Xray 129

Chapter 129

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 I unbuckled the belt of my pants, took out my cock, and got down on my knees in front of Tamamushi’s ass, which was on all fours.

 ”Goshu…… O, Onii-chan♡”

 Rikka, who was sitting astride Tamamushi’s waist, looked at me with moist red eyes and raised her sweet voice. And then she shyly flushed her cheeks.

 I guess she’s not comfortable calling me onii-chan. But Rikka’s bewilderment and embarrassment turns me on.

 Also, I found out when I got down on my knees in front of Tamamushi’s ass that this was a perfect position.

 I’m on my knees, and Rikka is sitting across Tamamushi’s waist, and our eyes are at the same height. In other words, I could use Tamamushi’s pussy while keeping eye contact with Rikka.

 From now on, I can poke and prod Tamamushi’s pussy and make love to Rikka as much as I want.

 I glanced at Yuka, and she caught my gaze and giggled.

 I wondered if she had arranged the two of them for this to happen.

 In front of me is Rikka’s face, with her boyish short-cut gray hair parted to the side and pinned up with hairpins. And right in front of my cock is the ass of Tamamushi who wearing a dress.

 This is good, because it means that I can use Tamamushi’s cunt while I’m thrusting and loving on Rokka.

 I glanced at Yuka, and she caught my gaze and giggled.


 This is good.

 I grinned and flipped up Tamamushi’s skirt.

 I smiled and flipped up Tamamushi’s skirt, revealing her translucent white thighs and the underwear that covered her ass. I put my hand on the underwear and pulled it down.

 ”Aww ♡♡!

 Tamamushi let out a sweet voice and her ass quivered.

 The hairless crack that was exposed was twitching and twitching, dripping with lewd juices. The asshole visible above it was tight, but twitching.

 She just couldn’t get enough of his cock. She was so wet, it would be no problem to stick my cock inside her.

 But just in case, I decided to check the inside with my fingers.

 I placed the index finger of my right hand on the hole, which was dripping with pussy juice, and tried to push it in with all the strength I had in my arm. But as soon as I put a little pressure on my arm, my finger was swallowed into the hole as if it were being sucked in.


 My finger is swallowed into her pussy, and she lets out a sweet scream, her ass bouncing and jiggling.

 A hole that tightens tightly.

 The hole, slick with pussy juice, easily swallowed my finger down to the base, but it was so tight that the walls wrapped around my finger and sucked on it. The walls of my finger were so tight that they pushed and sucked on my finger.

 I could not pull my finger out of her with a light pull of my arm.

 It’s an unbearable pussy.

 I put all my strength into my arms, but my fingers wouldn’t move.

 When I put more pressure on my arm, I heard a slurping sound.

 It was as if I was forcibly pulling off a suction cup.

 That’s how tight and absorbent it is.

 ”Hmm♡ Ahhh♡”

 The sweet scream that echoed and the twitching of her ass. And then the squirt from the urethra.

 The flesh walls tighten up, twisting and trying to absorb, but due to the large amount of man juice, my finger slips out.

 My finger slipped out, and the hole that had been swallowing my finger tightened up.

 ”Ah♡ Ah♡”

 Tamamushi hips twitched, and she let out a sweet but sad cry of regret.

 ”I want Suzuhara’s thick, hard, long cock in me, not his fingers.”

 She couldn’t hold back anymore, probably because of the finger play. Tamamushi begging for my cock with a sweet and sorrowful voice.

 Well, don’t be in such a hurry. I’ll make sure I thrust deep into you.

 With that in mind, I slapped Tamamushi on the ass.

 ”It’s good ♡ More ♡ Hit me more ♡ I want to be pounded in the back while being pounded in the ass. I wanted to be pounded while being spanked ♡.”

 Tamamushi, dripping with pussy juice and shaking her ass from side to side, begged me to spank her more.

 I slapped her ass as a way of telling her to calm down, but even that seemed to give her pleasure.


 When I looked up at the faint voice I heard, I saw Rikka lying on her face, her ears red with embarrassment.

 Rikka seems depressed when I was holding Tamamushi.

 I’ll take good care of her, so don’t feel so down.

 ”Rikka, pull up your hoodie and put the hem in your mouth.”

 ”Yes, yes!”

 But when I called out to her, she looked up and replied with vigor. Then she hurriedly rolled up her hoodie and held it in her mouth.

 As she pulled up her hoodie, her large, swaying breasts were exposed. The light pink nipples at the top of her snow-white tits were so erect that they looked like they were about to burst.

 The big tits were disproportionate to the young Rikka, and the erect nipples were too obscene.

 Rikka is the strongest single rider, but her body is unmistakbly female.

 Or should I say “bitch”?

 ”Rikka, I’ll play with your nipples. You go play with your pussy by yourself. And then masturbate to me when I fucking Tamamushi as side dish. I’ll also masturbate to you when I see your play. Do you understand? I’m going to masturbate to you as side dish.”

 When I asked this to Rikka, Rikka, who was sucking on the hem of her hoodie, trembled as her cheeks colored and her eyes moistened. She nodded again and again. Then suddenly, Rikka started to twitch.

 She seemed to have come just from the words I said to her that I would make you my side dish.

 ”I can’t wait for you to penetrate me ♡ I don’t care what it is, just poke me in the back with something hard ♡”

 As she was being left, Tamamushi was shaking her ass and begging to be fucked.

 She can’t seem to think about anything but my cock anymore.

 I put the tip of my cock to her pussy, which was covered with her juices, and thrust my hips forward.

 The flesh hole made an obscene sound and easily swallowed my cock.

 ”It’s coming, ahhhhh ♡ Hmmm ahhhhh ♡ Just poke the back uhmmm ♡.”

 As the cock is thrust into her pussy, her ass twitches violently, and she squirts out a stream from her urethra, begging to be gouged.

 She seems to have climaxed profusely just from being penetrated, but she is greedy for more pleasure.

 But it’s an amazing pussy. She easily swallowed my cock to the root, as if dragging it in, but it was not loose. On the contrary, it was so tight that it would never let go again, and the swollen, juice-soaked walls sucked at me like a suction cup.

 I’ve fucked Tamamushi many times, but it was clearly different from the cunt I’d fucked before. Her cunt seems to be evolving more and more.

 Tamamushi is an insect user. It’s a different kind of thing, one that is distinctly different from ordinary humans.

 Maybe it’s changing its body in order to fascinate me and make me fuck it.

 But whatever the case, it’s an unbearable meat hole.

 ”Let’s get started.”

 With my cock in her cunt to the base, I looked up and asked Rikka if she was ready.

 Rikka nodded, extending her hand into her crotch while making her ears bright red, and she grabbed the crotch part of her black hot pants with her left hand, she slipped sideways.

 The hairless crack was exposed, dripping pussy juice as lewd as an egg beetle. Rikka put her right hand on the crack and opened it with her fingers.

 The exposed salmon-pink flesh walls were shiny and slippery from the overflowing man juice, and the hole was twitching obscenely as it overflowed with man juice.

 Rikka, who had been using her left hand to slide the crotch of her hot pants to the side, brought the fingers of her left hand together and pointed them at the twitching hole.

 ”Nkuu ♡”

 She moaned sweetly as she sucked on the hem of her hoodie, her red eyes staring at me.

 Five fingers began to enter her crotch.

 She put a lot of pressure on her arm and started to push her five fingers into the hole.

 The five fingers forced the small hole open and penetrated inside.

 It seemed impossible to insert five fingers into the small hole of the young Rokka. However, as a body-strengthening beastman with the special ability of super-healing, Rikka would not break so easily. Even if she did, it wouldn’t be much of a problem.

 The moment the first joint of the five fingers was swallowed, reaching the second joint and then the thickest part of the fist, while making a merry and painful sound.

 ”Nkuu ♡”

 All of her fist were swallowed inside the hole, making a noise.

 ”Fuh ♡ Fuh ♡ Fuh ♡”

 Rikka, who spewed sweat from the flushed whole body and leaked a hot and rough sigh from the gap in the mouth holding a hoodie, cummed herself, and spewed squid from the urethra. Then, staring at me with debauched eyes, she played with her clitoris with the fingers of her right hand.

 I told her to masturbate, but I didn’t expect her to start masturbating to a fist-fuck.

 Was it possible that Rikka had built up a lot of cum too?

 ”Please fast ♡ Please squeeze it quickly ♡ It’s hard when being left unattended, such as not moving with it inserted ♡”

 With my cock still in her cunt, Tamamushi urged me to fuck her quickly.

 Calm down.

 I slapped her ass with a powerful slap.

 ”Ahii ♡ More ♡ Hit me harder ♡ And squeeze the back violently ♡”

 This guy is no good. Slapping her ass didn’t calm her down, it only made her even more excited.

 The only way to calm her down is to thrust hard and satisfy her to a certain extent.

 I looked back at her and pinched her left and right nipples with the fingers of both hands.

 ”Nfuuuu ♡♡♡♡”

  Rikka, whose nipples were mercilessly crushed with my fingers, quivered and sighed hot and rough, drooled from the edge of her lips. Then, when staring at me with her debauched red eyes, she rubbed her clitoris vigorously with the fingers of her right hand and began to move her fist inside her pussy.

 I tugged on her nipple and used the recoil to thrust my hips out and gouge the back of Tamamushi’s womb.



 A sweet moan and a sweet scream echoed simultaneously.

 I’m ready.

 Now, let’s enjoy the fist-fuck masturbation of Rikka with her cunt.

 With that thought in mind, I tugged on Rikka’s nipples and used the reaction to start shaking my hips vigorously.

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