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Chapter 152

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 The spider arrived at a cave deep in the forest.

 No, it’s a big rock when I look at it “normally”.

 The necromancer must have hidden the entrance with some sort of blinding technique.

 But it won’t work on me.

 ――Your eyes are really useful, aren’t it? I screamed when Spider-chan tried to run into the wall.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 It seems that Marina and the others are already inside the cave.

 When they entered the cave, their “eyes” saw only a rock wall, and they were surprised to see the spider running into the wall.

 I guess Marina is a human child, after all.

 ――T, that’s rude! I’m just a normal girl!?

 A normal girl.

 How can you say that?

 The spider carrying us slipped through the rock wall and entered the cave.

 A dark space with no light.

 It was dark in the forest, but in the cave it was very dark. Perhaps he was using magic to block the light from entering.

 It’s a good way to intercept the enemy when they enter.

 ”Normally”, I wouldn’t be able to see anything, but my ability to “see” space doesn’t require light.


 Rikka kneels down next to me and shouts while sharpening her nerves.

 She’s not as good as Kazehana, but Rikka has five senses that far exceed those of normal people.

 ”This feeling is strange.”

 Rikka, who seems to have sensed something, mutters.

 ”It’s okay. I can see everything.”

 I replied to Rikka.

 The cause of the strange sensation Rikka felt was probably that.

 Everywhere on the walls of the cave, there are letters that look like earthworms have crawled on them, and there are things that look like magic circles.

  It looks like a technique used by Tamamushi.

 When Tamamushi used her magic, I “saw” emerald light. I could see a similar light in the barriers.

 When the technique is activated, my eyes can probably see the light. But I can’t see the light on things like the letters on the wall or the magic circle.

 It doesn’t seem to be functioning, but perhaps Rikka sensed some kind of smell left behind by the sorcerer.

 ――It seems to be a system that automatically intercepts the enemy. As with barrier, it seems that even if the sorcerer dies or loses his ability, it will continue to function until the given power is consumed up.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 It continues to function even after losing its ability?

 The necromancer has forgotten how to handle his ability due to Yuka’s mantra. However, if Marina is right, the interception system should not die until it consumes all the power it has been given.

 So why isn’t it working?

 ――The first ones to arrive here were Tamamushi-chan and Nanafushi-chan. The interceptor system was deactivated by Tamamushi-chan.

 Tamamushi deactivated it? I see. Tamamushi is really stupid, but very capable.

 Anyway, if Tamamushi and Nanafushi are here, that means they’ve captured the main body of the necromancer. You’re working fast.

 ――Yes, yyes, well, in a manner of speaking, yes.

 Marina’s tone is poor. Was there a problem?

 ――Oh, no, I mean, there’s a problem…….See for yourself.

 See with my own eyes?

 It’s not an urgent situation, judging from Marina’s voice, but I have a bad feeling about it.

 The cave was quite deep and complicated like a maze, but the spider didn’t get lost.

 A thread-like emerald light extends from the spider.

 It seems that Tamamushi have already arrived. She seems to be guiding the spider.

 After a while, I “saw” a transparent membrane in front of me.

 The same technique as the blindfold at the entrance of the cave. It seemed to be a way to make ordinary people, even those with abilities, see a dead end, but it didn’t work for my eyes.

 ”Rikka, it’s going to get brighter.”

 When I told Rikka, she nodded silently and closed her eyes.

 After all, I can see the end.

 The moment the spider slipped through the transparent membrane, the surroundings suddenly became brighter.

 It wasn’t just a little bright. It was as bright as daytime. And we are at a huge dome.

 ”I don’t know if he’s an old lady or an old man, but his taste is rather young.”

 A huge dome-shaped space that could be called a plaza. In the center of the dome stands a strange fairy-tale house.

 It is a lovely house that looks like something out of from fairy tale.

 In addition, the house was surrounded by various flowers and even butterflies.

 The Necromancer is acquainted with Kudan, and Kudan is older than Nanafushi, who was created three hundred years ago.

 The necromancer was using the corpse of a beast girl who was Yukina’s friend, so her voice was that of a young girl. But the way he spoke made his sound old and crafty.

 I had thought he was an old woman or an old man.

 It’s no wonder that Marina’s voice was so choppy…….

 The spider stops moving in front of a strange fairy tale house.

 The door of the house opened and Marina and Yuka came out.

 ”Welcome back!”

 Marina raises her voice when she sees me on the spider.

 ”Welcome home! Mota-kun!”

 Next, Yuka raised her voice.

 Welcome back, huh? But――

 This is the first time I’ve been here.

 I’ll never be able to go back to Tamamushi’s house again. I felt as if a hole had opened up in my heart, but not at all.

 The mere fact that they said “Welcome home” sealed the hole in my heart.

 I see.

 I guess it’s not the place but the person that’s important.

 ”I’m back!”

 Aside from me scratching my head with a frown, Rikka replied with a smile and jumped down from the spider with Yukina and Lolihina by her side.

 I carried the body of the gray-haired girl on my back and climbed down from the spider.

 Marina smiled and patted Rikka’s head, but when she saw me, her expression turned bitter.

 ”How do you explain this to Yukina-chan?”

 ”I’ll explain it to Yukina.”

 Marina’s words were interrupted and Yuka raised her voice.

 ”When Mota-kun arrived at the scene, the child was already……”

 Yuka muttered in a sad voice.

 Yeah, that’s right. When I arrived at the scene, the gray-haired girl was already dead.

 Yukina had signs of having fought.

 Did she fight to protect the girl, but couldn’t? Or was the girl dead before that?

 I don’t know, but there is no doubt that she could not protect her.

 ”Yuka, can you do me a favor?”


 Before I could finish my sentence, Yuka refused.

 ”You are going to ask me to use my mantra to brainwash Yukina-chan, right?”

 I scratched my head at Yuka’s question.

 ”The girl was “alive” when Yukina was fighting. It was only after Mota-kun arrived that she died. The one who couldn’t protect her was not Yukina, but Mota. She died because Mota-kun couldn’t protect her. You were going to ask me to brainwash her like that, right?”

 Yuka looked straight at me as she spoke.

 I couldn’t help but look away.

 ――I guess I get the point.

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 Shut up. Oh yeah, it’s a good point.

 ”Yukina is strong but still young. She is too young to bear the death of others.”

 ”But that doesn’t mean you have to be the villain, Mota-kun.”

 Yuka interrupted me and hugged me.

 ”You’re really clumsy.”

 Yuka mumbled in a shaky voice as she hugged me.

 Clumsy, huh? That’s the first time I’ve heard that.

 I’ve been living a dexterous life using my abilities, but now I’m clumsy?

 I don’t know about myself, but if that’s what Yuka says, then it must be true.

 ”I’m sure Yukina-chan will be fine. Because she is your ‘brother’.”

 I sighed at Marina’s words.

 My little brother. I’m not sure what to say.

 ”I understand. I’ll tell Yukina about it. After all, she’s my little brother.”

 When I said this to Marina, she smiled and nodded.

 All in all, I’m not sure what happened to Alice. I don’t see Alice within the range of my abilities, but she came here with you, didn’t she?

 ”Alice is in the basement with Tamamushi-chan and the others. We have a necromancer in custody in the basement, and Alice has knowledge of his abilities and organization.”

 Marina, who seems to have “seen” my mind, answers.

 I see.

 What about Asahina and Hizuki?

 ――Ah, yeah, well, they’re here, but do you want to hear it?

 Marina asks me without saying it out “loud”.

 No, that’s okay. I could almost guess from your reaction.

 You’ve been fighting with each other for a long time anyway, right?

 Ah, no, it’s not really a fight, it’s more like Hizuki is getting beaten up by Asahina all the time.

 ――Ah, haha. W, we, well, yes.

 Marina smiles bitterly as she talks in my brain.

 Asahina’s an idiot, so it’s okay, but Hizuki’s just as bad. I can imagine Kazehana cringing with tears in her eyes.

 ”A, anyway, let’s give the girl, Mai Konohana, a rest.”

 Marina said this aloud as she started to walk, stopped in front of the door of the house and opened it.

 Let her rest, huh?

 Yes, that’s right. I have to give her a break.

 Yuka, who had been hugging me, gently pulled away from me and looked at Mai Konohana, the girl I was carrying on my back.

 ”And she’s a girl. You have to keep her clean.”

 And so, she said.

 Clean, huh?

 Yeah, that’s right. I have to clean her up for the last time.

 With that thought in mind, I entered the house with Mai Konohana on my back.

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