Xray 142

Chapter 142

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Lotus Flower => Renge

 Heavenly Lotus Flower => Tenrengeka


 Alice stands in the hallway, holding Clelia’s head. Next to her is Marina. And the one who standing in front of them――.

 ”Nice to meet you, Alice-san.”


 The person standing in front of them was Yuka.

 Marina, who has her hand on Alice’s waist, looks at Yuka.

 At first glance, Marina seems to be keeping quiet, but she has “Denshin”. It’s possible that she’s having a conversation with Yuka, but there’s no way to tell.

 ”Leave it to me. I’ll take care of it.”

 Yuka, who was looking at Marina with strong eyes, raised her voice without hesitation.

 Marina said she would let Clelia rest in peace. Then she went inside the house and found Yuka waiting for her.

 I could almost read Marina’s intentions.

 It’s over when we die. There is nothing to do about it.

 It just those who are left behind by the deceased. And Yuka can heal the hearts of those left behind.

 That is the true nature of Yuka’s ability, and that is why she will be able to demonstrate it to the fullest.

 ”Renge, activate.” (*ED note : Renge => Lotus flower)

 Yuka muttered quietly as she extended her right hand horizontally. The next moment, a shining circle appeared above and below Yuka’s head and feet, and the circle rotated. Then Yuka’s eyes turned rainbow-colored.

 ”Re, Renge! No, no. The circle and the seven-colored eyes. No way, that’s……Tenrengeka.” (*ED note : Tenrengeka => Heavenly Lotus Flower)

 Alice muttered with her eyes wide open. It seems that Alice knows about Yuka’s ability.

 ”Don’t think about anything else for now. Let Clelia-san rest in peace first.”

 Alice was surprised to see Yuka’s ability, but Marina spoke to her in a gentle voice.

 ”Why ……?”

 With her eyes wide open, Alice looked at Marina and muttered.

 ”I am a prisoner of war. My value lies in information. So why do you think of Clelia? Isn’t your priority above all else to get the information out of me? Are you trying to be nice to me and make it easier for me to get information out of you? Then please don’t. I’ll tell you everything in full, so don’t try to mislead me with your hypocrisy.”

 Alice’s eyes are filled with tears as she stares at Marina, her slender shoulders shaking as she backs away, hugging Clelia’s neck tightly.

 Alice’s heart is shaking. It is surging like a storm.

 What I “see” in her mind is probably a memory from before Clelia death. The smiling figure of Clelia. And the image of Marina smiling so that she overlaps with Clelia.

 I see. It’s no wonder she’s upset.

 They’re alike. Clelia and Marina.

 Not in appearance, but in substance.

 Marina, who is smiling without saying anything, gently grabs Alice’s arm as she backs away.


 ”No, please don’t. She’s dead. Clelia is dead. She didn’t have the strength to fight. I couldn’t protect her. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t protect Clelia, my sister, my mother. On the contrary, I tried to step on Clelia’s head for the sake of the mission…….I hate it.”

 Alice, with her face crumpled and tears streaming down her cheeks, mumbled and gritted her teeth, then trying to escape from Marina.

 No, she’s not running away, she’s on the verge of having her heart broken.


 Alice trembled at the sound of the quiet voice.

 ”I’m psychic. I’m a psychic medium. There’s someone by your side who wants to see you.”

 As if caught by the echoing voice, Alice turned her gaze to Yuka.

 Oh, that’s right. Yuka has psychic powers. It’s called psychic medium.

 ”You see, right there, next to you, the person you wanted to protect more than anything else has come to give you her last words.”

 At Yuka’s words, Alice slowly looked next to her.

 The one standing there was Clelia, the one Alice had been holding in her chest for so long.

 Smiling, Clelia reached out with her right hand and gently stroked Alice’s cheek.

 ”A, aa, aaa……Clelia. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I wanted to protect you. I owe you so much, but I haven’t given you anything back yet……”

 Alice, who was trying to run away, was approached closer to Clelia and knelt down on the spot. Then she clutched at Clelia’s feet, fallen on the floor.

 Clelia is smiling, crouched down, gently put her hand on Alice’s shoulder and hugged her.

 ”Don’t cry, Alice-san. don’t have time to cry.”


 ”Clelia-san will have to go to heaven soon.”


 ”Yes, heaven.”

 ”Is Clelia going to heaven?”

 ”Yes, she is.”

 When Alice saw Yuka nodding, she looked at Clelia and smiled, tears running down her cheeks.

 ”If that’s the case, then I’ll join her…….”

 ”You can’t do that.”

 ”Why not?”

 ”Alice-san. Do you want to break what you inherited from Clelia-san with you? She was able to entrust everything to you, who was more important than anyone else. That’s why she can go to heaven. Then, shouldn’t it be Alice-san’s turn next? You have to give what you inherited from Clelia-san to someone else. That way, Clelia-san’s feelings will live on forever.”

 ”Passing on and entrusting. Clelia’s feeling…….”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Next time, you should be Clelia-san and look for Alice-san. If you find her, you have to be very kind to her. As you did for Clelia-san.”

 ”Just as Clelia did for me, I will entrust my feelings to the next me…….”



 Yuka nodded. Alice stared at Yuka with shaky eyes, and then looked at Clelia.

 The dark eyes, which had no signs of life at all, were gradually filled with power.


 Clelia, smiling, called out to Alice, stroking her cheek.


 Alice nodded with her indigo eyes like the bottom of a lake, and there is strong light in them.

 ”I hope you was able to be a good sister and mother to you.”


 ”If so, do me a favor. There are many of you in this world. I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. It’s just that you have a lot of power to help those poor kids.


 ”Please, can you do that?”

 ”Yes, I can, Clelia. I’ll make sure that your feelings are passed on. I’m sure I can carry your wish to all the poor me’s in the world before I met you.

 ”Thank you. Now I can go to heaven in peace.”

 Clelia smiled and was enveloped in light.

 The light that Clelia emitted grew stronger and stronger, and then, like fireflies dancing, her body became particles of light that rose to the sky.

 ”Always! I promise! I’ll definitely connect your feelings! Wait for me in heaven! One day, I’ll come to see you with a big smile on my face!”

 Clelia is getting thinner and thinner as her particles ascend to the heavens. Alice was crying and smiling as she shouted to Clelia.

 Clelia, who is getting thinner and thinner, smiled at Alice, and then disappeared.

 ”Someday, I’m sure……but not yet. I have to……live…….”

 Alice then collapsed in the corridor, still holding Clelia’s neck.

 ”Rikka-chan! Tamamushi-chan!”

 Marina, crouched where Clelia had been, raised her voice.




 Rikka and Tamamushi, who are behind me, raise their voices in a dull voice.

 ”Please take Alice-san to the bedroom! Tamamushi-chan, please check Alice-san’s condition and if she needs medical treatment, please start immediately!”

 ”Y, yes, Marina-sama!

 ”U, umu! I understand!”

 Marina raised her voice and gave the instruction, and the two who were shaking with fear hurriedly replied.

 Rikka ran out and carried Alice, who was lying in the corridor, and headed for the bedroom.

 Tamamushi ran to barriers the basement, as if she was going to prepare some tools.

 ”Yuka-san, keep an eye on Asahina-san so that she doesn’t start doing anything unnecessary!”

 ”She was happy when I tied her up, so I think she’ll be fine, but I’m going to tie her up a little tighter just in case!”

 ”That’s great! The only person who can do that to Asahina-san and live is Yuka-san!

 ”Actually, I feel a little uncomfortable, but I’ll go!”

 ”I’m sorry for the trouble! Please take care of her!”

 The two of them talked to each other. Then Yuka ran out.

 Marina, who had seen Yuka off as she crouched in the hallway, turned her gaze to me.

 ”Well, Suzuhara-san.”

 Marina let out a huff and stood up, calling out to me.

 ”Yuka-san is psychic and has psychic medium abilities.”


 I nodded and answered Marina’s question.

 As expected of Yuka. She’s not going to let Clelia’s spirit possess Marina.

 ”I’m in trouble if you’re affected by “Mantra”, so I’m going to do a little spell on you.”

 As she approached me, she stood in front of me and put her hands on the back of my neck.

 Marina stands tall.

 Soft but moist lips touching mine.



 Something flowing into me.

 There was Alice, holding Clelia’s head to her chest, talking to Marina.

 Yuka raises her voice and Alice looks at Marina and calls Marina “Clelia”.

 Alice clutches at Marina’s feet with tears streaming down her face.

 Marina crouches down on the spot and gently hugs Alice.

 No, she’s not. Yuka is not a psychic medium.

 Oh, right, “Mantra”.

 So, I, Alice, Rikka, and Tamamushi were all brainwashed by Yuka’s “Mantra”?

 But then again, Marina is…….

 Marinas lips gently parted, she lowered her heels to stand taller, and released her hands that were around the back of my neck.

 ”I poured out to Suzuhara-san the scene that had happened in reality. Do you understand the situation?”

 ”Yeah, yeah, but why were you able to recognize ‘reality’?”

 The sight of Marina pouring into me made me understand that I was trapped in a “Mantra”. But Marina must have been trapped in “Mantra”, too. So, why?

 ”It’s a blockage.”

 ”What the hell is that?”

 ”I found out that by entrusting everything to Denshin, so I can block my five senses.”

 ”Blocking out the five senses? ……No way.”

 ”Yes, I don’t need any of my senses.”

 When I heard Marina’s words, I understood.

 Yuka’s “Mantra” uses voice as its medium. In other words, “Mantra” cannot be effective unless the voice reaches the target. And Marina’s “Denshin” is the ability to read the target’s mind and convey their thoughts. Even if she loses her hearing, there is no problem, and if she wants to, she can “see” her surroundings by getting visual information from the target’s “mind”.

 In other words, Marina can act without problems even if her senses are blocked, and that is why she can nullify “Mantra”.

 ”Then again…”


 Marina smiled and put her hands around the back of my neck and stretched out, just as she had done before.

 Marina closes her eyes.

 Her lips are moist and sweet, pressed against mine.

 This time, nothing flows into my mouth.

 And the lips don’t move away easily.

 After a while, the lips slowly part.

 Marina opened her eyes, lowered her heels to stand taller, and looked up at me.

 ”Welcome back. I’ve been worried about you that I would die.”

 She said this with tears in her eyes, her cheeks dyed, but with a smile on her face.

 Oh, I’m back.

 I wanted to say that, but I couldn’t and scratched my head.

 ”Are you embarrassed?

 Marina smiled and asked me, looking up at me.

 ”Shut up.”

 I looked away from her and spat out the words.

 ”I heard you say, ‘I’m back,’ so I won’t tease you anymore.”

 Marina giggles and says something cheeky.


 I clicked my tongue, but instead of being annoyed by Marina’s cocky attitude and behavior, I felt strangely calm.

 ”You useless tits bitch.”


 I said and grabbed Marina’s big tits from above her clothes.

 ”Kyaaa ♡ What are you doing? ♡”

 Marina looked somewhat happy despite her scream, but she slapped my hand away and crossed her arms to hide her big tits.

 ”What’s wrong with that? I’ve been squeezing them so far.”

 ”No ♡”

 When I tried to force squeeze her big tits, she jumped and ran away from me, then stuck out her tongue.

 This guy.

 ”Let me rub them.”

 ”No ♡”

 ”Let me squeeze you.”

 ”No way ♡”

 ”Let me squeeze you, you bitch!”

 ”Ah ♡ Iyaa ♡ W, wait ♡ Suzuhara-san is pervert ♡”

 ”What? I’ll fuck you!”

 ”Ah ♡ Iyaa ♡ Don’t touch me like that ♡ Ahn ♡”

 I was so pissed off by her refusal to let me rub her big tits that I pushed her against the wall.

 ”No, please don’t ♡”

 ”I’m back.”

 ”That’s why you have to stop――Eh?”


 Marina, who had been resisting somewhat happily, heard my words and tried to continue resisting, but then she looked at me vigorously.

 ”What? What did you just……”

 ”I’m back.”

 When I answered Marina’s question, she opened her eyes and tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.

 ”Welcome back.”

 Marina smiled, almost crying, and then looked up and closed her eyes. Face to face with Marina.

 ”U, um that…….”

 I couldn’t help but shiver at the voice I heard.

 Marina, who had raised her face and closed her eyes, also shivered and opened her eyes.

 At the same time as Marina, I turned my gaze to barriers the direction where I heard the voice, and I saw Nanafushi looking at us with a bad look on her face.

 I’ve been seen……?

 Oops. I didn’t notice it because I had deactivated my ability.

 I thought she had gone to underground with Tamamushi, but I had no idea she was still there.

 Moreover, Nanafushi can close her mind. In other words, Marina’s “Denshin” didn’t work either. That’s why Marina didn’t notice it.

 ”I’m in the way, right?”

 Nanafushi scratched her head and muttered to herself, laughing.

 If you knew that you were in the way, you could have just disappeared quietly and not bothered to call us.

 Marina, who is dying of embarrassment, has a flaming red face and teary eyes, and is panicking.

 My face is hot too.

 Nanafushi smirks at us.

 Nanafushi, you have a rather bad personality. (TinyTL)

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