Xray 143

Chapter 143

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 From the result of Tamamushi’s diagnosis, Alice did not need any treatment.

 Then we’d better move our base as soon as possible.

 Before dawn, within the darkness

 ”Suzuhara-sama, may I have a moment?”


 As I was walking down the corridor with Rikka to the basement, Nanafushi called me.

 ”This is something that belonged to the man we disposed of”

 Nanafushi came walking down to the corridor and offered me her right hand.

 On her right hand was what appeared to be an oval-shaped capsule.

 ”What is this?”

 ”I don’t know”

 I asked, but Nanafushi tilted her head. It seems that she brought it without really understanding it.

 When I activated my ability, I found out that it was a machine――


 It looks like a medicine capsule, but inside it is a precision machine.

 ”I thought about giving it to Master, but Master is an idiot, so I thought I’d show it to Suzuhara-sama first, and then Suzuhara-sama could give it to Master. If Suzuhara-sama gave it to her, I’m sure she’d be super motivated to examine it thoroughly. It’s stupid.”


 I nodded without hesitation to Nanafushi’s words. Rikka nodded her head too.

 Tamamushi is an idiot. But she can do it if she tries.

 With this in mind, I received the capsule from Nanafushi.

 If it was some kind of transmitter, it would be bad, but it probably wasn’t. If it’s transmitting a signal, the machine inside should be working. However, there was no sign of a working machine inside the capsule.

 ”Then, I’m going to preparing for the move. The only thing I have is my stupidity power, so it’s useless in times like this.”

 ”Yeah, take care of it.”

 In response to Nanafushi’s words, she smiled and waved her right hand. She turned back and began to walk away. However, she stopped for a moment, when she stopped, she twisted her head and looked at me sideways.

 ”Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. It’s okay to flirt with Marina-chan, but please love my Master too.”

 With that, Nanafushi grinned and walked down from the corridor.

 I’m sure Nanafushi is always complaining about Tamamushi being stupid, but secretly she’s in love with her.

 Well, this incident made me think twice about Tamamushi, too.

 I’ve always known that she’s a can-do kid, but this time she really did a great job.

 I’m sure Nanafushi is very proud of her.

 ”Well, we’ll see――”


 I put the capsule to my pocket, called Rikka, and started to walk away, but I staggered.

 My vision blurred.

 I immediately activated my ability and put my hand on the wall.

 My pure “vision” was so blurry that I couldn’t “see” properly. I could barely stand up. But thanks to my ability to see, I somehow managed to stay upright.


 Rikka looked up at me, tilted her head and raised her voice.

 This is not good. I can’t let Rikka know that I’m abnormal.

 ”Nah, it’s nothing――”

 My voice sounded very distant, and I felt a rush of nausea.

 I quickly covered my nose with my hand.

 The next thing I knew, I felt a warm sensation coming from the back of my nose.

 Rikka, who was looking up at me, snorted and her expression instantly turned serious.

 She must have noticed the smell of blood.


 ”Haha, I’m an idiot too, right?”


 ”It seems that it’s the tension from the battle, and make me lost my nerve then hit my nose. I didn’t realize it, but my nose hurt. Probably it’s from on the way out or while spider-walking.”

 ”Bumped? Your nose? No, that’s not possible. I was there the whole time. I was determined to eliminate all of Master’s obstacles, and I didn’t let my guard down for even a moment, I swear.”

 Rikka raises her voice with a serious expression.

 It seems the excuses have backfired. Because of my poor excuses, I have stirred up Rikka. But there’s no way I can back out now. If I tried to be vague and cover it up, Rikka’s mind would become unstable.

 I gulped down the nausea and the warm liquid flooded from the back of her nose.

 The unpleasant taste of iron coming from the back of her throat.


 I wondered how I could convince Rokka. When I was pondering that, her eyes widened and she spoke up.

 ”Your eyes, your eyes are …… golden.”


 My eyes are golden? My eyes?

 It’s just a matter of time when it turns to gold, but then it goes back to normal. But, did you say it’s turned gold again?

 Nanafushi said that pupil type abilities often change the color of the eyes when the ability is used. Then, as the ability weakens, they return to their original color.

 My eyes have returned to their original color. But now they’re gold again.

 What the hell is going on?

 I don’t know, but it’s convenient for me right now. I can use it to convince Rikka.


 ”Maybe my ability has evolved. I’ve had nosebleeds when I evolved before.”

 I took off the hand that was covering my nose and wiped it with the back of my hand.

 ”A, are you okay?”

 Rikka looked up at me and sounded worried.

 I don’t think she’d be convinced if I told her I was fine.

 ”Evolution comes with its own burden. I can feel a little load, but only a little. No problem.”

 Looking down at Rikka, I replied and patted her head with a smile.

 She still looked worried, but she didn’t seem to be disturbed.

 My pure “vision” is even more blurred than before, and I feel a strong nausea coming on.

 Thanks to my abilities, I am able to maintain my vision and sense of balance, but if deactivate my abilities, I am sure I would collapse.

 Is it already at the limit? Then why did my eyes turn back to gold?

 Confused thoughts, dizziness and nausea are getting stronger.

 It would be easier to just close my eyes, but that’s not good because there’s Rikka.

 ”Rikka, speaking of which, aren’t you supposed to call me ‘onii-chan’?”

 It was hard for me to stand, so I folded my knees and got down on one knee.

 ”Ah, t, th, that’s, uum……. ♡”

 The anxious Rikka turned bright red in an instant, and then she looked away from me and fidgeted.

 I’m sorry, Rikka. I don’t feel comfortable to tricking you but――.

 ”You have an erotic body for someone so young.”

 With that, I touched her cheek with my hand.

 Rikka, who was shaking, smiled with a bright red face and glanced at me with moist eyes.

 I grabbed Rikka’s slender shoulders, which didn’t match the strength of her muscles, and pulled her close to me.

 Then, Rikka’s head was resting on my shoulder as I pulled her to me.

 ”How about a brother who lusts after his sister?”

 I put my mouth to her ear and whispered, then smirking.

 ”Me, me too ……♡”

 While resting her head on my shoulder, she replied in a sweet trembling voice and let out a hot rough breath.

 ”Ah ♡ Hm ♡ Aah ♡”


 As I crawled my tongue to her ear, sucked on it, and crawled down to her neck, Rikka let out a sweet moan in between her hot and rough breaths.

 Rikka also seems to be in a good mood.

 While I crawl my tongue around her thin white neck and sucked on it, making a slurping sound, I grabbed her breasts from the top of the black hoodie she was wearing, which were large for her young appearance.


 The palm of my hand sinks into her breast, and she shivers and lets out a sweet moan.

 Even with the hoodie on, I could see that her nipples were erect. I pinched her nipple with my finger and twisted it.


 A sweet, charming voice escaped from her pale pink lips, and Rikka shivered and tightened her cute little thighs.

 With the same black color hot pants as the hoodie. The cute little thighs stretched out from the tight hot pants, which could be called underwear. Rikka who has tightened her thighs is trembling. And she made a stain in the center of her hot pants.

 ”Hmm? I don’t think my sister is a slut who loves to do erotic things. I think I need to do some research.”

 I stopped crawling my tongue down her neck, whispered to her ear, and pinched her nipples from the top of her hoodie.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah♡ I, I’m sorry ♡ I’m sorry, Onii-chan ♡”

 Rikka apologizes in a sweet voice as she twitches and jerks, and it seems I’ve completely taken her for a ride.

 I don’t want to deceive you, but I want hold you normally.

 I’m sorry.

 ”I’m sorry, I put it in Tamamushi and didn’t put it in you. So, let’s see if you’re a slut.”

 I whispered in Rikka’s ear, and as she rested her head on my shoulder, she let out a hot, ragged breath and reached her hands up to her lower abdomen. Then she unhooked her hot pants and pulled down the zipper.

 The slippery crotch was exposed. I could barely see the indecent crack. However, I can see everything.

 In the center of the slippery young crotch, I can see an unusually obscene crack in the flesh. I can’t help but notice the lustful juice that pours out of from the crack.

 ”It’s a reward for your hard work. Do you want me to come a few times with my fingers before I insert it? Or do you want me to go in right away?”

 ”I, I want it, I want it …… right away ♡”

 Rikka answered my question immediately in a sweet, trembling voice, and rolled up her hoodie to expose her breasts.

 She has large breasts that are disproportionate to her young appearance and peach-colored nipples that are pierced.

 She squatted down on the spot, reached her trembling hands to my crotch, and started to unbuckle my belt impatiently.

 She seemed to want it so badly she couldn’t stand it.

 After unbuckling the belt and unzipping it, she pulled out my curving cock from my pants and without hesitation buried her face between my legs.

 The slippery texture of the flesh pressed against my glans, and an obscene sound began to echo.

 I felt a numbing sensation as my glans was handled by the slick, absorbing flesh.

 Even though she asked for it, it was rare to see Rikka be so aggressive.

 My heartbeat jumped, and I felt so dizzy and nauseous that I covered my mouth with my hand.

 I’m in trouble. I don’t think I can move.

 I pretended to sit on the spot and fell on my butt, and Rikka, who had her face buried in my crotch, followed my groin with her glans in her mouth and crawled on all fours on the floor. Then she was shaking her head madly while making obscene sounds.

 The intense dizziness and nausea made me feel like I was about to lose consciousness, but the pleasure that Rikka was giving me somehow kept me from losing it.

 ”What do you want, Rikka?”


 I asked Rikka, when my pure “vision” no longer functioned, but I could “see” with my ability.

 Rikka, who had my cock in her mouth and was shaking her head enthusiastically, responded with a jerk and spit out the head with a sizzling sound. Then she looked up and smiled with a crying face as a lewd string of water dripped from her lips.

 ”Ba, baby, I want my onii-chan baby…….”

 Rikka, who held her own lower abdomen with both hands, told me so with a tearful smile on her face.

 Then she climbed on top of my crotch, which was on my buttocks.

 Straddling my crotch and forcing her hot pants down, Rikka dropped her hips with a tearful smile on her face.

 It’s against my warped cock.

 The tip of my glans hit the crack of the flesh, which was flooded with lewd juice.

 I felt the warm, slippery flesh.

 Rikka continues to lower her hips.

 My glans was swallowed by her hole, and then slid deeper and deeper into her flesh.

 ”O, onii-chan is tired, so I’ll move…… ♡”

 She whispered this while letting out a hot breath, and lowered her hips to the end while straddling my crotch.

 The tip of my glans, which had been thrusting toward the back, knocked against the hard object, and Rikka shivered.

 While panting, Rikka put her hands around the back of my neck and began to slowly shake her hips up and down.

 The obscene sound of water began to echo.

 The cramped flesh, covered in obscene juice, sucked and handled my glans.

  Rikka clenched her teeth, drool dripping from her lips, and gradually began to swing her hips more and more violently.

 The obscene sound of water echoes and the sensation of my glans gouging into her very back of hole.

 Rikka drools, clenches her teeth, and shakes her hips, stifling her voice.

 Rikka doesn’t know that I don’t have much time left. Even if I use my ability to “see” Rikka’s mind, I can’t find any such thoughts.

 However, I sensed something in her tearful smile.

 It might be a wild intuition. It might have been a wild intuition that made her realize something.

 As I watched Rikka on top of me, desperately shaking her hips, I somehow thought that.

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