Xray 150

Chapter 150

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 The silence is so intense that it hurts my ears.

 Every single one of the countless insects that were about to leap towards us had stopped moving and had turned back into mere corpses.

 And the gray-haired girl on the floor had also returned to being just a corpse.

 The small blue light that was “visible” inside the girl’s body has disappeared.

 What the heck is going on here?

 ――Oh, I was impatient.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 Are you okay?

 ――I was on the edge, I swear. A lot of bugs suddenly attacked us. Thanks to Tamamushi-chan, I became resistant to bugs, so I didn’t panic.

 Marina blurted out in my brain.

 Just in time… Was it Marina who stopped the insects from moving? How?

 ――Was it the necromancer? The number of corpses he uses indicates that he has tremendous power. According to Nanafushi-chan’s information, his category is A, which means he’s the highest level of ability. However, the compatibility with my ability was the worst.

 His compatibility with Marina was the worst?

 ――My guess that the sorcerer and the corpse are connected. And I try to “see” it through Suzuhara-san’s eyes.


 ――You seem to have understood. That’s right. Through Suzuhara-san’s eyes, I was able to see inside the gray-haired girl. From there, I was able to reach the sorcerer, and――

 Yuka’s mantra?

 ――That’s what it is.

 I see. Marina’s ability requires her to “see” the target. And she was able to do that by using my “eyes”. But the only thing she could see was a girl with gray hair. Normally, she could only use Denshin on the gray-haired girl.

 However, the other party was a sorcerer who used corpses.

 The main body hid itself and attacked with the corpse it was using, which was an extremely troublesome ability, but it turned out to be a bad thing.

 In other words, the sorcerer is connected to the corpse by magic. And with Marina’s ability, she can trace the connection.

 It’s a terrible match.

 Moreover, once you reach the main body, what awaits you is a complete brainwashing by Yuka’s mantra.

 I thought that the combo of Marina and Yuka was invincible, but I never thought that they would be able to easily neutralize a person with A-class abilities, which is the highest category.

 That’s scary.

 Anyway, how did she neutralize him? Yuka’s ability is not supposed to be used for killing.

 Maybe she put him to sleep?

 ――You’re half right.

 Half? Then what about the other half?

 ――I made him forget how to use his ability. If I just put him to sleep, he’ll use his abilities if he wake them up, right? I wanted to ask him some questions, so I made him forget how to use his ability.

 I see. If he forget how to use his ability, then he’s powerless.

 ――But he really is an amazing sorcerer, isn’t he? The main body is about a hundred kilometers away from there. And yet, he’s able to use that many dead insects.

 Who is the one who neutralized that amazing sorcerer in an instant?

 ”As expected of Marina-sama.”

 Rikka, who is standing next to me, is trembling with tears in her eyes.

 It seems that Rikka heard our conversation, but she was frightened by Marina’s terror.

 ――D, don’t be scared, Rikka-chan! It’s thanks to Suzuhara-san’s “eyes” that I was able to reach the main body, and Yuka-san’s mantra that I was able to neutralize it, and I can’t do much on my own!

 Marina was shocked to be frightened by Rikka, but she was desperately trying to make excuses.

 Marina, it’s not your ability that’s frightening Rokka. It’s your quick thinking, the way you came up with a countermeasure in an instant and neutralized the enemy.

 To be honest, I’m scared too.

 ――Oh my god, even Suzuhara-san! I thought you were going to praise me!

 Don’t bother. Don’t yell at me in my head.

 Anyway, thank you for saving my life.


 ”The beastman girl is……”

 The gray-haired girl on the floor has a completely stopped heart.

 My eyes can see the inside of a human body with great accuracy. If she was “freshly” dead, I might have been able to revive her by giving her a heart massage.

 I couldn’t get a good look at her earlier because I didn’t have enough time, but no. It seems that the body has been dead for a long time. The blood has solidified and decomposition has begun.

 She seemed to be a friend of Yukina’s, so I wanted to help her if I could.

 ”Master, what should we do with the girl?”

 Rikka, who was holding the unconscious Yukina and Lolihina by her sides, asked me.

 Yukina is Alice’s adopted daughter and is related to the protection organization. The beastman’s daughter is probably also related to the protection organization.

 The men who were erased to the bone from the necromancer are probably the underlings of Kudan’s organization, no need to think about it.

 And the Necromancer, he mentioned the names Makiri and Kudan. I’m pretty sure he’s related to Kudan, but he did call Kudan an asshole. There is no proof that they are affiliated.

 Marina, what about the body of the necromancer?

 ――I have Tamamushi-chan and Nanafushi-chan on their way to capture the main body of the Necromancer. I don’t think it will take much time for those two. They’re fast runners.

 I see. I thought it was a bad idea to separate Tamamushi and Nanafushi from Marina and the others, but it turned out to be a good idea.

 But Marina, the key to our team is you and Yuka, who specialize in providing support from the rear. No matter what the situation is, you and Yuka need to put your own safety first.

 Hey Marina, are you listening to me? Hey!

 She’s ignoring me.

 Damn it, I’ll give you a lecture with my dick in your pussy later.

 Anyway, Yukina and the gray-haired girl are from the Protection Agency, and the men who disappeared to the bone are from Kudan’s side.

 But there is a possibility that some of those who haven’t, the ones on the General’s side, will sense something is wrong and come here.

 I’m planning to make contact with the General’s side sooner or later, but if Kudan’s people come here and start a battle, it’ll be troublesome. It would be better to leave immediately.

 And the girl with the gray hair――

 ”I’ll take her. I’ll carry her.”

 I replied to Rikka and walked up to the girl’s body.

 The less baggage, the better. Besides, it was the necromancer who killed the men. If we dare to leave traces of the necromancer’s presence here, we might be able to distract the enemy. That’s why it’s better to leave the girl’s body behind.


 ”I want to say goodbye. Hey, Yukina.”

 When I muttered while looking sideways at the Yukina that Rikka was carrying, I carried the corpse of the girl on my back.

 Rikka holds Yukina and Lolihina by her sides and runs in front of me.

 Even though she is small, she isn’t out of breath even though she is carrying two girls.

 I, on the other hand, was somehow running with one of the girls’ bodies on my back.

 I’m completely dragging Rikka down with me.

 At a time like this, “mere mortals” are truly powerless.

 I walked out of the school building and headed for the school gate. On the way, I caught a barrier within the range of my abilities.

 The men were dead and the necromancer had lost his power. But the barrier is still intact.

 ――According to Tamamushi-chan, even if the sorcerer dies or loses his power, the barrier once constructed does not seem to disappear until the given power is fully consumed.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 I see. Barrier is a tricky thing.

 ――It’s okay. I’ve already found the starting point through Suzuhara-san’s “eyes”. Rikka-chan can destroy it immediately.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain, and I couldn’t help but stare at her.

 Barrier is tricky, but Marina’s ability is even more tricky.

 I tremble to think of her as an enemy.

 As I walked out of the school gate after destroying the barriers without difficulty, a huge spider appeared without a sound, just as it had been waiting for me.

 It was Tamamushi’s pet.

 ――I’m not going back to Tamamushi-chan’s house. We will continue to head to our new base.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 Are you guys already on your way to the new base?

 ――Yes. I’ve already collected Asahina-san and Hizuki-san.

 Copy that. You’re really good at this.

 ”Master, may you take care of them?”

 I got on the back of the giant spider and laid the gray haired girl down, then Rikka asked me.


 I nodded and received Yukina and Lolihina from Rikka who jumped on the spider.

 ”I’ll run on my own.”

 Rikka jumped down from the spider and raised her voice.

 Rikka seems to be trying to run alongside the spider while hiding herself.

 There might be an enemy attack.

 My “X-ray” and Marina’s “Denshin”. If Rikka hides herself and runs alongside the spider, even if it attacks, she can use mine and Marina’s abilities to counter the enemy.

 Rikka’s idea is correct. Correct, but…….

 ”Rikka should ride the spider too.”


 Rikka persisted with my words.

 It’s not like that. It’s not like me. I should be ready to respond immediately in case the enemy attacks.


 ”I want you to be near me. I want you to touch me. Please, Rikka. This is not an order, but a request.”

 Rikka’s eyes widened at my words.

 Even if Rikka acted while hiding, my ability would be able to capture her image.

 There’s nothing to worry about.

 But that’s not the case. It’s not like that.

 The girl with gray hair who lost her life.

 The girl, Yukina’s friend, will never be able to talk to Yukina again.

 She will never be able to laugh, get angry, or cry again.

 I’m running out of time. In the near future, I will suffer the same fate as the girl with the gray hair.

 I will never be able to praise Rikka again. I’ll never be able to see her smile again. I would never be able to feel her warmth again.

 Before that happens, I want to feel Rikka’s warmth as much as possible.

 Such an uncharacteristic feeling comes up to me.

 I’m sure I’m scared.

 I’m sure I’m afraid of losing the “family” I’ve finally got.

 ”Yes, sir.”

 Rikka, whose eyes had been wide open, narrowed her eyes and quietly answered.

 Rikka’s presence has become so scarce that it’s hard to tell if she’s really there.

 In preparation for an enemy attack, she must have killed any sign of her presence so as not to alarm the enemy.

 But the absolute will lights up from her red eyes.

 She’s going to get rid of anyone who has a grudge against me.

 That’s what she’s silently telling me.

 Rikka kicked the ground without a sound, and landed in front of me without another sound.

 She was on one knee in front of me, trying to sharpen her senses to the utmost to keep an eye on her surroundings, when I lifted her up in a heap.


 Rikka’s voice sounded dumb.

 When she sat down in front of me, I hugged her tightly.

 ”Ma, master! I’ll be late to intercept them if you’re hugging me!”

 Rikka, who seemed to be in a hurry, tried to release my hand from the embrace. But her strength is weak.

 If Rikka wanted to, she could easily escape. But she doesn’t.

 ”No, please don’t…….”

 This is the “first” time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

 ”No, please don’t. Please don’t do this, Master. It’s as if master left me somewhere far away…… very far away…….”

 With a trembling voice, Rikka desperately but gently tries to untie my hand, her slender young shoulders shaking, and she sobs slightly.

 A warm drop falls onto my hand.

 It’s so hot, Rikka. Your tears are so hot, I feel like I’m going to burn.

 Oh, shit, I don’t want to die.

 ――Yes, yes, you two. It’s bad time to get sentimental. But can you go to the new base immediately?

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 Chills run up my spine.

 ”What’s with the light talk?”

 Rikka quietly raises her voice. From such a young body of Rikka, an abnormal amount of killing intent is overflowing.

 ”You know everything, don’t you! You know everything, and yet you talk so lightly about it!”

 Rikka’s shout echoed in the dark night.

 Rokka is angry. She’s angry for me.

 Oh, that’s right. This is what family is all about.

 ――Mufufu, Rikka-chan. Be patient, the moment you hear my word, you’ll shout, I “love” you, Marina-sama.

 Ah? What the hell is this guy talking about?

 ――My ability is “Denshin”, so to speak, I’m an expert in the mind. I invaded the mind to neutralize the necromancer. That’s where I got the information. What is that information?

 I gulped at Marina’s words.

 ”No way.”

 ”No way.”

 Our mutterings were in perfect harmony.

 ――I’m not sure what I saw on the surface of his mind, but I’m sure it happened. There was a way to prolong the life of a person with the ability of the earth’s eye. The necromancer knows how to do that.

 At Marina’s words, my heart skipped a beat.

 A way to extend the life span.

 Can I, can I not die? Will I be able to live with Rikka and my “family”?

 ”I love you, Marina-sama!”

 Rikka’s joyful cry echoed in the dark night.

 ――Mufufu, my prediction was correct.

 I can’t see Marina, but I can see that she’s proud of her breasts.

 The only thing she has going for her is her tits.

 I’m so pissed off I’m going to make her squeal later.

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