Xray 141

Chapter 141

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 Rikka led the way through the underground escape route and headed for the exit.

 When we reached the exit, Rikka was the first to go above ground to check the safety.

 Because of my ability, I knew that the ground was safe, but I wanted to make sure.

 After Rikka’s safety check, I came out of the exit, followed by Tamamushi, then Alice, and finally Nanafushi.

 As soon as everyone was on the ground, a huge spider that had been hiding in the trees appeared in front of us without a sound.

 ”Kyu ♡ Kyu ♡”


 The spider seemed happy to see us, even though it had sneaked up on us without a sound.

 I felt strangely nostalgic.

 But that’s about it――.

 ”It’s a really well thought out barrier. The guy who put it up was pretty smart.”

 The exit of the evacuation route is inside the first of the five barriers. This is why the communication with Marina has not been restored yet, but the first barrier does not have the function of a physical barrier. If you want to go out, you can go out of the barrier.

 If they make the exit of the escape route outside of the barriers, there is a possibility that people with communication or search abilities will notice them and ambush them. However, if they make the exit of the escape route inside the barrier, they won’t be caught in the web of communication and search abilities even if they leave from the escape route.

 That’s why they didn’t make the first barrier have the function of a physical barrier.

 They’ve gone to a lot of trouble to create such a great barrier, but if the key to their plan is that dead man, it’s really a waste of treasure.

 No, I guess I could say that he underestimated me because he was absolutely confident in his barriers.


 I turned around and looked at Alice, who was sandwiched between Tamamushi and Nanafushi, and looked at me.

 ”We’re going back to our home base, but I need to tell you something.”

 I told her, and she nodded silently, still holding Clelia’s head close to her chest.

 ”The “friends” at the headquarters are worse than the ones here, so be careful how you treat them.”

 Alice shuddered at my words.

 ”……W, what?”

 In an instant, Alice’s face paled, cold sweat trickled down her cheeks, and she let out a shaky cry.

 It seems that she was frightened when she heard that there were more dangerous ones, even though the strength of Rikka, Tamamushi and Nanafushi alone was beyond the norm.

 ”It’s true what my Master says.” (Rikka)

 ”Well, many of the members here are mellow.” (Tamamushi)

 ”What do you mean, “mellow”? I think you are an idiot. But what Suzuhara-sama is saying is true.” (Nanafushi)


 The three of them raised their voices one after the other, and Alice, who was shaking with fright, turned her pale face as if she were a dead person. She then hugged the corpse head tightly.

 ”Especially watch out for this Marina. If you piss her off, she’s not only destroy you. But also the head of the protection organization will be crushed.”

 When I grinned, Alice, with tears in her eyes, shivered.

 Alice knows better than anyone that even a small number of people have the strength to compete with a huge organization. And if they are worse than the people here, it means that there are a lot of people with Category A level abilities in the home base.

 I’m not trying to scare you. When she arrives home, Alice will realize first and foremost how scary Marina is.

 ”I’m just a field commander. Well, it’s like a supervisor. And this Marina is the overall commander of our unit. In other words, she is our boss.”

 When Alice heard my words, she gulped, shaking with tears in her eyes.

 She seemed to be terrified, imagining that a demon who hanging around her.

 If she’s scared, it means she’s no longer willing to die.

 She doesn’t care if it’s just her own life, but her General’s life is at stake. The burden of responsibility has been placed on Alice’s shoulders, preventing her from taking the easy way out by dying.

 I would be trouble if I let her die before I get home.

 ”Let’s go home.”

 With that, we got on the spider and headed for Tamamushi’s house.

 When we arrived at the house, the front door opened at the same time and Marina jumped out.

 Since we were able to communicate with each other once we were out of the barrier, Marina knew everything that was going on.

 Marina came running to barriers us as we got off the spider, and then she passed by me.


 ”Welcome back!”

 Marina shouted, and it was Alice who vigorously hugged by her.

 She had no hesitation in embracing a complete stranger holding a corpse head. And she said, “Welcome home.”

 What do you think of that woman, Alice?

 Alice was stunned by the sudden hug and could not understand the situation.

 ”Now, go inside the house immediately. Let’s let Miss Clelia rest in peace.”

 Marina, who had been hugging Alice, gently pulled away from Alice and raised her gentle voice while looking at Alice with her brown-colored eyes.

 Tears were flowing from Marina’s brown-colored eyes, and it was running down her cheeks.

 Oh, I’m afraid, afraid. That she would put Clelia above anything.

 For Alice, it would be as if she had received the finest hospitality imaginable in the enemy territory.

 ”Y, you are?”

 Alice, who had been frozen in place until then, asked Marina.

 ”I’m Yuki. My name is Marina Yuki. Come on, hurry up and get inside the house.”

 Marina answered Alice’s question, smiled through her tears, and gently put her hand on Alice’s waist. She then invited Alice into the house.

 Alice started to walk away, but stopped and looked at me sideways.

 ――What you said was true.

 After muttering this in her mind, Alice smiled a big smile for the first time, with tears running down her cheeks.

 Heh, you’re pretty cute when you smile.

 ”I don’t know my mother, but I’m sure someone like Marina would be called my mother.”

 ”Yeah, I don’t know much about mothers either, but I think so.”


 Tamamushi and Rikka stared at Marina’s back as she walked to the door and muttered. Nanafushi smiles happily at the two of them.

 A mother.

 A mother who says “welcome home” even to a monster. And a mother who doesn’t hesitate to hug them. 

 With this in mind, I followed Marina and the others into the house with Rikka, Tamamushi, and Nanafushi.

 I’m home, I guess.

 It’s nice to have a place to say I’m home. (www.tinytranslation.xyz)

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