Xray 140

Chapter 140

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 After looking down at the dead man, I glanced at Nanafushi.

 Although she was so angry with the man, Nanafushi, who was standing next to Tamamushi, didn’t seem to say anything to Tamamushi.

 Her personality is different from Rikka, but she has the same tsundere personality.

 By the way, Nanafushi is also very kind, isn’t she? She didn’t make the man suffer, she made him die with one blow.



 When I said that, I looked at Alice who was sitting on the ground.

 She has indigo hair and eyes that look like the bottom of a lake.

 It seems that she has the ability to manipulate water, and there is definitely something like water circulating in her body.

 It’s dangerous to get close to her. It’s impossible to manipulate water away from the body because of the barriering, but if I “touch” her, she can use her ability, just like an Tamamushi can manipulate an insect.

 From the looks, she’s a little older than Rikka and younger than me, but don’t judge her by her looks.

 Also, I think it was called Clelia or something like that?

 She was holding her boss, who was now a corpse head, to her chest, staring dumbly into the void with eyes that had lost their light.

 For Alice, the situation was terrible.

 Rikka and Tamamushi instantly killed the beastsman that Alice couldn’t defeat on her own. The next one, Nanafushi, was also a monster beyond her wildest dreams. And because of the barriering, there was no way to escape.

 ”You called Alice.”

 I called out to her without moving from the spot.

 It’s not as dangerous because I have Rikka by my side, but I’m weak. It’s better to keep a good distance.

 ”You tried to kill my “friends” to carry out your mission. Normally, I would kill you right here and now, but I won’t. Because you are valuable.”

 I asked Alice and glanced at Tamamushi.

 She nodded her head in response to my gaze and extended three of the countless chains that were floating in the air tobarriers Alice.

 The chains wrapped around Alice’s neck and her hands.

 ”What should we do, Suzuhara? If possible, it would be better to bring her back, but Alice is a Category D ability holder. It would be dangerous to let her out of her barriers.”

 Tamamushi, who had restrained Alice with chains, asked me a question.

 If I use Yuka’s mantra, no matter how much Alice resists, I will be able to extract all the information she has. However, if Alice were to leave the barrier, her ability would be restored.

 Even if Alice’s ability comes back, I have Rokka, Tamamushi, and Nanafushi. It’s unlikely that she’ll lose, but if she escapes, we’ll be in trouble.

 If that’s the case, there’s also the option of letting Yuka inside the barrier and interrogating her right here, but Yuka’s ability uses her voice as a medium. So there is a high possibility that she won’t be able to use it inside this barrier. And Marina’s “Denshin” has been proven this.

 The only way left is to use my power to extract the information. I can also “see” minds, you know.

 However, the ability to “see” minds is like a bonus. I can only see the surface of the mind, that is, what it is her thinking right now. Therefore, in order to get information out of her, I has to ask questions and “see” on the answers to those questions.

 Alice is a spy, so she’s probably been trained for just such an eventuality.

 For example, interrogation training.

 For a slightly more specific example, when Nanafushi has a way of dealing with my ability to see into her mind.

 I’m sure Nanafushi is special, but if I ask her a question and she comes up with something completely unrelated, my abilities are no match for her.

 That said, it would be dangerous to let her out of the barriers.

 Then I’ll have to interrogate her here.

 ”If you want to torture her, I’ll take care of it.”

 As if sensing my thoughts, Nanafushi spoke up.

 ”My master is too soft-hearted when it comes to torturing people. Rikka-chan would kill her in a spontaneous. But I can torture her thoroughly without killing her”.



 That’s exactly what Nanafushi said.

 As a biological weapon, Nanafushi will continue to torture her no matter what methods her opponent tries to resist.

 ”I’m sorry. I should be the one to get my hands dirty, but I’m too weak to take the risk of getting close to Alice.”

 ”You don’t have to worry about me a ‘weapons’.”

 Nanafushi replied with a chuckle at my words.

 ”I surrender. I will not put up any resistance…….”

 Just as I was about to start torturing her, Alice, who had remained silent until then, spoke up.

 ”I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you. You tried to carry out your mission by stepping on the head of your respected boss. In that sense, I approve of your loyalty and strength of will. That’s why I can’t trust anything you say.”

 As I replied to Alice, she slowly twisted her head around to look at me, her lightless eyes staring into the void.

 ”Even without these barriers, I am no match for you. The level of strength is different. Besides, as long as you’re in charge of the squad, there’s no chance. I’m more than aware of how terrifying you are.”

 ”We can beat you even without the barriering. I understand that our strengths are on different levels. But, if you try to run away, there is a small chance that something will happen. And I will not accept your surrender. I will not protect you in the slightest. I will torture you, interrogate you, and ultimately kill you. Because you tried to kill Tamamushi, even if it was for a mission. Now that you’ve turned against us, I will never forgive you. Give it up.”

 ”I give up. I don’t want to survive. I don’t care if you kill me. But before you do, please listen to me.”

 ”Yeah, I don’t mind listening to you. Because I was going to torture you in the first place to hear what you have to say. So, let’s hear it. However, if I have the slightest doubt about your story, I will begin torturing you immediately.

 ”Thank you. If you want to torture me, you are welcome to do so.”

 ”It’s not that I enjoy torturing people. It’s just a matter of necessity.”


 At my words, Alice, who had been staring at me with eyes that had lost their light, smiled slightly.

 ”The protection organization is already over. It’s no exaggeration to say that the organization is now under the umbrella of the organization headed by Fiennes and Kudan. The only ones who are resisting are the General and a few gifted individuals who report directly to him.”

 ”You mean the organization is corrupt inside?”


 ”How many people does this general have working for him?”

 ”Fifteen, including Clelia.”

 ”How many psychics in the entire organization?”

 ”Including those who don’t have abilities, there are about one million people worldwide who belong to the Protection Organization. Of those, about 10,000 are gifted. The number of those with Category D or higher abilities is about three hundred.”

 ”If that’s true, it’s ridiculous. In an organization of one million people, on the General’s side is just fifteen people? The fact that the General’s forces still exist in such a state is unnatural.”

 ”There are about twenty percent of us who are neutral. And it’s not that easy to remove the general from his position. No, I’d say it’s impossible. The reason why he is a general is because of his bloodline.”

 ”Bloodline? Like the royal family or royalty?”

 ”Yes. That’s why the blood of the general is necessary to maintain the organization of the protection organization. Even if it is incorporated under the Fiennes umbrella, without the blood of the general, the organization will collapse.”

 Bloodline. Even if it’s rotten, no, it’s because it’s rotten that he need a subordinate to carry. But the general is being stubborn about it.

 Also, I’ve heard that Clelia is the general’s right-hand man, but I see that even the general’s right-hand man has been forced into the field due to a simple lack of manpower.

 ”Fifteen people on the side of the general, oh right, that Clelia is dead, so there are fourteen. Are they high level psychics?”

 ”Gard, the man you killed was one of the fifteen. So now there are thirteen, if all of them are still alive, that is. And not all of the thirteen are high level psychics. There are also some with medium abilities, like me and Gard.”

 ”So there are some strong ones in the mix?”

 ”Yeah, there are three category B and one category A. These four are the key.”

 Three B and one A?

 I’m not surprised to hear that they are B’s and A’s, because our squad is full of monsters of a different kind, but they must be immensely powerful in the organization.

 Especially, it seems that A is exceptional.

 Is it thanks to these elites that the general is able to get away with it?

 ”It’s safe to say that the world is now under the control of Fiennes. The worst part is that Kudan, who is at the top, has no interest in the organization. But, It is the executives who actually have the power in the organization. They are truly a fox with the authority of a tiger. They are using Kudan’s thunderous name to do whatever they want.”

 ”T, that makes a lot of sense. Kudan doesn’t seem to be interested in organizations.”

 ”Y, you’ve met …… Kudan, have you?”

 ”Yeah, apparently she’s in love with me.”



 Alice’s eyes lit up as I answered with a grin.

 Kudan, she’s not interested in the throne. She just wants to be the strongest, and if she keeps fighting, she’ll have no one left.

 The ants came to Kudan and started to build a nest of their own. I guess that’s how it is.

 ”So, what’s the point?”


 ”What, you just wanted to complain?”

 ”Oh, no.”

 Alice raised her voice impatiently at my question.

 She must have been confused when she found out that I had met Kudan.

 If you’ve met Kudan, it’s probably unnatural that you’re still alive.

 ”You are a third force that has suddenly appeared. Moreover, each and every one of you has an inordinate amount of power and is hostile to Fiennes. If that’s the case, I’d love to support you.”

 Holding her boss, who was now a raw head, to her chest, Alice looked at me and spoke.

 Her eyes are still lifeless.

 Alice must be planning to die right here. But before that, she’s going to force us into trouble.


 It’s not a bad thing to have a few support. And I’d especially like to meet a Category A abilities.

 Besides, even though the general’s power is almost completely destroyed, he’s at the top of a huge organization. I’m sure he has at least some connections that are still alive.

 But that’s only if what Alice is saying is true.

 Let’s give it a try.

 ”Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

 ”There’s plenty of information, but that’s all I wanted to talk about. The rest is yours to do with as you please.”

 ”Then let’s start the torture. As I said before, I don’t trust you.”

 ”T, thank you for listening to me.”

 Quietly answering, Alice slowly closed her eyes and hugged her boss corpse head tightly.

 I’m going there now, she said to the head in her mind.

 It’s a story that makes me cry.

 I’m sorry, but I’m not going to let you die so easily.

 ”Nanafushi, give me your hand.”

 ”Yes, sir.”

 ”I want you to smash the head that Alice is holding. Or should I say, stomp on it?”

 ”Yes, sir. I understand.”

 Nanafushi replies to my words. Alice, who was listening to the conversation, opened her eyes and looked at me.

 ”Wait, wait, wait. Please forgive me. I don’t care what kind of torture you inflict on me. So, please don’t humiliate Clelia any longer. For the rest of her life. Please, please, please forgive me…….”

 Alice’s pale face, shaking eyes, desperately pleads with me while hugging her corpse head tightly.

 ”You’re an idiot. Torture is based on punishing the weakest part. When a person like you is determined, it doesn’t make much sense to inflict pain on the body. That’s why I have to torture the mind. Use that corpse head you’re holding so dearly. Oh, you don’t have to say anything yet. I’ll ask you more questions only when you’re well broken.”

 When I told Alice that, tears welled up in her pale eyes.

 Oh, it’s working, it’s working.


 ”I’m sure it’s too much!”

 A voice echoed.

 It was Tamamushi who raised her voice.

 ”Alice says she will be tortured! She’s already prepared to die! In return, she hopes that Clelia’s spirit will not be defiled! This is the last wish of a proud warrior! Please hear her!”

 The shouting Tamamushi ran out and stood in front of Alice.

 ”Damn, you’re so stupid…….”

 Nanafushi’s eyes widened and she blurted out a sigh.

 ”My master’s orders are absolute. Get out of the way. If you don’t, I’ll kill you.”

 Rikka raised her voice as she glared at Tamamushi, and she held up her huge knife.

 ”I’m not going to move! I’m not even going to resist! If you want to cut me, cut me! This one, Alice, is stronger than me! Unlike me, who has fallen into evil, Alice is about to die as a noble warrior! While protecting the spirits of those she owes! I do not wish to stain Alice’s feelings!”

 Tamamushi burst into tears and cried out desperately. Hearing her words, a blood vessel appeared on Rikka’s temple.

 It was like a flash of lightning.

 Then, a tear rolls down Alice’s cheek as she looks up at Tamamushi standing in front of her, desperately trying to protect her.

 Kukuku, just like the script. You guys are the best.

 ”Rikka, Nanafushi, kill the traitor.”

 I grinned and told them.

 The two of them kicked the ground and rushed tobarriers Tamamushi.

 Tamamushi spread her hands, closed her eyes and clenched her teeth.

 And then…

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 ”Thank you…….”

 I heard a faint voice. At the same time, Alice grabbed Tamamushi by the shoulders, pushed her away, and leaped in front of her with the corpse head in her arms.

 Alice closed her eyes, hugged the corpse head tightly, and waited for the death that was soon to come. But both Rikka and Nanafushi stood there with glazed eyes.

 ”This is fine, isn’t it, Suzuhara-sama?”

 Nanafushi chuckles as she says this.

 ”I’d like to slash Tamamushi for defying Master’s will, but then I’d be defying Master’s will.”

 Rikka, who was the second to speak after Nanafushi, put her right hand behind her back and put away her knife with a sigh.

 Alice’s eyes darted between Tamamushi’s shoulder and the corpse head in her arms.

 After hearing my cruel words and knowing Tamamushi’s feelings, Alice tried to protect Tamamushi at the last moment.

 Well, okay.

 ”I repeat my statement. I still don’t trust the organization you’re a part of, but I’ll trust you.”

 I said this to Alice, but she was puzzled. She didn’t seem to understand the situation.

 That being said…

 ”How did you guys notice my intentions?”

 I told the two of them.

 Tamamushi smiles, and Rikka frowns, her cheeks flushed.

 ”Suzuhara-sama told us to kill the traitors. My master is an idiot, but she only wanted to respect Alice’s will, not betray you. In the first place, Alice is not one of us, so there is no need her to betray you. In other words, there is no traitor. So there’s no need to kill her. You mean that, right?”

 ”Correct. That’s 100 points.”

 When I answered Nanafushi’s words, Rikka, who was listening to the conversation, turned red and smiled.

 Nanafushi was happy to hear that she got a hundred points.

 ”I’ll take Alice back to Tamamushi’s house. I’ll ask her about the details at home.”

 ”As for that, we can’t break the barriers either, you know. I’m sure Master can break it, but it will take a long time.”

 ”Oh, that’s no problem.”

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 I answered Nanafushi’s question with a grin.

 Breaking the barriers seems to be a difficult task, but there is no need to break them.

 ”There is a hole in this barrier.”

 I then pointed to a point on the ground.

 It looks like an ordinary hole in the ground, but it actually hides a way out.

 It was the place where the man whom Nanafushi had killed had tried to escape.

 It’s so cleverly hidden that I wouldn’t normally notice it, but my eyes can see underground.

 ”It’s reassuring to know that you’re a “friend”, but if you’re an enemy, your clairvoyance is a real nuisance, isn’t it?”

 Nanafushi, who had been staring blankly at me as she spoke, chuckled.

 So I decided to leave the scattered corpses behind and take Alice back to Tamamushi’s house.

 The reason why I left the corpses behind was because even if I hid them, they would soon be discovered anyway.

 Besides, the ones who would be suspected of killing the man and the three beastmen would be Alice and Tamamushi.

 Since Tamamushi seemed to be underestimated by the organization, the suspicion would fall on Alice.

 The spies were supposed to be eliminated, but she turned the tables on them and escaped. They would think that Alice had either manipulated Tamamushi or captured her. And Kudan’s organization doesn’t know us here. Then they’ll think Alice has returned to the protection organization.

 I don’t know how much longer they’ll have to wait before they figure out we’re here. But I think we’ll at least have time to move our base and get ourselves into position.

 To be honest, I’m glad to be going back to Tamamushi’s house, but this time, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back.

 With that thought in mind, we left the warehouse with Alice following. (edited by TinyTL)

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