Xray 125

Chapter 125

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 In front of me, there are documents on the table.

 I’m sitting on the sofa in the living room, and Tamamushi sitting on the sofa facing me across the table. Nanafushi and Marina are sitting beside Tamamushi.

 I picked up the document and put my finger on my chin.

 The document I’m looking at is the one that Tamamushi brought.

 In contacting the liaison of Kudan’s organization, she was sent detailed information about the meeting place.

 I decided to hold a strategy meeting because I could get the location information, but I was surprised.

 I told Marina that I wanted her to come to the living room because I was going to have a strategy meeting, but she was so upset.I thought I would be repulsed or ignored.However, Marina wasn’t particularly repulsive or ignored to me, and came straight to the living room.

 I don’t really know her desire.

 If I can peek on her “mind”, I can grasp Marina’s thought.

 That being said, according to Tamamushi, the details of the meeting place will be announced about an hour before the designated time.

 And the specified time is midnight.The current time is 7 o’clock in the evening, so it will be announced 5 hours later.

 The story maybe different.


 ”Alice Melt. Nicknamed Undine. She called “Undine” because she has the ability to manipulate water. The category is D.”

 I read aloud what was written in the document.

 ”It looks like she is from the Nature Protection Organization, but now she’s a liaison from Kudan’s organization. It seems she’s a spy, and that’s what happened.”

 The documents included details of Alice Melt and a photo of her face.And it was an order to cooperate to capture the spy.

 ”What do you think guys?”

 I took my eyes off the documents and asked them while looking around.

 ”They are telling us that there are spies in their group and asking us for cooperation may be a way to trap us.”

 Tamamushi answers my question.

 ”Her role as a spy is a lie, and it’s possible that she’s trying to catch us by acting as a liar.”

 ”Um. That possibility cannot be denied, but–“

 Tamamushi nodded to my words, but she didn’t seem to agree with what I said.

 ”It’s really possible she’s a spy. Master has an acquaintance with Alice.”

 Nanafushi raises a voice on behalf of Tamamushi.

 ”Um. I’ve met Undine several times.”

 ”There is no doubt that her category is D, isn’t it?”

 ”Um. I haven’t actually seen it, but I heard she has very powerful ability.”

 ”When it comes to capturing Category D, it needs a lot of work. If we don’t do it well, it can cause enormous damage to our team. And Master is Category D on paper though. But, actually, she’s on category B. I think that her ability value has risen. Even though, master is stupid, but she should be recognized as quite strong. “

 ”Huh, is that true? Do you think I’m quite strong?”

 ”I think you’re easy to handle because your mood can stir up immediately and it can affect you.”

 ”What!? Then it seems like I’m really stupid!”

 ”I think you’re really stupid.”

 Tamamushi with a bright red face is angry, and Nanafushi insult her while looking at such Tamamushi.

 ”And master is not an official member of the organization. If I compare her on organization or company, master is like a person who does one-man business alone.”

 ”So, is she a convenient disposable piece?”

 ”That’s right.”

 Nanafushi nodding to my words.

 ”What!? I’m disposable piece! What do you think I am!”

 ”Master, you don’t notice it until I’m told it, right? It’s the prove that you are really a convenient disposable piece.”

 In addition, Tamamushi that reveals anger and Nanafushi insult her with a sigh.

 ”It could be a trap to get us hooked, but does she is really a spy and they seriously ask for help?”

 ”That’s right. I can’t deny either possibility.”

 ”If she is really a spy, Tamamushi would be category D on paper by them, right? Alice is also D. If they are on the same rank, there is a possibility of a tie, But Tamamushi could lose. And the worst case is the spy escaped. Then, at the cost of minimum sacrifice, it would be appropriate to handle it by her acquaintances. Is there a person with C, B, and A category ability in the organization?”

 When I asked Nanafushi, she wrinkled her eyebrows.

 ”Everything is speculative, but if I look at the organization, I think that there is not always one spy. They revealed on purpose that she was a spy, and attracted the attention of powerful person in that gap.”

 ”Sure. It’s only natural to think that there are other spies.”

 ”Besides, when it comes to people with C or higher abilities, there are really few people. Considering that the person who intentionally revealed that she was a spy who has D rank, was a C or B rank, it is not good to fight with a powerful person”

 ”Are there so few people with C or higher rank?”

 ”The category of ability-holder gathered here is abnormal. Are there 10 people who have C rank in the country? Are there 50 people who have B rank in the world? Is there at least one person who have A rank in the world? Person who has A rank is exist depending on the time. Maybe on the future is not exists”

 ”Hee~. Thinking about that, we’re strong against that crap organization.”

 ”Without a joke. If you not include Kudan, we are definitely the strongest unit in the world at the moment.”

 There are far fewer people with strong abilities than I expected.


 In that case, is it easy to annihilate the enemy, whether it is a trap or not?However, I don’t know.

 If this is a trap, fighting is inevitable.We must crush our enemies immediately and hit Kudan first before she made a first move.

 But if it wasn’t a trap, we would say that our existence is not known yet by the enemy.

 If they don’t know yet, I can use the other party to do things for my advantage.

 ”Marina, I want to hear your opinion”

 When I asked Marina, Marina, who had been staring at the documents until now, looked up at me.

 ”I think it’s a good idea to get Tamamushi and Nanafushi to take the lead.”

 ”Only two people?”

 ”Yes. Two people is enough if it’s really a trap.”

 ”Then, if it wasn’t a trap, couldn’t they suspect the existence of Nanafushi?”

 ”Nanafushi is an insect used by Tamamushi and the spy is on category D. It is natural to take the insect first before capture it surely.”

 ”Then, I don’t have to worry about that. So, what about me?”

 ”I’ll have you follow Tamamushi-chan and Nanafushi-chan. The member who will follow them are Suzuhara-san and Rikka-chan. I’ll have you wait near the meeting place.”

 ”Wait without joining with them?”

 ”Yes, you don’t have to join them, but activate your X-ray ability.”

 ”It easy, but what I need to do with it?”

 ”I found out that my telepathy can only be used on the people who I see it, so I will link with Suzuhara-san “mind”. Then, have the enemy on the range of your ability.If I receive the image, I will be able to use my ability to the enemy, and at the same time I will be able to use Yuka’s abilities. “

 ”I see, But, is the mantra ability is limited?”

 ”Yes, Yuka-san abilities are limited. I don’t think she can use it in a way that causes harm, regardless of enemy or ally, but I think it is possible to put the enemy to sleep, lose consciousness, and erase memory.”

 Marina, that girl, I thought you were silent, but did you already have a perfect strategy?

 Tamamushi and Nanafushi have more than enough strength to annihilate the enemies.However, without being distracted, I and Rikka are made to stand by at the scene, and when I get information of the enemy with the ability to search for enemies, I will tell Marina that information.And do the strategy of letting Yuka use her abilities from a long distance by using Marina’s mind.

 Simple and powerful force of Tamamushi and Nanafushi.And it is a good idea to fully mobilize the support ability of me, Yuka and Marina.

 ”With Yuka’s ability, it is possible to incapacitate the enemy without fighting. And if we extract information from the enemy and erase the memory, there is no danger that our existence will be known to the enemy. Well, this is not absolutely idea, but that’s why I think we should give it a try this time. “

 ”I have no complaints. I accept Marina’s strategy. How about Tamamushi and Nanafushi?”

 I affirmed Marina’s strategy and asked Tamamushi and Nanafushi.

 ”Marina. I’m the lead of your strategy. But is it okay? I’m person who was once in the organization. Do you believe me? Maybe I’ll betray you?”

 Tamamushi asks Marina with a straight face.

 What is traitor?Would the traitor say that?There is no need to peek on her “mind”.

 Tamamushi know that, and will not betray Marina.But I guess she wanted to say that.No, she wants to hear it.

 The words “I believe you” from Marina’s mouth.

 ”Tamamushi will not betray us”

 ”Why can you say that? Because you can read my heart?”

 ”It’s true that I can read your heart, but it’s another reason to say that you won’t betray us.”

 ”What is that?”

 Marina smiled at Tamamushi who asking her with a straight face.

 ”The more abandoned dogs are, the more loyal they are. They even challenge the bear for their master who picked them up. Even if they know they are going to die, they will try to protect their master. It’s for repay the master gratitude”

 Tamamushi smiled when she heard Marina’s words.

 ”Am I a dog? I’m a bug user. The dog is a little girl.”

 ”It’s a parable, and there are similarities between Tamamushi and Rikka.”


 When Tamamushi heard Marina’s words, she nodded loudly and stood up.

 ”Marina, I’m grateful! I’m sure I’ve accepted the big role of the front team! I’ll definitely do my part!”

 Tamamushi, with her cheeks dyed, her emerald eyes shining, and a big smile, puffed her chest and raised her voice.

 It is not just a statement to believe, but a statement after understanding the path that Tamamushi has taken so far.

 She can believe me because she has abandoned experience.Tamamushi fight for her lives to repay the gratitude, even if she cannot win.

 It seems that Marina’s words make her happy.

 ”I don’t have to worry about master betraying me, but I have a lot of worries about her making mistakes. She’s really stupid.”

 Nanafushi muttering with her eyes.

 Surely.As Nanafushi says, I’m more worried about that.

 ”W, what Nanafushi! I’m still quite capable!”

 ”I admit that you’re capable. Among the bug user, master is a fairly on capable class. Besides, because of kinjutsu, you’re almost immortal. But, if you have the part that you are stupid and your mood easily to be stir up, it’s a minus. It’s a pretty bad demerit.”

 ”Nuoooooooo! Aren’t you too cold toward your master! I’m the type that grows when I be praised!”

 ”But, that’s the facts”

 Tamamushi that turns bright red is angry, and Nanafushi returns the answer lightly.

 I can understand the worries of Nanafushi.If she’s just a fool, I don’t have to worry so much, but a fool that has an ability and is bad at getting rid of her emotion.

 At first glance, Tamamushi way of fight looks like a researcher “watch first then act”, but her original style is a straightforward human who fight light a bullet.She will be angry as soon as she is provoked.

 Well, I’m worried that it’s just Tamamushi, but it’s okay if there is Nanafushi nearby.

 ”I have one suggestion”

 Nanafushi, who argue with Tamamushi until now, politely raised her right hand and spoken. Then, she look at me and Marina.

 ”It seems that Suzuhara-sama power is greatly involved in the creation of my master infinite bugs. I’m sure she’s influenced by Suzuhara-sama.”


 ”Can you “do” it to my master before carrying out the operation? Just in case.”

 When I ask back, Nanafushi answers.

 ”What!? I need to have s*x with Suzuhara for the operation! That’s right! It’s a good method before carrying out the operation! It’s a good method!”

 Hearing Nanafushi’s words, Tamamushi dyed her cheeks and moistened her emerald’s eyes, and jumped with a big smile.

 ”I’m going to take a bath!”

 And when she raised her voice, she rushed out of the living room.

 As expected, she’s a straightforward type …

 The room became quiet, and Nanafushi glanced at Marina.

 ”I’m sorry”

 ”Why do you apologize to me?”

 Nanafushi apologizes to Marina, and Marina answers her while turning her ears bright red.

 ”Why? It’s for the operation”

 ”I don’t think you need my excuses!”

 ”Master is stupid, it’s impossible for her to pay attention to the legal wife. That’s why it’s rude to keep it a secret. I dared to say it in front of Marina-chan.”

 ”L, legal wife!? W, what!? What are you saying!”

 ”I can see it just by looking. I think everyone thinks so.”

 ”I, I think the legal wife is Rikka-chan! Yuka-san saying so!”

 ”Rikka-chan, to be honest, is more than a legal wife. I think she’s completely treated as a relative like a sister. Her position can’t be changed anymore. And Yuka-chan admits that Marina-chan is a legal wife.”

 Marina is clearly embarassed while turning away and making her ears bright red, and Nanafushi talks plainly.

 I don’t care, but you’re talking about me, but don’t you listen to me?


 When I raised my voice, Nanafushi looked at me.Marina, who is facing away, reacts, but does not try to see this way.

 Well, even if she doesn’t look at me, Marina knows it.

 ”I will take care of Tamamushi, but before that I would like to talk to Rikka, because she has lost to Kazehana and maybe depressed.”

 Rikka was seriously injured in the battle with Kazehana, but there is no problem with her body injury.If she recovers her energy and become full, she will instantly be recovered with super-recovery.

 The problem is her “mental”.

 Rikka was disappointed to lose to her sister, but was happy at the same time.But she couldn’t win as I ordered.

 That fight was awesome.Both Kazehana and Rikka have exhausted themselves.Far from having no complaints, I feel like raising my hands and praising it.

 Therefore, I want to spoil Rikka, who maybe depressed because she couldn’t carry out my orders.

 ”Surely. At the time of the operation, Rikka-chan will be escorting Suzuhara-sama. In a sense, she has the most important role. But after losing to Kazehana-chan, the feeling to help her master is too strong next time and there is a danger on it. “

 Nanafushi muttering and Marina reacted while facing away.

 Is she jealous?

 With a grin, I thought so in my heart, and Marina, who quivered with a jerk, snorted while facing away.


 ”How about if the two people are together?”

 ”Rikka and Tamamushi? They will argue each other.”

 ”Rikka-chan is like a friend who can be argue with my master after all. It may be easier if the two people together with Suzuhara-sama.”

 ”Ah I see”

 Rikka may think she doesn’t have a face to meet me.So, if she’s alone, I might be afraid if she builds up more stress.

 But if there is Tamamushi, she becomes a cushioning material, and it may work unexpectedly.

 ”Marina-chan. It’s going to be 3P, but is it okay?”

 ”Marina, it will be 3P, is it okay?”

 Taking advantage of Nanafushi’s question, I grinned and asked Marina.

 ”So why do you ask me!? I think you should do it yourself!?”

 Marina raises her voice sharply while facing away.

 If you’re jealous, you can say that honestly.

 ”I’m not jealous of you!”

 Marina who seems to have read my mind, raised her voice.

 ”Marina-chan is cute”

 ”Yeah, unlike Asahina, Marina is a harmless tsundere.”

 ”N, noisy! You are noisy!”

 Marina cut off the conversation between me and Nanafushi and while facing away, she snorted.

 ”Marina-chan is cute”

 ”Marina is cute”

 ”Marina-chan is cute”

 ”Marina is cute”

 ”Ugh! Noisy! If you guys say it again! I’ll squeeze both of you!”

 As I grinned and had a conversation with Nanafushi. Marina, who stood up vigorously, stared at us with a fiery red face and barked.

 Oh, scary scary.As expected, it is a bad to do that.

 I twisted the faucet and scooped the flowing water with both hands to wash my face.


 Cold water is comfortable.

 ”My pussy!Will be ravished!Because it’s Suzuhara who do it!Ah, I’m gonna get sloppy!Suzuhara!Because I like you!I will obedient to you!Afun ♡”

 From the bathroom, I can hear Tamamushi’s humming.

 Are you so happy to have s*x with me?

 With that in mind, I raised my face and stared at my face in the mirror of the washbasin.

 It’s my eyes as usual.A face that seems to be unmotivated.

 ”I don’t feel any abnormalities”

 I felt that my ability was putting a strain on my brain, and I had nosebleeds several times.

 In retrospect, I felt a big “load” when my abilities changed.

 My first ability is just X-ray.Probably it’s an ability that I had by nature.That condition has continued for more than a dozen years.

 After that, I met Asahina, Marina, Yuka, Rikka and Tamamushi, and fought against Hizuki and Kazehana.Each time, the frequency of use of my ability increased, and changes occurred.

 ”If my ability were completely awake when my eyes turned golden, it would have returned to normal…”

 All that’s left is to face forward to the end.

 If Makiri was an “Earth-Eyed” person, it would be a valuable precedence, but there is little information of it.

 One of the causes is Nanafushi did not reach the speculation that Makiri was an “Earth-Eyed” person.

 And because Makiri continued her contract with Nanafushi, she only has Makiri’s heart before the end of Makiri’s life.As a result, it is completely unknown what will happen to those who have the ability of “Earth Eyes” in the end.

 It’s okay to die.The question is how much time is left.

 Is there a way to know the remaining time of my life?

 I wiped my face with a towel, and when I got out of the washroom and walked down the hallway, Marina stood beside the wall.

 She put her back on the wall, folded her arms, and stared at the front with a keen eye.

 It was normal in the living room, but the atmosphere is different from usual.

 I don’t feel like she’s angry with Rikka and Tamamushi’s 3P.

 ”I knew the answer from the beginning, but I needed time to make myself to not worry about it.”

 Marina muttered while looking straight ahead, staring at me standing in the hallway.

 ”Did you come to sermon me?”


 When asked with irony, Marina nodded obediently.

 What is it?Did you really come to sermon?Please forgive me.

 ”I’m sorry. I’m likely to get angry while sermoning.”

 ”This is still a bad thing.”

 As she shrugs, Marina glares at me with a sharper look.

 ”Suzuhara-san, you think your life too lightly. You must really think that you have no value. You’re trying to bet all your remaining lives for your “believable friends”.”

 Marina speaks with a low voice while staring at me.

 ”You must think it’s your true nature, because the environment in which you grew up made you have that nature. Nobody needs you. You’re a person that no one else need. You shouldn’t have been born. You’ve been thinking about that for many years. Because of that, you can’t find value on yourself. “

 Marina, who spoke plainly, stood in front of me then she turned away from the wall.

 ”But you’re finally needed. You’ve made a “believable friends”. And you think it’s a cheap price to pay if you can protect your “friends” with your own worthless life. That way, you give up your life completely. Have accepted death. That’s why you’re so scared. However … “

 Marina, who stood in front of me and looked straight at me, looked very sad for a moment.However, she immediately tightened her expression.

 ”I also gave up to persuade you. It’s okay. I will stay with you. I’ll find a way to save you. And I’ll definitely save you.”

 With that said, Marina stared at me, and when she turned away, she walked away in the corridor.

 What is this? It’s overflowing in my “heart” and tightens my chest.

 Indescribable impatience.

 Marina decides to abandon to persuade me and save me.

 It would be nice if it was possible, but what if it wasn’t possible?

 If after a lot of struggle, what will happen is despair.

 When that happens, can Marina still be “sane”?

 As Nanafushi said.My thought was naive.

 I was needed more than I expected.

 ”What with your face!”

 I was surprised at the voice I heard and raised my face.

 Asahina stands in the corridor from the distance.

 ”It’s not your usual face? Your usual face like a devil, and you will laugh me from above.”

 With that said, Asahina snorted.

 While staring at such Asahina, I activated my ability.

 ――Eh!??Nani Nani~!??Suzuhara-kun is staring at me ♡

 I “see” Asahina’s “mind” at the same time as I activating my ability.

 ――I, I’m in love with you ♡ Suzuhara-kun’s eyes are the eyes of a man who sees a woman in love ♡ I’m in trouble ♡ I must not feel like that ♡ I hate you ♡ But I’m Suzuhara-kun’s slave ♡ I can’t complain even if I’m violated ♡ Oh ♡ I’m in trouble ♡

 Asahina seems to love me as usual.

 Looking straight at my gaze, she standing proudly, and she was overwhelmingly looking down at me.Still――.

 ――He’s still watching ♡ He’s still watching me ♡ After all, the era of small breasts has arrived ♡ Suzuhara-kun is crazy about my small breasts ♡ I reallllllyyyy hate Suzuhara-kun ♡ But I’m in trouble ♡ I’m a sinful woman ♡

 This is the thoughs on her mind.

 …… Will such an idiot become the second Kudan?

 ”Naa~, Asahina”


 ”What if I die?”


 Asahina frowned at my question and screamed unpleasantly.

 ” Can’t I forgive you if you die?”

 ――I will never forgive you if you die.

 At the same time as Asahina spoken, I can “see” her mind too.

 ”Can’t you forgive me?”

 ”You raped me, and enslaved me. I’ll never forget that grudge.”

 ――Motaro Suzuhara.I have a grudge against you.

 I can hear two voices at the same time.

 Asahina usually doesn’t have a same attitude with her inner thought, but unlike usual, she has a same attitude with her inner thought.

 In other words, she really thinks so.

 Asahina walked forward, approaching me so close to me until she could touch me, and when she stared at me, she grinned.

 “If I find out that [you] are going to [death], [I] will [kill] [you]. I [absolutely] do not [forgive] you and not give you a [Peaceful] [Death]. I’ll torture you and [kill] you. I’ll make you feel a [pain] that is harder than [death].”

 When I heard Asahina’s words, I felt dizzy then I immediately touched the wall.

 What is it now?Two voices were heard at exactly the same time.

 Experience shows that people have a time lag between thinking and putting it into words.So, when I used my abilities to “peek” a person mind, there must a slight time lag between the person thoughts and words.

 But now Asahina didn’t have it.There was a slight lag, but her mind and words are same.

 ”If you don’t like it, kill me.”

 Her eyes shoot straight through me and I heard her completely unified voice.

 Whether she want to kill me or she want to be killed by me, it’s probably Asahina’s true intention.

 When I heard Asahina’s words, oh, as I thought.

 I somehow figured out why Kudan was pursuing the strong.

 Makiri knews her life expectancy and want to defeat Kudan, so she left her heart to her weapon.With only her heart, she continued her contract with Nanafushi and entrusted her thoughts.

 She’s like a traitor for Kudan.

 Just as Makiri was extraordinarily obsessed with Kudan, Kudan was also obsessed with Makiri.

 Yet, Makiri kill herself.Strictly speaking, only her heart remained, but such a thing cannot be said to be alive.

 For Kudan, it’s almost like betrayed her.

 It’s a difference between the two ways of thinking.

 Makiri tried to continue her attachment to Kudan by leaving Nanafushi behind.

 However, Kudan wanted to settle with Makiri face to face.

 Kudan has been looking for Makiri.She has been pursuing her all the time.But no matter how much she looks for or pursue, she can never meet with Makiri.

 ”Oh, I see”

 It was Makiri who created Kudan.

 Makiri should have stood in front of Kudan, even if she had lost her ability and was running out of life.

 ”Okay, Asahina”


 When I raised my voice while putting my hand on Asahina’s shoulder, Asahina tilted her head.

 ”If it happens, I’ll stand in front of you. I’m not Makiri. I won’t give up my settlement with you.”

 ”Eh!? Hehh!? What are you talking about!?”

 Asahina confused with my words.

 Asahina doesn’t have to understand.I hope I understand.

 I tapped Asahina’s shoulder and walked down the corridor, left the confused Asahina.

 ”Hey! I don’t know what it means! I wonder if Suzuhara-kun doesn’t make sense!? Or maybe I’m just stupid !?”

 ――W, what is it now?Stand in front of me?Settle with me?Maybe a confession of love!??Eh!??Is it a confession of love!??But I feel a little different!

 I heard Asahina’s voice from behind and “see” Asahina’s “mind”.

 Asahina was confused and I almost laughed.

 Also, I feel a little better.

 When I find out that my time limit is near, I’ll stand in front of you, Asahina.

 After deactivate my ability, I headed to the bedroom.

 If I don’t deactivate it, Marina will know it and she will be upset.

 The conversation with Asahina earlier, and while I’m doing this now, will all be read by Marina.

 It’s a really annoying ability.

 With that in mind, I opened the bedroom door.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Master ♡ I’m sorry ♡ I’m sorry for violating the order ♡”

 Her skin is visible to my eyes.

 Rikka, who is naked and lying down on the bed, raises only her hips and pierces the finger of her right hand to her crotch and fingering it.

 ”Mo, more ♡ Please punish me more ♡ Please tear off Rikka’s bad nipples ♡ Please tear off Rikka’s nad clitoris ♡ Tear off Rikka’s bad clitoris and destroy my uterus ♡ Please do it, Master ♡”

 Rikka got up and pulled the pierced earrings that attached to the left and right nipples together with her left hand, and pushed her finger that had been stuck in the young pussy further into the back.

 ”Ahi ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Break it ♡ Please break Rikka Master ahhhhhhhhhhh ♡”

 Her left and right nipples are being pulled while she making a sorrowful sound, and her pussy makes an abnormal noise with not only fingers but also fists.

 She pulls her nipple beyond the limit, then she pulls out and insert her fist continously to her pussy. It makes her lower abdomen swells.

 ”Master ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ♡―”

 Rikka who reached the climax, screamed while drooling, and looked at me.

 ”Ah ♡”

 Contrary to her sweet voice, Rikka’s face, which had been flushed, turned pale.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ M, Mwaster …… ♡”

 Rikka, who was in the climax, turned pale and twitching.

 This is bad.I should have knocked before entering.

 With that in mind, I gently exited the room and closed the door, waiting for a while and knocking on the door.


 Rikka’s reply heard from the other side of the door.I heard that and opened the door.

 Rikka, who was engaged in intense masturbation, wore the usual yellow hoodie and sat on the bed.Her face is pale like a dead man and hangs down.

 I intended to spoil her, but I made her feel more depressed.

 ”I, I’m not particularly angry or disdainful.”

 ”U, Uu … I’m sorry.”

 I thought I had to say something, and when I raised my voice, Rikka cried.

 Oh, what am I going to do?I don’t know what to do.

 For the time being, I sat down on the bed, hugging the crying Rikka and stroking her head.

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry …”

 Rikka, who is hugged and stroked her head by me, continues to apologize while crying.

 ――E, even though I violated the order, I still masturbating.Master must think I was a bad girl who didn’t reflect on it at all.Ah, I want to die …

 When I activate my abilities and peek on Rikka’s mind, she is thinking about what I thinks.

 It seems that if she recovered with her super-recovery ability activated, her hypers*xuality will become even stronger.

 Rikka, who was depressed because she couldn’t keep my orders, probably lost her libido.

 But I saw her doing masturbation.

 Even if spoiled her in this state, Rikka will blame herself even more.

 Tamamushi, please come right now.At times like this, your stupidity must be useful.

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