Xray 126

Chapter 126

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 I’m sitting on the bed, and Rikka sitting a little away from me while facing down.

 At the beginning of the battle, she is crazily attack without warning.

 Marina told her various things, and Rikka had to deactivate her ability to reduce exhaustion, but it backfired and make her lose.

 For Rikka, if she beat her sister, she made a big leap, but she was defeated brilliantly, and then, she was depressed. And when she was absorbed in masturbation, I have seen her doing it.

 Rikka was absorbed in masturbation probably because she was running away from reality.

 If she is depressed and I left her alone, her way of thinking will get worse.

 For example, she though I hate her.

 Then, she couldn’t stand it and ran away from reality with masturbation.

 But, If I couldn’t win, I don’t care at all, and sometimes I think I need to run away.

 However, I and Rikka are different.

 I will gladly run away to deceive the enemy.But, I don’t think I’ll turn my back on the enemy.

 Rikka, on the other hand, wouldn’t want to run away for whatever reason.

 That’s why it’s so bad that she has showed me a figure that I definitely don’t want to see.



 When I called her name and reached her right hand, Rikka quivered and screamed a little.And when she looked at me with frightened eyes, she opened a distance to escape.

 ―― I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

 I “peeked” Rikka’s mind by activating my ability for a moment, but it was serious depression.

 I extended my right hand toward Rikka and patted her head. She was in serious troubles.

 While I’m here.I should have come to praise her, but her motivation is become worse because of me.Incorporating the current Rikka into this operation can be quite dangerous.

 There are multiple enemies.And their highest ability person is on category D.But compared with our team, they’re easy enemies.Even if I make some mistakes, I may be able to manage.

 However, there is one spy.The information sent to Tamamushi is not complete.If I’m not careful, I cannot deny the possibility that someone with the ability exceed D will be sent.

 Besides, the battle will happen anytime.And no matter how strong our member, we should in perfect condition.

 Hey, Marina, is the strategy still okay?Marina is definitely still reading my “mind” even now.

 ――The strategy will not change.

 I suddenly heard Marina’s voice.

 As I though, I didn’t like her to read my mind.

 Anyway, do you want to change the strategy?

 Hey Marina, are you underestimate Rikka’s condition?If you can read my mind, you should know more than anyone how dangerous Rikka’s current state.


 Marina laughs with a smile.

 Hey Marina.What are you laughing at?

 I waited for a reply, but she didn’t reply it.

 What are you thinking about?

 Hhm, Marina, that girl, is she has any plan?

 ”Nuha-! I feel dizzy!”

 The door opened vigorously, and Tamamushi wrapped in a white bath towel came into the room with a fluffy steam.

 Oh, what a delicate timing this girl appears.She can’t read the atmosphere.

 Hmm?Wait?Maybe Marina’s plan is using Tamamushi?

 The strategy of using Tamamushi to blast Rikka was Nanafushi’s proposal, and I agreed.However, it seems will be backfired to the current Rikka.

 Shouldn’t I separate them now?

 ”Oh, little girl! Your previous game was pretty good! I will praise you specially!”

 Tamamushi sways and spoken with a dangerous gait that make me though as if she is drunk.

 ”But well, lose is still lose! Besides, If I fight your sister, I can win! Wahaha!”


 Responded Tamamushi’s word, blood vessels suddenly emerged in the temples of Rikka.

 Hey, don’t say that.

 Hey Marina, is it okay to let her handle Rikka?Reply me, if there is a plan.

 ”You! You can’t beat my sister! Withdraw your words now! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

 Rikka spoken with angry voice.And killing intent swelled in an instant.

 This won’t go away with the usual quarrel.

 It’s easy to stop a quarrel, but what do I do?It is clearer that Rikka’s motivation is even less rattling.

 Hey Marina, answer.What should I do?

 Shit, Marina, what are you really thinking about?

 ”I will tell you, I can’t beat you.”


 ”I can’t beat you, but I can beat your sister.”

 “Y, you!”

 ”And you could really beat your sister.”


 ”Suzuhara could make you won. But he didn’t dare to give you any advice. Right? Suzuhara.”

 Tamamushi puts her hand on her waist and grinning.Rikka who respond her words saw me.

 ”Ma, master. What does the bug user mean?”

 She said it with trembling voice and swaying eyes.

 Kazehana who got Kazemamoru is strong.But she’s not invincible.Besides, there is a way to win if I choose the right method.

 Physically, I, who is just a human being, can beat Kazehana.

 And although I have beaten Rikka once, it is almost impossible to beat “Rikka now”.

 The same is true for Tamamushi.

 ”M, master…”

 Rikka raises a trembling voice again while looking at me with snarling eyes.

 It wasn’t a lie if not asked.But when asked, the answer is a lie.

 Loyalty is the source of Rikka’s power.

 Rikka is terribly depressed, but her loyalty to me hasn’t shaken.

 But if she knew I was lying, Rikka would get crazy.

 That could be the worst thing I can think of.

 Then, I have to be honest.

 ”What Tamamushi is saying is true.”

 When I answered Rikka, Tamamushi, who had her hands on her hips and stretched her chest, snorted with a joy face.

 Rikka was sitting on the bed, but while sitting, she shook as if she was loosing her tension.

 ”Did master want me to lose?”

 It’s a too weak voice.It was such a voice as if her soul had fallen out.

 No, it’s not.

 Rikka, you are–.

 ”What are you depressed for? I’m telling you I can’t beat you? It’s my complimenting for you.”

 Tamamushi raises a voice while leaking a sigh.

 ”Tamamushi, keep silent for a while–“

 I tried to stop Tamamushi, but chill ran up to my spine.

 It’s bad.

 ”Ah, I see”

 A chilling voice heard from behind.

 ”Am I stronger than you, but you are stronger than my sister? Then I’ll give it a try. I’ll kill you.”

 Looking back, Rikka stood up swayingly.

 The pupils are fully opened, capturing only Tamamushi.

 This is no longer a quarrel.Rikka is serious about killing Tamamushi.

 ”Hmm, little girl, you are just like to babble. I can’t beat you perfectly, but now I can win easily.”

 Along with the words of Tamamushi, a chill ran up to my spine.

 Tamamushi laughing and grinning.A killing intent that can be seen from that young figure.

 Wasn’t it just to stir up her emotion with a light babble?

 ”Bring it on. You can ramble now. But you will not underestimate me again soon.”

 With that said, Rikka, who put her right hand behind her, pulled out a huge hatchet.

 ”Fun~, I’ll take your attack―― Hmm?”

 Tamamushi, laughing with a grinning and put her hands around her waist, but she shook her head with a stupid voice.

 ”It’s gone! I was out of the bath! And I didn’t have insects right now!”

 Tamamushi is upset and fluttered.

 Hey, there’s no such thing to do that while you don’t have weapon right?

 ”Stupid. Die.”

 Looking down at the hurried Tamamushi with chilling eyes, Rikka muttered quietly. I immediately carried Tamamushi on my shoulder, then sat down.

 Good grief.Geez.it’s awful.

 A dry sound echoes in the room.

 I hit Rikka’s cheek, which was about to rush.

 Rikka, who opened her eyes, was stunned and tears ran down her cheeks.

 it’s awful.It is impossible to regain Rikka’s motivation by the end of today.Not only that.If I remove Rikka from the operation, she would think that Rikka was abandoned by me.

 Hey Marina.This is irreparable anymore.

 ”I don’t know if my voice will reach you now, but I didn’t give you a way to win because it was for you.”

 When I say something like this, it sounds like an excuse.But it is a fact.

 Rikka is like a straight line.Kazehana, on the other hand, is like centered on rotation.The big difference between the two lies in the source of power.

 Rikka with her own strength.However, Kazehana with Kazemamoru.

 Although Kazemamoru has the propulsion power to make Kazehana fly in the air, but the weakness has been taught by Nanafushi.

 If the body cannot catch up with the tremendous propulsion of Kazemamoru, both hands will be torn like Nanafushi.

 No, it can be said that it was happen with both hands because it is Nanafushi.

 If the same phenomenon as Nanafushi occurs in Kazehana, it is probably more than just tearing both hands.Only the upper body will rotate and the torso will be torn.

 That is why Kazehana rotated while floating in the air in order to reduce resistance to the utmost limit.As a result, it became a mystery.

 Then what would Tamamushi must do?The answer is simple.She just has to create resistance.

 If Kazehana’s legs are fixed, Kazehana will not be able to exert the tremendous force of propulsion plus rotational force.She can use Kazemamoru even if her both feet are fixed, but it’s decrease 80% of her ability.

 However, this method can only be used by those with a wide range of tactics, such as Tamamushi.

 For example, insects that spray a viscous liquid over a wide area.

 If Tamamushi make such an attack in the limited space of the basement, Kazehana cannot dodge it.If the movement of Kazehana stops even for a moment, Tamamushi can shoot an insect bullet from a long distance.

 Even if Kazehana manage to dodge, Tamamushi can use the same method many times in a limited space.

 Sprinkle a viscous liquid in a radial pattern, never approach Kazehana, and gradually reduce her physical strength.

 That’s how Tamamushi method.

 What if I use the same method for Rikka?

 She has a punch with tremendous strength.

 Her attack has an overwhelming strength and super-high-speed rush.Moreover, it’s a deadly attack if it hit.

 Then, Rikka only has to avoid instant death attacks.No matter how much her pain, she has super-recovery.And if the person taken hit even one blow, it’s over.

 Tamamushi also have the same recovery ability as super-recovery, but Rikka’s blow is deadly.If Tamamushi taken it, she will take time to regenerate, and in the meantime, she will be minced by the continuous attack of Rikka.

 Even if she tries to reduce the rushing power of Rikka, the explosive power generated from Rikka’s kick foot is unusual.Even if she succeeds in defending it, if there is only a small gap, it will be penetrated with the explosive power from the kick foot.

 Tamamushi can beat Kazehana, but it is quite difficult to beat Rikka.

 In short, it’s a matter of compatibility.

 And it’s the way to win, but it’s very easy.After all, that method once beats Kazehana.

 Marina made the plan, but anyone can beat Kazehana this way.


 ”Rikka, you are different from me. There is certainly a way to beat Kazehana, but anyone can do it. I can do it, you can do it, Marina and Yuka can do it too. But I just wanted you to fight Kazehana in your way.”

 The ultimate penetration.That is the power of Rikka.

 When it comes to fighting, it’s natural to use cowardly method.But she can leave it to someone who is good at doing that.

 After all, we are a “team”.

 Rikka, you have a more important role than winning or losing.Speaking of martial arts, it is a tip.

 No matter what kind of enemy appears, she will launch a special attack head-on.

 She will jump out like a bullet without hesitation and then will raise everyone’s morale.

 That is your most important role.


 I heard a popping voice.


 An angry voice echoing in the room.

 ”Why do you need to be depressed after fighting so much! If you are depressed, what will happen to my position in this fight! I like the way you fight! I like yours! I want to fight head-on like that! But I don’t have that ability! Don’t be a fool! You have trampled my thoughts! “

 Tamamushi overflows with tears and screams with a bright red face.

 ”I just thought I decided to praise you! It’s frustrating to do so, it’s frustrating to the death, but I’m just miserable to be stubborn! So, that’s why I’d praise you honestly! But, what now!? What are you doing now is you want to be squeezed and spoiled by Suzuhara!? If you fought such a battle, you would be regarded as fool!”

 Tamamushi is crying and screaming, then she gritted her teeth and stomped the floor many times with her feet.

 Rikka stares at such Tamamushi in a daze.

 Haha, this one was taken by Tamamushi.

 Tamamushi was envious with her battle.She’s frustrated when she was praise her.Even so, Rikka came to me because she was depressed.

 It’s pierced in her chest.It’s like she was rebirthed.

 ”It’s my problem before ability. I like head-to-head on fighting. But little girl, I don’t have the courage like you. When I think it’s impossible, I immediately escape. That’s why you look so dazzling. Suzuhara didn’t give you a plan because he knew that even if you won with such a hand, you would never be convinced. On the flip side, little girl, Suzuhara believes in you forever. Don’t be depressed anymore. I’m not saying it for you. I’m not saying it for you. Don’t make me miserable anymore … “

 Tamamushi, with a thin smile and crying, speaks in a weak voice.

 I thought it would be impossible to regain Rikka’s motivation, but if you don’t get conviced by this, Rikka, I’ll be disappointed on you.

 ”Bug user, you …”

 A strong light gradually began to illuminate Rikka’s swaying red eyes.

 ”No, noisy! Idiot! Don’t say anything unpleasant to me! I know it even if you don’t tell me, idiot!”

 Rikka raises her voice with a bright red face.

 ”W, what the hell!? Cheeky little girl! But from now, you’ll be in despair! I will have s*x with Suzuhara! It’s a mission! It’s the command from Marina, the commander! Marina was appointed as the commander by Suzuhara! In other words, if you disobey Marina’s orders, you are as good as rebelling against Suzuhara! Stupidddd! It’s my victory!”

 Tamamushi that slurps her nose, still puts her hands on her hips and turns back while raises her voice.

 ”W, what’s that!? Wait, you are the only one that can’t do it! Marina-sama and Yuka-sama didn’t care about it, but I’ll never forgive you for being loved by master! As I thought, I’ll kill you!”

 Although they are swearing each other, the terrible atmosphere up to that point is not fine.

 Hey Marina, did you know this far?Even so, the betting factor is too big.They were about to start a serious killing each other.

 What’s more, what should I do from now on?No matter how I think about it, it’s not an atmosphere that shifts to s*x.

 ――It is basic to prepare multiple measures, right?

 Marina’s voice suddenly echoed.

 Oh, you have replied now …

 Is the plan more than one?Is there still a plan?

 I asked Marina, but I didn’t get an answer.

 Hey Marina, you don’t have to hide your plan.Say it.

 When I was complaining inwardly, the door was knocked.Then the door opened and Nanafushi entered the room.

 Oh, do you say that she’s in plan?Since Nanafushi was kept on standby, even if Rikka and Tamamushi started killing each other, the worst development could be prevented.

 However, although I activated the ability several times, I could not find Nanafushi near me.

 ”This is command from commander. I’ll send you a instructor, so don’t be rude to her.”


 I responded back to Nanafushi’s words.

 ”This is commander’s concern. It will make them feel the mood to have s*x.”

 Hearing the words of Nanafushi, I was surprised when I activated my ability.

 By “seeing” the person behind the door with my ability, I finally understood Marina’s intentions.

 There is certainly no better role than her as an instructor.

 ”Instructor, please come in”

 Nanafushi opens the way with a tricky attitude.Following the words of Nanafushi, the person behind the door came into the room.

 Rikka and Tamamushi, who saw the person, turned pale in an instant and their mouths were triangular.

 ”I may not be strong enough, but please treat me well ♡”

 Yuka smiles while looking at them.

 The appearance of Yuka, who has the strongest support ability and the strongest s*xual skills, turned their eyes away with a pale face.

 Both Rikka and Tamamushi are fond of Marina, but Yuka is exceptional in many ways.In particular, the two who have little experience in s*xual activity will not be able to think of Yuka at all.

 ”I want to say something great, but I have to tell you both first thing. That is, preparation before having s*x with each other.”

 Yuka, who blinked her one eye, raised the index finger of her right hand and spoke to them.

 ”It, it’s late …”

 ”It, it’s already too late, she’s here …”

 Two people are completely defeated by Yuka’s remarks.

 Rikka is no problem, but Tamamushi, you are much older than Yuka.

 ”Then both of you are girls, right?”



 Two people raise a stupid voice to Yuka’s words.

 What are you talking about, Yuka?Both Rikka and Tamamushi are women.

 ”Instructor, this is the item that has been prepared based what you said”

 Nanafushi, who looks like a butler, presented a paper bag to Yuka.

 Yuka smiles and receives a paper bag from Nanafushi.

 ”What they lack most is the awareness that they are girls. They are excellent, so I make them have cute hairstyles and wear cute clothes. That will make Mota-kun happy. Is that right?”

 Both two people listening to Yuka’s story.

 So that’s it.That’s exactly what Yuka says.

 When they are ravished by me, they both look like women, but usually they have no gender.

 Tamamushi have a lot of clothes, but she only wears black robes.

 ”Then, I will start now!”

 Yuka quickly approached Rikka with her fingers and split her bangs horizontally.Then she took out the hairpin from the paper bag and snapped it on Rikka’s bangs.Furthermore, she takes out the hand mirror from the paper bag and show it to Rikka.

 ”So, how is it? This is perfection of a cute little sister that everyone will envy!”

 ”… A, aauuuu”

 Looking at the hand mirror, Rikka, who turned bright red in an instant, shyly moaned and embarrassed.

 Rikka has a strong boyish impression due to her behavior and atmosphere as well as her clothes.

 However, just by splitting her bangs horizontally and pinning them with a hairpin, she quickly became an adorable girl.

 ”Then next is Tamamushi!”

 Yuka, who moved quickly after saying that, went around behind Tamamushi and quickly untied Tamamushi’s hair that had been tied to ponytail.Then, she combed Tamamushi’s hair with her gentle hand. After that, Tamamushi’s silver hair is tied into a braided style.

 ”So, how is it? This is perfection of a mysterious and innocent beautiful girl!”

 ”… Wa, wauu”

 Yuka shows a hand mirror to Tamamushi like Rikka.Tamamushi, which turned bright red in an instant, moaned with embarrassment.

 She just tied her hair into a braided style.However, that alone replaced the atmosphere of Tamamushi, and as Yuka said, it became a beautiful girl with a mysterious and innocent atmosphere.

 As with Rikka, she thinks it’s a big deal so she is embarrassed.

 ”Well then, both of you pay attention to Mota-kun lower body!”


 I raised my voice in spite of Yuka’s words, and looked down at my crotch.

 Before I knew it, my crotch was swollen.

 ”Without saying, that’s a proof that both of you were cute!”

 ”Is, is it magic!?”

 ”It, it’s the Mantra! She must use it!”

 Both of two people can’t hide their shame when they see my crotch.

 As Tamamushi says, it’s Mantra, there is nothing Yuka can do if she uses it, but what I think about both of them?I honestly think they’re cute now.

 ”I was embarrassed. Because after I absorbed Hizuki-chan’s Heavenly Eyes, when I activate mantra, a glowing circle will appear.But, perfectly thanks to it, I’ve become able to controlling mind.”

 ”T, the circle!? But, It’s not out! It’s not out!”

 ”W, what! Isn’t it the effect of Mantra!?So, was Suzuhara excited about “I” even though he didn’t even touch me!?”

 Both of two people who hear Yuka’s words, raise a startling voice.

 Even so, I feel the unwavering opposition to Rikka to Tamamushi who said “I” instead of “us”.

 ”Because it’s already in this condition, both of you wear cute clothes!”

 ”Yes, Yuka-sama! I will follow Yuka-sama!”

 ”Yu, Yuka! I don’t care about little girl, but please make me cuter!”

 Both of two people submit to Yuka, maybe I was so happy that I got an erection.

 I was wondering what would happen at one point, but I was able to have s*x not only Rikka but also Tamamushi.

 The result is good.

 Were they danced in the palm of Marina from beginning?

 Really, she’s a crazy woman.

 ――Thank you.I will take it as a compliment.

 Marina’s voice suddenly been heard, and my eyes change to scornful.

 Really, it’s terrible ability.

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