Xray 130

Chapter 130

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 Every time my hips slammed against it, a dry, panting sound echoed. The sound is mixed with the sound of the watery sound of slapping.

 ”Sughoi ♡ Sughoi ♡ Shugoi it’s poke my inside ♡♡♡♡”

 Tamamushi is being mercilessly poked and prodded to the very back of its womb, and tightly clenched. The pussy-juice-soaked in the hole, and she is screaming with pleasure as it jerks and twitches her hips.

 I want to poke her to death until she passes out, but her cunt is so incredible that I don’t think she’ll last that long.


 ”Nuu ♡ Nuuuu ♡ Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♡”

 When I poke Tamamushi’s pussy, I’m jiggling and pulling on Rikka’s nipples as she sits on the Tamamushi’s waist, but Rikka is also in the middle of fist-fucking masturbation.

 Rikka is sucking the hem of her rolled-up hoodie into her mouth to expose her breasts, and she is moving her right fist, which she has plunged into her cunt, wildly, and rubbing her clit with her left hand.

 I get excited by seeing Rokka’s intense masturbation, and I poke Tamamushi’s pussy as much as I want, which is also too good for her.

 It’s no wonder she ends up cumming so quickly.

 But even though I had a fair amount of experience, I never expected to last more than five minutes.


 I threw up and pulled Rokka’s nipple to the point where it snapped and used the rebound to pounded out the innermost part of Tamamushi’s pussy.

 ”Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♡”


 Two sweet cries echoed simultaneously.

 Next, I poured my semen into Tamamushi’s womb.

 It felt great, but I still not satisfied with it.

 Should I have doped myself by taking Tamamushi’s pills?

 I should have taken some Tamamushi pills to dope myself up, but it was dangerous because it made me temporarily impotent and I didn’t know if the next use would cure my impotence.

 It would be a disaster if it made me impotent even though it says there is little time left.

 ”Ahii ♡ Nhii ♡ My ♡ My womb is hot ♡ More ♡ Poke more violently ♡ And pour more and more hot into my womb ♡”

 Still unsatisfied, Tamamushi shakes her ass, and begging me to fuck her more.

 I’d love to fuck her too, but once a man climaxed, it takes a while to recover.

 I’m sure Yuka would be able to recover instantly my dick with her superior skills and seductive gestures that tickle a man’s heart, but it’s impossible to expect that from these two.

 Wait a minute.

 In front of me, there’s Rikka, her nipples are pulled tightly by me, but she’s shoving her fist into her own pussy, and she’s convulsing with her eyes rolling up.


 I called out to Rikka and she looked at me with her eyes wide open.

 ”Take the hem of your hoodie away from your mouth.”

 I ordered her to do so, and she opened her mouth, breathing hard. The hem of her hoodie which she had been sucking on slipped from her mouth.

 ”Stick out your tongue”

 I commanded further, and Rikka obeyed my order and stuck out her tongue.

 Let’s get Rikka to help me recover my cock.

 With that in mind, I pulled even harder on Rikka’s nipples, which were twitching.

 ”Ohhhhhhhhhh ♡♡♡”

 Rikka opened her mouth and let out a sweet scream with her tongue sticking out, and then she slumped down towards me.

 At the same time, I also fell forward, so Rikka’s lips overlapped mine and my tongue invaded her mouth.


 Rikka’s eyes widened, and she quickly tried to pull her lips away. But, I pulled on her nipple, preventing her from moving away.

 I’m sure she thinks it’s disrespectful to her master to have her lips on mine.

 Rikka must have been convinced by the fact that when I pulled on her nipples to stop her from running away. Her body suddenly relaxed, and her eyes, which had been wide open, melted.

 Rikka, who is more loyal than anyone else, seems to think it is impolite to lay her lips on her master’s, but the truth is that she loves to kiss.

 In Rikka’s case, she would rather seek a kiss than s*x.

 That’s why, when I entwine my tongue with hers like this――.

 I put my lips on top of hers, pulling on her nipples, and tangling my tongue with Rokuhana’s tongue, making an obscene gurgling water sound.

 ”Hmm ♡ hmmm ♡ hmmm ♡ hmmm ♡ hmmm ♡ hmmmmmmm ♡”

 The movements of her fist in her pussy and her fingers which rubbing her clitoris had completely stopped.

 It seems that she was so happy to be kissed by me that she climaxed wildly from it.

 She’s a cute girl.

 ”What’s that obscene sound? What’s with the little girl’s sweet voice? What are you doing on top of me? Are you two having a good time while excluding me? You little bitch!”

 The sound of water entwining tongues and Rikka’s sweet panting caused Tamamushi to respond with a frenzied shake of her hips and a desperate cry of disapproval.

 And then, there was a high-pitched beeping sound.

 I looked in the direction of the sound as I flicked my tongue with Rikka.

 Yuka was sitting on the bed with a whistle in her mouth and her right hand raised in the air.

 ”Tamamushi-chan, points deducted!”

 Yuka released the whistle in her mouth and raised her voice.

 ”W, what?”

 Tamamushi cried out in astonishment as she was told of her point deduction.

 ”It’s the sister’s privilege to be adored! Your privilege is to be able to stick his cock in yours! Tamamushi-chan tried to infringe on Rikka-chan’s privilege while firmly using hers! Therefore, points will be deducted!”

 With a crisp expression on her face, Yuka raised her voice and put the whistle in her mouth again, blowing it with a pitter-patter.

 ”T, That’s right…., it’s been deducted from my score. I’m screwed……”

 It must have been quite a shock to get a point deduction. Because, it makes her stopped shaking her ass.

 Yuka said it was a point reduction, but she didn’t explain at all what it would do.

 She said it was a point deduction, but in reality, it was probably just a way to stop Tamamushi from going out of control.


 ”Ahh♡ Ahh♡”

 Tamamushi, who had been depressed, suddenly bounces her ass and lets out a sweet cry.

 My cock, which had been withering a bit while stuck in Tamamushi’s cunt, suddenly raised up.

 Because The sight of such a healthy Rikka who just cum from kiss, excited me and ignited my s*xual desire.

 ”It’s so big ♡ Inside me ♡ Please poke me so hard ♡ Please ♡ Ah ♡ Hurry up ♡ I want it to hit me so hard ♡ Please kill me ♡”

 As my cock came back to life, the depressed Tamamushi also came back to life, screaming sweetly and shaking her ass.

 I’ve already cum once, you know. It’ll last a long time this time. Besides――

 Marina had warned me about this, but I still activated my ability.

 This may be the last time I’ll be able to take care of these guys.

 So, I’m not going to give anything away.

 By activating my ability, my blind spots in all directions disappeared. I focused my attention on Tamamushi’s cunt, and I could see the inside of her cunt where my cock was fully inserted.

 Now, what was the weak point of her cunt?

 There it is. She kept telling me to poke her deep inside. The weak point of a Tamamushi’s cunt is concentrated in the back, isn’t it? Because it’s concentrated there, even if I poke them randomly, I will be stimulate her weak points, which is why she get hooked on the pleasure of being poked in the back.

 However, the weak point is as small as a needle hole, and unless I stimulate it with pinpoint accuracy, she will not get the true pleasure. That’s why it’s hard to hit the weak spot if I just poke it randomly. But with my ability, I can definitely cut out the center of the weak point.

 I also searched for Rikka’s weakness, and found a weakness in her nipple just right. I’m still pulling on her nipple, but the part I’m pinching is slightly off from the weak point.

 I grinned and placed my fingers on the weak spot and clawed at the nipple.

 ”Mmmm ♡”

 Rokka’s eyes widened and she shuddered violently.

 I pinched her nipples hard enough to shred them.


 Rikka’s eyes fluttered open and she thrust her tongue into my mouth. Then she started to spasm and squirt all over the place.

 Rikka, I’m sorry you’re cumming so spectacularly, but I’m going to have to make use of your nipples. I’m going to pull your nipples to the point of tearing them in order to thrust hard my cock into the Tamamushi’s cunt.

 ”What are you doing ♡ Hurry up and poke me♡ Or is Suzuhara just this kind of man♡ That he can’t satisfy me♡ It’s a funny story♡”

 I’m sure she’s pissed off because I can’t get her to poke her even though my dick is back, and she’s urging me on.

 I guess she thinks that if she pisses me off, I can really poke her to death.

 It’s quite difficult to kill Tamamushi, though.

 After all, she’s the kind of thing that won’t die even if I cut off all her limbs and chop off her head.

 If that’s the case, I’m going to give you such a pleasant sensation that your spirit will die. I will relentlessly pounded her weak points.

 Let’s see, let’s get on with it.

 I just barely pinched at the weak point of Rikka’s nipple and pulled them mercilessly. Then using the reaction, I thrust my glans into the weak spot of Tamamushi’s cunt.

 ”~Tsu ♡”

 ”~Tsu ♡”

 It was like the calm before the storm. The two of them stiffened their entire bodies like stones. And then–

 ”Nnnggggghhhh ♡”

 ”Aaaahhhhhhhh ♡”

 Rikka moaned wildly as she kissed me, and Tamamushi roared wildly as she was gouged in the deepest part of her cunt.

 Rikka, who can’t stop the squirting, and Tamamushi, whose cunt is so tight that it eats away at my cock.

 I pushed my hips back and pulled my cock out of Tamamushi’s cunt with a slurp, then I pulling Rikka’s nipples with a jerk and using the recoil to poke Tamamushi’s weak spot again.

 ”Nnnggggghhhh ♡”

 ”I’m dying ♡ I’m dying ♡ I’m dying ♡ I’m dying ♡ I’m sorry ♡”

  Rikka was fine, but Tamamushi who had been stirring me up was already upset.

 I had already cum once, so it was going to be a long time before I could cum again.

 I’m sorry, Tamamushi, but you’re going to have to stay with me, or rather, thrust you, until I cum.

 Oh, and if you pass out, don’t worry, I’ll still use you…

 I grinned at the thought and pulled my hips back, pulling Rikka’s nipples tightly as I pounded away, gouging Tamamushi’s weak spot mercilessly.

 ”Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh ♡”

 Rikka is just climaxed hard even though her nipples are being pinched and pulled to shreds. In contrast, Tamamushi――

 ”Cumming ♡ Cumming ♡ I’m cumming ♡ I’m dying ♡ dying ♡ I’m sorry ♡ I’m sorrwye ♡”

 The ability allows me to see the face of Tamamushi being raped from behind on all fours, begging for forgiveness with her eyes rolling up, tongue sticking out, drooling and even sniffling.

 ”Ooohhhh ♡”

 As I pounded at her weak spot, her body stiffened like a stone and her cunt tightened abnormally as she squirted and squirted.

 She seemed to have fainted, but she seemed still cumming while fainting.

 Her cunt was so tight that I felt like my dick was going to tear off, but thanks to the tremendous amount of pussy juice, I was able to shake my hips without any problem.

 She was on all fours, stiffening and fainting, but I still continued to pound away at her weak spot.

 ”Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♡”

 Tamamushi bounced her hips and roared as she remembered.

 Although she was passed out, her weaknesses had been pounded out and she had regained consciousness again.

 Oh, you poor thing.

 I’m going to poke her even harder.

 While intertwining my tongue with the white-eyed Rokka’s, I pulled her nipples tightly and pounded out the innermost part of Tamamushi.

 A wild assault on a weak point.

 The weak point of Tamamushi cunt is concentrated in her innermost part. So, each time I hit her deepest part, I poked a different weak point.

 ”Oooohhhh ♡”

 Her whole body went rigid as a stone and she squirted and squirted and squirted again then her voice cut off like a thread.

 ”Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♡”

 But soon the roaring resumes.

 ”Oooohhhh ♡”

 Another interruption.

 She seems to be passing out and waking up repeatedly because of the crazy pleasure.

 What do you think, Tamamushi, are you satisfied? Hmm? Still not enough? Well, then I’ll keep thrusting harder and harder.

 I need to make sure she knows what happens when she stirs me up.

 After that, I continued thrusting Tamamushi’s pussy, watching her repeatedly faint and get aroused, and eventually ejaculated three times without pulling out.

 After I was done fucking Tamamushi, I pulled my cock out of her pussy, who was stiff, white eyed, and fainting on all fours.

 The glans fell out with a gurgling sound, leaving the cunt gaping open.

 It was so open that I could see her cervix even without using my ability, but not a drop of my semen leaked out.

 I used my ability to check it, and it seems that she was able to absorb my semen properly.

 With this, my mission to fuck Tamamushi was complete.

 Then there was only Rokka left.

 I ejaculated a total of four times, so I won’t be able to ejaculate for a while, but I’ll pamper her in return.

 I heard that younger sisters have the privilege of being pampered.

 I thought so, but Rikka, who was sitting on top of Tamamushi’s waist, had fainted as well as Tamamushi.

 She was sitting there with her fist in her cunt, her eyes rolling up and twitching.

 I let out a sigh of relief and grabbed Rikka’s right hand and pulled it out.

 She didn’t move very much, but when I put some force into it, the fist that had been inserted into her pussy started to move. Then, with a gurgling sound, the fist slipped out, pulling a lewd string.

 Rikka’s cunt opened up even more than Tamamushi’s, but it quickly returned to normal.

 She is always on super recovery.

 With Rikka in my arms, I decided to get some sleep.

 There’s still time, and I’m tired as expected. Let’s rest with Rikka as my pillow.

 So, Marina, please wake me up when the time comes.

 I asked that in my mind.

 ――I told you not to use your abilities as much as possible. You’re such an idiot.

 I can hear Marina’s voice.

 Yes, yes, I’m sorry.

 After hearing Marina’s reply, I thought it was okay to go to sleep, so I tried to lie down on the bed with Rikka.

 I was about to lie down on the bed with Rikka, when my eyes met Yuka’s.

 Yuka shivered and quickly pulled out her right hand, which was inside her skirt, and smiled while her ears turned bright red.

 I knew that Yuka had been masturbating while watching us do it for quite some time, because when I use my ability, I get information from all directions in my brain.

 But I didn’t say anything.

 Yuka didn’t seem to have any intention of interfering with our activities, and I thought that if I didn’t pay attention to her, I would annoy her.

 ”Do you want to sleep with me?”

 I asked Yuka, who was burning red, and she nodded her head, fidgeting shyly. Then she came closer to me, sitting on the bed in a girl’s position.

 I got down on all fours on the bed, left Tamamushi passed out stiffly, and the three of us lay down on the bed.

 ”Do you want to cum?”

 I asked Yuka, who was lying close to me, and she, still red as ever, grabbed my arm with both hands and nodded her head.

 With the three of us under the futon, it would normally be impossible to see Yuka’s body. But with my ability, it was no problem.

 I reached my right hand to Yuka’s crotch in the futon, slipped my right hand inside her skirt, and inserted it further into her underwear. Then I thrust two fingers into Yuka’s juice-soaked hole and scratched the walls of her flesh as if I were scratching a weak spot.

 The obscene sound of water echoed from inside the futon, “Nuchu, guchu”

 Yuka, clinging to my right arm, stared at me with a fiery red face and cummed several times, killing her voice.

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