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Chapter 147

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 Walking down the street at night towards the Kuroyuri Academy.

 ――Bad news.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 Bad news? Kukuku, no, no, no, isn’t it good news, right?


 I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s something going on at Kuroyuri Academy, right?

 ――Oh, yes, yes. But how can that be good news?

 Marina looked confused when she heard my answer.

 If there’s something strange going on at the Kuroyuri Academy, it’s probably because someone from Kudan’s organization is targeting the beastmen.

 ――I don’t know for sure. The insect that was sent to scout the area has disappeared. Tamamushi-chan says that it wasn’t attacked. She said that it was probably trapped in a barrier.

 See? That’s good news.

 ――W, why? What’s the good news about this? Yukina-chan and Yui-chan may be in danger, you know?

 They’re only in danger, right?


 The barriers seem to take some time to put up, depending on their performance. That means it was planned a long time ago to keep things quiet.

 But even if the barriers are completed, they can’t be activated right away, right?

 Once the barriers are activated, they will have to act immediately. Even though it can’t be recognized by the human “eye”, if it has the function of a physical barrier, it will cause a commotion.

 Then, they must activate it without causing a commotion and eliminate it before it becomes a commotion.

 So the only place to do that would be at night.

 And now that the barrier is functioning, is it trying to accomplish something, or is it in the process of accomplishing something?

 Either way, there is a good chance that Yukina is still alive and well.

 In other words, it’s not too late.

 See? That’s good news, right?

 However, it’s better to think that there’s not much time left.

 ”Marina! Please guide Rikka!”

 I shouted, and looked at Rikka.

 ”Hurry up, Rikka!”


 Rikka quickly came around in front of me as I rushed out, took me on her back, and kicked the ground.


 The night wind hitting my face. It made me shout out.

 Rikka was flying through the night sky with me on her back.

 ”I left Asahina-sama and Hizuki behind, but…”

 Rikka asked me as she landed on the ground. Then, she ran through the darkness like the wind.

 I guess she’s paying attention to me. Rikka runs like the wind, barely swaying up and down.

 If Rikka wanted to, she could run even faster, but she’s carrying me, a mere human being, on her back.

 If only Rikka were to run ahead, she would reach Kuroyuri Academy in an instant, but Rikka needs me.

 ”Don’t worry about them.”

 I replied to Rikka who was running soundlessly in the darkness.

 The two idiots are “kids who can’t do it even if they tried,” but if they really can’t do it, there’s no need for them in the squad.


 ”I’m not worried about the two of them. Because I’m afraid that if I leave them alone, the city will be wiped out.”

 I couldn’t help but smile at Rikka’s words.

 ”Yeah, you’re right.”

 The only person who has ever faced Asahina head on and not been scared is Yuka. Only Yuka.

 But in Yuka’s case, I think her friendship outweighed her fear.

 But Hizuki stood up. And it was only after she lost the use of her “Heavenly Eyes”.

 There are two types of idiots: those who only know how to move forward, and those who can face threats with no hesitation, even if they are powerless.

 ”The two of them have one thing in common. It’s not strength, it’s fear.”

 Rikka chuckled when I said that.

 ”If I may say so, the most ‘scary’ one is the master, though.”

 Rikka seemed to be happy even though she said I were the most frightening.

 ”I’m the weakest one, though. Because Rikka, I can’t do anything without you.”

 At my question, Rikka pouted.

 ”Didn’t you say yourself that ‘strength’ and ‘fear’ are different?”

 With that, Rikka chuckled.

  Rikka stopped running and gently set me down on the ground.

 I could see the magnificent school gate in front of me and the old nameplate that said “Private Kuroyuri Academy”.

 I couldn’t hear her, but it seemed that Marina had guided Rikka properly.

 And then――

 ”I’m sure I can see the barrier, but――”

 Rikka heard me muttering, looked up at me and tilted her head.

 ”Are you worried about something?”

 ”No, well, let’s just say I’m curious……”

 I answered Rikka’s question vaguely.

 I have very little knowledge of barrier. That’s why it’s dangerous to make judgments based on just what I see.

 ”It seems to me that the barriers are not very accurate.”

 The barriers I’ve seen and actually been inside during the last incident gave me the impression that they were very elaborately constructed.

 On the other hand, this time the barriers seemed to be very messy.

 ――If there is a barrier, why don’t I send Tamamushi-chan there? If there are barriers, it is better to have a Tamamushi-chan who has knowledge of it with you…….

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain, sounding anxious.

 No, you don’t need to send Tamamushi to here. It’s not that I’m underestimating my opponent. The most important thing right now is to move the base. I want you to do your best to move the base while minimizing the amount of force you send our way.

 What we need more than anything right now is a secure base.

 Alice is stuck over there. In addition, you and Yuka’s abilities can only show their true value if you have a safe base. And even if you protect Yukina and Loli Hina, if you don’t have a safe base, you might end up fighting the enemy while running away.

 You knew that too, so you didn’t stop our actions, and you didn’t propose the idea of adding more forces. Isn’t that right?

 That’s what I asked Marina in my mind.

 Soon after, I heard Marina’s sigh in my brain.

 ――I know they’ll be fine. Because you are a devilish demon who will use any despicable and cowardly means to protect your “friends” without hesitation. But I’m worried about what I should be worried about.

 Marina pretended to be worried and said whatever she wanted. I listened to her words and took them as agreement.

 ”Let’s go, Rikka”.


 I called out to Rikka, started walking, and entered the barrier.

 I entered the barrier and asked Marina in my mind.

 ――It’s okay. The communication hasn’t been cut off yet.

 Marina’s reply came back to me immediately.

 As far as my “eyes” can see, there are no new barriers within the effective range of my ability.

 Also, as soon as we entered the barrier, an insect that looked like a canary flew over us. And it was flying in a figure eight above my head.

 That’s the insect that Tamamushi sent out to scout.

 It seems to have disappeared, but only because it couldn’t get out of the barrier, and unlike the last barrier, it doesn’t seem to have its power nullified.

 Based on these facts, it seems that the barrier has the function of a physical barrier, which can block the power of different abilities to a certain extent, but it is not effective enough to block Marina’s “Denshin”.

 As expected, the barrier this time seemed to be much less precise than the last time.

 Was it because it was made in a hurry, or was it because the person who made it was not skilled enough?

 Either way, the fact that the barriers are inferior means that the forces that will be deployed will also be inferior.

 ”Tamamushi insects, huh?”

 I asked the insect, which was flying in a shape of 8 above my head.

 I can see the emerald light inside the insect’s body, so I know it’s an insect without having to ask.

 The insect bobbed up and down as if to reply to my question, then landed right in front of me and stopped flying in midair.

 It seems to have understood my words.

 Maybe Tamamushi has ordered it to obey my commands when it comes into contact with me.

 ”If you know where Yukina is, please show me.”

 When I asked the insect, it hovered in front of me and drew a shape of 8. Then it flew towards the school building.

 I was told that Yukina was living in the dormitory, but is she in the school building?

 If she’s in the school building at this hour, then….

 ”I think she’s fighting to protect the beastmen who were attacked by the enemy.”

 I’m sure she is. She’s a hero, you know.

 I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought.

 I came here to protect Yukina, but maybe it was none of my business.

 Because she’s “strong”.

 With that thought in mind, I followed the insect.

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