Xray 153

Chapter 153

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 The inside of the house is as fairy-tale as the outside.

 The furnishings and tableware are old, yet cute, like something out of a fairy tale.

 ”It’s cute…….”

 Rikka, who is standing next to me, is looking around with her cheeks dyed and her eyes shining.

 Rikka has a strong boyish impression, but she’s a girl. She seems to like pretty things.

 However, it could be thought that it was to deceive the enemy’s eyes, but it was too thorough for that. Moreover, every corner of the house is well taken care of.

 I feel like it’s a pure hobby.

 ”We’ll take Yukina-chan and Yui-chan to the basement and then prepare to clean Mai-chan. Suzuhara-san and Rikka-chan, please give Mai-chan a rest.”

 Marina, who was standing alongside Yuka, raised her voice.

 ”Oh, okay. Please take care of Yukina and Lolihina.”

 When, I replied, Rikka, who was holding Yukina and Lolihina by her sides, walked towards Marina and Yuka.

 ”Then take care of the two of them, please.”

 Rikka, who is holding Yukina and Lolihina by her sides, walks up to Marina and Yuka and offers them to them.


 ”Leave it to me”

 Marina and Yuka each spoke up and took Yukina and Lolihina from Rikka and held them in their arms.

 ”I’ll go lay Mai Konohana down in the bedroom.”

 I told Marina and Yuka and turned my back to them and started walking.

 ”The bedroom is this way?”

 I muttered to myself as I carried Mai Konohana on my back, and walked through the house without looking around. After that, Rikka followed me, looking around in awe.

 A perfect circle with a radius of 15 meters. I don’t need explanation the inside of the house, as I can “see” everything within that radius.

 ――Please deactivate your ability

 Marina’s voice echoed in my brain.

 The reason she didn’t say it out “loud” when we were together was because she didn’t want Yuka and Rikka to hear it.

 You’re really a good commander, you know that?

 ――Please just deactivate your ability

 Even though you’ve neutralized him, you’ve captured probably the most powerful person in Category A. But, It never a bad idea to be careful.

 Besides, you’ve found a way to extend my life.

 ――I’ll put in mind. And I don’t yet have a definite way to extend your life. At this point, it’s only a possibility. So please deactivate your powers just in case.

 I’m fine. I’m not feeling bad.

 ――You can’t lie to me. Besides, it’s Suzuhara-san’s policy to make women cry only during s*x, isn’t it?

 Marina’s words made me stare blankly.

 I’m not sure I’ve ever said such a policy, let alone lied about it.

 ――Deactivate your ability or I will continue to scream in your brain! Wah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 Shut up! Don’t scream in people’s heads!


 Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!

 All right, all right, don’t scream. Really, seriously, stop.

 The method of attack is to keep screaming in my brain. I can’t defend myself against this, and it’s really bad.

 Inwardly fearful, I deactivated my ability.

 As soon as I did, my “vision” narrowed and I felt dizzy.

* * *


 When Rikka saw me stumbling, she quickly supported me.

 I feel like the dizziness I felt when I unlocked my ability is getting worse.

 ”Master, are you okay?”

 Rikka supports me, looks up at me, and asks me with an anxious face.

 ”I’m fi……”

 I was about to say, but stopped.

 ”Rikka, I’m sorry, but can you carry Mai Konohana on your back?”

 ”Y, yes!”

 Rikka replied to my words, took Konohana Mai’s body and carried it on her back.

 The dizziness didn’t go away, so I leaned against the wall and sat down on the floor.


 Rikka, who looked surprised, raised a scream-like voice.

 ”I’m going to stop being strong in front of you, Rikka”

 I said with a smile and her eyes widened.

 If I canceled my ability, I would really be a helpless “mere human being”. I’m not worthy. It’s not that I’m not worthy, but …….

 ”You’ll be able to protect me with all your might, even if I’m worthless. You know, don’t you, Rikka? Because you’re my family.”

 That’s enough. There’s no doubt about it. There was no need to be strong in front of Rikka a “family”.

 And I mustn’t die. I can’t die and leave my “family” behind.

 There is hope. The hope that Marina has found for me.

 Then I’ll put my faith in that hope.

 I’ll refrain from using my powers like you said. So, Marina, I’m counting on you.

 Tears were running down Rikka’s cheeks.

 Rikka opened her mouth to say something, but she didn’t say anything and clenched her teeth tightly.

 That’s enough, Rikka. You don’t have to say anything. I understand.

 I can’t “see” your mind because I have deactivated my ability.

 But I understand.

 Your crimson eyes flickering like flames will tell me everything.

 ”I’m sorry. I’m going to …… sleep for a bit.”

 I said that and closed my eyes.

 Consciousness fades quickly.

 It’s okay. Rikka is right beside me. So I feel safe.

 When I woke up, I found myself lying on the bed.

 Rikka must have carried me there.


 ”It’s not really my style”

 I got up, scratched my head, yawned, and muttered to myself with a frown.

 A fairytale-like wooden bed.

 I wish I could sleep on a bed, but I can’t.

 ”Master, how are you feeling?”

 I turned my gaze to the voice I heard and saw Rikka standing beside the bed.

 I didn’t notice her at all because I had deactivated my ability.

 ”Oh, much better.”

 I smiled and replied to Rikka.

 ”Really? I think you should lie down a little more…….”

 Rikka asked with an anxious look on her face.

 It’s really quite good, but I’ve been hiding my true feelings until now. Is it natural to be suspected?

 ”Then let me show you the proof.”

 I said with a grin and rolled up the futon that was draped around my waist.

 I’m so horny in my sleep. I can see the erection even on my pants.

 Rikka turns bright red.

 Come to think of it, I’ve made Rikka cum a lot before we got here, but I haven’t cum once.

 I’m in good shape, and I want to fuck her right away, but――

 ”Rokuhana, it’s an order.”

 ”Huh? Ah, yes!”

 I’m sure my words caught her off guard, but she straightened her posture and replied as if in a hurry.

 ”Go to Marina and Yuka’s place and have them dressed up for you.

 ”Eh? Dressed up?”

 Rikka tilted her head at my words.

* * *

 ”Look at this, this.”

 I pointed to my cock, which was visible even through my pants.

 ”You know I want to fuck you right now. But I want to fuck you, ‘pretty’ one. If you know what I’m talking about, go to Marina and Yuka’s and get them to make you even prettier. Then come back here. In a seconds.”

 ”Y, yes!”

 Rikka replied to my words as if in a hurry and ran out of the room as if in a hurry as well.

 ”Kufufu. You idiot.”

 When I looked at the voice I heard, I could see a glimpse of silver hair at the entrance of the room where Rikka had just run out.

 Tamamushi. Well, I knew it from the voice.

 But I hadn’t even noticed Tamamushi’s presence.

 As a normal human being with five senses and physical abilities, I’m really incompetent when my abilities are deactivated.

 ”Are you sure it’s okay to stay away from the necromancer?”

 I muttered with a frown.

 I guess I don’t need to ask.

 She’s an idiot, but she can do it.

 ”Don’t worry, Nanafushi keep an eye on him!”

 Tamamushi raises her voice and jumps up and down to reveal herself.


 I couldn’t help but raise my voice.

 Due to the fact that I had deactivated my ability, I didn’t know what kind of outfit Tamamushi was wearing until she appeared.

 ”What do you think! Aren’t they cute!”

 Tamamushi put her hands on her hips, swayed her tits and puffed out her chest, and raised her voice.

 Her long silver hair is tied back in a braid, and she is wearing a simple white dress.

 It was refreshing to see Tamamushi wearing a white dress, as she had always worn a black robe.

 Moreover, the fabric of the dress is thin, and the lines of her body are slightly transparent.

 Her face is adorable to begin with, and she’s a beautiful, mysterious girl who is both innocent and bewitching.

 She’s an idiot, though.

 ”I’ve learned so much from Yuka! That in order to replenish Suzuhara’s semen, I have to be pretty! That if I’m pretty, I get lots of semen! So I need to work hard in order to have a good taste!”

 I relish the thought that Tamamushi is an idiot, but at the same time I am relieved.

 ”Oh, you’re cute. And you’re very erotic.”

 When I said this to Tamamushi, she turned red instantly. And her mouth shaped like a triangle as she fidgeted.

 I do my best to praise herself, but when it comes to praise, she get embarrassed.

 Her age is rounding up to thirty, but she’s so careless.

 Well, that’s the cute thing about Tamamushi.

 ”Or does cute and erotic mean to say cute and erotic? Does that mean I’m cute and erotic?”

 After repeating the same question three times, Tamamushi came up to me, glancing at me.

 She came right up to the bed, glanced at me with a red face, bent down and grabbed the hem of her dress with both hands.

 ”Look at me!”

 What she was thinking when she raised her voice, and grabbed the hem rolled it up with great force?

 Uh, her tits are bouncing.

 It’s not just her tits.

 But also her slippery pussy that is overflowing with pussy juice.

 Tamamushi was wearing nothing underneath the dress.

 Oh, you idiot.

 ”You can do whatever you want!”

 Tamamushi frowned, her face flaming red as she exposed her naked body, and raised her voice.

 It’s ruined. She was trying to become a beautiful, innocent, mysterious and bewitching girl, but everything was ruined.

 But it’s erotic. Purely erotic. And it’s good that she’s cute but stupid.

 I want to rape her right now and make her squeal, but Rikka is currently getting dressed up.

 If she got all dressed up for me and came back to find me and Tamamushi having s*x.

  I’m sure she’d be shocked.

 I decided to wait for Rikka to arrive while I stared at Tamamushi with a frown on her red face and her naked body.


 After a while, Tamamushi raised her voice.

 ”It’s erotic. It’s cute. It’s so cute. I can’t get enough.”

 When I whispered this with my eyes, Tamamushi gave a big smile.

 ”Look more!”

 Tamamushi rolled up her dress and thrust out her breasts.

 Her big tits bounced.

 If I repeat the same thing about three more times, Rikka will come.

 Thank goodness Tamamushi is an idiot.

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