Xray 148

Chapter 148

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 The insect that was guiding us stopped in front of the door of the Kuroyuri Academy’s elevator. And it’s flying in a shape of 8.

 ”It looks like the insects are saying something.”

 Rikka, who tilted her head, looked up at me and asked.

 ”Maybe, it’s the alarm system…….”

 I muttered, staring at the elevator.

 If it was a small insect, it would be able to get into the school building through the crack. But that’s not the case for me and Rikka.

 We would have to break the lock to open the door and enter the school building, or break the window.

 But then, the alarm system would be a problem.

 Breaking the lock would surely set off the alarm system.

 It wouldn’t matter if the guards rushed in, but the problem was that the one who was targeting the beastmen.

 If the alarm goes off and they get impatient, they will forget about their interests and try to take strong measures.

 For example, they might kill them all and run away.

 The insects may have sensed this and told me to think twice before invading.

 If that’s the case, he’s a pretty smart guy.

 No, that’s not it.

 Pets are like their owners.

 Since Tamamushi’s power has been raised, the ability value of the insect being manipulated has also been raised.

 That’s right.

 ”We could dodge the wiring and smash the window, but…”

 My eyes can see all the hidden wires. So I can dodge the wires, break the window, and get inside.

 But this is a prestigious school for girls. The security is quite good.

 I can see wired alarms and what appears to be infrared radiation in all the places I can get into.

 On the second floor, I could “see” what looked like wiring for the alarm system, but I couldn’t see anything that looked like infrared.

 The alarm system is probably for people. I’m sure they think that a wired alarm system is sufficient for everything except the first floor.

 ”Rikka can easily break in, but I’m the one who’s a burden.”

 It’s also true that if I don’t make a clear entrance for the two idiots who will be coming after us, they will certainly break through the front door and cause a commotion.


 I stepped out and stood on the wall next to the elevator entrance.

 Common sense dictated that if I made an entrance where no human could enter, there would be no problem.

 And Rikka can do it.

 ”Rikka, can you cut through this wall with as little noise as possible?”

 I asked Rikka as I put my hand on the wall.

 Rikka grinned as she heard my words.

 ”It’s no problem.”

 And as she replied, Rikka put her right hand behind her back.

 With the sound of slicing through the wind, a faint metallic sound echoed.

 An oval gap in the wall and a cross-shaped scratch.

 With the huge knife tucked behind her back, Rikka reached out both hands to the wall.

 There was a cracking sound and parts of the wall were pulled out like a puzzle.

 Holding the blocks, which must have weighed several hundred kilograms each, as if they were toy blocks, Rikka gently placed them on the ground.

 The four blocks were removed, and a hole was made in the wall through which I could easily pass.

 There was also a steel frame built into the wall to reinforce it, but to Rikka it was just like tofu.

 No one would have expected her to break into the school building in such a forceful manner.

 The insects that had been forming a shape of 8 in front of the elevator door entered the school building through the entrance that Rikka had made.

 I looked at Rikka, who looked at me and nodded.

 We’ll have to pay attention to our conversations from here. I need to approach the enemy with as little noise as possible.

 However, I have Marina’s “Denshin” with me.

 Through Marina, I can convey my thoughts to Rikka, and Rikka can convey her thoughts to me.

 But, I felt uncomfortable with Marina’s silence.

 Marina? Hey, Marina? Can you hear me?

 I asked her several times in my mind, but she didn’t answer.

 What’s going on? I’m sure there was nothing wrong with Denshin when I entered the barriers. And there are no new barriers.

 If it’s not because of the barriers, is it because they are in the middle of moving their base and just don’t have time to pay attention to us, or did something go wrong?

 There is a problem. That is, an enemy raid.

 If they were raided by the enemy, that’s strange. They should have told me immediately via Denshin that they had been attacked. In addition, the other side left behind an overwhelming force of Tamamushi, Nanafushi, and Kazehana. And Yuka’s mantra. And then there’s Marina’s “Denshin” which can control all of them perfectly.

 If they attacked with only a small amount of strength, they would be easily defeated.

 However, what if the forces deployed were a little more than a little?

 ”Rikka, let’s go back.”

 I called out to Rikka, who was about to enter the school building through a hole in the wall.

 Rikka’s expression tightened immediately after her momentary shock.


 And then nodded to Rikka.

 I’m sorry, Yukina, but I can no longer lend you a hand.

 ”What about the barrier!”

 Rikka, who was running alongside me as I started to run, asked me.

 The last case’s barrier was said to be impossible to destroy, even by Nanafushi. But this time the barrier is “messy”. Maybe――

 ”Try to destroy it with a physical method!”


 Rikka nodded at my words and pulled out a huge knife from behind her.

 If Rikka can destroy it, that’s fine. But if she can’t, we’ll have to think of another way.

 As Tamamushi had said, there is a “starting point” for barriers. In order to destroy the barriers, we need to find the “starting point”.

 With my eyes, I might be able to find the starting point.

 But what to do after finding the starting point?

 It seems that Tamamushi, who has knowledge of barrier, can destroy it, but I don’t have that knowledge.

 However, rather than trying to destroy it randomly, it would be more likely to try to destroy it by putting a physical load on the “starting point”.

 ”Master, please retreat to the rear in case something happens!”

 Saying this, Rikka stopped, held the huge knife behind her back, and dropped to her hips with a gulp.

 The blood vessels raised and the muscles made a creaking sound. Her body creaked and shuddered.

 Rikka told me to move backwards just in case, but the effective range of my ability is not that wide. So, in order to find the “starting point”, I can’t stay back.

 It doesn’t matter if I lose an arm or a leg.

 As a field monitor, I’m fine as long as my head is safe.

 ――Hold on! Wait! Wait! Hold on! Stopp!

 Marina’s voice suddenly echoed in my brain.

 Rikka must have heard it too, because she’s looking at me with wide eyes.

 ――I, I’m sorry I didn’t reply! I’m fine over here! I’m not fine, but! Oh, God!

 Marina says she’s fine, but seems to be in a lot of trouble.

 She seems to be okay, but I’m pretty sure something went wrong.

 Marina, you don’t have to explain. Just tell me if you need me and Rikka or not.

 ――That’s right, it would be helpful if Suzuhara-san could act as an intermediary! But Suzuhara-san, please give priority to Yukina-chan! Oh, God! Stop it! You’ll die! You’ll really die!

 Mediation? Die? What do you mean? Do you need me? Let me be clear about that.

 ――Asahina-san is beating up Hizuki-chan! She’s going to die! If Asahina-san does anything more, she’ll really die! You should apologize too, Hizuki-chan! If you keep being mean, you’ll really die, and you know that person is really unforgiving!

 Huh? Asahina is beating up Hizuki?

 ――Hizuki-chan has been fanning Asahina-san for a long time, but Asahina-san didn’t bother her! Then Hizuki-chan lost her temper and said something she should never have said!

 ……Hmm, so?

 ――She said, “Poor breasts! Your breasts are flatter than a chopping block”. Then, Asahina-san said ,”Big breasts make your shoulders stiff!”. But, Hizuki-chan gave her a full combo of things she should never have said! From there, she was beaten to a pulp! Hizuki-chan was dying, but she wouldn’t apologize! On the contrary, she seems to be rather happy to be beaten up!

 I let out a sigh as I heard Marina’s voice screaming.

 Rikka is also getting tired of this.

 ――Excuse me! I don’t have time to answer! I’m sorry! I heard a squeak sound! You’re going to die! You’re dying! You’re really going to die! Pleaseeeeeee apologize to herrrrr, Hizuki-channnnnnnnnnn!

 Marina’s scream echoed in my brain.

 What the hell are those two idiots doing?

 ”I’m sure Hizuki is both envious and happy.”

 Rikka, who had been gazing at me, muttered with a smile on her face.

 She’s envious and happy.

 Well, I don’t understand the feeling.

 Before she developed her eyesight, Hizuki had the power to “vaguely read” people’s minds.

 It was only a small power, but being able to read people’s minds was nothing more than a monster.

 Besides, if she could read things that we didn’t want her to read, she would become a tremendous nuisance and a hindrance.

 No wonder she was thrown away. I guess she should consider herself lucky that she was not erased.

 But then again, Hizuki was probably just a kid.

 She must had been hated the absurdity of the world, hated her own power, and her mind must have been twisted to any extent.

 In fact, when we first met, Hizuki was clearly insane.

 That’s why she was able to accept the beastmen sisters who had not been poisoned by the human world, I guess I could say.

 Long ago, on one day, In front of Hizuki, Asahina appeared.

 ”Asahina is the sun.”

 ”Sun, huh?”

 ”Yes, at first glance it seems that she is a benefactor of humanity, but in reality she is not.”

 The sun does not shine for humans, or even for living beings. It only does so because it wants to. The sun does not care who is troubled by its light, it will continue to shine mercilessly and endlessly.

 ”Hizuki, on the other hand, is a moon in the night sky. Without the sun’s light, it cannot even shine. It is such a diminutive existence.”

 When the sun rises, it hides as if to flee, and when the sun sets, it quietly appears. And without the sun’s light, they can’t even make themselves shine.

 However, there are those who need such a diminutive existence.

 For those who live in darkness, the light of the moon is irreplaceable.

 It is only Hizuki, who has also lived in the darkness, that has been able to accept Kazehana and Rikka, who have lived in the darkness.

 Asahina, who is self-righteous and walks the straight and narrow path without hesitation, and Hizuki, who has been wandering in the dark groping for a while.

 They are so opposite, but maybe that’s why they are attracted to each other.

 Besides, they have something in common.

 Asahina, who is incompetent but even Nanafushi is afraid of her, and Hizuki, who controls the Heavenly Eye, albeit temporarily.

 The two of them, no matter how you look at it…

 ”It’s a monster outside the norm.”

 Rikka grinned when she heard me muttering that.

 ”Hizuki, who is going to fight head-on with Asahina-sama, is clearly a fool who can’t help herself. But I love that kind of Hizuki. I love that Hizuki of today more than the Hizuki of before.”

 ”Yeah, I don’t hate the current Hizuki either.”

 I nodded at Rikka’s words and smiled with a sigh.

 By the way, Marina, leave those two idiots alone. I mean, they’re just happy to have an equal fighting buddy, so don’t interfere.

 I spoke to Marina in my mind, but there was no reply.

 She was probably in a panic because Hizuki had been beaten to a pulp by Asahina and was in trouble.

 I’m sure that even Marina can’t handle those two.

 No matter how much you try to stop them, there’s no way they’re going to stop fighting, so why don’t you just leave them alone?


 ”A commander is like a chore man who pays attention to his surroundings.”

 It’s a tough job.

 In that respect, it’s good for the field monitor to be at ease.

 Rikka heard me muttering and giggled.

 ”Now, shall we hurry up too?”

 ”That’s right. If we don’t hurry up, those two will come.”

 ”That’s the most troublesome part.”

 We talked to each other and started to run, and we entered the school building through a hole in the wall.

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