Xray 151

Chapter 151

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 A huge spider was moving in the dark night, noiselessly, yet at a tremendous speed.

 If it moved at such a speed, I would have been blown away by the wind pressure, let alone Rikka. But thanks to the emerald film of light that surrounds the spider, I barely feel the wind pressure.

 Tamamushi really is a girl who can do it if she tries. But she’s an idiot.

 ”Ma, master……♡”

 Sitting on top of my crotch, I’m being hugged by Rikka, who’s leaking hot breath and looking up at me with moist eyes, muttering lustfully.

 She seems to have gone into heat because of my hug.

 But Rikka has body piercings on her nipples and clitoris, so she’s always on super recovery. This also means that she is in heat all the time, but she usually keeps it under control with her strong mental strength and high loyalty.

 Rikka doesn’t know that my life span is being cut down by the earth eye. I didn’t tell her. But she must have sensed it somehow. That’s why she was furious at Marina’s light words.

 But Marina found a way to prolong my life.

 I guess she got distracted by that.

 So did I. I don’t know the details yet, but I know that there is hope. Maybe that’s why I felt a little distracted. Instead, my s*x drive is up and my cock is pumping.

 ”Rikka, stay alert.”

 I told Rikka as I pulled down the zipper of her battle suit and put my hands inside.

 ”Yes, I understand ♡”

 Rikka’s expression tightened as she listened to my command, but she turned bright red and shivered as her battle suit was groped.

 I grinned as I looked at her and pinched her nipples, which were so erect that it looked like they were about to burst.

 ”Hiuuu ♡”

 Rikka jumped when her nipples were pinched.

 ”Hey Rikka, I told you to stay alert. We never know when the enemy might attack.”

 While teasing Rikka, I kneaded her stiff nipples with my fingers.

 ”So, sorrrrry ♡, I, I’m sorrrrrry ♡”

 Rikka is desperately trying to apologize, but she’s twitching and screaming in a sweet voice.

 This is why I love Rikka.

 She never betrays my expectations.

 ”I, I want it ♡ I, I want you to use my pussy ♡ I want Master to use my pussy ♡”

 Perhaps she was completely aroused by having her nipples played with, Rikka begged me for my cock.

 The current situation is such that we must remain vigilant in preparation for an enemy attack. It’s dangerous to give yourself over to pleasure. But that’s what my ability is for.

 As a person with innate abilities, it is natural for me to have abilities. It is easy for me to grasp information within the range of my ability while focusing on other things with my ability activated.


 Marina, you’re watching me, right?

 I asked Marina in my brain, but there was no reply. There was no answer, but given the current situation, there was no way Marina wasn’t “watching”.

 I’m sure she’s masturbating while “watching” me and Rikka’s affair, making excuses to herself that she can’t be too careful.

 Marina is still a slutty bitch, after all.

 ――I, I’m not masturbating, that’s not true! Suzuhara-san’s an idiot!

 Marina’s angry voice echoed in my brain.

 As I thought, she was “watching” me.


 Marina moans in frustration.

 Marina, don’t worry about it. I know that you are a slutty, perverted bitch. Don’t worry about it, just keep masturbating while you “see” what we’re doing.

 ――I told you, I didn’t do it! And I’m not “spying” on you! I can’t be careless, so I have no choice but to watch!

 Marina is desperately trying to make excuses in my brain, but making excuses means that she feels guilty about “spying”.

 If you are really thinking only about caution from the bottom of your heart, you will not make excuses.


 Marina is moaning in frustration.

 It’s a good.

 Fufu, I won.

 Anyway, there are no blind spots in a perfect circle with a fifteen meter radius, which is the range of my ability. On top of that, Marina is “watching” me.

 Even if we were attacked by an enemy, Marina would be able to transmit the information to Rikka via “Denshin” before I could tell her with my voice.

 Even if she was in the middle of a climax, Rikka would be able to respond immediately.

 Besides, we have Yuka’s mantra.


 ”I will punish you for being a slutty dog.”

 I decided to love Rikka.

 ”T, thank you, Master ♡ Please punish me a lot for being such a bad girl ♡”

 Rikka, knowing that she was going to be punished, revealed her joy with all her might.

 I’d love to take a shot at her tight little pussy, but I’d have to deal with an enemy attack with my dick out.

 I’ll just make Rikka cum.

 ――You’re really nice to Rikka-chan, aren’t you? You siscon.”

 Marina blurts out in my brain.

 Siscon, huh?

 I’ll take that as a compliment.

 The spider, moving skillfully on its eight legs, has left the residential area and entered the forest.

 ”Ahh ♡ Cumming ♡ I’m going to cum againnnnnnnnnn ♡”

 Rikka’s nipples and clitoris were teased relentlessly by me, and she climaxed many times.

 The sharp-tongued Rikka is attractive, but Rikka is most attractive when she’s cumming.

 ”Dick, your dick ♡ I want your dick ♡ Hmm ♡ Cumming ♡ Cummmming ♡ I’m cumming againnnnnnn ♡ With your dickkkkk ♡”

 Rikka begs for my cock, but the body piercings on her nipples and clitoris are pulled tightly, and she climaxes, squirting and twitching.

 She was climaxing reasonably hard, but I guess she couldn’t be satisfied unless she had a cock in her pussy.

 I’d like to take a shot and feel better, too.

 After all, Rikka’s pussy is the best. Rokuhana’s loli pussy is tight, but it’s also slippery because of the large amount of pussy juice. Moreover, she has always been on super-healing, so no matter how many times I uses it, she is still a virgin.

 ”I, I’m sorry ♡ I’m sorry Master ♡ I have to be careful around us ♡”

 Rikka came to her senses and apologized while twitching, her expression tightened and she tried to be vigilant of her surroundings.

 In addition to this, I licked her neck with my tongue, grabbed the body piercings on her left and right nipples with my right hand, and grabbed the body piercing on her clitoris with my left hand. I then pulled them simultaneously.

 ”Aaahhhhhhhh ♡”

 The sharp expression on Rikka’s face instantly turned into a foolish expression, and she squirted out while cramping and twitching violently.

 ”Dick, your dick ♡ I want your dickkkkkkkk ♡”

 I licked her neck and tortured her nipples and clit at the same time, and she seemed to have reached a spectacular climax.

 Because she had climaxed so spectacularly, she seemed to want a cock even more.

 ――Haah♡ Haah♡ Haah♡ Haah♡

 Hot and rough breathing echoed in my brain.

 It seems that someone is getting excited when she sees Rikka climaxing after being tortured by me.

 Marina, I can hear you.

 ――What!? Haa? What do you mean you can hear me!? I don’t get it!?

 So when you don’t understand. You should not be angry with me after you have gone into heat in my own brain.

 Anyway, where is the spider heading? The new base is supposed to be Hizuki’s house, but is there a house in the woods?

 ――Ah, Kohon.

 Marina, who had been upset, cleared her throat.

 You can’t fool me if you try to fool me. I’m the type of person who holds on to things. I’m not going to forget what I said to you. I’m going to teach it to your body later. Be prepared for that.

 ――We’re heading to the necromancer’s base. When I “see” the surface of the necromancer’s mind, I found out that he doesn’t belong to any organization. He’s in the highest category, A, and cannot be trifled with. That’s why I judged it to be safe.

 Marina’s slightly upset voice echoed in my brain.

 Marina, who can “see” my mind, knows what I’m going to do to her later.

 Marina’s trembling voice.

 I guess it’s hard to hide your true intentions because it’s the voice of your “heart”.

 It’s obvious that you’re expecting it.

 ――It, it’s different ♡ No, it’s not ♡ I don’t have any expectations ♡ I don’t want you to tease me at all ♡ Suzuhara-san’s idiot ♡ Stupid baka baka ♡

 Yes, yes, that’s why it’s obvious that you’re expecting something.

 I’ll leave the perverted, slutty, useless tits bitch alone, but you’re heading to the necromancer’s base.

 The Necromancer called Kudan an idiot. This means that he knows Kudan and is close to him. And yet, he is not a member of any organization.

 He has the power to do so.

 Perhaps the Necromancer is a special being in Category A.

 As Marina said, he is an existence that no organization can touch easily. That’s why it’s safe.

 Not a bad decision.

 Moreover, necromancers are the type that fight by hiding. Naturally, he must have hidden his base.

 The only one who could find it was Marina.

 ――I felt that the Necromancer was trying to convince himself that he and Kudan were equals. Do you know what that means?

 Marina asks me a question in my brain.

 He’s trying to convince me that they’re equals.

 ”He’s trying to convince me that they’re equals,” he says, “but I couldn’t convince it that they’re equals.”

 In other words, he’s not equal.

 ――That’s what I’m saying.

 Marina affirmed with a sigh.

 When I confronted the necromancer, I realized that I would never win in a fight. But at the same time, I had an unfounded thought that “that guy” might be able to do something about it.

 That idiot, Asahina, might be able to do something about it.

 So, she tried to buy some time.

 ――So Suzuhara-san judged that the necromancer was weaker than Asahina-san, not to mention Kudan?

 No, as expected, I don’t think Asahina is stronger than him. I don’t think Asahina is stronger than him. Her abilities are at best “superhuman”. There’s no way she can beat a Category A ability.


 ――If Asahina-san were to join the battle, she could create an unpredictable situation that could lead to a breakthrough.

 Well, that’s about it.

 Anyway, it’s true that I thought that Asahina could do something about it.

 A necromancer is just that, a necromancer.

 I’ve met Kudan once, and she’s not that naive.

 ――He’s probably the highest-ranking necromancer in Category A. How can he be that naive? I hope you’re “mistaken”, Suzuhara-san.

 Marina muttered in my brain with a sigh.

 Absolutely. It would be nice if it’s “mistaken”, but unfortunately, it’s not.

 Kudan, she’s the kind of guy who plays with her own life. She’s not the kind of guy who hides herself and enjoys herself from a safe distance.

 ”Is Kudan really that dangerous?……”

 I was surprised at the voice I heard.

 Rikka, who just a few moments ago had been flirting, tightened her expression.

 Rikka also heard our conversation?

 Well, it’s better to know how bad Kudan is, you know.


 ”It’s very tempting to make you look slutty and sloppy.”

 With a grin, I placed the tip of my right index finger on Rikka’s young urethra.

 Rikka’s face, which had been shaking with fear, instantly turned bright red.

 The urethra is Rikka’s weak spot.

 I grasped the body piercing on her clitoris with my left hand and pulled it tightly, then thrust my right index finger into her urethra.

 ”Ooh ♡”

 She arched her back and thrust her tongue out with her white eyes.

 The body piercing is pulled mercilessly, and the clitoris is stretched abnormally, making a painful sound. At the same time, I thrusts her right index finger in and out of her urethra.

 ”Noooooo ♡ Oooooh ♡”

 A beastly roar echoed in the dark night.

 ”Rikka, how sloppy you are!”

 I bite her erect nipples with my teeth and caress the tips of her nipples with my tongue. At the same time, I pulled at her body piercing, tortured her clitoris, and moved my index finger vigorously around her urethra.

 ”I, I’m sorry ♡ I’m sorryyyy ♡”

 Maybe she was worried about being called a slut. Rikka apologizes in an animalistic voice, her tongue sticking out, drooling and twitching like a freak.

 ――Rikka-chan, I like you ♡

 Hey Marina, your true feelings are leaking out. Are you okay with that?

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