Chapter 124 Shinji First Attempt to Separate Them

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 On the night of the day after talking to Haruto and Nanaka.
 Shinji went to his house to do a third summons. In addition, it's a problem for him because for the past of three days, his private time that usually from the time he left Alvin and the others until he went to bed also increased to deal with Shizuku and Hayate.
"It's going to be noisy today......"
 It is certain that the two of them will make a lot of noise if they are going to be separated. But it's a necessary action because there's no way to improve the situation if the two are kept together.
"Flair, do you think we can get Marie and Sylphy to tell us how they're doing?"
"I think it's better to ask them directly. I'll call them, so wait~noja"
 Flair remained silent for a while and then Marie and Sylphy appeared at Shinji's house. The two spirits bowed lightly.
"What do you want to see me~?"
"How are the two of them today?"
"Today Hayate didn't leave the inn except for dinner, and she seemed to be thinking about what Shinji had told her to do. She realized that she needed to be able to use magic for whatever quest she will going to do, so she spent the rest of the day trying to learn how to use body-strengthening magic"
 Sylphy tells him about Hayate's condition.
 Shinji, who was expecting her to be unfaithful and not train properly, is surprised but appreciated Hayate's effort.
"The same goes for Shizuku. She has been quietly training in body-strengthening magic, following Hayate's advice"
 Shinji's guess was correct about Shizuku. It's clear that she only wants to be with Hayate based from her completely independent actions. This is why they must be separated.
"Thank you, Marie and Sylphy. Their behavior will change a bit tomorrow, so please continue to monitor them"
"I understand"
 The two spirits happily responded to Shinji's request. Maybe it's because they've never been of any use to the goddess before, but the goddess trusts him and they're working hard to follow Shinji's instructions, which is something Shinji appreciates.
"I'll call the two of them then"
 He rang the gold and silver bells at the same time.
 Karan karan , Shizuku and Hayate appeared within the magic circle. For the time being, Marie and Sylphy told them that they would be summoned, but Hayate didn't happy about being forced to appear by the ring og the bell.
(I'm not sure if she's naive or childish, but ......)
 Shinji opens his mouth with a bitter smile.
"Good evening, both of you. It seems your day ended with training today, but did you get any results?"
"......You must know the result, though"
 Shinji nodded silently at Hayate, who looked annoyed. Shizuku remained silent for a long time, letting Hayate take over the conversation.
"It's impossible to train when you don't know what is it. So, that's why I relied on my contacts to set up an environment for training. Instead of learning the basics of being an adventurer, you'll work as a clerk in a jewelry store run by a retired adventurer. I guess you could call it a temporary clerk. And ......One person will train in that store until nightfall"
"So that means I'll be separated from ...... Shizuku?"
"I don't want to be separated from Hayate-chan!"
 Shizuku and Hayate protested against Shinji's words as expected.
 Shizuku can't keep quiet and rejects him with a loud voice. But Shinji has no intention of backing down.
"You don't have the right to refuse. Besides, since we're talking about the daytime, you can spend the night at the same inn, furthermore you won't be able to grow if you spend the whole day together. So, the rest of you can continue to be adventurers, and I'll find time to teach you magic. Which one of you wants to go to the store?"
 Shinji's smile remained, but he was slightly annoyed. He's not sure if Hayate understands, but Shizuku senses his irritation.
 Shizuku's thoughts were racing.
 If she went to the store, Hayate and Shinji will have more time alone together. Not only that, but she could easily picture Hayate, now a solo adventurer, foolishly charging into a dungeon or being tricked by a bad adventurer at the guild and being eaten alive.
 If that's the case, then it must be her who will be the ones with Shinji, so Hayate can be trained in the city safely.
"...... So, Shizuku will be running the store?"
"No, I want Hayate-chan to go to the store. I'm not...... good at serving customers......."
 Hayate tried to give the role of clerk to Shizuku, which would be a safe training, but Shizuku stopped her. Shizuku makes a face to show that she is not good at serving customers and wants Hayate to go to the store.
"Ah......, I see. Shizuku is not very good at talking, right?"
"Yes......, I still want to train by myself......, But I want to check the store where Hayate-chan works"
 Hayate is also mature enough to accept it if Shizuku wants it.
 She is aware that she is doing exactly what Shinji wanted. However, Shinji is the one who had the control. So, it;s no exaggeration to say that he is in the control of her life and death.
 Even though, she doesn't like the fact that he separate them apart, but only for the majority of the time during the day, so that they still can see each other at night.
 Also, if she didn't accept this condition and offended him, there is a good chance that she would completely separate from her. Considering that, it's better to persuade Hayate with less repulsion.
 Shizuku glared at Shinji, hating him for knowing that he would think so much.
"Oh, no problem. We'll off tomorrow. The three of us can go to the store in the morning"
 Shinji nodded as he met Shizuku's hateful gaze without hesitation. It's this kind of relaxed attitude also makes Shizuku angry and hateful again.
 Hayate is about to give up because she felt she had to protect Shizuku, but she is secretly relieved when Shizuku gave her the job of shopkeeper.
 Since, in the past two days, Hayate had realized that she is powerless without Sylphy.
 Also, the fact that she had been surrounded by goblins, clubbed to death, and almost been raped by goblins on the last accident. ......To be honest, she didn't feel like she could work solo. And she would like to avoid going outside the city alone to fight monsters if at all possible.
 Hayate hated Shinji, but she is honestly grateful to him for providing an environment in which she could train in the city.
"......Okay. Then is it enough for today?"
"That's right. Both of you have accepted my proposal honestly, so let's leave it at that for today"
((It's a threat not propisal, though, but what do must I say to refuse......?))
 Shizuku and Hayate glared at Shinji, who was acting in an indifferent manner while destroying the option to reject the proposal.
 As he rang the gold and silver bells in a nonchalant manner, the two disappeared.
"Well, Marie and Sylphy, is it okay, right? Especially Marie, please keep an eye on Shizuku to make sure she does not behave strangely. If anything goes wrong, just call me right away"
 Shinji sits back in his chair, leaning back. The last three days, between Shizuku and Marie, adventuring, and seeing his girlfriend and sex friend, have been hard on his body and mind, and Shinji feels like he's exhausted.
"Shinji, you look tired~noja"
"Wait~ You look so pale~"
"You should take better care of yourself, you know"
 The spirits closed the distance around Shinji.
 Flair's warmer-than-human hands rubbed Shinji's shoulders, Marie's cooler-than-human hands rubbed his feet, and Sylphy pressed pressure points on Shinji's head with both fingers.
 Shinji is surprised to see how devoted the spirits are to him, but there is no harm in it, so he just let them do their thing.
(Isn't it too extravagant to have three high-ranking spirits serving me?)
 Shinji, enjoying the feeling of paradise, lets himself relax for a while.
  • Shizuku's favorability rating has dropped drastically!
  • Hayate's favorability rating went down and up!
  • Shinji is getting a full body massage from three beautiful women.
  • The spirits seem to have a very high favorability rating.
  • Flair-chan, Marie and Sylphy also seem to be friendly because they are helpful for apostles.
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