.

 I must not do the same as Makiri.To think about what happened after I died and not make the same mistakes again.

 It requires “friends”.A “Friends” who can compete with Asahina.

 As of now, Hizuki is the only one who is competing against Asahina, but it’s no good.She is too unstable.

 Another thing, that’s right.

 ”A person who is the same type as Asahina, no, she doesn’t care about good or evil, she needs a “friend” who has a clear sense of good. No matter what, she never bends her belief. Is there such a guy?”

 When I heard my mutter, the figure of a certain person suddenly passed through my mind.

 There is.There is one.

 ”I see. Apparently, Hizuki’s “prophecy” seems to be right.”

 I have already met a person who seems to be able to compete with Asahina.

 The girl who rushed to the top when she fought against Hizuki.

 A solitary hero with a red scarf around her neck.

 She has a clear good intentions and strong mental strength.And a belief that never bends.

 Asahina entrusted her weak sister to her because she knew that she was “strong.”

 ”Yukina, if that person, possibly…”

 Hizuki was saying.Yukina is my “younger brother”.

 If that person, she might become my successor and lead everyone.

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