Xray 132

Chapter 132

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 Fifteen minutes had passed since Tamamushi and the others had left, and Rikka and I were about to leave as well.

 According to Marina, who is in contact with Tamamushi through Denshin, there are no problems at the moment. (Denshin = telepathy)

 But we’ll never know from this point.

 If this was a trap, then the enemy’s intention was definitely to divide us.

 Assuming that the enemy knows the details of our abilities, the first thing they would want to get rid of would be Marina, Yuka, and my abilities.

 In particular, I think they will consider Marina’s ability to be dangerous.

 In battle, the most important thing is information. It is Marina’s ability to convey that information to the entire squad in an instant and to lead them.

 Moreover, when used in combination with Yuka’s mantra, it becomes an almost invincible ability. Marina can even use it in combination with “my eyes”.

 If it were me, I would definitely destroy Marina no matter what.

 If the enemy is thinking the same thing, when we leave, they’

 If we leave and Tamamushi’s house is raided by the enemy, Yuka’s ability will be enough to deal with it. But that’s only if Yuka can use her abilities properly.

 Yuka’s mantra has a restriction. In other words, if she doesn’t think before using it, it may not be effective.

 I wonder if Yuka, who is timid and withdrawn, will be able to respond calmly in the face of a clear intent to kill.

 However, I am not too concerned about that. In the first place, I have no intention of sending Yuka to the front line, nor do I intend to make her fight.

 There is no problem.

 In the house of Tamamushi, there is a legendary wind wielder and a demon king of destruction. (*Legendary wind wielder/user => Kazehana, and Demon king => Asahina)

 Asahina has very few special abilities, but that is why she is able to deceive the enemy’s eyes.

 If the information about our abilities had been exposed, Asahina would be considered a “human” with more strength than normal and more resilience than normal. In other words, she’s probably considered to be a “superhuman” at best.

 If they think she’s just a superhuman, they’re going to get burned.

 And with Kazehana, no matter how disadvantageous the situation is, she can at least buy time for Marina and Yuka to evacuate.

 There’s also an escape route in the basement of Tamamushi’s house.

 Asahina is not the kind of person who would die even if they killed her, and Kazehana should be able to protect Hizuki while allowing Marina and Yuka to escape.

 No, if anything, Kazehana would be stronger when she’s protecting Hizuki.

 If the ideal situation arose and she suddenly attacked, she would have been fighting back.

  Anyway, in the event of a surprise attack, Marina’s message will be immediately transmitted to me and Tamamushi. And if I could meet up with Marina and Yuka, who had escaped, I could fix the situation as much as possible.

 Marina and the others are in the basement of Tamamushi’s house, just in case.

 The thing that Marina and Yuka need to be most careful about is the attack from a long distance.

 No matter how great their abilities are, their bodies are still flesh and blood.

 So am I.

 Also, Yuka wanted to see us off, but I made her endure it.

 Therefore, we’re going to our destination without seeing her off.

 ”If they are disrespect to my master, and I’ll mince them until there’s no trace of their body.”

 Rikka, who is hugging me from behind with her hands around my waist, shouted from the top of the giant spider we were riding.

 ”Ki, kii!”

 The spider shivered and let out a small cry, as if to say, “I give up.

 The spider, which looks like it could devour a bear or even a tiger, seems to understand that it is no match for Rikka.

 ”You’re a clever guy.”

 Then I slapped the spider.

 ”Kii ♡”

 The spider made an affectionate squeal, as if it was happy to be praised by me.

 They say that pets take after their owners, and it’s true that the spider is as simple as an insect.

 As I was thinking about this, I felt Rikka’s hand around my waist tighten.

 When I glanced at the back, I saw Rikka, whose ears were bright red, her cheeks puffed up with tears in her eyes, and she was shaking.

 It seems that she got jealous because I praised the spider.

 Jealous of a spider?…….

 Don’t worry, I don’t lust after spiders either.

 But it’s not a bad thing to be able to show her emotions honestly and not suppress them.

 If she had remained depressed because she was defeated by Kazehana and couldn’t carry out my orders, she would have probably pushed herself too hard. Then, she would be impatient to get my recognition and would have lost her mind.

 But the current Rikka, who is even jealous of spiders, is fine.

 Thanks to Yuka, who helped Rikka recover her spirit.


 When I called out to Rikka, she let out a puffy breath and her puffy cheeks shriveled up. She then looked up at me with a bright red face.

 ”You’re the strongest. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s what I think.”

 When I said this to Rikka, her red eyes widened, her expression tightened, and she squeezed the hand around my waist.

 ”Please don’t be modest! I’m the one who has to protect my master!”

 Rikka’s expression tightens as she raises her voice without hesitation.

 She’s good. That’s what I make her my sister.

 ――Suzuhara-san. A problem has occurred.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my head.

 A problem?

 ――I got an urgent message from Tamamushi-chan and the others.

 What was it about? Was it a trap after all?

 I thought Marina was the one to target, but I didn’t expect her to set it on Tamamushi and the others.

 Then, the situation is not good, but not bad either.

 If Tamamushi and the others were targeted, it means that they were found out to be betraying the organization. And if they targeted Tamamushi and the others, then there’s a good chance that they don’t know that we exist.

 ――The problem is the problem, but something seems to be wrong.


 ――I’ll give you an answer based on Tamamushi-chan’s story and my guess.

 Oh, please.

 ――Perhaps the spy was real.


 ――I think it’s true that the spy who infiltrated the enemy organization was discovered, and that they was serious when they requested Tamamushi-chan to take him down.

 Oh, come on, seriously? I knew that was a possibility, but I thought it was just a possibility, and that it was most likely a trap to set us up.

 But how did they know the spy was real? There’s still time before the designated time. Did the other party arrive earlier than the designated time and the discussion has already started?

 ――No, Tamamushi-chan and the others haven’t arrived at their destination yet.

 What do you mean?

 ――It seem to be a little ahead of their destination, but they have discovered a barrier. According to Tamamushi-chan, such a thing has never happened before. She says it’s too obvious to be suspicious. Nanafushi-chan seems to be of the same opinion.

 Too obvious to be suspicious, huh?

 ――The enemy must know that Tamamushi-chan is an insect user and has knowledge of her special ability. If they wanted to trap her, they would avoid doing anything that would make her feel uncomfortable. So that means.

 Does that mean the warding is for counter spies?

 ――I can’t say for sure, but I think we should consider that possibility.

 That’s true. But what about us, then?

 Assuming that the spies are real and the enemy doesn’t know we exist, I’d like to avoid rough stuff as much as possible.

 ――Suzuhara-san is right, but I can’t say that either.

 You can’t say that either?

 ――Tamamushi-chan says that she can’t say for sure without going inside the barrier, but the barrier is probably some kind of jamming that interferes with the communication ability system. If that’s true, we may not be able to contact Tamamushi-chan.

 I see. Even if we take out the spy, it’s useless if she can’t contact the outside world. Tamamushi’s prediction of a barrier that interferes with the communication ability is most likely correct.

 But would a spy be able to get into such a barrier? Even Tamamushi felt uncomfortable, but it seems too convenient for a spy not to feel uncomfortable.

 ――As expected of you, Suzuhara-san. That’s the problem. I don’t think a spy would just walk into a place like that. Spying is a dangerous mission, but that’s why they would use excellent personnel. I can’t imagine that they would fall for such a shallow trap.

 So does that mean the enemy is stupid?

 ――I don’t think so either.

 Then what is it?

 ――It’s just a guess, but I think they’re probably trying to use Tamamushi-chan.

 Using Tamamushi?

 ――Yes. She said that Tamamushi-chan is not an official member of the organization. From the organization’s point of view, she is a useful discarded piece that can be cut down at any time. That’s why they do that…….

 I see, that’s how it is.

 What if the enemy is pretending that Tamamushi betrayed the organization and is ordering his spies to take down Tamamushi?

 Tamamushi felt uncomfortable with the barrier, but it was not unnatural to think that it was to defeat the spy.

 As for the spy, there’s nothing strange about putting up a barrier in order to defeat the traitor Tamamushi.

 Once Tamamushi and the spy had destroyed each other, the organization would send in their forces to take out the spy.

 They’ll probably try to eliminate Tamamushi as well.

 ――I’m just guessing, but yes, that’s what I think too.

 Damn, this is getting weird.

 The barrier that interferes with communication abilities is troublesome. If we can’t use Marina’s ability, we won’t be able to communicate with Tamamushi and the others.

 On the other hand, if we were to enter the barrier and the enemy knew we were there.

 It would be foolish to go to the trouble of exposing ourselves to them when they don’t know we’re here.

 But then, Tamamushi and Nanafushi would have to get out of the situation alone.

 And even if they managed to escape, they would probably be hunted by the organization.

 The best course of action is to…

 ――Cut down Tamamushi-chan and the others, isn’t it?

 I twitched at the voice I heard, and glared into the darkness.

 What are you talking about, Marina?

 ――Did you get angry?

 Marina’s happy voice echoed in my head.

 ――Hey, Kora, Marina! Are you going to abandon your friends? Are you angry because you think that?

 Marina, who seemed to be imitating me, chuckled.

 You’re kidding me, aren’t you?

 I can’t see Marina’s face, but I’m pretty sure she’s sticking her tongue out while laughing.

 ――Suzuhara Moutarou. As the commander in charge of the troops, I order you.

 Just when I thought she was making fun of me, Marina now raises her voice in a very pompous manner.

 ――We’ll use any cowardly trick we can think of. But I will never abandon our “friends” no matter what! So, Suzuhara Moutarou and Rikka team, please depart to support Tamamushi-chan and the others!

 Marina’s voice echoing in my brain made me stare blankly, and I let out a sigh as I scratched my head.

 Damn, Marina really set me up.

 But I’m not in a bad mood.

 ”Rikka, let’s go.”


 I called out to Rikka behind me, and she replied.

 With that as a signal, the giant spider we were riding on began to move without a sound.

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