Xray 139

Chapter 139

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 ”W, what……was that?”

 The man was staring at Rikka with shaking eyes and shouted tremblingly.

 It seems he had been frightened when he saw how fast Rikka’s movement.

 No, I don’t think the man even understands if Rikka is fast or not.

 Because when I “see” on the man’s mind, he can’t see Rikka’s movement.

 There was a sudden boom and a hole in the wall. Then, a girl appeared before he knew it.

 That’s the extent of his understanding.

 That’s right.

 Even with my eyes, which are capable of taking a view with bird’s eye perspective, I was unable to catch Rikka’s movement earlier.

 Because I could barely see it as a “white flash”.



 Rikka, who had been smiling up at me, glared at Tamamushi and raised her voice.


 Tamamushi tilted her head as Rikka stared at her, while her countless chains floating in the air.

 Then, Rikka walked tobarriers to Tamamushi.


 When Tamamushi screamed, she was gone from the scene and the wall collapsed with a crash.

 ”Nu, nuooooooooo! What are you doing all of a sudden!?”

 Then, Tamamushi appeared by pushing away the rubble and shouted angrily. Tamamushi’s left cheek was swollen and red.

 It seems that Rikka punched Tamamushi’s face.

 ”Don’t ask me anything.”

 Rikka was staring coldly at Tamamushi who was tried to crawl out of the rubble, and muttered.

 ”Nanu!? Don’t ask me anything!? But, I want explanation! Why did you hit me so suddenly!”

 Tamamushi, who has crawled out of the rubble and is lying on the ground, shouts angrily with veins rising on her temples.

 ”Master is safe. So there is no need to ask anything. And I’ll let you off with a ‘beating’.”

 Rikka who stood in front of me, staring coldly at Tamamushi and shouted.

 Tamamushi’s eyes went to the side, then she grinned.

 I guess Tamamushi noticed too.

 Rikka, who was standing in front of me, didn’t look at Tamamushi, but her ears were turning red.

 Damn, you tsundere.

 Rikka had called Tamamushi “the insect user”. But just now, she called her “Tamamushi”. It was proof that Rikka recognized Tamamushi.

 So, why did she hit Tamamushi?

 It was Rikka’s role to protect me. But this time, Tamamushi took on that role.

 I wondered what kind of thoughts Rikka when she had been waiting for me outside the barriers.

 If anything had happened to me, Rikka would have killed Tamamushi.

 But I was “unharmed”.

 That’s why Rikka forgave Tamamushi with beating her.

 ”W, white hair……red eyes.”


 The man who was staring at Rikka with shaky eyes muttered and smiled.

 ”The fact that you can move like that within this barrier means that the little girl is a beastman. And she has white hair and red eyes. I’m not sure if she’s a member of the white wolf clan. If that is the case, then ……this guy is amazing.”

 The man shivering and shaking his voice with lustful eyes.

 ――I’ve heard that Kudan-sama is looking for the White Wolf clan. If I can get my hands on it, it’s not a dream to become an executive.

 When I “see” his mind. The man stares at Rikka with bloodshot eyes and smiling vulgarly while muttering this in his mind.

 The White Wolf clan. Is that another name for the legendary beastman bloodline that Nanafushi was talking about?

 But still, that man seems to have made a big mistake.

 Kudan wasn’t looking for Rikka or Kazehana. After all, she intentionally killed their mother and sisters in front of them, and let them go on purpose.

 She wanted to make them hate her.

 Kudan didn’t do anything stupid like looking for them.

 She just waited for them to come running up to her.

 Just like she would wait for her beloved lover.

 I’ve only met Kudan one time, and I’m determined to kill her.

 But I don’t hate her personality.

 ”Hey, capture that thing alive. I don’t care if you kill the others.”

 The man pointed at Rikka with a smirk and gave instructions to the three beastmen. I was dumbfounded when I saw that.

 The man’s eyes were filled with lust and he had lost his ability to make a calm decision.

 What that man should have done was to use the three beastmen as shields and run away. And yet, instead of running away, he tried to fight. What’s more, he’s trying to capture Rikka alive.

 Well, I’ll be in trouble if he escapes, so I’m grateful.

 ”Tamamushi is “bottom”. Rokka is the “top”.”

 At about the same time I said this, the three beastmen began to move.

 With Rikka and Tamamushi, there was no way I could lose. But if they understood my instructions, the battle would be over in an instant.

 ”Let’s go!”

 With a shout, Tamamushi released countless chains. The chains pierced the feet of the three beastmen who were moving tobarriers us at high speed.

 They must have decided that it was impossible to move forbarrier with the countless chains piercing the ground like a “wall”. The beasts kicked the ground and retreated into the sky.


 ”Idiots, you guys.”

 In front of the three beastmen who had retreated into the sky, there was a figure of Rikka holding a huge knife.

 Rikka was standing still in the sky.

 The reason for this is that Tamamushi has created a path with chains, and Rikka is on top of those chains.

 One flash.

 That was all it took.

 The upper and lower bodies of the beasts fall to the ground with a bang.

 Then, with a bang, Rikka landed on the ground.

 Rikka’s speciality was her rushing attacks. If she hit them, it would only take one hit, but there were three of them. If the three of them move separately, there will be a momentary delay between defeating the first and moving on to the second. If that happened, the third one would reach me before she could defeat the second one.

 Tamamushi’s chain has the advantage of being able to attack in multiple directions at the same time, but on the other hand, it would be difficult to manipulate the countless chains with precision. If she is trying to hit a moving target, sje will have to limit the number of chains she manipulate in order to make them more maneuverable.

 In addition, it would be extremely difficult to hit a moving “line” with a “point”.

 So, she didn’t use it as a weapon.

 In exchange for lowering the controllability, she can release countless chains at the same time and use them as a wall, pretending to attack.

 There is no need to defeat them. If she can block their path and limit their escape, Rikka, who excels at attacking more than anything else, will be there waiting for them.

 If the three of them are united, Rikka can defeat them with a single blow.

 It was almost exactly as I had planned, but what I didn’t expect was that Tamamushi, who had launched the attack, had also created a foothold in the sky for Rikka.

 Tamamushi had been “watching” the battle between Rikka and Kazehana. She knows what Rikka is good at, and what she lacks.

 No matter how powerful Rikka is, it is impossible for her to move in the sky. That’s why Rikka lost to Kazehana. However, Tamamushi is able to create a “path” in the sky.

 Rikka also immediately understood and accepted Tamamushi’s assistance.

 In a good way, they went beyond my plan.

 Tamamushi, who is highly skilled, and Rikka, who is the strongest single fighter.

 They are always fighting when they see each other, but when they together, they are a great match.


 The man who was looking at the beasts scattered on the ground looked at the splitted body of the beastsman and let out a dumb voice.

 It seems that the beastsman were defeated so easily that he could not understand the situation.

 That being said….

 ”You guys did well to understand my instructions. That’s great.”

 When I called out to them with my arms crossed, they glanced at each other, their cheeks flushed.

 Tamamushi smirked, and Rikka turned her head away.

 ”But, Suzuhara is more of a threat because you came up with the idea of having me and Rikka work together.”

 Rikka reacted to Tamamushi who smiled at me. Rikka’s ears turned red.

 Rikka. That’s what Tamamushi said now. She used to call you komusume.

 The distance between the two of them has become much shorter than before.

 The cause must be Yuka.

 By sharing the same skin together with Yuka, Rikka and Tamamushi, a relationship of trust was unknowingly built.

 ”Damn it!”

 The man who had been staring dumbly at the remains of the beastman trying to run away.

 ”Hey, you better not run that way.”

 I called out to the back of the man as he ran, but he didn’t seem to hear me.

 Ah, there’s something even scarier than Rikka and Tamamushi over there.

 If Rokka came here, that means she came here too.

 I can actually see her on the other side of the wall.

 As the man ran forbarrier, a crack appeared in the wall in front of him. Then, with a cracking sound, the crack spread to the entire wall in an instant.


 The man who saw the huge crack in the thick concrete wall stopped and let out a dumb voice.

 The next moment――.

 ”W, what the hell is that……?”


 The man’s muttering was overshadowed by a booming sound.

 The collapsing wall rising a cloud of dust.

 Even Rikka would find it difficult to destroy the entire wall.

 But she slammed her bare hands into the wall, destroying it all.

 The man’s knees trembled.

 His heart was beating so hard that it was about to burst, and his breathing was so ragged that he was choking just looking at it.

 The man must have understood.

 On the other side of the wall, where the wall should have been here, there was a tremendous monster.

 The emerald light floating in the dust and smoke.

 The man who had shivered, turned around and looked at us, then shivered again.

 Tamamushi, with countless chains floating in the air, and Rikka, holding a huge knife.

 The tiger at the front gate and the wolf at the back gate, it’s not a pretty sight.

 The front gate is a deadly weapon used against Kudan. And the back gate is a genius insect user and the strongest single beastman.

 I guess this is what they call overkill.

 ”Kukuku, idiot.”

 I grinned and raised my voice, looking down at the man.

 ”Did you cry, master?”

 Nanafushi appeared out of the smoke and looked at him with a worried look.

 ”Oh, no, it’s nothing serious.”

 ”It’s the man who made Tamamushi cry.”

 Tamamushi was about to answer Nanafushi’s question, but I interrupted her and spoke up.

 Nanafushi looked at me and then at the man. There was no expression on her face, no emotion in her eyes, she was as inorganic as insects.

 ”I don’t know the details, but it seems that the man was the cause of Tamamushi’s fall into evil. In front of such a man, Tamamushi cried. But she barked. She barked and stood up and overcame her past. That was magnificent.”

 With that, I clapped my hands.

 ”Tamamushi didn’t care about that stupid bastard anymore. It’s admirable, it’s really admirable. But we’re not, are we? We can’t forgive him. You can’t forgive him, can you? He made her cry, didn’t he? He made Tamamushi cry. He made our “friends” cry. If there’s a God in this world, and say forgive him, we’ll kill the God and then we’ll kill him. Then, you know, don’t you, Nanafushi?”


 When I speak to Nanafushi, a horrible smile appeared on her previously inorganic face.


 The man let out a small scream and tried to retreat. But his knees snapped and he fell to the ground.

 ”Ku, kuku, kukukukukuku, kukukukukukukukukukukuku……”

 Nanafushi stares at him with a horrifying smile, her shoulders shaking as she laughs at him.

 ”It feels nostalgic. Suzuhara-sama really looks like Makiri-sama.”

 Nanafushi shakes her shoulders and laughs as she says this.

 ”Can I kill this guy?”

 Nanafushi who had been staring at me then looked at the man on the ground.

 With a cold, creepy look in her eyes.


 The man screamed in an inaudible voice and tried to retreat, shaking and wobbling. But the fear is so strong that his body does not seem to listen to him. Still desperately trying to retreat, the man made a black stain on his pants.

 I don’t want to see him piss.

 ”W, wait, Nanafushi! That man has information that――”

 ”Yeah, I don’t mind killing him.”

 Tamamushi tried to stop her, but her words were interrupted by a voice.

 ”Su, suzuhara!? I’m sure that man has information! Then we have to get that information out of him before we kill him!”


 Tamamushi turned around vigorously, looked at me and raised her voice.

 ”It’s okay, I don’t mind.”


 ”The information is in Alice’s possession. Alice is a member of the Protection Organization and a spy who has infiltrated Kudan’s organization. That means she has information from both organizations. And the guy is a low-level guy, no matter how you look at it. He doesn’t have much information anyway. In fact, Alice, who was desperately searching for information to pass on to the Protection Organization, was probably more knowledgeable about what was going on. In other words, we don’t need the guy.”

 ”……I, I see.”

 Tamamushi muttered admiringly after hearing my explanation.

 I gave my permission to kill him, and Tamamushi agreed. Rikka was not interested in the life or death of the man in the first place.

 In other words, there was no one left to stop Nanafushi.

 ”Kukuku, do you know who you’re fighting to?”

 Nanafushi smiled happily as she looked down at the man and asked.

 ”Rikka-chan, Master, and our “friends” are all pretty strong. But he, Suzuhara-sama, is ‘weak’. He doesn’t have much strength to fight. But when it comes to who scares me the most, I’m sure my ‘friends’ will all say the same thing.”

 With a smile on her face, Nanafushi slowly approaches to the man. And then, when stopping right in front of the pale, trembling man, Nanafushi bent down and looked at him.

 ”Suzuhara Moutarou. The devil who will throw away his own life and the lives of people all over the world for the sake of his ‘friends’. You sold a fight to someone like that. Do you think you can survive?”


 She smiled and tilted her head, but her expression quickly disappeared.

 ”How dare you make my precious, precious, precious, precious, precious, precious, precious master cry?”

 The voice was so quiet and emotionless that gave me a chill.

 ”You must die.”

 It was the last words the man heard from Nanafushi’s cold voice. (TinyTL)

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