Xray 127

Chapter 127

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 ”You can’t peek at a girl’s clothes.”

 Yuka, who closed one eye and put her index finger to her lips, said this with a smirk. And then――.

 ”Excuse me.”

 Nanafushi covers my eyes with her hands from behind.

 In my case, I don’t think it matters much if I’m physically deprived of my vision.

 However, I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not. If I don’t activate my abilities, I don’t know what she’ll say.

 No, it’s not what she’ll say but it’s what she’ll do.

 ”Why am I wearing this? I don’t think it suits me……”

 I can hear Rokka’s voice. I can tell just by her voice that she is embarrassed.

 ”I’m sure you’ve been fooled.”

 I think she was admonishing Rikka. I heard Yuka’s voice.

 ”Is this what you look like? Isn’t it a little plain? I’d prefer something more frilly anyway.”

 Tamamushi’s voice sounded disapproving of Rokka’s shyness.

 I’m not sure why she says so because she always wears black robes.

 ”There are many people here, such as Yuu-chan and Hizuki-chan, whose contents are stronger than they look, and Marina-chan looks great, and the impact of big tits is amazing.”

 Yuka seemed to be talking to them.

 Indeed. I completely agree with that statement.

 ”That’s why I think it’s better to emphasize the active and cute look of Rikka-chan and the innocent and simple look of Tamamushi-chan. But, cute hair and clothes are important, and don’t forget that the most important thing is yourself, okay?”

 ”Yes, yes! I’m not sure, but I get it!”

 ”I see. I don’t know, but I believe in Yuka.

 Both of them didn’t seem to understand what Yuka was saying, but they seemed to be following her instructions for now.

 ”See it?

 I heard Nanafushi’s voice from behind me. At the same time, Nanafushi’s fingers, which were covering my eyes, opened for a moment.

 I can see the faintest hint of skin tone.

 ”How is it?”


 ”Catching glimpses of beautiful girls cackling as they change their clothes.”

 ”Oh, yeah. That’s good, isn’t it? I love naked women.”

 ”It’s so cool but it’s boring.”

 ”I’m sorry about that. I’ll be careful.”

 ”I don’t like it when you’re careful.”

 I can’t see Nanafushi because I’m blinded, but I can tell just by her voice that she’s bored.

 I wonder what kind of response she was looking for.

 For that matter, Yuka is the only woman who can say and do “cackle and squeal” like that.

 If Asahina did it….

 ”I’m in a cuckoo mood. In other words, not a bad mood. So, come on, come at me from anywhere.”

 I’m not sure how to react to such a statement while spreading a sense of intimidation unnecessarily.

 Then, if it’s Hizuki…

 ”Fuka! I’m going to cackle and squeal!”

 ”Okay, Hizuki! me too”

 It looks like she’s about to do a special move.

 Then, what about Marina?

 ”It’s not that I’m not cuckooing or anything like that. Also, nyu, please don’t tell me my nipples are big. I’m concerned about it. Suzuhara-san……idiot.”

 Oh? It suits you better than you think, doesn’t it?

 ――Suzuhara-san thinks of silly things once in a while, doesn’t he?

 Marina’s voice sounds abruptly. I’m not sure if she’s angry or embarrassed, but she seems to be.

 It’s payback for earlier. I know how much trouble I’m in, being caught between Rikka and Tamamushi.

 In addition, Rikka and Tamamushi are the key to this operation.

 Tamamushi has the most important role of taking the lead and getting into the enemy camp.

 Rikka is my bodyguard, connecting Marina at the headquarters with Tamamushi in the field.

 And yet, if the two of them had really started killing each other, the mission would have been ruined.

 But honestly, it was a relief.

 I was so focused on Rikka that I didn’t pay attention to Tamamushi.

 She was so cheerful and energetic. I had no idea that she was so resentful.

 I’m sure she would have noticed if I had my abilities active all the time, but really, without them, I’m just an incompetent.

 ――It would be great if you could be really “incompetent”. Anyway, please don’t use your abilities as much as possible. Even if I tell you not to use it, you’ll probably use it anyway.

 I let out a sigh at the sound of Marina’s voice.

 I get it, damn it.

 My commander can be a pain in the ass if I piss her off.

 ”It’s done! You can look at it now!”

 I heard Yuka’s voice. Then, Tamamushi’s hands that were covering my eyes were removed.


 I couldn’t help but scream at the sight that met my eyes.

 Rokka, her bangs parted to the side and pinned up with a hairpin, and she wears a black hoodie with a hood. The hoodie was open in the front and had a zipper, but the zipper was pulled down to her chest, revealing the frilly black camisole she was wearing inside.

 And underneath, she was wearing a pair of black hot pants. She was wearing a pair of black hot pants. In addition, there were black knee socks covering her thighs.

 Her whole body is black, but that’s why her snow-white hair and flame-red eyes stand out.

 Her hair was as white as snow and her eyes as red as fire.

 Her cheeks were dyed in embarrassment, which was really cute.

 Tamamushi, on the other hand, surprised me as well.

 Her silver hair was tied in a braid at the back, and a small flower ornament was attached to the side of her head. And a black sleeveless dress. That was it. Her feet were bare.

 It’s very simple, but that’s what makes Tamamushi herself stand out.

 She looked simple and innocent in her braids and dress. However, because the dress is black and sleeveless, it gives her a mysterious, yet devilish charm. In addition, the black color suits Tamamushi’s pale skin, which is strangely erotic because it exposes more skin than her usual black robe. The fact that she is barefoot also adds to the eroticism.

 Like Rikka, her cheeks are dyed and she is fidgeting, which adds to her loveliness.

 Mmm! or something! and if I just keep my mouth shut, I’ll be blinded by these beautiful girl.

 Also, Rikka has white hair and Tamamushi has silver hair, so they have similar hair colors. In addition, they both have black uniform, making them look like sisters.

 ”They are so cute.”

 Those were the words that came out of my mouth.

 When they heard my words, they turned red and turned over, poking each other with their elbows to drown out their embarrassment.

 I don’t know if they’re really close or not.

 ”It’s no wonder they’re so cute because they’re naturally cute”

 Yuka stands behind them and raises her voice with pride.

 ”But, it’s good that you’ve become more girly, but it’s made you feel more embarrassed and you’re not moving around as much as you should.”

 Yuka’s words made the two of them, who had been poking each other with their elbows, turn over, their ears red.

 As Yuka said, they seemed to be too embarrassed to move. And they don’t want to look at me.

 But that’s why it’s not so bad.

 Both of them are usually very masculine, and that’s why I’m intrigued by their appearance.

 ”Well, even if they looked at, the other person is Mota-kun. I don’t think that’s a problem.”

 Yuka glanced at me as she said this.

 ”Yeah, I’ll be happy if you’ll let me see it.”

 ”I, I have to pee!”

 ”I, I’m going to take another bath.”

 I grinned and replied, and the two of them, hearing my words, tried to run away with red faces and teary eyes.

 ”Weren’t you on a mission, Master? And Rikka-chan, is it okay to make Suzuhara-sama and my master lovey-dovey with each other?

 Nanafushi who moved in the blink of an eye, grabbed the two who were trying to escape by the scruff of the neck and raised her voice with a scowl.

 ”What the hell is this thing? When did this happen? I mean, get off me!”

 ”Hey, Nanafushi! You’re being disrespectful to your master!

 The two of them were grabbed by the neck by Nanafushi and were flailing about.

 It’s horrible. I can’t believe she restrained those two without a fight.

 Nanafushi said that she could beat the current Rikka and Fuka, but if it is normal, it is hard to imagine how strong she will be when she gets serious.

  That’s why.

 The fact that Nanafushi, who has that much power, hasn’t challenged Kudan to a match shows just how much of a monster Kudan is.

 If she could beat him, she would have done so immediately.

 ”You two stay where you are. I’ll take care of Mota-kun first.”

 Yuka smiles and raises her voice.

 Oh? Yuka is going to be my partner? I’m glad to hear that, but I’ll have to ejaculate into Tamamushi’s womb. If Yuka does it, I don’t think I will have enough energy to ejaculate in Tamamuhi’s womb.

 ”What? ! Yuka-sama?”

 ”If she goes out with the strongest from the start, that’s the end of it, isn’t it!”

 They were about to run away, but when they heard Yuka’s words, they shouted their criticism with teary eyes.

 They were about to run away when they heard Yuka’s words, and with tears in their eyes, they shouted out their disapproval. Smiling, Yuka slowly walked over and got on the bed where I was. She then got down on all fours and crawled towards me.

 Yuka was wearing a very ordinary T-shirt. The neck isn’t that wide either, it’s just a normal t-shirt.

 The bulge pushing up her t-shirt was swaying, and her cleavage was slightly visible from her neck. It was indecent.

 That’s Yuka. I wish I could have been there with her.

 If I could, I’d like to have a peck with Yuka, too.

 ”I’m sorry, Yuka, but I want to put Tamamushi first. I’ll spare you the explanation, but she needs my semen to stabilize her power.”

 I whispered to Yuka so that they wouldn’t hear me, but they need my semen to stabilize their power. But Rikka would hear it.

 ”Marina told me. It’s okay.”

 Yuka came up to me on all fours and sat down in front of me in a girl’s seat.

 It seems that Marina has asked her to do this. I guess she knows everything.

 I just realized that Marina can use Denshin individually, right? So that means….

 For example, she could be giving instructions to Yuka on an ongoing basis, while keeping it a secret from me.

 It’s a really terrible ability, man.

 ”Don’t worry, both of you. I’m not going to have s*x with him when I say I’ll deal with Mota-kun.”

 Yuka sits in front of me, looking at the two of them, and raises her voice.

 ”What’s important is not the s*x, but the process. That’s what I want you both to know.”

 Yuka smiled and spoke to them.

 ”Yuka-sama! I’m sorry I was so upset earlier! Don’t worry about me, please enjoy yourself with your Master!”

 ”Little girl! Don’t say unnecessary things! If Yuka squeezes him out, I won’t get my turn anymore!”

 Rikka is concerned about Yuka, while Tamamushi is worried about herself.

 Their personalities really show.


 Yuka smiled as she looked at the two of them, and then looked at me with a smile. And then…

 ”I want to hold your hands.”

 With a smile, she looked at me.

 ”Oh, yeah.”

 Agreeing, I reached out my hands toward Yuka’s hands. Then Yuka also put her hands out in front of her and intertwined her fingers with both of mine.

 Instead of grasping them like a handshake, she grasped them like a pair of fingers.

 I could feel Yuka’s thin, supple, soft fingers in every crevice of each finger.


 A creepy feeling of pleasure ran up my spine.

 Yuka is moving her fingers slightly. It just feels good.

 ”Mota-kun’s hands, if I look closely, I can see they’re covered in scars.”

 Yuka whispered in a gentle voice while twisting her own fingers around mine.

 ”People don’t tolerate foreign things, you know. They will either exclude or marginalize you. In my case, it’s because I look weak. I’ve often been the target of bullies. But I fought back against all of them. But I was just a kid, you know. I couldn’t get around as well as I do now. I have most of the scars from that time.”

 Yuka replied, intertwining her fingers and tracing the scars everywhere with her fingers.

 ”You have quite a few scars on your body as well.”

 ”The kid is relentless.”

 ”You’ve been fighting alone, haven’t you?”

 ”I guess that’s what happens.”

 ”You’re strong, aren’t you, Mota-kun?”

 ”If I was strong, I wouldn’t have twisted this much.”

 ”Maybe so.”

 Yuka giggled at my answer.

 The conversation was interrupted, which made the sound of Yuka’s breathing sound unusually loud.

 Yuka’s fingers are intertwined and she is looking up at me with moist eyes.

 Her cheeks are slightly tinted and her lips are pale pink as she repeats her breathing.

 Narrowing her eyes, Yuka slowly stretches her back while sitting in a girl’s seat.

 Yuka’s face coming closer.

 Her bare black hair tied into a ponytail.

 She’s been wearing her hair like this ever since she found out that I like ponytails.

 Her face is adorable with a hint of youth.

 And yet, her breasts swell obscenely.

 The next thing I know, I’m pulling Yuka’s face close to mine.

 Because we were so close to each other, I touched Yuka’s soft but moist lips more quickly than I expected.

 Yuka’s lips were slightly open and she discreetly stuck out her tongue, keeping her lips lightly touching.

 The slippery feeling gently traced my lips.

 The sweet scent tickling my nose.

 The hot breath on my lips.

 And then…

 Yuka’s eyes are slightly open, and she’s staring at me with her moist eyes.

 Yuka never looks away.

 I stuck my tongue out, and Yuka immediately intertwined her tongue with mine.

 As our lips lightly touched, an obscene sound of water was heard.

 I want to ask for more. I can see that we are both thinking that, but we are also impatient with each other.

 I can see the intense pleasure ahead.

 We know that if we seek each other out more deeply, we will get that pleasure, and that makes us want to hurry.

 My cock, which is warped in my pants, pulsates throbbing as if it wants to ejaculate.

 Yuka also had a puckered protuberance at the top of two bulges pushing up the chest of her T-shirt.

 I want to play with Yuka’s nipples, and I want to see her face as she writhes in pleasure from being played with.

 But I couldn’t touch Yuka’s nipples because the fingers of both hands were intertwined with each other.

 No, my intertwined fingers feel so good, I don’t want to let go.

 We look at each other, lightly stick out our tongues, and entwine them slipperily.

 The desire for intense pleasure is endless, but I also know that it’s not a bad idea to stay like this forever.

 ”I, I’m your instructor. ……♡”

 Yuka, who withdrew lightly, muttered with a slight breathlessness.

 Yuka puts a lot of effort into her entwined fingers even though she has withdrawn.

 ”The story changes depending on who you direct to, right?.”

 I pulled my face closer to Yuka’s as she stepped back.

 I’m sure she’s about to fall. But because our fingers are intertwined, she can’t fall down.

 As she turned over, the shape of her two nipples, which had been standing out on her t-shirt, became more clearly visible.

 Even through the t-shirt, I could see that they were erect to the point of bursting.

 Also, although Yuka was wearing a skirt over her bare legs, she had turned over in a girl’s sitting position, and the back of her thighs were faintly visible.

 A glimpse of white underwear was visible. I’m sure there was a black stain on the underwear.


 ”Da, dame……♡”

 Yuka withdraws while staring at me with her face and her moist eyes.

 She fell behind while sitting as a girl because she was leaning forward.

 Her thighs were open and her skirt was rolled up, and because she had fallen while sitting in a girl’s position, her underwear was digging into her crotch. And because of the stain, the underwear was slightly transparent.

 I was able to “see” this scene because I had deactivated my ability.

 Oh, no, I want to hold Yuka.


 ”Mo, Mota-kun ……♡”

 We called out to each other, and I put my face to Yuka’s collapsed face. And then we both squeezed each other’s fingers, which are still intertwined.

 Yuka was trying to back off because she was the instructor, but the force in her entwined fingers silently told me that she wanted me.

 The next time our lips touched, I wouldn’t be able to control my desire any longer.

 With that thought in mind, I pulled my face closer to Yuka.

 That’s when I saw Yuka’s eyes light up.

 I also felt a strange presence and glanced to the side.

 And there it was.

 ”Wa waa……♡”

 ”Hoe eee……♡”

 I don’t know when they got up on the bed, but I saw Rikka and Tamamushi sitting beside us, sitting close together, looking at us with their fingers in their mouths, turning bright red.

 I had completely forgotten about them. No kidding, I had completely forgotten.

 ”Ko, kohon”

 Yuka coughed, sweat running down her cheeks, and got up quickly and sat back down on the bed.

 Yuka seemed to have forgotten too.

 ”I’ve shown you an example, but it’s also important to get excited before you do something like this.”

 Yuka seemed to be saying that it was just an act.

 If it was an act, I would be depressed.

 ”Yuka-sensei, the level is so high, I can’t see any other way but to cry……”

 ”If I’m not mistaken, Suzuhara was completely engulfed. What should I do when I was shown such a thing……”

 The two people, who burst into tears, hung down.

 ”Oh no, that … huh, both of you calm down.”

 Yuka, who has broken her heart instead of giving instructions to them, seems to be quite impatient.

 The two of them became cute. There is no doubt about it. But it was indeed the wrong partner.

 ”Also, Mota-kun, cock, cock out.”

 ”Yuka, you’re the one who needs to calm down. What’s the point of having my dick out here?”

 Yuka was in a hurry and looked quite confused.

 I’m sure she’ve been thinking about it for a while.

 ”No, no, no, just let it out!”

 ”Well, well, it’s not like it’s going to decrease …….”

 I reluctantly unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.

 The cock had erected beyond the limit until a while ago, but it has withered a little because of the lack of excitement. But it was still erect to a point.



 They were both broken-hearted, but as soon as they saw my cock, their cheeks colored with joy.

 I’ve managed it. Is this okay?

 ”Are you sure about this?”

 Yuka smiles, tilting her head, relieved.

 No, well, I mean, what the heck, can I accept it?

 ”So, I’m going to ask you two to take care of Mota-kun.”

 ”I, I’ll do my best!”

 Rikka, who had straightened her posture at Yuka’s words, replied cheerfully.

 ”Little girl, you are in the way. I should have done it alone.”

 Tamamushi, on the other hand, was complaining with a frown in her eyes.

 She is a beautiful, mysterious girl with braided silver hair and a black sleeveless dress. But the way she was complaining ruined everything for me.

 Tamamushi, you really are a beautiful girl if you didn’t talk.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


 Tamamushi raised her voice as if she felt uncomfortable with Rikka’s lack of response.

 ”Yuka-sama, I will obey you! Please say whatever you want!”

 ”I, it’s cute ♡ Rikka-chan is incredibly strong, but when she look at me like this, she’s really cute ♡ I want to make her my sister.”

 Yuka, whose cheeks were dyed from her crush on the honest Rikka, was stroking Rikka’s head, hugging her and rubbing her cheeks.

 Tamamushi is alone and cringes at the sight of this.



 ”You’re such an idiot.”


 I looked at Tamamushi, who had cried after being called an idiot by me, and let out a sigh of relief. Then I stroked her head.

 Tamamushi, who was leaking sobbing, approached me while sitting, and collapsed on my chest and burying her face.

 I think I understand why they say the worse the child, the cuter it is.

 In a way, Tamamushi is very good at what she does.

 ”Hey, you! What are you doing? I’ve been behaving well, so why should you get the benefit?”

 Rikka, who had been behaved well until then, barked with blood vessels rising in her temples.

 ”I’m not going to let you get away with this.”

 ”This is the way of the world”

 Tamamushi, who had her face buried in my chest, muttered with a grin.

 I can’t say if it’s her “worldly wisdom”.

 ”Y, youuuuuuuuuu!”

 Rikka, who opened her eyes and shouted, turned her right hand behind her. But――

 ”What is that? Huh?”

 Rikka screams and squeezes her back with her right hand.

 I’m sure she took off her big hatchet while she was changing clothes.

 ”Fuhahahaaha! You’ve let your guard down! I’ll kill you with my worm needle that pierces the steel!”

 ”I’ll tell you what, Tamamushi, why when you take a bath, you’re carrying that……”

 She laughed and reached her hands to her hips, giving Tamamushi a glare.

 She was just about to rub her hips with both hands when she heard my words and shivered.


 Tamamushi folded her hands in front of her chest, sweat trickling down her cheeks, and sniffled with pride.

 It seems that they can’t even come up with the right words to cover it up.

 ”I, I’m going to beat her to death with my bare hands!”

 ”I, I see! That’s the way to do it!”

 Tamamushi was surprised by Rikka’s angry voice. And then they both take a stance.

 ”That’s enough.”

 Both of them shivered at my words.

 I glanced at Yuka, and she caught them and looked at her too.

 They were sitting down and their shoulders were shaking.

 ”A, wawawawa……”

 ”Oh, nononono……”

 The two of them instantly pale and cringe.

 ”I don’t mind the noise, but don’t bother Yuka too much.”

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry……”

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry……”

 After being chastised by me, the two of them apologized honestly with pale faces.

 I hate noisy classrooms at school and the hustle and bustle of the city, but strangely enough, I don’t get annoyed when these guys make silly noises. In fact, I feel like watching them as much as I can.

 I was surprised, though. I didn’t expect Yuka to get angry over something like this.

 ”No, it’s wrong…….”

 Yuka, who was lying on her face and shaking her shoulders, raised her voice with a sob.

 It’s not that she’s angry, but that she’s crying.

 Yuka slowly raised her head. There were tears running down her cheeks, but she had a big smile on her face.

 ”I guess tears come out even when I’m having fun……”

 Yuka was crying with a big smile on her face.

 ”I thought my life was already over, but I never thought I’d have this much fun.”

 ”Yu, Yuka-sama……”

 ”Yu, Yuka ……”

 Hearing Yuka’s sobbing words, the two of them raised their voices while staring at Yuka in disbelief.

 ”I love you all. Every moment right now is fun.”

 Both Rikka and Tamamushi seemed to be taken aback by her smile, her tears, and her words.


 Lotus flower which means purification.

 The strongest support abilities are apparently also the strongest without them.

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