Xray 128

Chapter 128

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 The two of them are sitting side by side in front of me, their expressions tightened.

 After so much bickering, they are sitting in silence, straightening their backs.

 Yuka’s smile and tears seemed to have taken them quite well. That must have been much harder than being scolded.

 ”You don’t have to be so awed, you know? I’m sorry about that. It’s because I cried……”

 ”Yuka-sama did not do anything wrong! It’s my fault! It’s my fault that I’m an idiot!”

 ”That’s right! It’s the little girl’s fault for being stupid! I’ll apologize on behalf of the stupid little girl! I’m sorry Yuka!”

 The two raised their voices at Yuka’s words.

 If it was the usual Rikka, she would have lost her temper at Tamamushi’s words, but she didn’t seem to care at all.

 ”Ah, hahaha…….”

 Yuka smiled annoyingly and patted Rikka’s head.

 It’s Tamamushi that seems to be aggravating Rokka, but I think she’s probably not offended, or perhaps she really means it.

 I think she’s really apologizing on behalf of Rikka.

  In short, she’s a natural.

 That’s why it’s so annoying, but it’s a good thing that Rikka is sitting smartly without being provoked.

 Yuka, who is patting Rikka’s head, is probably thinking the same thing as I am.

 But I’m in trouble.

 Currently, I have to give priority to Tamamushi. I have to pour as much semen as possible into Tamamushi’s womb in order to stabilize the infinite generation of insect energy.

 But then, Rikka’s position would be lost.

 Rikka would probably hold back to the limit to save Yuka’s face, but the problem was Tamamushi.

 It would be a great help if Tamamushi would stand up for Rikka, but I can’ t expect that.

 Then, Yuka would be the one to ask for help.

 Marina must have anticipated that this would happen from the beginning and sent Yuka there.

 She’s really grown up to be an unbelievable woman.

 ”Then, let’s get started. First of all, Rikka-chan, can you lend me your ear?”

 ”Eh? Ah, yes!”

 ”Nani! Wait, wait, Yuka! Don’t tell me you’re putting the little girl first! I have my own mission!”

 Rikka replied to Yuka’s words with a raised voice, while Tamamushi made a triangular shape with her mouth and shouted accusations.

 Rikka, her face bright red and looking very nervous, gingerly approached Yuka and listened. When Tamamushi saw this, she shrugged her shoulders.

 Yuka had to give priority to Tamamushi, but she chose Rikka first.

 I’m sure she has an idea, but is she really okay with it?

 If she puts up Rikka’s face, Tamamushi’s face won’t stand up, and if she puts up Tamamushi’s face, Rikka’s face won’t stand up.

 ”Then, Rikka-chan. Sit in front of Mota-kun and …… gonyo gonyo gonyo”

 Yuka bent forward and brought her lips to Rikka’s ear, covering her mouth with her hand and whispered something in a whisper.

 ”……What? ……Eh! Eeeeeeeeeeee!”

 Rikka, who was whispered to, tilted her head and then raised her voice, making her ears turn bright red.

 What on earth did Yuka say? I’m a little curious.

 ”N, no! I can’t say that!”

 ”Why not?”

 ”Because it’s rude to Master! I’m Master’s servant, I’m his dog!”

 ”I think you’re the only one who thinks so, Rikka-chan.”

 ”B, but, but, because……”

 Hearing Yuka’s words, Rikka turned her head down and fidgeted, her ears even turning red.

 For a moment, just a moment, Yuka glanced at Tamamushi and chuckled.

 Yuka’s up to something, after all.

 ”Don’t overdo it, little girl. Pushing yourself is bad for your body and your mind. So, I’ll take care of Suzuhara first. You go ahead and rest.”

 Tamamushi, who had spoken with a crisp expression on her face, relaxed her expression for a moment, but then immediately tightened it and tried to approach me.

 ”Mmm, mmm, I’m not overreacting……”

 Rikka, who had been lying face down, raised her head and shivered, her eyes shining with tears.

 ”I’m not overreacting! And it’s on Yuka-sama orders! You’re the one who disobeying Yuka-sama’s orders!”

 Rikka’s eyes widened and she glared at Tamamushi and shouted angrily.


 Tamamushi, who was about to approach me, shouted in disappointment and sat back down.


 ”Y, y, yes…….”

 Yuka lightly pushed me back and Rikka shakily approached me.

 What is Yuka trying to get Rikka to do? Tamamushi is very depressed. Is it okay to leave it alone?

 Anyway, looking at it like this, Rikka is really young. No one would have guessed from her appearance that she would be able to exert so much power with such a small body.

 It’s a fraud in a way.

 ”Oh, and ……, if you get mad at what I’m about to say, please scold me a lot.”

 Rikka, who looked terribly frightened, whispered in a muffled voice, her young body trembling slightly, her eyes shaking as if she was about to cry.

 What the hell did Yuka say? I don’t think Yuka would have said anything so terrible.

 ”Oh, um, well, um, ……”

 Rikka stuttered and struggled to speak, and then she cleared her throat, probably from nervousness. And then…

 ”O, o, o, oni, oni, oni…….”

 Oni? Are you trying to tell me that I’m an ogre? Yuka, that’s a very accurate description.

 But so what?

 ”O, onii-chan”


 I couldn’t help but widen my eyes at the sound of Rikka’s muffled voice.


 She was on the verge of crying, but this time she said the words clearly, and her face was turning bright red. And then…

 ”Awawawaaw! How rude of me!”

 The fiery red Rikka screamed with tears in her eyes and tried to run away from the scene.

 If it was a normal Rikka, she would have fled at an unseen speed. But her knees buckled and she fell to the ground with a thud.

 ”Oh, oh, oh,……, how rude I was to my master…….”

 She was crying and crawling on the bed, desperately trying to escape. However, her body doesn’t seem to be moving as fast as she would like and she is just flailing around on the spot.


 I let out a sigh at the voice I heard, and scratched my head.

 I looked at her and saw Yuka smiling at me.

 Big brother, huh?

 ”Why should I regret that my sister calls me brother?”

 When I said this, Rikka, who had been struggling on the bed, stopped her movements.

 ”Or what? You don’t think of me as your brother? I’ve told you many times that I consider you to be my real family. And now you think it’s rude to call me your brother? That’s even more rude.”

 At my words, Rikka got up and looked at me with a fiery red face.

 ”O, Onii-chan!

 And then, almost in tears, she shouted.

 It’s okay.

 ”You know? I told you that I would never get angry, didn’t I? In fact, Mota-kun wants to be called onii-chan by Rikka-chan.”

 Yuka looked at me sideways and chuckled.

 ”Yuka is right.”

 When I muttered with a sigh, Rikka, who had been staring at me, began to tremble. And then….



 But Tamamushi, who had been silent until then, raised her voice.

 Rikka glared at Tamamushi, while Tamamushi snorted and smirked.

 It’s seems to be so much fun that it seems to be the purpose of life for Tamamushi to aggravate Rokka.

 The two of them shuddered at the same time as a sudden dry sound echoed.

 Yuka clapped her hands.

 Yuka looked at them with a smirk, and they gave her a twitchy smile.

 ”Yes, well, let’s have you two play to see who’s the real sister.”



 When they heard Yuka’s words, they both shouted at the same time and turned to face each other.

 ”I’ll explain the rules then.”

 Yuka held up the index finger of her right hand and raised her voice with pride and pride.

 They were staring at each other, but when they sat back down, they both sat upright and looked at Yuka with a serious expression.

 ”I’m going to ask you two to choose the role between sister or girlfriend. The sister will be adored, but you will not be getting his cocks in her. But, the girlfriend will have to watch Mota-kun loving on her sister, but she will get his cock in her instead. Now, which one do you choose?”

 Yuka explained, holding up the index finger of her right hand.

 After listening to the explanation, they looked at each other and stared at each other.

 ”I want to be sister!”

 ”I want to be a girlfriend!”

 The two raise their voices at the same time.

 ”I’ll never lose to you! I’m going to be a great sister!”

 ”I’m the one who will win! I’ll never lose to you! I’m going to be a great girlfriend and make Suzuhara fall in love with me!”

 Yuka giggled when she saw the two of them glaring at each other and raising their voices.

 Her sister would love her, but she wouldn’t let him insert his cock.

 Her girlfriend can get his cock in her, but she can only watch with her fingers in her mouth as her sister gets adored in front of her.


 ”Shall we get on with the game then?”

 Yuka said, clapping her hands together.



 Both of them looked at me at the same time as they replied to Yuka’s words.

 ”Then the girlfriend should get on all fours. The sister, please sit across her back.”



 After receiving Yuka’s instructions, the two of them nodded loudly in reply, and immediately began to act.

 Tamamushi crawling on all fours on the bed, and Rikka sitting on top of Tamamushi’s back.

 What’s this?

 Am I supposed to be loving Rikka, who is sitting on top of Tamamushi’s back, while I’m fucking Tamamushi on all fours from behind?

 I have a few questions.

 Yuka said it was a match, but how do I decide who wins?

 Neither of them seemed to realize it, but although Yuka said it was a game, she didn’t mention anything about winning or losing.

 In the first place, what are they going to compete in if they are divided into sister and girlfriend?

 No, the reason why Yuka suggested the game was to make them feel like it. And Rikka is happy as long as she is treated as a younger sister, even if she doesn’t get a dick in her. Tamamushi just wants a cock. She took advantage of both of their desires and guided them.

 This way, Rikka wouldn’t be depressed when I fucked her, and Tamamushi wouldn’t complain when I loved her.

 In short, it’s all worked out.

 With that in mind, I looked at Yuka with a furtive glance, and she snapped one eye shut and giggled. Marina, who had sent Yuka here because she thought Yuka would be able to organize things well, and Yuka, who had answered Marina’s expectations with flying colors.

 The commander and her assistant.

 I’m starting to feel sorry for the guys who will have to fight against our troops with these two at the top.

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