Xray 131

Chapter 131

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 I hear a voice in the distance.


 I’ve heard that voice many times, but I don’t know who it is. I can’t remember, but my heart feels strangely warm.

 ”Suzuhara-san! It’s time! Please wake up!”

 The voice that I heard clearly reminded me.

 Oh, right, I was asleep.

 That’s right, I couldn’t move.

 When I opened my eyes, my vision was blurry and I couldn’t see much.

 I frowned at the blurry vision and blinked a few times to check my surroundings.

 My vision came into focus and I could see Rikka’s sleeping face up close.

 She was hugging me tightly and breathing soundly with a loose face.

 I looked the other way and saw Yuka’s face, also very close.

 She was hugging me tightly and breathing soundly in her sleep.

 I wondered if the reason I couldn’t move was because Rikka and Yuka were hugging me from both sides.

 When I looked in front of me, I saw Marina’s face.

 Marina was on all fours on the bed, looking into my face.


 ”Not “yo”! It doesn’t matter how many times I wake you up, you won’t wake up! It’s time to go!”

 Marina, looking very angry, shouted angrily as she glared at me.

 How many times have you woken me up? I didn’t notice that at all. It seems that I was very tired.

 ”Is it time?”

 ”Yes, it is”

 Marina nodded in response to my question, glaring at me.

 So it’s time.

 It was a short time, but Tamamushi’s house was comfortable.

 I wonder how many times I laughed here.

 I think I laughed more in the short time I spent in this house than I have in the ten years I’ve lived on my house.

 In short, it was fun.

 But I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to come back here again.


 Marina, who was staring at me, called my name with a worried expression.

 Oh, that’s right. She can read minds.

 It’s really a tricky ability.

 ”Where’s Tamamushi?”

 ”She was lying hard on the bed, so I took her to the basement. Now she’s awake and preparing with Nanafushi.”

 ”What should I do?”

 ”Suzuhara-san and Rikka-chan will follow Tamamushi-chan and Nanafushi-chan who are ahead of us. Rikka-chan doesn’t need any defensive equipment, so she can just prepare her weapon. Suzuhara-san is physically weak, so I’ll make sure you’re well equipped.”

 I felt relieved when I saw Marina looking at me as she spoke.

 I”ll leave it to Marina.

 ”What time is it?”

 ”It’s 10:50 at night. The designated time is midnight, so I’ll have Tamamushi-chan and Nanafushi-chan head for their destination soon. Tamamushi-chan and I will communicate with each other, and depending on the situation, Suzuhara-san and the others will also start their activities. We don’t have much time left.”

 It was already eleven in the evening. I must have slept a lot.

 ”Where are Asahina and Hizuki?”

 ”Asahina-san, Hizuki-chan and Kazehana-chan are in the living room. I told them to stay in the living room on Suzuhara-san’s orders. As expected, Asahina-san obediently listened to me when I mentioned Suzuhara-san’s name. I’m sure she’ll be quiet until tomorrow morning or so”

 ”I see”

 Asahina was the biggest source of anxiety for me, but it seems that Marina did everything right.

 There is no problem with Rikka, as long as she is equipped with the machete that Tamamushi gave her, then all I have to do is get ready.

 ”Please take care Yuka”

 ”Then who’s going to protect me?”

 Marina’s lips twitched in a grimace as she looked at my request.


 ”Even if Suzuhara-san doesn’t ask me to, I’ll always protect Yuka-san. She’s my best friend.”

 When I asked again, Marina smiled and answered.

 It will help. Yuka is invincible in her abilities, but she has a weak heart.

 ”Once she starts moving, there is no stopping her”

 Marina, who had been smiling, tightened her expression and muttered.

 ”Oh, I’m sure you’re right”

 It depends on how the other party goes about it, but if this one is a trap, it will probably turn into a battle. If that happens, there’s no stopping her.

 Before our information is exposed to the other party, we have to run up to the other party’s leader at once.



 ”Can I kiss you……?”

 Marina’s eyes moistened as she said this, and when she closed her eyes, she brought her face to mine.

 The moist, sweet feeling on her lips.

 I let my lips lightly touch hers and Marina pulled her face away.

 ”Am I a good woman?”

 Marina asks with a smile and a tilt of her head.

 ”When I first met you, I was pissed off and thought you were a cheap woman, but now, well, you’ re a good woman”

 When I replied that, Marina was pissed off, but then she giggled.

 ”Would you like to hold me more?”

 ”I like your big, useless tits, you know.”

 ”Then make sure you come back alive.”

 ”I’ve got Rikka by my side. I can’t die even if I wanted to. Rikka is the strongest.”

 Marina smiled sadly as I answered that.

 I went down to the basement with Rikka and changed into the combat clothes that Tamamushi had prepared for me.

 A black jacket and pants that looked like they were made of leather.

 Painted on the back was a spider web. The other guys’ uniforms had spider webs and spiders on them, but mine had a mantis on the back.

 The other guys’ crests seem to represent Tamamushi’s hometown and family, but Tamamushi told me that mine is the one that Makiri was carrying.

 Makiri. She was probably the same as me, an insect user who died in the middle of her dream after gathering her friends to challenge Kudan in battle.

 Nanafushi told me that I was a lot like her. She was selfish, devious, and selfish.

 It’s just like me, he said, in that I’m selfish, devilish, and despise my own life.

 I was surprised at how easy it was to wear, even though I heard that this combat suit could withstand heavy weapons fire.

 ”It’s light and easy to move around in, maybe Rikka should wear it too?”

 I asked Rikka, who was wearing a black hoodie and black hot pants.

 ”I’ll be fine with this.”

 Rikka looked up at me and put her right hand behind her back. She pulled out the large knife Tamamushi had given her and showed it to me.

 It’s a huge, thick blade that shines brightly and dully.

 It was hard to break, but it was heavy.

 But that’s why it’s something that can withstand Rikka’s physical strength, and it’s also something that can show off Rikka’s power to the fullest.

 ”I see.”

 I nodded, put on my black boots, and put on my black gloves as well. Then I put on the black bag that Tamamushi had prepared for me.

 In the bag, I have my weapons and tools.

 These are things that I, a physically normal person, can handle. I don’t know if it will work against a psychic, but it’s better than nothing.

 ”Now, let’s go.”


 Rikka replied to my call.

 When I started walking, Rikka followed suit.

 When I walked out the door, I saw Marina standing there in the dark. Ahead of her, I saw Tamamushi and Nanafushi riding a giant spider.

 ”We’re going with Hecho. Suzuhara and the others should follow us on Gunso. Hecho and Gunso will know each other’s location.” (Note : The spider that assault the delinquent back in the factory)

 As Tamamushi said this, a giant spider appeared noiselessly on the wall of the house.

 The spider was bigger than the spider Tamamushi and her friends were riding.

 Tamamushi said that spiders were not strong enough to fight, but if it was that big, it would be a threat.

 However, they are only a threat from a human point of view.

 ”Well, we’re going on ahead. This may be the last time I see you, so I have something to tell you Suzuhara.”

 Tamamushi, who was riding a giant spider, looked down at me and spoke up.

 ”When our business is done, please go back to the back of the room.”

 Nanafushi, who was behind Tamamushi, turned her gaze and Marina turned her face away, her cheeks flushing.

 I wondered what Tamamushi was going to say with a straight face, but as expected of her, she didn’t disappoint.

 ”Oh, okay.”

 I nodded, and Tamamushi, who had been keeping a straight face, gave me a carefree smile.

 ”Let’s go, Hecho!”

 With her call, the giant spider began to move without a sound.

 As the spider changed direction, I could see the backs of Tamamushi and Nanafushi riding on top of the spider.

 Nanafushi was wearing her normal clothes, but Tamamushi was wearing her battle suit. Painted on their backs were a pink spider web and a spider.

 Tamamushi was excited when she said that she only wore pink because it was cute.

 Tamamushi wanted “friends” more than anyone else. That’s why…


 I shouted, and the spider stopped moving. The spider stopped moving, and Nanafushi and Tamamushi looked back.

 ”Your master is an idiot. So take care of her.”

 When I spoke to Nanafushi, Tamamushi’s eyes widened and Nanafushi giggled.

 ”I don’t want to lose my master again, you know.”

 When Nanafushi says so, she laughing. Then, Nanafushi patted Tamamushi’s shoulder, who looked even more grim and pouted her lips.

 ”Hmm, I’m an idiot anyway.”

 She muttered sullenly with pouting lips, signaling to the spider.

 The spider began to move again, but without a sound, it instantly disappeared into the darkness.

 ”It’s started, hasn’t it?”

 Marina muttered to herself after watching the spiders disappear into the darkness.

 A cold night breeze blew and shook Marina’s chestnut-colored hair.

 Oh, it’s started, hasn’t it?

 I stroked Rikka’s head as I answered Marina in my mind.

 If they are against us, we will show no mercy.

 ”I agree with you. We’re fighting for our lives so that we can come back here.”

 She must have read my mind. When Marina saw me, she raised her voice.

 Her eyes were sharp, her expression stern, and her voice cold to the point of chilling.

 Kukuku, after all, Marina is a scary woman.

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